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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Selling Made In America Products - Mark Andol; Pt I

Selling Made In America Products - Mark Andol; Pt I

Jun 6, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's pick up on that topic to bring in mark and all he is the owner and operator of the made in America store. Mark thanks for joining us to this issue is a lot bigger than O'Brien's talking about tell me your experience real briefly you also before you ran the store. One ran a welding operation that lost jobs to China the SI don't. General in fabricating and back in 07. We are making a steel plate a post that once -- -- fencing and I lost that to China directly and it hit -- hard it was at my business over three million dollar account. Really so from there. You open -- the native Americans -- with that in a recession it led me to you know two years later to comeuppance let's support our country soldier American worker and open up a story that stands for just that our people I can understand why it's important Q why's -- important to America like you think it makes a difference in -- manufacturing as the backbone of every -- economy and it's real simple you -- you know produce. More than you -- your country and -- that's what that. Works when you opened. How many American made products to -- there when we open -- -- only at fifty products made in our country 100%. What am now 6500. And we support 400 American men defectors. And it's it's amazing how difficult has it been defined -- products because even Brian is mentioned okay yes this are pure fires me here and in Western New York. But accord comes from overseas how hard has it been to find something is truly 100%. Made here in the state yet let's agree question because our -- a core value is 100% made in America products and we say support the country eleven it's simple. But it's been very very difficult we carry letters of authenticity and each product a three page reports what is 100%. And people realize a product all the spider web effect and how many accompanies you help a long way to make one product.

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