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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Selling Made In America Products - Mark Andol; Pt IV

Selling Made In America Products - Mark Andol; Pt IV

Jun 6, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

In studio with us this morning is mark and dole he's the owner and founder of the made in America store in alma and a special event coming up tomorrow. That ties in with the the greatest generation mark. Yeah it's and it's an honor to -- that at the made in Mercosur we always honor veterans are the heroes -- but tomorrow we're bringing together two World War II veterans that haven't met one. -- you know was seven years ago on it in Normandy and a one was from air one was from land so they're gonna meet about 11 o'clock at her alma location. And it's on 900 maple road and Omaha we get a bus from Illinois cumin and we're gonna dogs and one that would it's neat to see these two. And -- together they haven't met yet so that'll be an honor. And World War II if you know veterans hats off because they're they're the backbone and they really -- great great generation and a thanks to all are veterans that served. Tell me more about these guys how did you find him. -- my Mike Dorsey one of my ladies found them through one meeting got a Jenna CO. When a national or India that India museum worthy whiskey. Seven took off. And then located another one also and a kinda tied it together and it's a little story we'd like to. Telemar you know when people if you wanna Kamal you get to meet him. Real neat good shape -- You know a lot of these gentlemen -- and and and ladies are and 89 years old so -- any chance yet to listen to their stories and ask them their stories because it's something that should never be a forgotten. -- and his say so many of younger people need to hear these stories are younger people. Is interested as the older generation in made in America. That's footsie with our store it's not just the older generation wants you educate the younger people and students and a explain them where our country was where we are and where we're going. They -- get involved I always said -- my daughter Jesse is eleven years old she's my boss but I do it for her for the next generation. It's something we have to get involved with we have the wake the people up but again consumers and people have power ball with your dollar. Made in America is the -- work I'll make sense we make it easy for it we have a web site also made in -- astronaut John. The two really dovetail while you do a lot of work with the veterans in the course advance that idea. -- making sure that every product is a 100% made in America talk about that the confluence there. Yet they they really. You know we stand for America were the fair recover America. Everybody we meet the veterans manufacturers. They got a real world from the same fabric fabric I say we gotta love your country. You know I'm always challenged almost businessmen are about money America Islamabad create jobs livelihoods. That's for more people got to put their mindset. Building and a keeping this great country employed and a you know first in the lead or were still the greatest country in the world and a we have a lot of great people that's the best thing about America is Americans -- US flags American made -- that's a great question you know fifty to 70% are made overseas which that's wanna might major things. I always we we have wholesale -- we support VFW post American legion post. But you know a lot of people realize a lot of our flags are made overseas and I never believe that a player that was made overseas should be draped over our soldier flown above it. So that's one thing I can get most people agree on. Is that American flag should be made here and that's something. You know that to me is just common sense. Mark we're allegedly join us for the hour we appreciate it thank you very much -- thank you for having me. I PetSmart candle owner and founder of the made in America store maple street in alma and 3 other locations eastern hills McKinley. And and Niagara falls new York and souvenir store.

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