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6-6 The Movie Show w/Cinema Bob and Sandy Beach

Jun 6, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We're delighted to have you -- and we extend the cordial welcome to the we wind up in the top stars from Hollywood and from all over the world to entertain you and -- giant screen with a new colorful motion pictures you've been hearing about. And reading about. While that is jealous -- Bob May sandy beach there was a certain sound that those narrow raiders had that we don't use any. Yes yes especially for those those old drive in the trailer and that sort of thing and so -- go to the drive and 666. Minutes left in an intermission -- minded or expect. Remember those are things you would light on fire keep the mosquitoes away a little caught all the pain in the little mosquito blood now it's caught. They usually pop garden -- always sold the refreshments. Yes yes indeed and the photo is that they which showed no all of the food. Was always -- least attractive photos you can imagine for food ever the hot dog looked like it'd -- You know on a roller thing at a 7-Eleven for two or three months. It's not they should so little signs that say don't come on knock him if this -- -- but they never did that I I always thought that would vivid so this is true this is true they could have made little -- baby on board -- as a win and that baby AA. Then and the next one Michael. I don't know the names -- baby. Transit to -- Well a first of all her son is Sheraton drive that. And the have been cool. At the transit driver of the new marquee. Hey it is a lot it really done with Colin does a fantastic job or there. And the new marquis is it's like going back in time these thing I've read Amro beauty many times I'm coming home the opposite direction of the line going in there before twilight it's. Into a good lesson for them good for them absolutely loved the other big box office -- Bob. Yes number one at the box office last weekend Melissa -- -- all 69. Million dollars for -- and this is the first time. Since 2000 fine. That Angelina Jolie has had a film opened at number one. I know it's -- Angelina Jolie to be somewhat similar to George Clooney in that. Huge star gets a lot of attention. Very well respected. But. Box office why is not quite heavy weight you might applaud that this is the tremendous opening for. -- he reviewed -- pretty weak reviews for the most part. But the audience polling is very strong people that -- really liked it and it's doing very well overseas. At number two X-Men days of future acts did 33 million dollars and 64%. Drop. In its second weekend. It is that 162. Million here. But like. The Spider-Man movie that just came out it's doing OK here -- doing fine here but huge business overseas. The worldwide gross in just one week. Is at 500 million dollars so tremendously successful. Not so tremendously success what what what what when Seth MacFarlane. With a million ways to die in the west as it turns out. There are a million and one ways to die because you can also diet the box office this did seventeen million dollars. This was -- 8% lower than the opening for -- -- or -- is very huge. The critics hated it and the audience polling was very weak and you have to figure this past weekend. With the seventeen million dollar opening. All the hardcore Family Guy and Seth MacFarlane and came out for that next week could be this week and coming up here could be bearing rock. Now I like to laugh OK and I like edgy humor and all of that. During the -- because I want -- week. I laughed three times the three times and and guess what. That's all of the rest of the people in the audience laughed and it was very sparsely attended three times out of the home you were not wildly entertained by Neil Patrick Harris. -- -- Now. I just didn't -- -- I'm sorry I've made it wasn't worth the wait I was disappoint. Although Charlize Theron. Anytime you can look at Charlize Theron for a couple of hours worth. She's very talented very talented actors and yes not that hard to look at I think we can all agree point. At number four dogs they'll deny the twelve million dollars to 100% to four million overseas box office it's 200. And that number five Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore and -- flop blended. Another eight million it is now and he easily 29. Million dollar. Some Hollywood name changes bottom yes yes now often. When they make a movie they -- either change the name of the film. From the original novel it was based on or they'll change from the original script -- bad feeling about it and our big movies this week coming out the edge of tomorrow. Is one of those situations the original title of which the book was based on time for bonds now. All you need is kill -- Which. The lakers fell to. It didn't do that well -- -- tested it didn't have a good feeling about that. Another one that they changed the name of from the original incarnation. Was not pretty woman -- not -- that was originally called. 3000. -- That was in reference to the amount of money was being paid for a week's worth time with the drug addicted hooker OK who is rescued for a week and then at the end of the movie. Thrown back to the streets it was a -- her home in its original inception the hired director Gary. And we are -- sheer luck and error okay -- and look at that smile on that hawker come on Julia Roberts is -- -- I. Well acknowledged for any woman because that's all anybody once -- up pretty woman who hooker. Richard here in New Yorkers become like a -- area. The last plumber gonna take a look at. This -- -- and I can understand. That change here Hancock. That was the movie. Not -- you're already and believe me Andy it's gonna get worse like Hancock. The movie. With. Will Smith as this superhero. Was based on year. Original story. Call. Tonight he columns. Now 00. Now wait. As it gets worse dollar and dark horse. Him. -- here's the deal. The original story this was before it got the PG. Will Smith. Was about an alcoholic superhero. Which captain there aren't who was very depressed. Because. He couldn't make love. To a woman because if he -- a climax it would kill her. -- -- -- Year on account of his superpowers always -- superpowers. Super six hours yes kind of like faster than a speeding bullet more -- I don't know locomotive. -- overly tall buildings in a single bound the they felt tonight he -- I'm not possibly will. Isn't the best titles they changed it to. Hancock which is much classic march Clancy -- Arabia ignored known. Always good candidate I would take a break we'll be back and -- -- -- -- it's that show is Bobbitt may be one worth recording will be back after this. It's the most we show a cinema -- -- tsunami sandy beach the movie IQ question bobbled a fourth. Tom Cruise plays a soldier of the future in the new movie edge of tomorrow. How many times has Tom Cruise played a soldier on screen is that 86 times beat eight times or seen. Ten times. Our idea -- and movie pass our call 6449875. The president moving destitute when he -- and bitter battle through December 31 -- -- fourteen. 25 dollars and the average to send tourists to pub and grill. A Miller sport aren't transits -- -- going on no expiration date total value of 43 dollars general contest rules apply. Big movies hitting the big strain Tom Cruise and edge of tomorrow. Now I thought this was initially when I heard the title. I thought I'm sure this was based on CBS soap opera. I think -- of tomorrow was on between the -- tonight. And secret storm but now it turns out it's not it's not it's not at all -- so now it's an -- OK so if you're going to expecting his soap opera. We're going to be sorely disappointed. I don't. A rough. Wild for Tom Cruise. At the box office over the past few years. I mean he's had a lot of controversy. Mean. And in real life he's getting a little longer in -- and here is films. Haven't been doing getting the kind of business in the kind of reviews that he was used to for so long. But. This latest -- of tomorrow is getting. Absolutely. Tremendous reviews and a lot of people are calling it. The best action flick of the summer program yeah yeah here's the basic concept. Right off -- -- you're thinking what the want. It asks if you combined Groundhog Day. And the terminator. That's kind of what they're looking at here Tom Cruise plays a year a major somewhat Howard -- major. Who is sent to the front by general Brendan Gleason. And gung -- sergeant Bill Paxton. They're all fighting against this. Acidic alien force there called Netflix like these large -- three things that are taking over the all politicians -- isn't it and if you kill one. Ten more come out after you immediately. -- without Tom Cruise to. -- humanity the problem -- it's. He's a coward and he's been very good at fighting at all -- And he keeps getting chill but. Every time he gets killed at that time -- brings them right back. To where he's at the beginning of the battle again. And when he beat anybody knows a little bit more because coal -- and he got our -- -- and then. He gets killed. And I didn't the person that he's. He is Emily Blunt. One yeah Emily Blunt -- she was in that process. Jane Austen book club she's done a lot of comedies. And she is playing this legendary. Soldier like Sigourney Weaver in an alien films. I never would have thought. That Emily Blunt would turn out to be this day. Up and coming. Action star are ruined but she. Kicks ass in this tomorrow pretty hot at all hold -- -- and I'll wait while you go get ahead on tour. How tough it is Emily Blunt -- -- -- out of operation. This is her affectionate nickname in the film you know full metal bitch all -- -- is she is a tough. Tough cookie here who realizes after awhile that. Tom Cruise does keep getting killed and coming back. And it's kind of look at that as long as he gets a little smarter each time this original concept. And suicide mission. And put it into a whole new level I think Tom Cruise guys. Hundreds of times. -- of this bill got. It like Tom Cruise if you are not a fan of Tom Cruise. Well -- this is the -- firmware could you get to see him die over and over and over again. On the it is clever it is exciting that action sequences are very well handled. It's a one year thing you might expect. This film both you realizes. -- is considerable skills in this kind of action format. But it does. And player around. With his overall image. And the concept of him is an action star didn't start out as a coward and not being very sure as sort of thing initially. A mom and screenplay wife. They hired. Christopher Macquarie. Heeded the usual suspects very strong writer the director is Doug -- -- to Bourne identity and mr. and mrs. Smith. So he's he's somebody who is very good at what he does and -- the nice thing about dog alignments films. He is economical. He is an economical storyteller. He likes to get in get out help keep the story tight and moving along quickly. This is under two hours. This does not suffer the -- That we've been running into with these current action blockbusters you know. That and that -- rises being well over three hours Spider-Man two. For a couple weeks ago who. Ours is no reason in the world why Superman -- we should have been two and a half hours thing is under two hours it is tight. It is well told and it moves. Willie along. Essentially this is probably Tom cruises most satisfying action films cents. I think you have to go back to while war of the worlds in 2005 so long program. The all. I wonder is will enough people calm -- opening weekend. To get this thing that kicked off. -- and I know people are getting a little gun shy of time to I don't know people are gonna think this is too similar to oblivion from last summer. With with Tom Cruise but. This is -- film if you enjoy a big rock them sock them action flicks you're gonna have to record time and tomorrow. Good to hear -- -- -- there about the faults and our stars is okay now. Did you read this book by -- last night just finished well I thought your eyes looked a little rant I was up all night. Yes this is big big young adult novel but this isn't one that's filled with. Vampires and -- game competitions. And this sort of stuff. This is about attractive. Young teens. Who are in love. And -- have cancer. This is a tear Jerker. Plain and simple this movie was designed to make teenagers. Cry there freak and eyes out the book. Did an extraordinarily. Good job at that. I cannot touch you. How many people who. Didn't even know I did a movie show. On the radio have rushed up to me. You know anybody who's been in promotions in cancer this -- that has rushed up to me saying what's the word on faults and start him -- anyone heard anything about it what's the news I got to see who gonna -- -- -- to see this -- there's so excited about it. This. Film is out now and the good news is. It's pretty well and good reviews have been very positive or for the most part and I gave you. A bit more about breakdown as far as the story and that sort of thing. After after the news -- got too big east and both of them are are gonna please audiences. Guys kill question congress was a soldier of the future in the new movie edge of tomorrow how many times has cruise played a soldier on screen. The answer is eight times he played soldiers and taps top gun born on the fourth of July a few good -- the last samurai Val -- Jack preacher and edge of tomorrow. And we will be back with more of the movie show cinema Bob and -- and beach. Great time continues in the evening with Sean Hannity we need seven to ten on WB hand back where the movie shows -- -- -- -- some -- sending me to listen to the movie show online any time on demanded WB and dark come. The big movies hitting the big screen -- is gonna tell us more about the fault that our stars. Yes now this this is the movie designed to make. Teenagers just just feel awful if this is a great date movie I mean this is like Titanic love story in the notebook you know. Girls are going to these movies to cry and be upset. And dry ice. I know you'd rather go see that Tom Cruise movie. But if you take -- of this film score some points she will need to be comforted you don't need an arm around her you'll need a shoulder to cry and -- You can seem very very sensitive. You can really. Fool people where this film -- -- that's right that's right. This is. A movie sharing initially Woodley who and up and coming young -- she just starred in divergent. And she's in love with pencil Al Gore. I know and held out her little drugs -- -- -- -- -- I thought it was. The weird thing is though these two are in -- romantically hooked up in this moment in this film they've gotten nice. Chemistry in this sort of thing but in divergent that was out early this year they play brother and sister. So that's a little ears. Should they there there elbow she has stage four thyroid cancer he has bone cancer he already has a prosthetic leg. And a friend of theirs has very rare. I cancer went holy Moly. Harmed but luckily. Because it's movie cancer -- Shall we would -- never stops looking good so that's you know an advantage -- -- got a movie cancer. Pretty good no matter how sick you are. The soundtrack is just field. With songs by. Artist and no one who listens to the station will be familiar -- and all but will be playing on -- for the remainder of this year. Lord during Willem Dafoe player few of the understanding adult. -- -- -- -- He is the leader of a support group in the film he. End up comic who -- is very challenge it he there are few you can check out on Netflix he's got to. Concert films sleep walk with me and my girlfriend's boyfriend. That are both very very funny he's really talented guy he's in this as well. This movie is similar. As far as the way these kids talking in interact with each other. They're similar to the teenagers in Juneau and -- they're very self aware of their very pop culture aware. They're Smart they're literate. They hate being seen. As young cancer stricken teens and they kind of try to stay away from. Those cliches. But. For the most part if you wanna go see this movie. And cry your rise out you will not be disappointed by default in or storm's next. Soul. Yes this is written and directed by GO. Coppola now Francis Ford Coppola of course one of the country's greatest directors Apocalypse Now the godfather of the -- His. Daughter so so are. Who. Has become -- director -- she's tremendous success in lost in translation along such a terrific film and she's continued success of films of director. Her brother. Roman Coppola he is a successful screenwriter he's in several films with -- Wes Anderson. Now Coppola's are moving on to the grandchildren -- your Coppola is the granddaughter of Francis Ford Coppola this is her first film. This is about a a group of four. High schoolers. In in Paolo alto and it's similar to The Breakfast Club in that it looks at several high school types. Although this isn't in one bottled setting the way to breakfast club is this goes through many apps Monica. Situations here. Not so much plot driven as well as very much turned can be sent about the characters and place. The movie just has a cast of Hollywood. Perhaps. You grad Erin Emma Roberts -- Robert's daughter -- Kilmer Val Kilmer son. Much of the film was filmed at Val Kilmer hopes. Some -- it was also film that year Coppola's mother's house. Kelly Scheyer is -- it as a guidance counselor. Father Guido it's or Gucci get a college even shows up as an art teacher I don't know Playskool. And interestingly enough. It is based on a collection. Short stories by. James Franco who basically wants to prove he can do everything. This. And he also has a small role in this film. I didn't say for the -- kids so far yeah. -- forge -- Coppola's name probably helps opened some doors. But like Roman and -- -- Coppola's film debut here is is being very well received it really seems like crap. She also has the genuine talent and skill and continued career. It must be something genetic there must be something in the Coppola DN. Well maybe it's a global line how about a half yeah Los suns starring god knows how to pronounce chew slowly that you more -- -- -- -- -- he started twelve years -- slave -- terrific actor always right yeah does he want I don't know if very and Andy Hilton and enough. -- -- -- -- -- And does bring soccer yeah. Is based on bestselling novel. That. Follows the lives of two sisters who are wealthy British educated -- who moved back to. Nigeria. At a time of great political unrest very strong cash but the film is getting some awfully -- reviews. It wants to. Tell the story. Of what was happening in in Nigeria -- while telling the story. Of these sisters at the same time is hoping to be kind of a doctor Chicago where you're following political stuff -- on these people. But the majority of the reviews have felt that it just moves to quickly. Through events in the character's life as well as political events that it probably would have worked better as a miniseries. Half the yellow sun. You know and I was gonna I was gonna say it's almost like half a movie. Not changed so I'm not gonna do tonight knowing that first of all we -- credibility issue too wealthy sisters go back to Nigeria that's all I need to know about them. Makes sense to me it will take -- -- -- remarkable -- cinema Bob -- sandy beach. A big movies hitting the big scream we've talked about as of tomorrow default in our stars Paolo -- -- half of -- -- but you know. I'm in the moon story nuns vs the Vatican kind of movie got anything like that. -- -- -- And this stirs. -- ancestors by Russ Myers now that's not at all. Hi this is a I documentary -- -- chilling screening room. They weren't showing this Sunday and one showing. Next Thursday. Now in the 1960s. When Vatican true. Kicked him and made changes there. No loans were being represented in popular culture they were high profile and Julie Andrews. I'm here I'm Debbie Reynolds in the singing -- -- -- -- field in the flying blind and yet this documentary. Suggest that those were not accurate representation. Of Catholic -- guns can't fly. Apparently not no not the one thing that you see on screen and net in this one here. Basically what this film looks that is that. After -- event in -- came forward and said look we we won -- taken an active move. Moving forward with the capture we wanted to be more new testament and old testament. Because nuns. Were in a situation of dealing one on one with people. And not really being dealing with the the ritual of mass in this sort of stuff. They really got an active in the sixties and this follows the role that nuns Durkin and civil rights prisoners rights war protests. Women's lib movement left on your -- and -- mentioned. Environmental issues. All of this. One of the -- I love this quote. She says that we do this peacefully. Respectfully. We never take no for -- not. What I'm like yeah that's great that there are other director of the Thelma I was although none said although we were the risk takers in the church we have the freedom and the latitude to be able to do that. And that. Very interesting picture and even today when you see. Nuns on TV show or in a movie there either a villain. Or is there an object of ridicule or there for a slight anger this sort of thing. This is pretty interesting look at the stuff that nuns were actually doing in this country. Next up why -- we have a movie called Driving Miss Daisy no we already had a movie called driving miss that we have all of this. This is that this is a stage presentation okay yes this is up. This is the -- -- it is that this is being shown in movie theater okay solve this is that they use it. Basically. James -- Jones in the 2010 went on Broadway with Vanessa Redgrave. With Driving Miss -- very successful run the show they also dated in London and then he toured in various series around the world with Angela Lansbury. Who. Was planning and playing the the lead character in this film. Every still doing lead roles on Broadway eight day eight shows a week Broadway situation is. 88 years. Old which isn't she just amazing she's also playing and asked she's playing 72 year old told that's pretty impressed -- right there are angry she was -- -- yes she was often. But this should they these two did not tour. Where this -- so this kind of hear your chance to be able to. See this particular production this was filmed and and Australian. Production of the show and it's a -- Angela Lansbury and James Earl Jones it's being shown. Throughout this week at about 500 cinemas across the country. And you can see it at the atmosphere here is the place that's gonna just go to the Gibson website and you'll be able to find out and sure. Anything with James Earl Jones worsening its fabulous just yes hugely talented guy and he'll say anything anything in your mesmerized. OK how -- and now this is every movie I'll tell you that a Mark Wahlberg and lone survivor this is on the new release show yes yes. This is. A film that he's going to have I would think an extraordinary. Life beyond the theaters on -- video. As well as on cable. If you do rented. On on video or buy it on video there are a lot of extras on here you're able to Iowa. Look at how the -- actors before lead actors did actual. Navy seal basic training for the film is able to follow what what they did. And you also have. Profiles of the real life heroes. That were involved in this situation. As well as -- Marcus Latrell. The man who wrote the book that the film was based on and he was very involved with the making of the film as well next World Cup. You know this. Some people thought this film is okay this is a rebooting remake of the original Robocop. This has Michael Keaton Samuel Jackson Gary Oldman Jackie Earle Haley Miguel her terrific terrific cast. For my money personally. I'm still the feeling. And wearing nothing wrong with the original duo looked up from 1987. That is one on my favorite. Films of all time. And anytime I've seen a poster or an -- Four this movie all it does is make me think. Yeah I gotta watch your original this week I gotta get down the Blu-ray and and watch that again. I did this updated version Robocop himself -- bad things to people. Wu is -- on Twitter I think he has left acreage and out son of god. Yes this is. Very. Successful. Film -- was -- earlier this year where it really unusual situation. They took the Roma Downey Mark Burnett. Many survival miniseries. They took. Just this actions about Jesus added a handful of deleted scenes and -- total loans that -- yes. Mostly the latter half. And they just put those together as a film and it was tremendously successful. At theaters. This spring and and now it is as well. On. I'm not on video to a handful lectures -- there's a lot of making up sequences as well as many. Interviews with the directors writers stars as well as this part I would think would be very interest and an assortment of clergymen from various denominations are give their thoughts on. I know some reviewers saying how could you -- old son of god what title could follow that about. Today's the fifth season. Yes it is just a season of happy days this this is a rather important one here I mean you of course had. How word Henry winkle her Tom Bausley -- Cunningham plan all together yeah I -- stars. Robin Williams doctor Joyce Brothers. Susie quad throw. Morgan Freeman yes or no Morgan Fairchild not Morgan. For you -- goes and checks. Always. Get Morgan Fairchild embargoed -- -- remix she is great and I'm forgiven you know I'm looking at that I'm thinking really there was -- -- plant person I'm happy. I really don't remember that no Morgan was Morgan Fairchild and she did play a white character when she was gone but what is iconic. From a pop culture point of -- for this particular scene then. Is this is the season had. But jumped jumped the shark episode where bonds where fond -- Did the water ski jump over the shark and he stopped mid air. When he was in the middle of the job and said to be continued and this was the point when many fans said after that. I'm out here to show kind of shocked and that has become shorthand for when a show just jumps the -- Now when it's over yeah. That about wraps up bottles there as the view on Monday at nine under is rated 930 WB yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --