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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Selling Made In America Products - Mark Andol; Pt II

Selling Made In America Products - Mark Andol; Pt II

Jun 6, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Each Friday this summer we're taking you behind the scenes of one of the areas manufacturers with -- made in west New York series. Today as you heard Susan mentioned Brian has Rouse is looking at Austin air products. Today we're taking -- a little step further though to having some interviews looking at the entire made in America issue. Is it practical for companies to make things here anymore doesn't make a difference. Let's talk about it market analysts here from the made in America store. Mark in their previous segment you'd mentioned how difficult it is to try and source things that are 100%. American. Talked to me about why you think it is the manufacturers go overseas is just a matter of paying workers. Well originally itself when the lower cost of labor which you know started via the motion going overseas. And then and you know one thing led to another but they never thought about the erosion of the manufacturing how it. It you know less jobs -- less a disposable income income for people -- byproducts I've talked to local companies that have plants over here and overseas. And they say that one supports the other that sometimes if you selling say in China you have to manufacture over there because. That he consortium materials over there than you can. Be closer -- -- and user does that argument make sense to you you know you're gonna have a global economy there. But I think we're so a lot of balance we should be 5050 support the country Livan you you can't just buy for the experience you got to think about a little bit what you buy -- we like to lead with quality estimated Mercosur and that's for America was always known that brand -- standard for quality you know as a labor rates go up overseas shipping cost go up in our energy. Becomes more available on our country it's gotten a little more appetizing the builder to. You know we're starting to hear more about US manufacturing again. Is manufacturing in this country making someone a comeback. I absolutely again in four years ago we start with its approach for a 6500 but it legacy in an ultimate plugs and takes a battery. So that's a shame nothing electronically but they are making a TV here it is coming I would submit the next product tier. -- I do think it's on a swing deathly the movements alive slow process. But to everybody's got to get behind it and people have that power to look complain and ask for made in America products -- used to this she said because you were in -- manufacturing industry general welding something you still operate. And you lost business to China talk in general about the health. Of manufacturing. What well be competitive problems -- the industry as a whole house. There's a lot of the handful products are problems but you've got to bring back yet again initiatives you -- get incentives to stay here. Better tax government a lot of times I -- -- -- -- and Pulte explicit get out of our way you know free us up to to do things and build plants here. And you gotta have that effort we got a dream again we gotta get that can do spirit back against or with their children and it's a culture changes we made. Because of your store have you inspired others. To change their ways to consider making something in the US and it wasn't made their before absolutely. We've had a lot of people like I just met in Vegas we did the national hardware retail show largest show in the country for 129000 buyers go there. They had a US AD today that shows. Or this year that shows a lot of the movement has three years ago there wouldn't even dared do that it was more global. But yeah we you know it's very very challenging we inspire people they change a few components to be in our story now from channel lock channel locks and of the record ever made -- again. Lot of people realize one white ball manufacturer left in our country. There's only one screwdriver made their country that sent a lot of people we try to make them aware how lot of balance we are. You talk about it as a movement how unique are you. -- were very unique in its said that the made in America -- became a destination and its own country I never thought that because no one else doing it exactly were the only 100% made in America server in our country let alone probably in a world nobody's ever done that for a country that gained just a local national international. A media attention. -- not made in this country that might surprise people. Thought I -- where the flip side what's made this country and it -- Well. You know I'm looking for a toaster every day you know -- still would make one toaster the United States of America and a I we said we -- the moon you know don't tell me we can't do it I mean there's no reason we shouldn't have a toaster. We're always looking for a flashlight. Simple everyday items that just that you can't find what a fish people since the beginning of my efforts I always that was was one of my top products might one fish people made 100% made in America I think some of the argument is that a -- made 100% here in America would. Cost more than the -- we now get. Talk about that -- what we have you know one thing about America the best thing is Americans and we get ingenuity we've got to automation. You know now they've yet to 3-D printing. You know coming up there's -- there's ways we can do we just have to wanna do it. And then you know with the volume there's no reason we can't design and produce.

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