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6-6 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

Jun 6, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Transocean said along expected invasion by the British and Americans. What they got on the first hours of the morning of June 6. By the landing a parachute troops and the area of the mouth of the song. -- headquarters remains silent. The German. That was that 7 AM German time. -- at 1 AM eastern war time. Please remember at the war department in Washington. As -- information on the east German reports. Although there's no reason to believe the -- required. CBS will remain in operation overtime tonight under -- facts are -- we repeat this network we'll operate beyond regular time. Until that German import has been verified -- I've been proved erroneous. -- Darlington reporting RC BS world news this CBS the Columbia broadcasting system. Before I have. Came earlier today. Sometimes. Sometimes this happens. I start writing something. And my fingers or -- But it's not actually be doing the talking or be active thinking. I just sit back. And let the words just gonna come Toomey. Is sort of searching for them they've sought me. And I have. Written something on FaceBook. That. Sums up. Where I am today. Looking back I'm seventy years ago. This. Very day. And what I wrote the or something like terrorists. There have been trying to imagine the courage. And the fear of the guys. In those landing craft. Seven years ago today. In that split second before they disembark after the choppy crossing. The first step in the cold water. The improvising. When everybody wasn't where they thought they'd be. The barbed wire the traps the -- the humming of the rounds changing tone malady is they win is just passed you and flooded into your body. The frustration of one later returned fire with sand in the actions in cold water everywhere in the other guys blood splashing on. The sense of being a sitting duck with the Germans on the high ground sending millions of rounds. In the first -- the second wave and so won the paratroopers who were dropped. Where they shouldn't have been in not knowing Rivera held day the Germans or the Americans work. And then the guys who never made it. To Normandy the guys who drowned without ever having had a chance to fight midway across the channel because metal lock search talks broke. The craft stability was lost heavy equipment capsized everything as it slid across the -- These guys knowing they were in for sheer hell. And persevere. Going on forward. Forward. Thank the creator that we still have brave patriots who carry on the tradition one of them is one of my best friends. But I do feel. Sorrow. Pain. And anguish reflecting on the sacrifices. Maybe by these men of Normandy these warriors. These common man soldiers. And knowing that the fruits of their lawyer and as a baby boomers that's my generation. Would move through the sixties preaching peace. Love. And freedom to do your own thing and grow up. To power. As the most despotic. Nanny state. Big government gun grabbing right stealing what you eat watching traders to the constitution. For which their fathers fought in many died. To those who survived seventy years ago. What I'm saying. Can never. Express my heartfelt gratitude. My admiration. Respect for the blood you drip against tyranny. And for freedom. And my sheer embarrassment. At how my generation slept. While their freedom from big government. Big government control. Was peed away. We owed it to you. To preserve freedom. Liberty. And genuine respect for our constitution and its bill of rights. No generation. Is. Or ever was or ever will be perfect. But the which we have squandered. In too many of my countryman a 2014 -- utterly ignorant. Of the sacrifices made on this -- in 1944. We have made -- conquests. Of ourselves. And sacrificed American liberty. -- great god of all powerful government. And most of us deserve. Everlasting shame for that. On my FaceBook pitch. I wrote that. The words came to me I didn't seek them out they came to me. For some of view that might sound weird. To anybody who has ever been a performer a writer. Playwright. Anybody who has ever tried to communicate. You know that sometimes words come to you. You know when Lincoln wrote the Gettysburg address. He basically polished it off. In a little room. On the circle in Gettysburg the night before he gave that speech he thought it was a colossal failure. And that was one of those examples were a lot of those words a lot of those sentences came to him. He just left it up to himself to kind of find to what the word set and the result was. A speech which lasted just a few minutes. Which he and by the way many of the mass media at the time regarded as a dismal disappointment the Gettysburg address. -- the Gettysburg address. As. Do we call -- Gettysburg. -- the Gettysburg address but the Gettysburg address there's a slight nuanced difference. Do you feel worthy. -- it does our generation. Deserve. What these guys did for -- seventy years ago. Because. Many of you know that I'm a big fan of Shakespeare. Because what you get past the Elizabethan concept what you get past the era of English. Known as Elizabethan English. And you actually start to understand what's going on in what Shakespeare wrote and by the way it's the same English you'll find in the king James version of the Bible. Once you get past that. And you're really come to appreciate the characters the concepts and the turtle ideas expressed by Shakespeare by the way are a lot of parallels between Shakespeare and the holy Bible. He used the Bible -- More than most people realize when he was writing is place. And he came from a generation. That very much believed in good and evil. King James who authorized the translation. Of the Bible from many languages into the English of the day he was a huge believer. In good and evil. He believed that there was evil in the world and that he won it defied. I should also point out that king James. Despite news. Protest station of evil in the world. Shall we say it led a rather interesting personal life. Which by no means -- could be described as chased. Thought that that makes him a bad guys it's simply points to his humanity in many respects. Now. As I reflect on seventy years ago. I feel like it's a debt. That we can never pay. And I feel as though. The baby boomer generation. Generation X. the millennial us. I don't know which generation you consider yourself to be a part of you might be part of the greatest generation the DD generation. I don't know exactly. What generation you feel a part of as a citizen if you. Group ourselves or group herself into a larger organization known as a generation. But. The baby boomers. And be our so called hippies of the 1960s proved to be the biggest bunch of frauds and phonies. And soccer punters ever to walk the face of the year. I pointed this out on more than one occasion and today it's seems so fitting to point this out. Seven years ago bear their fathers. Stepped off of those landing craft jumped out of those airports. To fight for liberty. To fight for freedom. A human beings rights against. All knowing all powerful government. That's what they did seventy years ago. Now. We have a country that is now ruled by people who used to say. Don't trust anybody over the age of thirty. Zero and peace love rock -- all that saved the generation. Which preached the value of freedom. Finds -- kinship with them to do with those people. But this same generation that gave us that. Is in power now. And they have proven to be. The most state test totalitarian. Leaning bunch of constitution. And violating storm nuts. This country has ever seen and on top of that they're hypocrites. Because they said we needed more democracy more freedom. -- -- And here we have mayors of major cities who actually got away with proposing soft drink limits. Ever mr. Bloomberg in New York City. We have big governor in New York State who similar to Hitler with the right -- fired decree pushes through -- a bit of legislation as a message of necessity. In the middle of the night which is a patent violation of your Second Amendment constitutional right as well as new York civil rights law. And it doesn't matter we slept. That generation. That is in power now. Has become. Even more controlling. Less liberty loving. Less freedom oriented. Than the very people they railed against back in the 1960s like Barry Goldwater by the way. Those -- you -- conscience of a conservative. The conservatives. Have remained and I call myself and -- Terry and we have remained. Defenders of freedom. We have remained people who'll want less government who believe in the rights and duties of the individuals. We don't want government watching our every move. We don't want government regulating what we eat in cafeterias. Or restaurant or whether or not there's a salt shaker on the table or how much sodium is in a meal has to be posted by a restaurant. We don't want that. We don't want that kind of government do we do we really want government to have its nose in our asses every single step of the way. Like a budget dogs in heat I don't think so. But then again I might be in the minority. It is my contention that we have squandered. Everything for which those men died. And put their lives on the line for seventy years ago today. We want the easy way out. We wanna be jealous of what the other person tennis. We think we deserve something just because we were born. That generation known as the real poverty people -- and the Great Depression were driving around and escalates. Wearing gold. And putting the lobster on food stamps. This generation does not know what true deprivation news. Our generation is a bunch of spoiled brats. Expecting government to be our big sugar daddy. It is disgusting. And it's a travesty. What we've done to the inheritance. Passed on the house by the greatest generation. Which seven years ago right now. Was licking its wounds. Gathering it's dead it's limbs. -- using blood having emergency surgery after emergency surgery on the beach. They gave us freedom from totalitarianism. In the form of huddle Hitler and instead have replaced it with an all invasive government here in the United States we have in short my friends made a conquest of ourselves your thoughts 80309. There. Start 930. 180616. WB Ian. Transocean said a long expected invasion by the British and Americans. What they got in the first hours of the morning of June 6. By the landing a parachute troops and the area of the amount of Islam. -- headquarters remains silent. The German. That was at 7 AM German time. -- at 1 AM eastern war time. Please remember that the war department in Washington. Had no information on the east German reports. Although there's no reason to believe the -- required. CBS will remain in operation overtime tonight on the -- facts are -- we repeat this network we'll operate beyond regular time. Until the German -- has been -- I've been proved erroneous. But when Darlington reporting -- CBS world news this CBS the Columbia broadcasting system. 335. At news radio 930 WB and seventy years ago today that's what you're listening to if you were alive I was not. But I feel as though. The generation. In which I grew up. And subsequent generations. Have betrayed the memory of those who fought and bled and died. And whose lives and psyches were for ever changed. By the bloody sands of Normandy. And by the un imaginable horrors. They can be afflicted by it weaponry. Today and course back in the Second World War error. Carnage on a scale all. Quite similar Tibet experienced on one bloody patch of soil in the United States -- Gettysburg. Were in -- or Shiloh -- wilderness. When massed infantry decided to go up against massed artillery. Not good yet. Those guys. The allies who invaded Normandy this day seventy years ago today were put in to that position. The war could not be won by air alone in head to be won on the ground. There was no other way to get troops on the ground on mass except for massive. Invasion by C. Even the Romans. Ladies and gentlemen if you read about the Roman conquest of Britannia or Great Britain. Cesar almost got screwed -- die. Because of the unpredictable currents off of England. And in fact the first time -- tried he failed. It was the second Roman invasion that almost failed that actually succeeded in capturing a Britain as a Roman colony. Invasions by water are tough. Now imagine. Those -- who've seen the movie Gettysburg. Imagine massed infantry. Going up against artillery -- tree. -- It -- it's a miracle. Only a few confederate made it. Took the high water mark so called -- confederacy were able to get across that field and actually get across the federal lines most of them died. Many of them were captured. Our guys. Seventy years ago. In a similar situation do you understand the parallels. They had it even harder than -- guys did at Gettysburg. They were in the water. They worked in the water once those doors opened up at the ball they were sitting ducks. For the Germans who had the high ground. As the federal stared at Gettysburg at little round top they have high ground they had an automatic advantage in combat. By having hired a high ground. It was -- it was a freaking miracle. That any American any allied force even survive the landing. When you were going up against men just concentrated. German resistance which seemingly un ending rounds of ammunition at their disposal. From a high ground looking down on you. It was like shooting ducks in a barrel shooting fish in a barrel. And somehow our guys did it. They got a beach yet. They expanded the -- They cleared sector by sector. Fortress Europe and Normandy. From -- Hitler's troops. Folks the invasion. Of Norman seventy years ago today -- there. He's one of the most inspirational. I imagine oblique -- rages. -- Of any bunch of men any where any time in the history. Folks. Those have you know a little bit about your military history and I don't claim to be a military historian I did not serve only know what I've read. But the guys at Gettysburg. Were marching across Pennsylvania farmland. And they still talking about the confederate Sunday three of the battle of Gettysburg July 3 1863. The confederate it's decided this storm. The union line. The confederate were on farmland. Marching a mile across farmland after -- to our artillery barrage. They marched almost all my idol. Then they went in to the double quick. In other words they speeded things up not quite Iran not quite a walk. And they were on dry land and they could not do it. They could not do it 151000. Men. In a giant wave or two of confederate soldiers could not take a high ground. I'm date -- and they could not take the union center on day three which wasn't even on high ground. They were defeated. That is one of the hardest things to do in war. So think about that for just one moment. In 1863. Robert. Tried to take the union line at Gettysburg they could not do it on dry land. What our guys did seven years ago north and south east and west. What they did was one of the greatest accomplishments. In military history one of the greatest feats in human history. And one of the biggest upset wins if you wanna use a sports analogy. In the history of freedom. They beat an enemy from the water an enemy that had the high ground. Folks what they did seven years ago today. Surge or should stir your soul. Because what they did took such courage. Such unimaginable. Bravery. Combined with fears. We -- think that those guys were literally crapping their pants because they work. I -- this I don't like that expression. But that's the first thing they tell you what you're going to the combat you'll be the first in many guys -- done it before you. Don't be embarrassed by. Guys work the other expression is. Keep a tight you know what. These guys. Were amazing. The whole event. Beggars description. -- is one of the most unlikely victories in the annals of human history. That's what I wanna talk about it today. You might have had a father or grandfather who took part in. Why don't we just did that. But here we have an opportunity. On one of those milestone anniversaries. To think about and to talk about -- to acknowledge. The sacrifices. Of men that you didn't even know. Who wanted you. As a future generation. Of Americans. To grow up and to thrive and to prosper. In a free. Country. We're a fascist government or -- Nazi government was not controlling your every god damned -- A government that did not -- its spies into schools and ask your children. To monitor what you say. These guys understood the evil of despotism. These guys understood. Tyranny. They understood and Churchill understood. That the last bastion of hope. Was the United States of America its industrial might its capacity to produce ammunition. Ship's tanks. To supply fuel believe it or not. Men and materiel. Churchill knew. The importance. Of the United States and Churchill also by the way ladies and gentlemen for those who don't know Winston Churchill was a very controversial figure in his time. He made some pretty bad blunders during World War I. He wrote them out. And after Neville Chamberlain's failed attempt to appease Hitler at Munich in 1938. When it became clear that Chamberlain was a policy. And he was gonna be walked all over. By Hitler. Churchill came to power. And Churchill was a man. And Churchill understood. Evil. And church hill got it he knew. That Hitler had to go. He knew. He knew. That civilization. As we know it was in -- He knew it. He was one of the earliest voices against Hitler and people thought he was crazy. I wanna backtrack for a moment. Before Adolf Hitler was the Adolf Hitler you know from history books and you've seen on the History Channel. There are a lot of people who were unwilling to own up to the fact that he was in fact an evil dangerous man. They turned their back unreality they'd bury their heads and percent. -- -- My struggle the book he wrote -- -- president. Well that's just the fifth disease of the delusional man he doesn't really hate the Jews that much. People work deceived. By the evil genius. That was at all Hitler he was a genius. I've often wondered what the world would look like -- he used his considerable skills for good and not evil. Unfortunately he was all unadulterated. Evil. And it had to be stopped. And there's only one way you stop evil and that is to kill it as peaceful a man as I am when confronted with that kind of all consuming evil the only thing you can drew is drive a stake through its heart put a silver bullet in -- brain and -- -- catches and a straight at the molecular level that's what you must do. People. When Winston Churchill said these things about Hitler perhaps with greater every addition denied. When Churchill called out Hitler the world looked at Churchill and called him a war mongering alarmist. Read your history. They thought church Joseph had gone off the deep end. That he was trying to start another war to redeem his reputation for world war one's failures. Then Chamberlain comes back from Munich. And his meeting with Hitler. -- and it is peace time. A very -- animus small feeble minded man was Neville Chamberlain. And his pew -- and -- led eventually to the deaths of tens of millions of people Jews Christians Gypsies. You name it if they didn't like Hitler they were done. And the odd you know here's here's something else or just the sheer evil of Hitler. You know when Hitler's troops went into the Ukraine and you know that they were welcomed as liberators from Stalin. Instead of using the local population -- allies guess what Hitler because he was evil. He declared war on the civilian population. And started exterminating them. He -- -- allies there he tournament enemies. He was again he was evil. And I find it very interest. Very tragic. Because. Winston Churchill early gun. Called out. Adolf Hitler told the world all about. The evil he represented and the world didn't think it was crazy they thought Churchill which crazy. Eventually I guess which crazy guy one. Winston Churchill he called it he nailed. Remember the world was we're from World War I -- one another conflagration. They just thought Churchill was simply trying to PR to get my reputation back. Our phone numbers 8030930. Star and I'm thirty on the cell phone 180616. WB EN. Did you ever relativity day. Are we worthy of their sacrifices. I must tell you I'm embarrassed to be a baby boomer I'm embarrassed to be an American in 2014. To look around at the needy. Begging entitlement class we have become in this country. How can I get the other guy stuffed his that'll make me happy. How can government take care of me not how can I take care of myself how can I enjoy freedom and how can I use the blessings of freedom to write in my own fruit to wreak the harvest had to build my own life. We have he'd that away. And we deserve everlasting shame for -- When I -- week I'm talking in general terms about my generation. We still have heroes we still have patriots. But this country and its leadership have let the men at seven years ago down big time. -- tonight and fifty the overnight low the -- and have a Friday night bash at the ballpark happy hour baseball fireworks for -- 705 against the Toledo Mud -- tomorrow they -- very nice and plenty of sunshine and 77. And did you say 67 -- at news radio -- thirty WB EM. Today's deal of the day from my buffalo vs a thirty dollar certificate to Scotch and sir -- in Amherst for just seventeen dollars for over forty years Scotch and sirloin has been. Buffalo steak house with five star dining -- casual atmosphere go to WB EN dot com and click on the my buffalo perks logo. Talking about the date plus seventy here's John end somewhere on a cell phone John your WB and hello. Eight I don't great show you. -- very appropriate. They well -- -- challenge out. My language is a bit salty and I only use the GD word went absolutely necessary to make a point to step for those who. May have some concerns about that I speak from the heart and sometimes my heart gets the better of me when I speak with passion about evil and -- sacrifices against it and sorry if somebody was offended by that. Kids have to read that book by the way JD salad that word and JD Salinger's catcher in the right but going did you. Possibly connected and that being that they don't -- some folks earning more above about a talent throughout their history teachers out there that. You look at these kids watched the opening -- -- -- private -- because I think MO it's such a great job for earning what. You know what there or watch for those guys in the boats in the water. End. You know I think so many kids they think is that no idea you know and that he watched it and move format. Maybe it'll sink. We know -- help from somebody have to vet yesterday on FaceBook. For making the point for those who went to American schools. But I said that they said are we that dumb down that that's what we need in my answer to that is yes we are. Well unfortunately. Absolutely and fortunately -- And let's face it you were going to get the footage. Met today because the cameramen were too busy trying to save their own lives to worry about the cinematographer B of what they were doing in capturing our worse. I agree with -- by village on another got more say about that but hold on Saving Private Ryan by the way it was designed. With accuracy invited to watch interviews with Steven Spielberg it was all about me. They had to scour the world for the few remaining functioning landing craft as those that were used in. The Normandy invasion stay with us and -- ready at 930 WBBM. -- my whole show on this today. I think it's that important. Don't go to work.

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