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6-6 Beach and Company Hour 1

Jun 6, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well hello -- -- governor I'm sandy -- big nose Monica Seles the former professional tennis player is engaged to Tom Golisano. I'm thinking when they get married their honeymoon is going to be off that passable level because you remember about Monica Seles she was the original grunt her. So can you imagine -- being in the next room. And. She was very good at a game call log I mean really seriously she was the original grunts and how they all do it Sharapova Sharapova has a high decibel level now. But they all do it now they all run but she was the first one. When she would return a serve or volley she would -- the answer -- going -- ago. Which is an ideal woman that date on just telling index to a female trumpet player I can't think of a better of Saturday. It is that the agent company I'm sandy beach and and the reason I'm happy -- that is donut day. Does not today -- we talk about -- We have to talk about the Salvation Army or talk about salvation W we talked to the lovely Andrea hello and good morning -- now doughnuts and the Salvation Army have a long history and today is on Wednesday tell us oh of the beginning the origin of that history. It's such a great story during world are one the Salvation Army officers will be called and don't last season and it -- one like I don't know -- And they actually created the first don't -- wow. They used basic ingredient flour sugar butter me and fried the doughnut actually in this soldiers how. -- -- that thing as I mean it's one thing to make doughnuts appear at -- is donuts is another when they're shooting at you and you brought the directions here this is the original doughnut recipe now I'm not gonna go into the ingredients but. Here's how hard they are dramatically that did you guys no donuts are dramatic vision of annoyed enough OK listen to this if you could do this -- -- apparent. A first albeit the eggs and sugar until light. I'm glossed right there until like what what does that mean. What does that mean. -- -- -- -- Aided by Friday OK so beat eggs and sugar until light at -- -- record that add dry ingredients -- to do that mix until smooth and shell. Mix until smooth Balkan mix until smooth and enjoy it -- -- French role now here how do you do this role for a quarter -- -- On lightly flowered service how do you measure. -- three quarters of revenge on this and. I know my little color to have a -- you. Eat every Tenet when I can't. So tell me -- -- -- of image what happens if you make it eventually would be to -- cock -- I don't know me and my -- belong then the next one and not everybody can do this. Cut would that doughnut cutter doesn't -- cutter. X are bonus but that was salvation army's first dog okay let stand fifteen minutes and I'll sit down. Ryan in hot fat. At 375. Degrees until brown turning once. That's -- And then drain and then you have a -- so congratulations the first known recipe. And have you been associated with -- -- -- ever since and that is donut day yeah that's your don't know -- I am. I was donut day affect the Salvation Army. On it -- to bring a little bit of the history into it and in 1938 and the Chicago Salvation Army they actually started the first don't day. At the fund raiser so they made the -- full band and then use the money to you know feed the last fortune. That's great big celebration army has always been associated with our armed forces always been there to support them whatever. And this is first -- -- everybody loves known and if if it's associated with the Salvation Army you have permission to enjoy you know -- -- the -- went -- Now at Salvation Army headquarters. Aware you will be sometime today I'm sure is that like -- would -- yeah. We've spent the morning at art and he eating doughnuts out to everybody that locked and talk to -- morning walking in the -- being thrown don't there's something about it -- that is it's the ultimate comfort food is. What else is going on Salvation Army anything we should note the moment from this senior members that's -- have a little party in some camaraderie and -- we -- -- -- -- there are also gonna have -- thanks to dunk and they provided a lot for our on our staff and for. All of our clients in the as we help. Of various companies are -- -- -- what did you get much out of you said yes and -- it's right there and pol I brought you apology today. You're now here's how ready I am for interviews I am well prepared for everything okay that's the thing that preparation is the key to success. I brought in my own plastic bag. Well. That's because I know when those news -- know that there is donuts in the control room they'll be gone before -- so now I have mine ensconced and they're -- ago. That's the only reason I mention it on there else you know upon the troops are gonna come up and down. Abolish don't agree it's a good Duncan and all gas and two men helped us this morning handing out the don't our guys are you -- you have some big players that associated with lead. And partners up with us on a national level which is really exciting and a good stuff they did little. Biggio Phil and of course we had our own little donut day yesterday so I got to take 1015 minute break and have a copy and don't know what Albers probably recon. It's. Set up. Now do you need any more volunteers are you looking for what -- -- looking forward to enhance the work that the Salvation Army I. Always looking for volunteers a lot of that motivation is higher bell ringing. We're looking in this community to go a 100% volunteer and now would involve 5000 people -- bell ringing for a two hour timeframe during our our six weeks even. So a lot and on every year we get a few more I think our community isn't aware that that's a volunteer opportunity. So on I know it's still summer we're enjoying the -- about Christmas is that you know something -- and all year round. Sell you know just to keep in the back of your mind and and know that means people desperately during that time. And also I don't know if anybody wants -- -- -- -- -- yet to directly sell the Sharon and email address and everything is right on our web page it's just awful Salvation -- out pork okay and out of first -- I'd like to remind people but you can freeze -- You can buy doughnuts today. And eat them plunged on January 1 if you want to and they are still just as good gas -- donating fifty cents for every doesn't purchased today all of allies feel -- doesn't and they went and that's very nice do not for your own taste buds not for your own pleasure do it for the Salvation Army. And of itself a lot of value you have your outfit on. I expect you to going to bode well he bugle boy of company would be. I don't know I'm like I don't opening once a day I got it. -- Well thanks again you're always a pleasure to talk to and your organization Salvation Army rave reviews all the time year round so today's doughnut day blocking. Enjoy some dollars and the Salvation Army will benefit thanks -- -- -- -- Just give up pastry and take up sex. The DEA. Now I read that very smoothly because I'm a professional broadcaster but it was difficult for me to -- and I'll tell you lie. Was suffering from -- -- I think we should every radio on for that what do you think. Has -- hotel owners it looks like. Some some of the letters are perfectly formed as the economy can't see. So your brain has the feel and and guess what the next word might be like a puzzle and and how -- the only ones that have. Boat's owner problems I think that we should have a radio fund so that we can end. -- tone and -- what do you think that says everybody has to owner nobody has like I toner. Nobody has enough to owner and everybody has loads -- And so I guess you go to order your toner. They've put new toner and mania -- order more toner. While that toner is still owner you know what I mean you don't Whaley gets well known and this is what I -- agreed. But luckily I got through it because of great job thank you very much are sent out an email -- -- a Twitter report which gradually thank you very much congratulate me. And a model everybody else congratulate you for gradually he will do it that are. Not. Hey I got some scuttle -- or not use any names. But one of our former. Cost trainers that we really like he was really nice okay is dating. A very hot what I -- I'm -- it is very hot. Female anchor from local television whoa did you know that. I found out a few minutes ago guys that hot -- now we liked him a lot when I say who he is what we used to call him young so insult right okay. And as so he's apparently older now and and is dating grown ups so he still looked. Yeah he's telegenic as a baby. But she's hot she's really I should have a good job too and these guys being high. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- was. In France I'm trying to think where it was it was a better Germany im not sure. It was oversee yeah -- now if you watch tennis now. When they're changing in this sitting on the chairs and and a refreshing is always somebody would -- back to the player facing the crowd. Big news to do that Mets like somebody came out of the province that mean and -- she was never quite the same after that. She played at a very high level when she was still good but she kind of lack that edge that as most of us would going through traumatic thing like that. After that and so they changed have they changed the security systems after Monica Seles. I let's see what's going on the cameras police blotter any time. Anytime we think we're safe we have to recognize that in the Amherst believe they -- the -- police blotter these other things that the average cops have to go and check out. And they are -- -- police departments very good has a great reputation. And you know why they're good because they take care of these kinds of ratios are right. On May 26 a resident of Hartford road apartment reported that an elderly neighbor was yelling obscenities and a hallway. And was disrupting people in the apartment building police responded to the woman's apartment -- discover. There was no one in there except her so she was obviously yelling at yourself. Or -- All about Matt have only got mad at reprimanded ourselves note home shouldn't matter I shouldn't have done that short while it's issue with. On the same day now you think that call wasn't hard enough this happen on the same day. On that same day on Edgar wrote a resident report that a neighbor was disrupting people who are attempting to sleep he was playing the drums at 10 PM. So hey loud drumming and loud shouting. On the same day. They probably had to bring -- -- the -- for that a Meyer road residence on the next day. Reported that she felt an illegal listening and recording device have been placed in her home. And she told officers she believed the house was bugged. Because every time she talks about some thing people find out about it. That's called a talk show host -- -- -- -- that's it happens that way. I haven't and I'm talking about a subject the next thing you know people -- -- about it you know I can't we keep this quiet and everything. Who are meant to spread the word around when you're a talk show -- and you talk about things people find out. I I'm glad they're exactly -- please check that out now never stop. It's a year. What do you say to her business and our first call like this I mean there -- you agree appointment. -- a third one day and that's at that a that. Oh no those -- some of the desk. -- crime. There is being it's taking place but luckily it's under -- under control and -- because of the cameras -- cameras police department. Yet today is national donut day if you want to check out some more information about dollars in go to a Brenda oases. -- Brenda is by its. Now you have a burned on the radio -- from Sunday on Sunday from 10:30 to 11 am on fifteen point eight. So she'll be talking about dollars which also be talking with the -- bullets here and John -- from -- about their new garage pizza. Jared Thurber from -- -- winery will be on their true but the time is 1030 to eleven. And that's the name of that so if you're like food you're gonna love about -- going to loved that. Wonder how much kids. Were named Duncan donuts munchkin ends after The Wizard of Oz character featuring the kids would opt for the holes were adults would choose -- poultry. Yeah I don't -- I don't sure they're -- don't -- -- -- whatever column but they're good and you. You don't feel as guilty eating my goals seven generating more mentions and at at at at. You do have all gone in on -- The only problem would -- guilt. But on today you have a dispensation. There's you can have -- guilt for because it's helping to -- -- good you're like that you'll -- are right good what's your favorite kind of known. And it depends on board a manic of the European at stake it could be a you know Bavarian cream -- very critical -- it could be -- plane fried -- projects -- -- -- what you -- I'd like Tony but lately it's been that chocolate -- all of that that's good stuff it's my son's favorite is there really the only donuts that I -- not that I don't like them. I just don't eat them simply because I'm a very neat person and you cannot eat a powdered covered don't. Without getting something on you. It's impossible you can put you can put a -- on. It doesn't matter you're going to get that powder on new and so why I never buy them -- beaten them under desperation. But I I'd never 500 ever no no part of our thoughts are to be eaten when there's nothing else laughter exactly the last thing in your life. Well it's ultimately nothing else. The pantry there's -- -- and a powdered donut you open a -- -- -- -- that's. And you don't love to apple for -- yeah it's like apple for his big name ones -- now. And and they have that weighs on them to grow getting hungry just talking about the stuff. Anyway it -- donut day it's elevation army it's time for the -- as a newsreader and I'm thirty WB yeah. This is Michael Savage and you're listening to sandy beach listened to me tonight. -- you need defense. -- is worth listening to like a part of it last night again and it's very very I think it's very exciting right you also check out Michael Savage right here. On newsreader at 930 it is a Beijing company a sandy beach or something. A little different angle. Because that -- with the passing of Ralph Wilson the big question. Well before the passing Ralph Wilson was what happened to the team won Ralph's. -- passes and he has and the question is still being cast. In a lot of people's names are being dropped as to might be potential new owners. Where would video where would they build a new stadium because remember the commissioner. Right away he said that he thought that a new stadium. Would be are rarely good idea to keep. The team here he'd say this frankly that it was. It was absolutely necessary. But the impression was that if you really want to make sure it stays here. You better build a new stadium and if you don't. Now we can't count on many so it's kind of left up up in the air. So that all the names started coming in of people who -- of Florida who might like to do it and a lot of people step forward and said. -- -- Yeah I'd like to get involved -- -- -- do -- like keep the team here somewhat like the cupid in buffalo some might wanna move it to Niagara Falls. Eyes kind of light basically you'd beyond the a general discussion now that the team ago Canada almost not impossible but now that's not hot rumor. There was a piece written and Ronald paper. I'm saying they might put a super group together. And he they take solace silos bid is serious but they're not taking Donald Trump's. I'm Norma. Don't forgive but -- but his name isn't okay. And Jim Kelly's involved even though he's have has held a situation going on now he's still involves a there's there's a lot of commotion around the Buffalo Bills. Now I ran a column by dawn Asman. Which really makes sense every once in awhile. And as a Smart writer I don't always agree to have them vote philosophically or politically but he's he's a Smart guy and he's a good writer okay. -- -- -- point which is very legitimate. First of -- before I get to this point keep in mind that anybody. That makes a bit on this team or buys the team are not doing it for charity they're doing it as a business investment you have to remember that. It's a business investment and they're going to think of it as a business investment if it can be a business investment and keep the team here so. It's great. If it can be a business investment and not have to build -- -- Stadium Soviet. But it is a business investment and as you remember that. When they build -- a new stadium if they build a new stadium a they're going to want to make its state of the art and they wanted to do everything -- hand. To be competitive with -- other fairly new stadiums and maximize. Revenue that's the thing I remember the revenue stream has to be widened. They after generate more dollars. Now were saying and it seems like it's almost a daily. Feeling now with the governor heard this morning. You know Ralph Wilson first pass the governor says yes indoors our hero wasn't present but. We're gonna do whatever we can go to keep the team in buffalo and he mentioned a lot of stadium was a good idea whatever. And in -- course he's running for re elections. But we we ate that up right that went and then a few weeks ago he started. Edging his battle. And even. Uttered the words private financing before a couple of weeks ago. In a couple of weeks ago he said that's where are so excited may -- a new stadium and of course private financing to beat back. And I'd I'd hope they could get private financing -- any taxpayer dollars that can be spared I'm in favor of but it's it's going to be a tough putt to get all private finance it's always going to be some money and ball and now today from the state. So today I hear even further. Distancing. Regarding maybe we don't miss the humor at all. You know I mean it's maybe it's not absolutely necessary that the commissioner didn't make Saturday an absolute must have been ordered to keep its inner. So what we're saying is as people get away from. The body of the euphoria of continued. NFL football in buffalo in the auto vote Ralph passing the torch to the next owner would keep it here. For a long long time realities beginning -- set. And I think the reality. Is and Don husband's column. Husband's column before I get into quote some things says this. No matter home how much -- -- stadium you build it could be the best stadium in the NFL. It is designed to do one thing as I said to increase revenue to the owners. So so -- world today so if you can get past the financing say it's part private part taxpayer. And it is a fabulous stadium that's only one part. After that you've got to continue beyond the old did you see the new stadium OK one thing is for sure. Ticket prices go up and up and up and up and up. We know that one of the things that mark appalling cars talked about. Were personal seat licenses. We don't have them now some some teams do and it is of the absurd. Spot. That you should have to pay in some places thousands and thousands of dollars for the right. To spend more thousands and thousands of dollars. If you don't -- the thousands and thousands of dollars for personal seat license then you can't buy. A season ticket. -- concept of that is so ludicrous to me I want you think about any retailer. I mean one of Wal-Mart. And that's the retail organization that. One of Wal-Mart said hey we've got a really good deals on his garden hoses but. Before you -- have you got a bio license and ordered by the cardinals on the take their cardinals -- habit. Well I think it's the same thing with the National Football League. There are -- people who are willing to do it because they are corporations. And what they do is they use them for entertainment. Would you rather they have their vendors and their clients and whatever use visa seeds or boxes or whatever the licenses would apply for. As a business expense and their forget to deduct them. But for the average oh the thought of spending thousands of dollars because you want a seat and then having to buy the seat on top of the thousands of dollars. Today is ridiculous some people do what a lot of people want. I think it was a channeled through story a few weeks ago where they asked people to vote on it. And now would you -- would you pay X amount dollars for personal. Seat license for the Buffalo Bills and a new stadium. And if I would call and I'm going to be close but not exact it was something like 85 to 87%. Said no but they wouldn't okay. Now Don this man's point Justin. Tells this. He just nails it and I'm gonna tell you what we come back exactly what he said. And -- fortunately I wish she hadn't nailed it because it makes a lot of sense to me. It 309301918061692. -- six -- 930 when you're going the questions will be our. Are we fooling ourselves with the bill's staying in buffalo. And when you hear the. Argument that -- makes I think -- it's going to be on. Alarming will be back after this. So I'm asking the question are we fooling ourselves with the bill's staying in buffalo and here's one of the reasons I I pose this question. Don as humans call normalcy what is the day because actually have a column here it was publish a Sunday June 1 in the Buffalo News. The -- the headline says concept of a new stadium. For bills is basically flawed. And here's his thinking I'll paraphrase it first exploited and then we'll get into some some verbatim here. He says is basically flawed because of this no matter if we are forced to build a stadium. To keep the team here will have to get past the financing. Maybe we can get partial -- private financing partial government financing. But say we get over that that is so it is so we have the money market now we build a stadium. In a new owner is in charge in the new owner is not a charitable organization and neither are neither is the National Football League -- in business to make money. Last year I think or the year before. They they took in nine billion dollars to pass around to the owners aren't. So you got the new stadium here on a new owner he's going to want maximum revenue from that stadium. And here's the problem -- that. A lot of saw a lot of these stadiums like a Dallas certainly in Washington certainly. New York whatever look at the big cities have a big our corporate base. Where there headquartered -- wrote a big companies and they buys seats and they buy. Luxury boxes and in all kinds of amenities. To bush mood is their clients their vendors whatever and they can afford to do that because -- large corporations we don't have a single. 500 corporation here we don't okay that's not fair. Also we have a population it varies but it's around 950 -- it's under a 1950000. And as you get the new stadium the ticket prices would have to go up there's not much question about that. The vending prices would probably go up the parking prices would probably go up and if that's not enough. As mark -- cars was talking about the personal seat licenses which we have never had here before and some of them in Nam. In some. Seats could be very expensive Paula -- Maybe this community could afford 5000. Dollar personal seat licenses may be they won't. But these are the ways and mechanisms that help finance the new stadium. A much larger markets could cost as much as 80000. Dollars for personal seat license. OK I think they were talking about San Francisco when its argument that. So if you take the combination of the reverend -- needing to increase prices. Plus the possibility of -- exorbitant personal seat licenses you've rarely pared down the amount of people they could afford to go to the game. Let's let's use an analogy with cars are -- If you have a basic. A basic low cost car. Most of the population. Could afford not everybody but most people could afford it. Now you get up into the luxury cars the big ticket cars everybody wants one of those cars but fewer and fewer people can afford to have those cars so you still have the same market size but you don't have the ability to buy it even if you want it. And that's the problem. So what -- what. President is saying. You can build a grander stadium in the world but the concept is flawed we don't have the support of businesses here because they're not you are. And out of -- one of video wallets are not that thick here that I enough people could support even. A modest if they're talking about some markets having 80000 dollar. Personal seat license is like San Francisco guarantee San Francisco's -- most expensive because of the cost of being in San Francisco. But even 5000 dollars seat licenses. Would could you write that check. Could you could you break the piggy bank for 5000 dollars and for 5000 if it was that you don't even get a seat it is get the right to privacy. And a sequel cost you more then it usually costs you. So hole has that kind of wherewithal who has that kind of money so he's saying the concept is flawed. -- we are aware fully ourselves I think after reading his column. If we think that we can float enough money to get idea. Gem of a stadium. Raise prices on everything. Okay. And bring in personal seat licenses I don't think it can be done and he doesn't think it can be done either and so that's why I'm asking you do you think it can be done. A -- questions are. Are we fooling ourselves with the bill saying in buffalo first of all the first hurdle would be is -- an absolute requirement that the new stadium is built if it does. I don't think there's any need to go to plan B because there won't be a plan and he. It and also seat licenses would you buy at a at a what price what would you spend. And the higher prices for everything so the cost of the NFL experience would be astronomical. And the people who are ponying up the money even Golisano said only audio we had today within reason as -- still be within reason. And up a trump already did his disclaimer about within reason so we know that. Now I'm asking my two guys Tony and Chris to know more about sports that I do. Is is it doable with a scenario legislate now. Only if they think or feel that they -- drawn out of the young corporates from in Toronto and and our Rochester. That's the only way I see this being impossible. But you're right fit the average fan is not going to be able to pony up five grand let's say for PS doll is just doctor -- You mentioned Rochester on today's news we found out the Rochester is one of the poorest cities along with us. Toronto I can understand or anything and Ontario between here and Ronald I can understand I wouldn't count Rochester having all of the kick him what do you think Chris. I could be extremely difficult side -- sidebar with the has been. You look at some of the cities on Minnesota's -- example that just got a stadium Minnesota's not a huge market comparatively speaking with like in New York or LA or Chicago. They had a hell of a time in the new stadium and then other markets are very big like Jacksonville. Are being in talks to move every single year and our name gets put matters well. It's it's going to be a tough sell and the personal seat licenses is probably if they do that gonna push it over the top. In this town I can't see people doing I'd rather just pay more money for tickets and have to throw down money just from a right to buy much. By accident and I'll tell you one thing about Minnesota because I work five years in Wisconsin Minnesota has a good corporate base as does Wisconsin. And it depends. If they've -- drawn -- from Wisconsin where they have a lot of corporations whose name while familiar way we don't have that. We basically have a few we have some we can be proud of but we don't have that large footprint. Of corporate. Of financing that would be necessary for some of this stuff. -- I won't come back we wanna hear from you. I don't wanna you know I don't want this to be a downer but I think Don Asman has has it right when he says the concept of a new stadium. For the bills is basically flawed. Do you agree with that do you disagree would you buy a seat license in other words pony up thousands of dollars in order to buy a ticket. The thousands of dollars won't catch -- hot dog it just gets -- the right to buy a -- of a well man. And a higher price is all around do we have the support necessary. Two. To finance a project like that will be back after this.

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