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6-6 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

Jun 6, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

They take your love and a few moments. Or another broadcast. To the British Isles and a moment -- through our signal will be ready we -- -- and I'll -- London. We're. Effectively or send them. Herbert M card for the network and you know and then. Remember we're gonna take -- reports from the -- expeditionary base. I don't have to explain plus it's a golden when you hear this you know that allied forces have -- -- between the in the United Kingdom and the closest friend will be there and movie they're just say -- you -- As I write this we're in an unnamed source unknown name -- One of the parts of military security but the funny thing about security a week ago in London I was in the state of constant irritation with the securities and it was obviously during the course of the nothing new things we -- They've done a good living eating and sleeping aboard the flagship of an assault course. One of the several what you're going to perform poorly at -- and I find that Jerry you know let me -- -- good. And I've been here we've had exactly what Maryland and that moderator or easily determine reconnaissance. And I hope you'll find that I don't -- so much for security my loyalty and responsibility. You ball home. -- -- responsibility. Soldiers on the road and others who are carrying them but instead. You imagine a media person saying that today. With such clarity and such passion. I think some of the more actually but by and large if America had 24/7. News coverage. Of the day. You don't the American perception would have been so much different. Seriously it would have been eaten enormously different. I wonder if Americans in 1944. Given the same technology we have today might as the atomic bomb. I wonder if they would have been just as shall we say patients. I don't well and it's a very very interesting concept and one to which we will not know the answer. We are remembering. You have to understand. Not everybody listens to my issue. Yes I realize it's a tragedy but not everybody listens and that everybody paid attention in history so. For you when I -- The beginning of the retaking and re claiming of Europe from all of that work. Benito Mussolini and the forces of evil and tyranny supposedly in the name of freedom and liberty. Which at least -- them. We hat. Sadly we have in my opinion blown that inherit its. They don't 30930s. The phone number I've. Puts up in my FaceBook page just before it came on the here I'm gonna re read it in just a little bit. But. I wish I could say that those words were mine. They literally came to me. Took me five minutes to write them out it was almost like it was taking dictation. It is the average top. Feed the very top post when you go to the Tom Bauerle FaceBook page. Hourly spelled B a UER. Power everybody knows about our Jack Bauer 24 just that L need to the end. Let's go to of people have been on hold Jimmy in Hamburg on WB EM Jimmy hello. -- the bubbly thank you for taking my call today and thank you so much for this program today. I can clearly here's -- passion and emotion in your voice I think before I suspect -- pocket I could for a minute. About Michael -- Uncle Scotty is my hero. I'll put Scotty was a corporal. 23 regiment second infantry division Amato. Back into not. Uncle guy he landed and it Omaha Beach June 7 1944. When the teacher was still taking shelling and sniper fire well. He fought his way English and to the ball catching petrol country you. Think bill. He was part of the bill there is part of single break out. -- and fought his way into. Britney. Swear. Their mission was to take another deep water port to. Support he invasion four. Material and that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Got stuck to Britney. And Brittany was heavily defended them. Port count rat whose column that was heavily defended and you know Hitler's words were -- Back to press which is workers rest. And they were giving orders to hold it. To the last. -- September 10 1940 or across got the -- killed. In breast. He was buried for awhile in for the American cemetery. And and brought it unites states those fortunate enough people to travel to frame it. Last year to treat his footsteps. All the way up into Britney. I wish every American if they could hit the opportunity. To travel. To. Mean what it was like in two. Take a look at this cemetery. Omaha Beach the American cemetery there. 9387. Pristine white crosses. He -- an idea. But the enormity and the price that was paid her for freedom. And I have to ask you it's because uncle Scotty was your hero he gave his life you know -- justice to meet him. Now because I heard his untimely death visitors bureau. My frustration Tuesday. Is largely centered on the fact that men like your uncle men like. Well you others guys were who is the captain of the fire boat Carter in buffalo. Tom book and his dad was a medic in patents -- our guys like that who fought in World War II. Supposedly for freedom. And our generation has become. The most. State just totalitarian. Leaning freedom in changing government grabbing bunch of frankly fascists. In American history. And I am petrified. Of men who died seven years ago today. Did so and. And -- help it angers me to think about it. -- you know I try to focus today on those and those guys so their focus and leadership to that was displayed. During -- Starting with general Eisenhower in the letter drafted. It tasted in Asian thankfully did not fail he takes full responsibility. If it did. I -- I read that letter yesterday and IA challenge anybody to imagine Barack Obama saying what Eisenhower would have said in the event we've had to retreat from. You're never gonna get debt and also others that the guy that was there. General Jim get back in gear toward. Jumped in with these troops. And indicted June 5 or June 6. General -- Eisenhower. Who here with the -- division landed at Utah Beach in the first wave he made a comment. We are off course. Didn't recognize where they were -- and he said we'll start the war from here. He's beer here. At this cemetery at Omaha Beach who has always. They're talking -- guys general -- 29 infantry division when he got let go. Really big guys -- bought the speech. Was there. -- himself kind of fire and got the -- that. Two who busted -- -- fighting them. Really those guys are all -- -- The guy in the vote. It's about it coming in wave after wave now. I I can't I mean I can because that's what I wrote about on my FaceBook page today. And I'm -- re read -- indication mr. because. Wind it's impossible. To imagine I think from a hail storm. A hostile fire coming that you. Behind you in front of view on either side everywhere you look people are shooting at you your buddies are being hit their brains are literally being splattered their blood is going all over you and -- -- stand and you can't even shoot back because your gun is jam -- Right. You know -- the -- hit every square incident the hero with interlocking fire. So there wasn't any place where you want Alex. Exposed to the fire and to see what your role in -- I -- going to only. In your mind actually must've been like -- you see what happened in the body. And still they still making mud on the ball and still became -- so you cannot say enough about your courage. And -- sacrifice. -- you and that's precisely. Why I'm dedicating this show today to one topic and one topic only and that is DD. And you know might contemporary question news. Are we worth of what they did because I maintain that these men fought for freedom. And we in America have -- that freedom away we now our country of dependant. Teach sucking people expecting to be on the government breast because somebody else is put in the bill. And you know what if the government wants to tell me what the ES's that's fine as long as they -- -- And I am nauseated. With what I've seen happening in this country even before Obama just so real clear. Thank you very much a -- called. Can't say one last thing quickly says one -- Shout out in thank you for your service to my friend mr. lefty who -- bank. He was count -- in here with a big red 11 army was part of the first wave. -- -- fought his way it landed at Omaha Beach. His story was chronicled. Few months they -- the awful -- so left the if you listen thank you readers serves -- Well I'd love to hear thank you so much -- -- I'd love to hear from anybody who is they're. Lot of times they don't want talk about it and I totally respect. Wrong what they witnessed and something else that you need to keep in mind these were guys who were 171819. Years old some of them older but. They have their entire lives ahead of them. Just I just want you imagine. You know get my point in life I really don't hear me I've done ever they wanted to do day. Where young men with the entire futures before. Some of them would probably never even been with a woman. And there they were charging out of those boats. Into the face. Of a hail storm. Of bullets and shells and every bit on imaginable devices of doom and death and no place to hide. It's fun it was going on traffic -- -- It's. AccuWeather tonight clear fifty tomorrow very nice plenty of sunshine and 77. Degrees. The high temperatures Sunday by the way sunshine. Followed by increasing clouds a shower or thunderstorm in spots later in the afternoon and 79 right now it is 67 degrees at news radio 930. W be the end it is cowardly and this is Friday it is the sixth of June 2014. And seventy years ago today ladies and gentlemen the world hung in the balance. You cannot overstate. The significance. Of what happened at seventy years ago today. For those of you who did not year the first hour of my program. I -- just -- remind you of something to just put. The enemy the Germans had the high ground overlooking the beaches of Normandy. They had limitless. Ammunition. They had well entrenched and dug in positions. They head as our callers that interlocking. Fields of fire. There was no place that couldn't be hit. No place correspondingly for our guys to take cover. And still our guys came. Those have you been to Gettysburg. Who have stood there and recounted the events of Jews live a third to 1863. You may be amazed to consider the 151000. Men of the confederate -- Marching. Across those fields in Pennsylvania under scorching July -- And I want you to remember. They were simply marching. Over farmland now there -- a lot of sway Olson and hollows in the farmland. You know where you Google up you go down up down -- don't little valleys many valleys if you will. Still they came they came they came eventually. The federal line opened fire. Artillery. Then must victory still the confederate marched on over dry land and even coming over dry land it. They were not able to take the federal line after a one mile march. Some of them were able to climb over the rock wall. None of them succeeded in victory they were killed or captured. That was on dry land. What our guys north and south east and west did seventy years ago today. Was one of the most incredible. Feats in military history. A water invasion. Against a well entrenched enemy on the high ground. Folks they were given a task which. Should have been impossible. And they pulled off. Read Caesars. Words about it water invasion. Even Julius Caesar. Almost failed with -- -- water invasion. They're tough thing to pull off. The allies -- -- seventy years ago today. God rest their souls and I'm -- -- something I wrote. After the news and WB. I think the best way to bring out -- build up to date. This could go back to the Associated Press the issue -- which I'm standing. Start at the top eight at 3:33 AM in the morning and that's one minute after we put a lot of them -- what -- -- -- that's -- very rare thing you know. In the news broke out as planned and perhaps. Immediately afterward all of them. Supreme headquarters allied expeditionary force June -- -- -- general Dwight. That allied troops began landing on the northern coast of France strongly supported by naval and air forces. But text of the communique called. Under the command of general Eisenhower naval forces supported by strong air forces began landing allied -- this morning on the northern coast of Iraq. And five seconds I hear -- again we'll get -- a special report from the go ahead on the. Wouldn't you can do have good. -- that good. The bull by the country's on the western school for girls for the occupied by the end. Including the -- I guess for the political. -- -- -- People from what can you. -- this morning. Brandon is part of the consistent it's fine. They questioned how. In your own country. OK okay. Look kinda didn't play outside we -- I think. All of them but you haven't seen. In New York. But didn't want. You want. We've -- that I can think. Right in fact -- I don't -- Until that -- and had fallen apart and you can. And I haven't -- -- -- For the wouldn't fire for. It was his supreme allied commander who would later become president of the United States Ike I like I -- Dwight David Eisenhower. Seventy years ago today out to those of you who are wondering boy at some quality really sucked. Yeah it did. Because back then. Transatlantic telephone conversations were not like they were today. We didn't have Skype back then we did not have satellites back then it was short wave radio. And they were largely subjected to were subject to the vicissitudes of atmospherics in terms of how good -- The sound quality would be on the receiving end. And. The sound quality. In this case. Is acceptable. Because of the imports. Of the story and even if you only heard. Half. Of what it was communicated. I think today is that important. And I think today's seventieth anniversary of that Eisenhower's which had to be hurt. It is hourly news radio I'm thirty WB EM. A what a sure with you. Something I wish I could say I wrote. I did the tight. But. Without getting all weird -- of some writers -- caught the muse. And USC. There were a larger forces it worker. What I set down. An idea. Put what my brain which thinking. In two words. And it's up on my FaceBook page and. I guess it hit record with a lot of people. For which I'm grateful because. If it's spurs. People today. My age younger. To recognize. That. Seven years ago. But you guys. Anywhere from seventeen years old on up at some even younger because they lied about when they were born so they could serve their country. Talk about a far cry from today. Now we still have people obviously. Who were brave and gallant and patriotic in our armed forces. Nobody can ever take that -- We still do. But. In my opinion. Most of America and most Americans have 2014. Have proven themselves unworthy. Of the sacrifices made seven years ago today. You know why I believe that. Because I don't think most Americans get it when it comes to the concept of freedom. When it comes to the concept of liberty. When it comes to you or individual right and you or individual power verses the government. Our founding fathers. Were are acutely a year. Of how government could grow. That the natural tendency throughout history. Of nations. Was to subject gay populations. And not to liberate populations. That those in power. Want to consolidate. And expand. Power. That is the natural way governments work. You have to understand that in 1776. We declared independence in the 70s80s when our constitution was written. In the bill of rights. You have to understand that that was a revolutionary. Concept. That people followed in a country. Wanted the people who lived in that country. To view the government as they're servants. Or to put it in the vernacular. The founding fathers of our country believed government was the people's BH not the other way around. Unfortunately. The years since World War II. And today DD seventy years ago this very day. Unfortunately. Things to. People do not understand. What our founding fathers. Wished for in terms of the power of the people. Verses the power of the state. Too many people have acquiesced for far too long. To too many restrictive laws. To too much impinge upon you were freedoms. For which these men's blood was spilled seventy years ago today. Now I'm focusing in on. And please don't think that I have forgotten the Pacific theater of operations. Which was a series of little -- Island up. Island to island island to island island to island the goal always mainland Japan. And remember early in the Second World War most of our resource is when we entered in 1941 were dedicated to the Pacific theater of operations. Because Pearl Harbor was a very bad blow not -- crippling -- decisive blow. Because. The ships the Japanese most wanted to get more better. Nonetheless it was a surprise. To a lot of people when the Japanese bombed the Pearl Harbor naval race. And America was at a state of shocked that -- And what you need to understand folks is that. When president Roosevelt declared war on Japan. He did not declare war in Germany. -- -- The Nazi dictator declared war on the United States. Now you've been considered the strategic implications of that. And many of his generals and closest advisors if you read their memoirs written after the war. They knew at that moment that Germany had lost the war. They realize that Hitler had lost his marbles. That his judgment was absolutely flawed. And that Germany was on the path to defeat the minute. Hitler declared war on the United States because at that point folks the United States was a country with a great deal of heavy manufacturing. Great Lakes shipping. Iron or steel industry America was in industrial giant some people called -- the arsenal of democracy. And seven years ago today. Young men and middle aged men. Stormed. The beaches of Normandy. In one of the most aren't desirable positions you could possibly be in as a soldier. Hey we're gonna put you in a landing craft. We're going to send you across the choppy cold waters of the English Channel. Once you get to where we are sending you all and by the way they didn't have GPS back then once we get to where we're sending you. And maybe you'll actually and end up where you think you're going to be. You're going to get out you may or may not seek to the bottom. You're certainly going to be shot at from the moment you were within range. For those guys. To pull off securing a beachhead. Against an enemy on the high ground fully entrenched. Was a military. Marvel or a military miracle you know David. It was unprecedented. In the history of worker nothing like it had ever taken place before successfully. Not on that kind of a scale. Those of -- who never got past the civil war in terms of her historical research first of all I applaud you for your interest in that. But you might remember date to the battle of Gettysburg. The self understood the bridal imports. Of the high ground. Of cemetery ridge and little round top. And they made. Effort after effort after effort did this launch. The federal forces the left end of the federal line. From little round top. The -- about the Carolinas and Alabama. Over and over and over. On that day. July the second 1863. Climbed up that hill up that hill up that hill and every single time because the federal had the high ground. It confederate were at a staggering disadvantage they couldn't pull it off and they were on dry lent. If you watch the movie Gettysburg -- that plays a very prominent role Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain in the twentieth -- are also new York and Pennsylvania regiments which held. Little round top for the union. So. You have to understand. That. Our guys. Pulled off. What the confederate it's could not do on dry land in 1863. Nobody's done it before -- nobody before nobody's got a sense. It was a once in a thousand year what's that 2000 year military triumph. Over such a well entrenched enemy from the water. I one to share something I wrote. But the words came to me I did that search them out. This is unlike FaceBook page for those who like a hard copy and I'm I'm gratified. But. This isn't about me it's about the men from seventy years ago. Haven't tried to imagine the courage. And the fear. Of the guys in those landing craft seventy years ago today in that split second. Before they disembark after the choppy crossing. Over the English Channel. Imagining that first step into the cold water. Improvising. When you realized everybody wasn't where you thought they were going to be. The barbed wire. Traps. The shells. The humming of the rounds. Changing totality and note from sharp to a flat as they -- just ask you. But putted. In your body your best friend. Try to imagine the frustration. Of wanting to fight. Wanting to return fire which could. Because sand was in the actions. Cold water was everywhere. Other guys blood was going all over you and your eyes blind to use salt water sand. That sense of being a sitting duck. With the Germans on the high ground sending millions of rounds into the first wave the second wave. And so on. And the paratroopers. Skies were dropped in many cases where they shouldn't have been. They did not know where they held they work. They did not know where they held the Germans were or for that matter were their fellow Americans work. The guys who drowned. Whole bunch of guys never had a chance to fight. Because. Equipment was secured. With metal with blocks with shocks were blocking. But guess what the English Channel was choppy. So you get their craft. Bobbing up and down side to side. Medal fatigues metal breaks but a lot of guys drowned mid way. Across the channel. Because the landing craft lost its stability. And he had all this heavy equipment shifting from side to side to side -- the bowel. Capsized in the boat and everybody. I'm try to imagine. This year hell they knew there were gonna face and yet they came. And thank the creator that we still do have brave patriots. Who carry on the tradition of seventy years ago today one of them by the ways one my best male friends whose name is David -- -- a -- But. I do feel such sorrow. And pain. And anguish. As -- reflect on the sacrifices made by these men of Normandy. These warriors. These common man soldiers and knowing that the fruits of the world it's. The baby boomers deputies. Would move through the sixties. And they would preach peace. Well. And the freedom to do your own thing. I have no problem with. But as they grew to power. The hippie generation became the most despotic. Nanny state big government gun grabbing right stealing what you be watching traitors to the constitution. For which their fathers fought and many died and many did so seven years ago today to those who survive seventy years ago. My words. Can never adequately express my heartfelt admiration. And my respect for the blood you dripped and gushed against tyranny. And for freedom. My sheer embarrassment. At how my generation has slept. Is -- freedom from big government control was peed away we -- TU. You heroes of -- We owed it to you to preserve freedom liberty and genuine respect. For our constitution. And its bill of rights against big government no generation. It's ever was or ever will be perfect. But the which we have squandered and too many of my countrymen in 2014 are utterly ignorant of the sacrifices made on this date in 1944. We. Have made a conquest of ourselves we have sacrificed American liberty to the great god of all powerful government and most of us dammit deserve everlasting shame for. What are -- on FaceBook. Larger forces put those words in my head. I wrote. Those ideas came from. By the way traffic we're not see any major issues show like -- off I just didn't feel like interrupting what I was reading. If nothing is going if you catch my drift if you do see any major traffic tie -- that. We need to be reported upon you be sure it was a call 80303218030321. And with the fisons Friday night bash at the ballpark pleas of corporate responsibly happy hour baseball fireworks. First -- 705 against the Toledo Mud -- and it promises to be a beauty for tonight for a ball game. We're gonna continue this in the 6 o'clock hour. I would love each year on this seventieth anniversary of one of the most magnificent. Unbelievable. Miraculous military accomplishments. Of all time. I'd love to hear from people who took part in it. Although I understand it may not be easy for you to talk about and there -- some review just may prefer to listen as opposed to. Getting in and and telling us about your experiences because for you. Everything I just read. That which you. And when you think back down today. It wasn't a day of glory. Was that they were you are scared out of your mind. And you pulled off -- of heroism and courage that even today you probably can't believe you did. And I think you. My entire audience I hope thank you for what you do maybe you let it bother her grandfather if I can tell us about who was involved in ninety days specifically. 8030930. Is the moment. Its hourly. -- talked about a cure ought to elegy doctor Steve -- he's very excited about the flexibility FM technology brings to hearing instruments and here's what did you already have agreed during instrument you're involved in a lot of group discussions or activities in the end of it sometimes voices can blend together well. With -- FM device that is no bigger than the common and the you can actually turn and focus in on the voice which is the most important voice to you. Which you can do was call the great people at a cure all reality today and see and hear for yourself how great this device works and if you're over fifty I would say if you're over thirty. Have your hearing checks. Regularly. So you don't spend every other sentence saying not what I didn't hear it speak up. Are pure audio elegy Amherst Cheektowaga block port Western New York leading hearing assistance provider call 63307216330721. Our cure ought elegy ACC. URAA.

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