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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Selling Made In America Products - Mark Andol; Pt III

Selling Made In America Products - Mark Andol; Pt III

Jun 6, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It does the springs up with the impact camp bringing the suck anyway this morning but. Do get credit to companies who are mostly made in in USA. Absolutely. Yeah the more you can do here even if you have foreign investment you know BMW building here it all helps -- -- create American jobs. You know were 100% that was my cats at core value we stuck with we realize everybody can't be 100%. What anything that's made here and part but for Federal Trade Commission says 50% -- -- supreme majors vehicle made in America. You go a step further we go further yeah we have letter's authenticity and that's where we get a lot of respect that each and every product very hard to do and we police if they change we've we've got to toss them out. I their policies that make it easier for people to. Make things overseas with the government changes in that regard. I do I I think they should grow and give us more incentives and more tax relief a lot of times right now Chinese are building factories on the East Coast and Bergen and their people and our our people -- make it here and be able to call made in America. Because people are demanding and again the consumer has that much power. How interested are people. In finding made in America products and you the past two or succumb to the story. Yeah we've had were just about the that are 300 boss which will -- before the end of this month which has been amazing we have buses as far as San Diego. Even from overseas offline and then come over to store. That's been a really impressive people love -- we've done the homework form they come through the doors and they love to see -- politics things and also what is still made in America. Marks with us until 8 o'clock this morning coming up at 750 we'll talk to him about special event being held at the store tomorrow to remember -- It's mark candle from the made in America sort.

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