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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Apple Stock, Retirement & More - Jill Schlesinger

Apple Stock, Retirement & More - Jill Schlesinger

Jun 9, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Jill Schlesinger is with us CBS news senior business analyst and host of Jill on money. Saturday's foreign til six on WB and morning Joseph good morning hey apple is offering a seven for one stock split today what's your read on -- -- Well this -- it was announced awhile back to this announced that their earnings report and the third week of April and and really why as a stock split what -- -- company do that usually they do it for. To -- you were smaller investors into the market and and that it's -- let's say apple is trading around 60650. Bucks a share. And that's all investor who loves apple says that -- to buy shares but after that much money and so what the company does is they basically say we're gonna split the stuff. So now the price of the stock is going to go down and everyone who own shares at around seven times as many years they previously did does nothing -- the valuation of the company has nothing to change the prospects for the company. It's just a way to try to bring small investors into the fray. Is it something that eventually though we'll make the stock price go up. Now not necessarily have to mathematical equation -- at seven times more shares at that went seven the price. Who eat in a bull market stock splits tend to be good for stocks in a bear market that doesn't really matter overall doesn't matter at all. Do you like Apple Stock. I just stock picker and I'm not a person who goes around NC says -- what we need to do for our. You know attempted to beef up your portfolio because frankly I think that most people are better served just by bank index funds not individual stocks it out of -- instantly watch what's going on we -- -- Record territory right now yeah we are and you know where in record territory at a time where people are. Actually hoarding cash it's that funny we get some surveys that recently that showed that. A lot of people around the -- still very scared of the stock market so many people starting to dip their toes back in the stock market -- CIA the fact that that people are. Really nervous about the stock market. Actually could mean facts could go higher from here it's usually when everybody is still. It kind of complacent is saying oh no big deal about stocks that's usually what it that you're caught off guard. Looking at their retirement surveyed this morning and nasty people about it -- A based on CBS poll that was recently it came out last week in on what age you plan to retire are you ready that kind of thing. It seems like more and more Americans aren't ready and are working longer. Yeah I mean this is it something that we really knew was happening before the recession but the Rand has accelerated and especially for people who were making less than 50000 dollars a year -- they're not really able to save for retirement because they're just trying to keep their head above water -- paying their bills every single month. So one of the things that we found that surveys that. More than 60% of those who earn between 50000 and a 100000 dollars -- it's just hard to save for retirement. And as a result of what I think is going to happen as many people are saying hey I am going to actually reap higher later they. Problem that I see with that is that you know you don't all of you. Retired later you don't know of people's -- is gonna work till I die. That's great but what he candle or reduce your job what it's a physical job what -- are -- yeah you really can't and if your company doesn't want you so is much as possible we are always counseling people that put some money anyway even of its tiny. And obviously the sooner the better. Yeah no kidding me is the best thing you can do for your kids are graduating college or even high school is to really pound into their heads like -- open that brought fiery right now and in the better than they did better that they. RT do you use those new money habits early but more pays off down line. Okay and good stuff I know you preach this every Saturday. Had third -- he'll have a good week daycare that's Jill Schlessinger posted Jill on money Saturday's four until six and WB and she's a CBS news senior business analyst.

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