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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Made In Buffalo - Brian Mazurowski At Austin Air

Made In Buffalo - Brian Mazurowski At Austin Air

Jun 6, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Made in Western New York our series continues today we're spotlighting Austin air and -- street in buffalo WB and for an answer asking toward the plant and is joining us this morning. Brian this is an example of made in the USA and made in buffalo which. Is pretty rare and in especially when it comes to manufacturing right that's. Right and in talking with that might -- from Austin there -- here throughout the rest of the morning. It's something that surprises even in the people who work with Austin UN truck drivers coming in and there. Sending in deliveries and taking stuff out and truck drivers who come in and take stuff from Moscow where Cisco now while that's essentially going to China. And their -- any -- were usually bring things for China into the US not the other way around. So it's not just unusual for people around here it's a year it's people who work. With manufacturers say shipping things across the world are a little surprised -- the back as well. What is the product describe what you saw America it's an -- year purified. And this company started in 1990. That's when I was born so I don't know too much about 1990 the exact year. But I would imagine and -- kind of backed me up here that air pure fire is home -- room air pure fires were not so BA. Back 25 years ago. What has happened over the past number of years and what you've seen in the Brookstone sharper image and I'm -- sky mall -- for the travelers out there. It's a lot of these -- pure fires. Being brought in. To the full brought into the consciousness of people in the US whether it's -- you have allergies. Some other sort of vote long. Illness where you need clean air easier appear fires too good job of cleaning the rooms so what their product is is they make two -- Two sizes of -- your fires a one for room and one that could do what kind of a small house and it takes here in. Runs it through this filter which so lasts about five years. And then pushes it down and clincher here in -- tiger is at home market like Susan -- could buy or is it big factories and warehouses and those kind of it's more for the home market I would mention one for a big factory would have to run through a complete ventilation. System this is more for. In your room you're putting in the corner you put it somewhere in the area it will clean the -- in your room and the bigger one. Will probably work well for most of your house if you live in a -- house you put it in a living room or something like that. And it'll worker house not quite big enough for factory though I must say in Washington factory. The personal pretty good. Not so it made in buffalo made in the USA. But it's not for sale on the main enemy in America star. Not for sale in the -- America's store. And I was wondering why because these things are sharp looking air pure fires made right here in buffalo we have the made America's story here in Western New York. But because the power -- Is not made in America and talking with Mike he says that it's impossible to find the power -- made in America. So he says an electronic Q buying is probably not going to be made -- America because finding power cords certainly in America's just nearly impossible. It's manufactured right here in buffalo all of the parts except for the power quarter from the US but because the power cord is not from America. It will not let it be sold in the made America's I considered a made in America products butts. That's a lot of people now how did they make you what did you see -- teams in the pictures that Dodi BN dot com would describe. What you saw a few pieces of steel their stamp today using these magnificent huge machines which you'll hear a little bit in the pieces. And they stamped these pieces of steel. Put them together. They make the air pure fire at the way they -- -- filter is a unique to Austin area that's how they say there are pure fire works better. And everywhere else. Put the year appear firing and put the package together put them box and truck. That's awesome you can take a photo tour at WB and that kind of -- Boston there thanks Brian thank you.

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