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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Saving For Retirement - Tony Ogorek

Saving For Retirement - Tony Ogorek

Jun 9, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's talk about retirement planning Toniu -- is here from a -- wealth management and Amber's. He's here now on the heels of a CBS poll that says 710. Americans who haven't retired yet. Find it hard to save for retirement while still paying the bills Tony thanks for being here. Morning is this what you're seeing. Well they we have a slightly different look at things. Based on the research we look at which is come from my AARP as policy at the guilt group. They indicate -- about her. And believe they they will be working. Because they would need him. Public troop surge which is majority would continue working because they watch. Now I know it's not a one size fits all kind of thing here but. -- is needed for an individual or couple to retire is there a magic number. Two and I don't think there's a major number of years ago my childhood. And then nobody would -- trip you could have your -- but you really can't do exactly why. But today especially in this community here unity. And the -- back into motion picture into probably at any. And your grandchildren creek on the -- the article or visit and the one thing I hear you know garnered. You know working with people or thirty years and biology at trump all arranged. Eric Cantor and other places they were going to be visiting that. So expensive political a lot of our country. You may want to be able straightforward actual retreat week. -- get -- I'll also the cost of medical carried million mark here yet can you go upgraded significantly. And you know the standard of living on it it certainly much higher than analysts -- forty years ago so for those Asian. I don't think it would -- number that you pay is a percentage of your -- retirement income should be looked extending during retire. Is there magic number in terms of set aside. Are the amounts that people -- set aside dependent on their age -- a young -- -- starting out vs a person might be our closer to the retirement. Well -- this is the the union like an advantage. When you tend to be most expert who is when you're younger. I did it I -- directed graded records are putting money away. I so I would -- parents. That they here. You know if you're young parents and I think -- while I can't article and the people want forty. You're written what you have to do -- put at least ten or 13% of your pain away. And let me be including. You know contribution from here clears. Column thing next. Currently there could concur and public should make you -- you don't get a pension. And then you get -- on Iraq. The problem. If you -- a couple of these. -- million -- checked are never going to court anyway you're going to be -- at eight. You know as time goes. What are some of the best ways to save Tony. The bachelor and that they are like the way the government -- -- -- among blue with holdings yeah she aren't. So didn't do payroll deduction cultural content to -- transition index on -- and it be great. I think he's got attacked -- plan Richard Porter next great if you glory to -- etiquette to -- I have. He voted down -- are currently a lot of media. Mutual fund complexes in -- popular deduction taken out of -- account for their. But the bottom line here you can see people spend it if you don't see it you're watching late in the contest why aren't you really have an opportunity to -- -- -- are usually try to retirement honorable. If it hasn't accumulated and Europe later in your career. How do you play catch up. Well patent now so what happens that you didn't fall into the category clunker go. Court one continue to work because they have to work because convenient -- Now there may sound like that -- to -- You know ten years out you know prior to retirement. But the problem in May become disabled. Maybe come -- -- -- -- unemployable for whatever. So you can't necessarily count and it but most people and impacting it yet again I am I think quantity. You know one of the provinces of the past thirty -- Corporations everything around the world and more efficient corporations aren't they don't want you about it. Pension plan that didn't quite go Google in the public -- that part. Without the pension plans which were forcing. People's -- to the -- that discipline. You know that to put away money and sit room. All right Tony interesting stuff thanks for joining us this morning. Okay thank you enjoyed it will try Estonia -- with a cork wealth management.

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