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6-6 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

Jun 6, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And now I hear that we must go to London and a few moments later and got amenable broadcast from Columbus correspondent Edward all -- -- -- taken out of London. They let us brave allies the Brothers in arms on this front will bring about the destruction -- that on the war machine. In the nation of Nazi tyranny over the -- people to your sensibilities are old enough for you. Your parents will not be in either one. Your enemy is well playing really -- my whole life. I putted great I. Put this premiere in 194400. Happened this incident happened I am from 194041. Reminded me a little broken up on the German blinking and an older model and I am the man. All -- offensive has -- really do good things in the air and their capacity to wage war on the ground. Home don't forget about the overwhelming superiority and welcome -- -- war. I'm going to do on -- total greatly -- -- high demand. It is time. The world are marching together as a victory. I have full confidence in local and devotion to duty and feel entitled. When will accept nothing less than full victory. -- -- We'll be considered a single moment they got up on the great and noble undertaking. Edward. Definition was. A classic American liberal. Now I have a great respect for classic. American liberals. Big difference. Between classic American liberals. Like -- -- Edward. And what they have morphed into. Which is a state missed totalitarian. Mentality. -- did you notice when I say conservative area and the first part of Terry and usually is libertarians. I wanna get all freaky with you with the English language. But the center point of politics has shifted dramatically. To the point for today you might even call Edward. It is in many respects harvest of shape one of the great most famous documentary he produced. He was also a tremendous work correspond. And you know. It was the studs cut -- the scud stud of his day like Arthur Kent. During the first gulf war it was a news reporter that was out every night as the Iraqi scud missiles were being fired at the American troops trying to liberate Kuwait. And he was such a good looking guy that women around the world fawn over him and called him the scud -- Edward. During the battle of Britain. Once France fail. And I'm gonna get some phone calls guys please please be patient with me -- I want to hear your stories. I wanna know if you think were worthy of the sacrifices. Of I don't. I think we have squandered. With impunity. The freedoms for which they fought bled and died. Seven years ago and it breaks my heart. Because. When he was going to school. When you're going to school. You can actually saying. My country. Tis of thee sweet land. Of liberty. Where is the liberty. In the war on drugs. Where is the liberty. Which government health year. Where is the liberty. Of motorcycle helmet homeless NYC. Seat LS. Where is the liberty with the IRS. Where is the liberty. With the NSA going -- to reporters computers once they start at non Obama's trail you wanna tell me were the liberty is -- a bunch of crap. Reminds me of the -- In dumb and dumber. -- Lloyd and -- Well they made a wrong turn the end up in the middle of farmland and Jim -- says you know I. Bought the Rocky Mountains will be a Little Rock here than this. And Harry says. I was taken the same thing. In Lloyd says that show on Denver's Fuller. And I feel the same way every time somebody uses the word liberty or freedom to describe America in 2014. Clueless wonders. Be -- with bread and circuses. Ignorant unaware blissfully so. Of the sacrifices made by our men. Seventy years ago today. And the something else that has to be set especially this week. It needs to be hammered home folks. World War II was fought by Americans. Of every stripe every color every ethnicity. It wasn't the white men fighting while the black man sat on the porch. You think we didn't have brave black war hero's brave Asian war heroes. Brave heroes of German extraction. Who said the fatherland my -- -- an American. And they fought in some cases their cousins. Or their Brothers. Prevent it was a Brothers war. It was a war were all of America in it's beautiful and teaming diversity before we called the diversity. -- did for freedom. And liberty. For my black Brothers and sisters they were kind of like putting it on the credit card. Like hey Uncle Sam. We have bled for you in every war since 1776. We kinda like to come home to a country where we don't have to use the colored rest -- Where the colored drinking fountain. Unfortunately. That aspect of our history took longer to change but thank god it did. Sadly. There are forces at work and our country today. Who choose to divide us. Who choose to try to -- us apart one from the other. -- seventy years ago. Practically every single American. Was unite. In the street with metal drives and flags and blood donations and the Red Cross in the US so. Children. Gathering scrap metal to get a free movie ticket maybe. The country was united. Against an evil know as -- Hitler. Benito Mussolini. And pure heat. Who by the way at the end of the war got to keep his power he was not hate. A basically look at him as a pawn of the military. And he got a pass. I've always wondered about -- But. Nobody ever said it was -- No ribbon trop gets -- -- -- -- ends up living until what the 1980s. I think you should have been had personally but it was felt that the time. The that would be too disruptive to continuation of life as it was in Japan. So he was kept on as they figure it. And I heard a Rush Limbaugh's fill in host today and I just -- for -- look I love rush. I love mark spelling the last thing I wanna -- talk show hosts that should be allies doing is picking each other apart like school wars but I just wanted to clear up something that I think mark made out of communicated properly. We did not declare war on the Germans. OK you understand there's church hill was begging the United States. To declare war. FDR didn't want to do it. Now some argue that he basically pushed Japan into attacking Pearl Harbor as a pre tax rate false -- some might say. To get into the Second World War remember FDR's declaration of war speech made it which will have an. -- he declared war on Japan. Hitler declared war on the United States against the advice of his advisors by the way. But I wanna get back to Edward. He was such words and -- was such a keen observer of human nature of the events around him and in his time -- something of something of a brilliant writer and speaker. There was a broadcast teammate when England stood alone. Folks you do know how close the world came into coming into a new dark age under the Nazis do you not. Do you not get this. And -- look -- I don't mean to sound condescending. And I know sometimes it comes off that way. If it sounds condescending. Just please don't look at his condescending. I'm frustrated. That too many Americans have not taken the time to learn about our old history. And the sacred sacrifices. Of our man in World War II in our women in world work to. Okay. There was a time when nazism. It was like the Nazis were like the they were like the the the Miami dolphins' undefeated season -- They couldn't be -- They went everywhere and kick ass. -- they captured France quickly. And church -- after the fall of French. Accurately set. France has fallen. France has fallen and now England it stands alone. The battle of France is over. The battle of Britain is about to begin. We shall fight them in the landing areas. We shall fight them in the fields we shall fight them in the streets. We shall never surrender. The words he used in that speech. All of those words had roots back to ancient Anglo Saxon. Works except one word surrender. Which was an import from France. Don't panic Churchill didn't know that when he gave that speech. And there was a time folks. I hope you you heists -- for curiously the balance of freedom in the world stood. When England stood alone and the battle of Britain start the German air force the loo bop. Under the command Hermann Goering who was a World War I fighter pilot and ace. Of the infant moved up but in the first world war -- belt clique. He was the air marshals under Hitler he told Hitler thought to worry -- my air force will kick England's pass guess what. It didn't. As I said yesterday. The battle of Britain gearing promised he'd win it by air. Or at least soften up the brits enough for an easy invasion. And big bomb. And made bombs and they've -- England and Edward. And he tells the world as bombs are falling all around the landing by -- Paul's cathedral lending by the tower landing close to Buckingham Palace. Edward her -- looks at all of this destruction the flames the incendiary is Eddie says defiantly. Of the Nazis and their bombing. What do Hugh any effort -- used to destroy such a great city. And AccuWeather clear skies tonight if you wanna telescope or the winter for your kids was it Sam Bradford a -- what are the other guys involved in the buffalo school finger used to be a subscriber as I was to sky and telescope magazine so I think it's Sam Sam Houston federal telescope with about the night because the red planet Mars is in great view. Tonight clear fifty M tomorrow over -- -- plenty of sunshine 77 right now 67 at news radio 930 WB EM. Seven years ago. And I am paying tribute and proper respect and honor. To those men and I'm also trying. I'm trying folks. To. Get you to understand. How important. This day once. This day was do or die. For the United States and the forces of good vs the forces of evil. And by the way just one slight correction and I'm not tried to insult -- is still in house. I don't like it when talk show host who should be on the same team attack each other. But with all due respect. To what to mark. Many Americans were well aware of the concentration camps and the death camps in Hitler's Europe. We chose to ignore them we chose to ignore the reports. They were all over the place in the Jewish community be the American Jewish Congress. They do dale what was going on he told rose about what was going. It wasn't a secret until 19441945. And those German two after the war said -- about what was going -- Did they ever making notes they are awful crap because they all -- was going. But it just goes to show you. When a totalitarian government is in charge you keep -- mouth should. Because they will intimidate. They will attempt to stifle and silence. They will try to discredit they will outright kill you when you call them out under totalitarian is. So they have been so inculcated would not -- the year. And no by the way personal weapons in Germany. That they showed up in the started believing their own -- These documents are being burned here a -- much talking about. -- Here is Virginia in Toronto on WBBM -- You know first of -- I'd like to get the very heartfelt salute to all the -- veteran -- past and present and those. Who have eight. The courage to come forward and and to fight for freedom again. On the extremely special day. I only wish they were fighting for freedom. I know I understand particularly coming from but I'm being up to -- the fact that I was listening to your program. Which we're supposed to be commemorated. Fourteen day. And several. A critical view of the pinhead commentators sort. Like we've been emphasizing. The necessity for. I couldn't -- still. I have to tell you -- Virginia you. Understand. History better then the pin headed to. Deuce bags on television who claimed to be the smartest guys and ladies in the room people whom ID test because their knowledge is razor thin. Their perception is Null and their brains are. Quite frankly not functioning right I want to talk to further after the news Virginia you get it. And you started off by praising the men that I'm praising today. But John -- will pick up on the other side it is hourly and news radio 930 WBM. Maybe general Dwight. Planned London glare of the mighty armies of the united -- the strike. Hey Norman Francis that battle. In the building of their defense system the so called west ball. But not -- for the slave labor of conquered nation. Pictures made by the Germans themselves to impress their satellites the strength and invincibility of their fortifications. Ladies and gentlemen before we had 24/7 news. Under his cable channels before we even had talk radio. We had new Israel's you went to the movie's major nickel or your ten cents and you've got the see the news in moving pictures. Here's we didn't have TV and a mass scale back there. It has hourly news radio 930 WB EM I've fifties are alive during the day. And I'm presuming most of you were not alive during -- And you know what I don't -- Because. When we say that we will remember their sacrifices. -- at all. We need to remember their sacrifice is not just blows whose families were immediately. Affected. And as I brought up on Memorial -- folks we still have people all over the country right here in buffalo. Who carry the scars. Of loss from World War II. With them to this day they've done so their entire lives. And they continue. To this very day. For them World War II indeed it is not just something in the history. It's real. It affected it altered it changed the courses of their lives for ever. You know when I was growing up there were a lot of survivors of the Holocaust. And one of them who really. Is internationally famous I I I think she's still alive but I don't know. -- decline. Vice. Who grew up as a Jewish girl. And met the fate of many Jews under Hitler in Europe. And her book the news. Absolutely. Mandated. Reading in my opinion. Because. It. Puts a human face. On what people. Will do. The evil people will access arise or allow themselves to become accessories to. Wind given orders by the states. By an all consuming. All powerful. Individual. Liberty loving the states. Jared -- Weisz won the title of her book is all. But mine life. It's one of those -- They had an everlasting impact on me. And I cherish the letters handwritten. I received from Garrett. Birth church part of the Mitch might physical possession you know what I find interest in years. You know. As the politicians try to create this NB in America. Perhaps they have nots and hey he has money because he screwed you lot of. You realize. When you look at Hollywood. How unhappy how miserable. And how pathetic. Most of the people are. Folks money. Simply is a convenience. I've been -- I've I've been dirt poor. I've been in deep credit card debt twice in my life. I dug myself out of but I'm gonna tell you something. Without sounding cocky. Is on the up and I'm not try to there's a there's a deeper lesson here. That. There is not won a single material possession -- all and I have everything that. You know -- all the -- quote status symbols would ever -- where. Do you know the level of happiness they brought me. Zero. The immaterial thanks to enjoy them. Have they -- Rick you know. I'm still the same guy wants. Just have better choice. And that's it. It'll change on the inside not saying I'm gonna give away anything picked up because I I enjoy them. I enjoy them for what they are. -- -- nice watch nice -- good close. That's what they are there things. They're replaced abortion anything happened to them. Your peace of mind. And your actual human connections. Are of greater value. Than any physical material possession. You will ever all. I would do anything I would give away anything. To bring back some of the great people in my life I have known who were no longer with us. Just for a few days. Just to get their wisdom. To speak with them. People like when my former UB professors I talk a lot about the cops have known that retired and died. What are my favor met in the world was -- plaster was a professor at UB. As very close by professors at UB Bruce Jackson is another one is your interest bearing bad. I'm laughing a little bigger because milk and Bruce. They're not totalitarian. Oriented they're not state his oriented in fact Bruce. Rejects -- the the documentary on the death penalty way back when. And you know I remember at the time taken what a bunch of liberal clap for a and as I've gotten older and as I have seen what Dennis the late note did. And that the system does not automatically correct mistakes that justice like freedom must be fought for -- can be very stressful on the people to do the right thing. Like any delay you know. You know -- has some health issues. And I believe very strongly. That the stress. Of basically having a lot of his brother cops turned their backs on him. Because he defied orders to do justice. Adversely affected -- And I love -- coastal you know what -- did not seen Dennis the -- of literature we've ever met. Are we we text all the time we even all the time and we keep saying they're gonna meet each other blue madness of that. We we'd ever do I really need to because he's a personal hero to -- And the -- in the bad. When you're faced with a government bureaucracy. We're following orders. Trumps doing the right thing and seeing justice done for your fellow man. It takes balls of steel. To turn your back on a career you love. To see people youth ball where your friends. Maybe family members turned their backs -- you. Oh you're going against the system. You're trying to get this little slot out of prison. You're trying to get this proposing guy out of prison. Yeah they got to wrap their. Took courage to do the right thing cost -- is job. He volunteer he voluntarily pulled the -- But let's just say this much you know when you're no longer welcome some. And a place up and I love -- -- and I take a bullet for him. I'd say the same thing about Rus Thompson. Because folks. The spirit of must live on with in each of -- because folks one of my enduring messages is that freedom. And justice just don't happen. Every generation must fight for them. You must be aware. Of what is going on around you. You must be able to relate contemporary events to historical precedents of tyranny and fascism and despotism. And I will tell you something folks that the great awakening for me it was NY safe. Andy vents cents NYC. Which we now know about. Power corrupts absolute power corrupts absolutely it is axiomatic and it is true. -- -- get back to Virginia in Toronto Virginia I apologize for the impromptu soliloquy I did -- but. You were talking about today and we're talking about the who defied common sense cool. Jumped out of those landing craft and in some cases. They were where they were supposed to be the watered the should be the the drop off off the shelf was so deep they say to the bottom right away and drought. Continue. Okay I'll tell you lightning round when it. -- -- has more on Britain. He also declared war on the commonwealth of Canada was involved in. The war break from the very beginning with Indian commonwealth countries -- felt that the fact that history. The 1943. I don't know whether anyone really knows about it but it is a very very important fact there was seven. Are suddenly hopefully armed German submarines will hold up. And that's not too far west of Toronto in an area called long branch which is pretty well return to crack the trekking across the Rochester. -- -- -- Submarine underneath them make ready and willing to do whatever hit it. Right there were politics. Up there were German submarines and Lake Ontario. I did not know that. I can tell you can -- my mother would walked down to the -- to go to the market. And about a hundred -- off to the east that was the brickyard and all of the POW -- slipped to work hundreds of them. Because domestic and call avid at exit seven at least. A -- Niagara by the way it was another POW camp for a lot of Germans who were captured four -- in Youngstown New York not just a real clear renders in 1943. German submarines sneaked into Lake Ontario. And they were armed and ready to do the bidding of Hitler in terms. Week. What you thought everybody was looking to the radio today when never -- -- commentators. -- educated idiots that they are. We think that he didn't how worldwide plan. Most certainly did so -- we're going back and forth from Lake Ontario. Upton down -- -- that they are out into the ocean. How did they get between. I have to brush up on my geography but. How did they make the transition from the saint Lawrence to. I'm Kerry would turn it. Went straight full -- here you can't get into it. -- I -- you know what you know I I know a lot about the Great Lakes but I have not paid proper attention to Lake Ontario and it's -- north eastern end I'm gonna have to do my research on that. I've learned something new today and I thank you for that -- you know Virginia you know that German -- two hours were landed by submarine. On Long Island New York Times the FBI. Grabbed. But there is I mean it's all part of a network but when you go to the -- they -- you coming to you you you come to. Because apparently I'm -- longest is 700 not to -- but I wouldn't get very quick -- will be Friday. Came to do and who was gone doctor. He was Canadian participant optional beach which was the Canadian. Participation. The -- invasion. And many years ago when he asked about his participation. Ankle Juno -- He said he -- certainly that I loved and -- up. And I thought to myself you know that was a great man right there but didn't get -- up -- he fought through it. Wow I I hope that somebody at thank you so much Virginia for your call and yes Canada Canadians. Indians as in the subcontinent Punjabi. I mean so many people. Out of the commonwealth Australians absolutely New Zealanders. So many of the commonwealth took part in the invasion it was not solely an American operation even some ex -- French were there somebody had to translate. And it was an invasion of and for freedom. I I would like it if you send me an email Thomas WB Ian dot com. With more on the human I'll do a quick Internet search and just not seeing exactly -- -- talking about. Because I'm still little troubled by helpful sized German subs could get into Lake Ontario. In the 1940s but that's gonna require research which which -- -- were people on the year. Said the lake I'd be honored. Just look at the map. It can be done. OK but if you sent via link. Just please send send the -- an Internet link to a story about Beckett I wanna know I'm not I'm not trying to put on the -- be cantankerous if there's something I don't know I always wanna find out about it because by next week I can claim expertise. Wonderful. Figured my mother's -- Naturally but you about that block. Down there with -- at the children and the extraordinary of many of them women and not trying but look at the market of course and they would feed the POW. Act the long branch called -- actually believe. I will I will look at an effort. Virginia thank you are at Virginia thank you I wish I had more information about that today. I wanna focus on. Hitler absolutely had worldwide ambitions anybody who does not know that were does not accept that. I would like to be able to drop an F bomb here because it's very appropriate. F bomb Mora. And does not know -- Hitler. Read -- comp it's one of the most boring. Rigidly written books in the universe. Okay. But Hitler spelled out exactly what he wanted to do Winston Churchill was one of the early ones to say. This guy is hemorrhoids -- deflator. Hourly on WB and remembering our heroes of ought to AccuWeather clear tonight overnight low fifty tomorrow night's plenty of sunshine 77 it is 67 news radio and -- thirty WB -- and a baseball game downtown tonight Friday night bash at the ballpark with happy hour please direct responsibly. Have baseball -- fireworks first pitch 705 against the Toledo Mud -- By the way -- a very gratified that something -- wrote on my FaceBook page has kind of taken on a life of its own it really wasn't expecting that and I wish that I could take credit where those words. It's hard to describe -- If you listen to the ghost shows we've done you understand or come from when it comes to matters spiritual. I kind of felt today I literally typed that out in five minutes. The words came to me I did not have to search for. It was almost like a voice was saying here's what people need to know. -- And it happens a lot with writers. Some people would -- the muse and US ski. And -- re read it after 5 o'clock I guess that it's a nerve with people and I wanna make it real clear it's not about me. About remembering the sacrifices. Made by the man. I'd try to mix in phone calls along with audio from seven years ago today. And I promise you we'll get to call in the first segment after five so everybody was on hold now. I will get to you pronto after five -- -- -- re read what I wrote -- it's getting a lot of feedback and then we'll get your phone calls -- quick. On news radio 930 WB EN.

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