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6-6 Beach and Company Hour 2

Jun 6, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Are right we -- not wanna be a downer but I am telling you it's not Ezra makes a lot of sense and radio -- -- June 1 co sponsors media Sunday June 1. When he says the concept of a new stadium for the bills is basically flawed. And I tend to agree to minimum. Whether it'll happen or not I think the first big thing would be. If the stadium was absolutely a pre requisite. By the NFL if it was. You had to do that or you couldn't get past that. I think that's the first major -- second one is financing for that and after that all of the financial aspects. Forget the geographical as the easiest part the financial aspects of the various things. Without the corporate support. Because we don't we simply don't have. And raising it to the higher level where will be out of the reach of many people would love to go to the games -- -- So that's the basic premise but he would stand in Rochester banks that we -- ourselves trying to keep the bills in buffalo. We are probably fooling ourselves can be let back up and made it. Well well and sold the -- stadium today taxpayers. Made money. Now the taxpayers own it unless they have a definite game plan for the old stadium. They've had very -- always a white elephant that see eight people and it got free market. Well protected. The taxpayers actually do owner we've kind of -- it over to the bills all the revenue comes to the bills are a lot of the upkeep comes from the taxpayers. You have the first question is the one you to assess what we do with the old stadium. Because I remember even with a rock pile. There was a lot of questions of we can't just oh lead that did to wither away we got to do something. They let -- talk about the economy that is yet they had out. State and down stay down -- New York City upstate at Alabama. We don't have the money. Nine dollars for a -- -- -- in a place -- beer. I could -- to kick back for a nine dollar -- you said they'll have a right to via hot -- whether gonna charge ten dollars. Well if you look at the seat licenses it depends on where you're looking but anywhere from San Francisco can be emphasize 80000 dollars and no mark Poland cars even threw -- a number of 5000 dollars I'm sure -- wasn't an exact number but. Who would you would you pay 5000 dollars for the right to Biotech and I wouldn't. No and here's another thing is all about money I had a friend that bought a marina for one million dollars. The next day he went out of state he put up for sale for two million nothing is for real when -- come from -- money. While tie is nice to have a friend -- them a million bucks but I'm thinking that they're gonna price themselves out because remember. Before Ralph died obviously. He said that the ticket prices here were reasonable. But he understood that they were at the top of the card as far as this areas -- what we can afford. Now Ralph saw that then I think a new owner he may have people telling a map but he doesn't wanna hear that because he wants maximum revenue while. And if you added seat licenses and expanded prices on everything. I don't think we could support that. If I remember one thing. Downstate New York City state Alabama. I hear you loud and -- thank you make you stand. May I remind you that -- buffalo is one of the five poorest cities. And the country did you know Rochester is in their two outs in the top five have been on the news either through various -- And I'm not a you know I'm not trying to be a downer but what I'm saying is get to a point. Where -- no matter how nice that is no matter how much you wanna go the example I use of a car. No matter how much you loved that car can't afford it can't afford the solar is still you can get it. And I'm thinking that if if seat lies is as a necessary to be part of this equation. And the higher prices for everything. Plots what you forget is. There's no free lunch it if there is any public money and that that has to be repaid to grow. So and the costs of any infrastructure. And depending on where the stadium might be if you need new heroes new stores like the people talked about. Downtown buffalo. Keep this remind me does the sewers beneath the city of buffalo are decrepit. About that these things all have to be taken into consideration a new owner. Is going to wanna start with a splash. A fabulous stadium that looks great good season ticket base that's it that's great and an expanded revenue stream. He it's not going to be charity. It's not going to be because he has a soft spot in his heart four Western New York it's because it's a good business decision. When when push comes to shove it's a business decision and he got to think like a businessman things as like golf Golisano said. Within reason as you'd expect him to say. That's why trump already did his disclaimer. A saying I'm not gonna feel guilty of that if they cost too much by not buying it so he's done has and any good businessman would say that within reason. It's not a charity it is a business and you have to recognize that. Let's go to reckon buffalo regular on WB again. Hey Rick I'm fine I hope you got some good nose for a threat. I I think -- You know I'm gonna Belcher and forever but I think that we we are missing are huge opportunity here. And I have never heard anybody discussion. Let's bring -- -- -- Let's let's they were granted that we needed new stadium and that's about it yet. We have also. A lot -- basically devastation on the east side of buffalo and bet -- that remains the occasional -- or. And the whole area where new York at Buffalo, New York you -- -- you know if you've driven down Broadway tomorrow don't street while and you know it happens to be that these big area. Looking at Google Maps if you look at the area including. Parking lot and everything out of Ralph Wilson Stadium in Orchard Park is about. Roughly a 150 acres. Okay. All right eSATA buffalo between Harlem and out -- And broccoli and Dan Wheldon who happens to be. -- railroad yard and along with some other. Lowly low. Occupancy. Areas. Did actually encompasses 275. Acres. So. I think that. That is a perfect way to what we should be looked -- redeveloping buffalo diehard buffalo with the new stadium there and if you wanna look at the comparison. I go to when what we are exempt for just who Wear the belt it out baseball park government. China Britain. Now if you think about a lot of bubbles main problems is something you just mentioned housing stock that has to be torn down and and the mayor has said every year. They have X amount of money to tear down X amount of buildings. If if there if there was a concentration that was large enough. And they could get some kind of ago grant some kind of a government deal. To raise that housing stock if they were you know proximity of each other that might be a big step forward but I don't know if that's possible. Well let's make it possible I mean if if if we're talking about a one billion dollar offer our stadium let's say. In today's dollars committed by the time it's building two billion probably but and -- -- -- one billion dollar stake. 1% of that. And put it towards relocating people would have to be relocated. Pilgrims from nicer homes nicer neighborhood that's ten million dollars right there. Well I'm. But yeah I'm thinking there's there's enough to be torn down now and and I think the firemen have loved to see that simply because they have a lot of fires on empty buildings that they have the risk their lives on putting out. If you are -- if you if if I had a bird's eye view and I looked down and I found. That how many acres you just mentioned was available because this housing stock was abandoned. And the infrastructure of getting to it and leaving was there I think it's it's a decent idea it's certainly can be examined. What you look at the administration actually it's certainly. -- -- market leader but the railroad encompasses a big part of it. OK let's let's let's get these elephants into the room -- security if you're old if you are in an area that has traditionally a high crime. Then. You're you're going to -- you're gonna have to deal -- that. -- what you're gonna be you're going to be able to rebuild their whole area and bring it back up and we didn't let -- go down for the last 575. Years. Moving out of the suburbs it's time to -- -- buffalo and and I think that's one way to -- that there this is 275 acre. Sure there's got to be a negotiation what these -- city and your railroad but then why wouldn't say the Republican who actually it's the railroad -- this point 5% of the -- it's over their shipment bunch of steel railroad tracks. Well Rick you've given us things about -- about and thanks for your contribution appreciate it. A security I'm telling -- security and it would be an issue you'd have to you'd have to make people feel comfortable. Of going through an area -- has a higher crime right you'd have to do it as a sense of pretending. That it doesn't of course it does. And the union have to do that now I like his spot. Of killing two -- as -- once owned by raising the houses that are supposed to be raised anyway but that city does not enough money to do it. Get rid of those that would help the city -- make the city more vibrant well that empty housing stock. If there was enough concentration. Where you could look down from the sky and -- now okay there is enough fear. What is the vocational like Kenny get to -- can get away from a cable mobile and the local roads -- handle traffic you need more roads. I mean those are engineers questions that I can answer. But if you call it if you waive it wave a magic Juan. The only question I would have even if it fit the footprint would be security. And I don't think you get away from that easily. Under is -- -- -- will be back we wanna hear from you are we fooling ourselves with the bill's staying in buffalo on -- said. The concept of a new stadium if that is absolutely required for the bills is basically flawed and I agree with him. If there was seat licenses would you buy would you pony up maybe thousands of dollars in order to pony up. More money in order to buy the tickets I would not will be back after this it's. Very important asset to Western New York. I'm gonna do anything within reason to see that it's always. Or -- when I read Don husband's column. He's a good writer and he's a Smart guy. A lot of times I disagree with his philosophy or his politics but. Basically I think he's right on -- this I wish -- weren't to be honest with you but I think he has. Let me give you some quotes -- from this article in the Buffalo News section the June 1 coaches the Sunday edition. The question isn't whether I'm start the question isn't where to build a stadium for the Buffalo Bills it's why. The main reason communities built stadiums is the pump up the owners profit. It means more luxury suites more club seats more local advertisers. More sponsorships and other dollar siphoned directly into the owner's wallet. All of inflated new stadium prices. The bill's current stadium doesn't suffer from lack of luxury boxes club seats or other profit -- extras. The problem and this is why a new stadium doesn't make sense. Is the scarcity of deep pocketed corporations and rich folks around here to buy more of them it's not a problem of supply it's a problem. Demand the reasons they is that the region does not have the corporate or private wealth to fill many more luxury seats. To scrounge up more advertising dollars to unearth additional sponsors. We don't have a single home base fortune 500 company we keep bleeding population. The economy lost another 30000 people in the last decade there's a shortage here of companies with fat wallets. And a new stadium are they prepared to pay more for additional luxury suites. Current going rate about a 145000. Dollars the -- -- that sort of Sweden's minorities. In other profit padding extra is I don't wanna deflate anybody's football. But the basic new stadium premise is flawed and I and it's it goes on but that's the basis of a basis of his column and I agree. 01 thing you have to recognize. Is the whole concept besides the concept of. The stadium and if you get to this you'll you'll understand the whole concept. Of the twelfth man. Is flawed. You're thinking the twelfth man means hey we've got a full stadium. -- be a good team is behind. The clock is running down the twelfth man is there to fight the other -- or gonna pull up that victory. If you believe that. I got swampland decided the twelve man as the dollar line. That's the twelfth man okay National Football League is a business and it's a very profitable business. And they don't make moves that aren't profitable -- understand that. And take it it's a take this under consideration there's a reason. That Ralph -- 125000. Dollars for the franchise and is going to be sold for probably close to a billion dollars there's a reason for that plus the revenue that was generated every year since then you have to recognize that. -- the National Football League is yeah that's about football sensibly. That's that what's on the marquee but it's about money. It is absolutely about money. And the other owners as nice as they may be in there in their verbiage about Ralph and the beginnings of the AFL and all that sort of stuff. They care about money through. And so the more money that is separated among the owners the happier they are. If -- remember of that a visiting team coming in through it's a play gets a cut of that action you have to remember that all right. And so be a -- TV revenue is shared evenly. But the other stuff is -- the better you do of the better all the owners that and so. A what I'm saying is I think that's better -- right on it is focused properly and it doesn't make much sense. The only thing that would derail his. His perception here. Is if the NFL says you know a lot. The Ralph Wilson Stadium some pretty good shape let's let's talk about some upgrades here and there. And the new owner can settle in there and it's more affordable television to the client base -- have a chance but if they're demanding a Taj Mahal. And that they're demanding some taxpayer money on that especially a seat licenses and things like that. I think his dog I really do we'll be back -- more -- -- company under Israeli and I'm thirty WB yeah. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. -- now at 8030930. Cell calls are free and start at 930 or toll free line is 1806169236. Tens of the bidding process you know everybody has -- eight. Degree of reasonableness. You know it costs way more then I'm willing to -- I don't feel better if I don't get it. -- they move on. Thank you that's umbrella solid thanks to WA JM OM radio for the audio there we've also been using channel two audio if I'm not mistaken. -- we have the various spokespeople and it's it's great to -- here people are committed to. Trying to keep the team here and we hope it stays we hope everything works out real the financing in place. But the bottom line is I think Donna dozens column is right on it may even if everything fell into place. It may not happen simply because it's not a good business deal. And they keep remind that's what the NFL's all about. In residence column on June 1 he says don't get me wrong it's a good idea for the community to get ahead of us. A stadium commission including polling cards is people is weighing new stadium sites. As well as other current stadium upgrades the bills play -- is football only. With great sidelines good bones it's structural shelf life extends for another 35 years. A full bore face -- would bump up revenue for the next owner without pricing anybody out of the ballpark that's precisely what Kansas City did. Will the recent 375. Million dollar upgrade of arrowhead a facility about the same ages hours so that's a that's a good point. Keep in mind there they haven't even finished yet. The 10130. Million dollar. On the face of the we're getting now and to think that in six years when that 400 million dollar anti relocation. Kicks then. Now this is what I would call the closing argument if Desmond or -- lawyer. And he was making -- closing argument this is what it would be quote. He's talking about his them you know concerns about things during the call is this. Nor in my -- or how far Roger Goodell will carry the ball. As a Jamestown native. Many see the NFL commissioner as having Buffalo's back maybe he does. But Goodell didn't make 35. Million dollars no that's not a misprint last year by telling owners what to do. He made it by advancing their interest in terms of shared owner profit it makes more sense for the league to have a team. In a match replies in a metropolitan area like Los Angeles or Toronto than -- buffalo. Not to get conspiratorial. But I can't dismiss the possibility that Goodell is talking new stadium. To set a higher bar than buffalo can reach and give the league a face saving -- Moon man that hurt. Either way I don't see how a new stadium makes much difference in whether the bills there ago. Without the corporate and private dollars to fill the place it's just that shiny new shell. And man I mean that's a that's a knife to the heart. But I think it's very well thought out. And very realistic. We tend to live in in fairyland when it comes to professional sports names we have to realize that. He while Tom goes oh yeah he saved the sabres is no question about that -- bankruptcy if you recall. But when he sold to -- made a nice profit it was a business decision and it turned out very nicely for Golisano. Who buys this will buy it because it's a business decision that I gonna buy it because they have this soft spot in their hard for the bill's point of buffalo. It's the bills can be successful playing at buffalo and can generate enough money to warrant the expenditure that's what they like. And as -- there's an Iraq that that's what it's a business -- to realize that people don't think like that because you know what we've been. We've kind of lulled into thinking that we're part of a team. Yeah he is the part of a team we are. Where the financial arm just so you'll know where the ones that buy the tickets -- by the water we by the parking space we by the hot dogs we by the jerseys. We buy everything -- logo on it and that's the part of a team we are okay and they put our name up on the law and we aren't the twelve man okay. But don't fool yourself. The person that buys this team will be buying it as an investment as well as surely. And not as they favored to the rest of the community okay Chris you have if FaceBook posting of -- that please. This is from Randall is as it makes sense for the team to stay here I think the only reason we might have trouble selling tickets is because we haven't met in the playoffs and overtime here. Well I mean that's that's right true of course or keep in mind and in December. Vegas analysts way of those sometimes to -- and there'd been some years three home games which doesn't make much sense. And you know obviously if we're winning it's better and people are more enthusiastic. But we've always been pretty -- there are times I mean I remember doing your game against the giants were 21000 people at the Ralph I'll never forget it ever. Because it looks like it's empty which one in 1000 people. Keep in mind the personal seat licenses. Is something that -- Garza's talking about say -- mark Poland cars. As being the most realistic. Of the politicians. You're you're gay you're going to see more of it now. With Cuomo because he's hedging his bet more. Started widow -- we're gonna do everything possible builds a symbol of then when the commission visiting new state of his -- stadium fabulous great idea you know we're gonna do everything. We can quote unquote to -- it and then next thing I heard private finance new stadium. Private financing sounds really. But it sounds good to -- so Andy but the point is. It wasn't quite the full support yacht and now today it's even -- heard some -- this morning. About he's hedging his bet hedging its bet hedging his bet. All the law and you could see that mark Poland cars was a difficult position. He's in a position that other Connie executives have been in before. They had signed sucked at least deals because they didn't wanna lose the team while they were in office and simply OK they are based at least deals that you when I wouldn't sign. And they committed the taxpayers to upkeep on this thing. All the revenue goes about it a team outside activities at the state -- we still technically -- but they get all the benefits from. -- Friends With Benefits. Paul and cars now is looking at that same thing that the previous. You're economy executives have looked at and it's always been my impression. Watching him that he's got his heels dug in a little bit because he knows. He knows that. In order to while two satisfy. The a -- hunger for keeping the bills here they might have to make a real -- deal and as he's already said. He has account either run besides the team. The other member of -- he's got to put the economy and a good position besides putting the bills and a good position. I don't think he's is it in a tougher position as course he was in all those before him the reason is the pressure's on wall. Not import cars because Cuomo if he wants to be president he can't afford New York State to have no NFL teams which just. Remember this I'm glad you brought that up remember this. For all the talk and all the power I want you to think of the Jews we have. Compared of the Jews New York City hats aren't you see the scale we -- they got a lot of Jews and we would all that Jones. The giants left. At the the the jets both laughed -- both laughed as they both left they left New York City the biggest market. The most people in the National Football League the giants and and the jets both left they couldn't keep them from going. So if the giants leave new York and the jets leave New York why do you think the bills wouldn't be able we've. Doesn't make any sense boy you talk about media the media is new York and they couldn't keep them from moving. We come back at me I hate to be a bearer of you know might. A mighty foreboding thoughts bloods if you're realistic about it as -- got it -- will be back after this I think it's. Very important asset to Western New York. I'm gonna do anything within reason as soon as it's always. Let's go to my friend gone in -- Pennsylvania Don there on WB again. -- Andean Tony how we doing today. Good now -- your board they're done not you know you have some information on personal seat licenses. Yeah what I can do for. Comparison purposes is in Philadelphia. Of course in Philadelphia they have a big advantage over possible because of the population within -- X amount of miles of -- stadium. And -- corporate structure there I'm sure it's strong. I'm sure it is I don't know how strong it is in buffalo but just -- them just because of the number resumption -- Stronger. Okay and -- -- they have a personal low seat license field on there. Yes they do of the current. Field in Philadelphia was built in 2003. And initiated the SP yelled Rick column that. -- -- those licenses these as far as I know all the money here actually went toward the construction of the the field. Yeah I think that's what they're talking about here as well. Do you happen and off its government had what kind of -- fees they charge to to allow you to buy a ticket. Right now and it that they -- they're restricted here. To only selling 29000. Of them either of the approximately 70000 seats that are in this stadium here. And they charge. -- Anywhere from 4200. That 2500 dollars Percy. While so if you want -- hardly anybody by one seeds are feeling about 5000 dollars for husband or wife or father and son -- mother and daughter whatever. That's just to buy the the ability to buy a ticket. Denver doesn't count the ticket actual costs. Right now the other. The other 60%. Of the tickets. They do not charge any -- licensing fees if you just pay the cost that the tech. So it's -- probably for the cream of the crop seeds the ones -- the best sight lines. A weather covered or not so -- bay if you pay that you get to buy the better seats. And I have you ever rub purchase say a license to buy tickets. And be honest with you know I would never do that apparently he's he said that survey yet they get that like 85 is so but not do that either. And maybe they're gonna use that kind of that uphold. To whom. Have the team leave the buffalo. Yeah -- you know Don Asman says. That he's not saying this is happening but he says may be Roger Goodell was setting the bar so high that. We can't reach it and that gives a face saving out for the NFL so it it wouldn't look like. Right after the passing a one of the founders of the AFL one of the major players. As far as video owners are concerned passes away they yank the team out of money that would make them look too greedy he's been a lot of they don't want that kind of an -- so maybe they just set the standard so high you can't you can't afford it manually if. All yet they're always looking for a built in excuse so that they don't look like to guilty people. But of course in Philadelphia on your team a team we were for it costs more there because you have to be able how's the prisoners should take during the games. -- Now that was true. Prior to them building that is they are your average. And now they don't do -- anymore. However the judge that. That was involved with that he got himself a very prominent position it looked at the -- -- -- politics. Did you actually go back and forth that it gains on his motorcycle. All that. And it's funny BI because that was famous when Philadelphia had to build a jail inside their stadium early route -- well. That's true but fortunately when the new stadium was built it actually. Got better down there I mean it's not good but it got better. -- and Tony is a question of where none. Done how do you feel about California chrome tomorrow. I would like feel about -- I feel that he is definitely the best horse going and but they're having to -- three big races in five weeks it. Well it's proven by the track record that many of them tried the last 36 years ten or eleven of them and none of them have been successful. Now saying I do like them. Now see if you and I or at the track I know what you would do you would follow the trainer of California chrome -- -- window to see if it -- his -- -- Like we used to do. When I get around well. You don't -- it and it it. Well idea I do commercials and home medical equipment maybe targets your scooter hey -- going out. -- -- that level yet but I don't wonder how far away I am from -- -- -- thanks in advance of the -- appreciate it you guys have a good day. -- we went to school together and we've we grew up together don't we both worked their way home park together and went it would rain we will go to a track. Even Narragansett. Or suffered downs are any of a local tracks. And what he would do so because some horses are in a race to a tune them up for another race they're not quite AMP condition yet. You wanna know which horses those are okay and in -- you'd never know we welcome -- race abounds on the trip -- but what he -- though is he would follow the trainer. Of a horse he was interest it and and see after they settle a -- and they're out on the track are doing their warm ups to see and they always -- at the very last minute. To see if the trainer put any of his own money on that horse if he did that meant that he expected the horse to have a chance to win if he didn't that's another story so that's what he is that -- and so as for Glover. Now the horse -- -- have of the fact that this track is going to be longer for California Saunders Trisha is will lead. At one point no then he's gone farther and would that affect him at all. While California -- -- some horses only run in front. And if you have a front -- have been not comfortable running in the pack somewhere. If you are front runner they almost never when the belt law because it's -- longer to lead the whole race. And that's 01 a video points of this jockey knows how to ride a before our disk jockey -- him and now he's 60 -- this jockey. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Depends on -- and bumped. You can get forced into in the rallies -- -- -- post position he says he likes that some horses like the run on the inside. I don't know what the weather's going to debate or or -- what his breeding is regarding a being moderate if there is water I'm sure there will be. -- but good luck to him I'd like to see a Triple Crown and Avi movie show is next cinema Bob who gave up his career as a jockey. Once he discovered Olson's. -- will be back with a movie show under his right and I'm thirty W via.

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