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6-5 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 4

Jun 5, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And it's. It would. Happen. The -- -- -- That it can. Win this endless parade. Distractions. And political posturing and phony scandals. Washington's taken its eye off the ball. I'm merely saying this needs to stop wherever and whenever. I can take felt without legislation to expand opportunity for more American family that's what -- that he. -- -- -- It's Tom hourly. It's life. It's local -- I got up and Tom hourly and if taxes were unused radio. -- a power every birdie at 530 WB EM. What I say. When I say. When I saved the day. Question where do you believe. That subsequent generations. Are worthy of the sacrifices made by those men seventy years ago tomorrow. Because I do not. I believe for the most part America. Does not remember. For the most part America doesn't know. Much. About its history. For the most part Americans do not appreciate freedom. For the most part. We have relinquished. Our freedom. And liberty. And our sense of individual initiative. And frankly our ability to do is we wish to do behind closed doors as consenting adults. We have relinquished that. To an ever -- -- us government. Which would just assume control every aspect of your life even to the point now where. School lunches. Are closely watched by Washington. School lunches. It's absurd people. It's absurd. Do we even need to get into NY safe. The never ending attacks on the Second Amendment. The never ending an increasing incursions into the First Amendment in many respects. We have inherited gold. And we have turned it in two. Well the end result of the digestive process. That's what we've done we've got to willingly. We've done it pathetically we've done it ignorant. And we are leaving to our children a mountain of debt. We are leaving to her children a less free society than we inherited. And as long as the population. He's kept on a subsist observes -- and her -- As long as the population is kept on eighth subsistence. Level like your. With food. And circuses bread and circuses. Food and diversions. It's all good. We are a nation of sheep. And we are quietly acquiescing. It's one by one. Freedoms are squeezed. And then eventually. Eliminated. Please don't give me the crap about America being a free country because it it is -- riding your motorcycle down -- sport without -- -- see -- -- we -- Try eight driving down the through way without a seatbelt see how free Wheeler. Try putting ten round news in you were legal weapon and CO -- York. Try being a reporter. Looking into the shenanigans and worst of the Obama administration. And having the NSA. Into your computer and then tell me how free we are. Toll free we are. Win the IRFs. Is used as a political tool to persecute political enemies of this administration. To deny tax exempt status too conservative or Tea Party organizations based on political orientation. Tell me -- -- here. We inherited freedom. We turn to to -- And an everlasting shame. On the baby boomer generation. Not only for doing that but also by being the largest batch of hypocrites the country's Evernote. You know the baby boomer generation begat answering the greatest generation of World War II the baby get the generation of the flower children the hippies of the 1960s. At one of the most disgusting. Ironies. Of the hippie generation. Is that they preached. Love they preached freedom. They preached -- man -- thing none of anybody else's business. Those same people grew up to be Hillary Clinton. Those same people grew up to be. The individuals who want to control every damned aspect of your life from cradle to grave. The do hero thing -- out and I'm I'm down with that -- -- the wrong thing. What consenting adults do in the privacy of their own homes is they're all -- and business. It's an uninteresting that the generation which started out saying we need more freedom. Has grown up and come into power as the generation of Andrew Cuomo. And Hillary Clinton. It's really. Pathetic. Harry Reid to have to go further he was a little old to be flower child John Kerry. -- The disconnect. And the hypocrisy. Between the people who wanted freedom in the sixties. And what they became. A call them the new puritans. Is absolutely astonished. And you. Because you're so busy trying to make ends meet. Are paying attention. To the fact that your being -- and they're -- and draw. 030 lead thirty is the phone ever start -- 3180616. WB EM. I think we've let down the greatest generation. Of a late baby -- And I'm disgusted. I'm disgusted. With the baby boomer generation. And what it did humor and freedom. Unfortunately. The Generation X. guys and noble ideals. They don't know any better -- they grew up. Under restrictions and repressions we did not know. They did not enjoy the freedom. That we enjoyed when we were. -- to them this is the new normal. Status -- increasing control of the government in your life. And you put that in combination out technologically. With the ability. To get into your home. To get into your computer. And yes even to get into your TV. And there's look at yourself folks soon your TV's going to be watching you. Look it up yourself. Paranoid topped the look it up look at the cup hyper stealth technology. The technology available today to screw you out of your freedom. It's for. -- if you think the government won't use power to keep power. You don't know your history. And we have let the so so much. Just -- Get back to Matt in that let a lot of lives across the street from World War II veteran. Who actually crash the crash landed his bomber three times that what kind of conversations have you had with your neighbor about. Where this country is going compared to the country he thought he was giving his all to protect. Well it has wipo board at my house and he was born -- and now they've been together since childhood -- 93 I think he's going to be 94. -- caller missed that this is that if shaker and and that's got what I had. Because I'll -- but the other mob him like they don't Kamal told warm because they're so frail or at formidable at port of sit there and put up a -- vehicle -- by allow that anywhere near forty sand. And then you need to. The -- ponder or depend on Olympic gold in the head outside ways and and Byron outed her on the -- And I asked how they would back Specter is up well god Italian elect alana. Even netbook gets portrait of three year -- about our. Aside I would limbo carton they neighborhood. And it -- now at least back then Italian family outfit and a little about on our. We're just big. Played brilliantly but Miller wrote the woman the woman order talk back then. And I agree that the -- in that neighborhood rent apart or independently. And they had not than they were dirt or but the big thing they always got their pitchers take what their best over. But. You know and I -- got a third part of a war proved -- gave -- -- his notes from back then. That they lowered to thirty but he broke his leg -- critical audit when he heard -- now they're coming to get them that they optional. But he didn't talk much bodies -- talking more about it out what -- -- want that -- they crash landed and he had a there -- so long guys and they beat on the -- underbelly under -- you on the body and he doesn't talk much about it. Well it might my big -- -- respect in these guys that there wouldn't be able you're you're in I don't care it will work school. Korea Vietnam. -- -- there. These guys gave up there you they gave up the year eighteen -- 41. And -- a big big comeback but she's the greatest generation they did not come back the same they don't remember getting out Amare hanging out director's been. They seem guy's head it was integrated -- guys bodies get disintegrated. I would say it would seem an 84 I was in the military adding -- short -- actual street track. They got Hillary sure it would the -- three had the eighty -- -- -- a little -- traction. At dig out the reason they got on the volcanic ash they saw. But when it -- -- sure got out they -- other book group that volcanic -- -- and polite. And out came back at the same and they were still let it crap on the beach 1984 or shall. Sure sure any in the in the marianas there're still love old rusted tanks that like like you described it never made the short because they could not get the traction because of the nature of the soil. Well I -- all over the old I look at the island chain through the year I don't happen in the Marine -- There was Pacific theater and for those who don't don't Matt thank you very much for calling and and thanks for what you did. Bomb for those who don't know they're two different theaters principle there's -- world were tutors the European theater that's. And the Pacific -- And the European theater closed down before the Pacific theater ended with that Truman's wise use of the atomic bomb against Hiroshima and Nagasaki which saved. -- a lot of American lives but a lot of Japanese lives as well. Let's go to. Pat. Calling from points on -- -- WB and hello. -- Oh I'm Erica you know what I forgot I I've got to go to traffic -- we find out but not going on all let's let's see what traffic is doing hopefully it's a good drivers Alan Harris. And clear skies tonight 48 -- 59 WB and now -- after people start phone call us interrupt users pat on that WB and pat ago. -- vote among my grandfather over the world war -- I've -- six no debt waiver program. Fifteen -- talk too much about it. And I haven't -- that you get now before you after way. In bottles as flag that it flew. It -- forever. I feel like to know if he's still alive who -- Do you live it and the what's going on and as well right now this country. Why do you think that. -- Very freedom Gloria said. You want to -- He wanted to be -- you wanted to its children and he wanted myself to grow up. And nation that was a strong base and strong -- the the greatest country in the world you are irrelevant and that's why he fought. For what he -- for -- on. I just feel that -- You would be -- that. Went our freedoms we take it away what they are right now. And a lot of that can tell kids my age I think our -- deduct up to the entity. Get my is eager to go to college and they're giving up -- productive that it. -- -- -- -- And and the worst thing is they don't know any better because the America into which they were born as a help a lot less free than Merck then the America in -- which I was. Yeah there and they don't they did they would ever run through what you bring lots. -- -- by the media and they're brainwashed by a productive. Mainstream media. I honestly cannot even say land of the free anymore with us as straight -- like -- disingenuous when I say that because if you think we're free country -- tried getting on a flight. We're watching -- thought everything everything we do it -- -- now you're just being her. Out of these -- I'm being sarcastic by the way. I don't I told my friend my -- and repaired right in the pro. Well again a lot of people I have to say they'll bring about themselves. By revealing too much about themselves and FaceBook and Twitter. And if I didn't do this for a living I wouldn't even be on FaceBook or would I wouldn't be using it to say. I'm -- macaroni and shoes for dinner. It all right thank you glad you called. -- 803 -- -- thirty start at 93180616. WB yet they were free country drug candidate without a passport or an enhanced license. Try that some time say you kids believe it or not there was a time. If on a -- you wanna go to fort Erie and a Pepsi -- strip have Chinese food. There's a time you just get on the peace bridge go over a longer -- Canada. Along an upper tabled Chinese food. -- -- Now. It's like. Out of a different air the -- let -- and it's the same of course heading back into the United States. Folks didn't used to be that way and you know the tragedy of today's kids they don't know any better they didn't grow up little and that was -- And the next generation don't think that the government has always had control of school lunches. It was always their business. Folks this country's doomed to over stick a -- it. 645 news radio 930 WB I hate to be all sunshine and light but I got a call at legacy it. And we let our World War II veterans down -- days seven years ago tomorrow. We had freedom and you know we did with a exactly I'm WB yeah. Did. I don't know -- -- and my bad. Look at the and and and -- -- the studio again and back into our new headquarters. You have just heard from London. And old are -- do believe. I'll -- supreme headquarters of the allied expeditionary forces creating communique number lot. Everything to this point has been German reports. And communicate. Number one. Now goes under the command of general Eisenhower allied naval forces supported by strong air forces began landing allied armies. This morning on the northern coast of flat. It is now official. The landings have begun. And at this moment there is Colombia's military analyst major George peeling away. You get -- domestic crowd but a period of golf Adam and the and we have operational. Announcement of a landing allied armies on the northern coast of France. As there's nothing to add them until they say dad aware that they they don't communicate. But they expected that the allied naval forces. Well it. Cover the landing and what they engage in conveying our troops to the coast of France and that there would be strong at department. When there's any further details to give you. We'll bring it to you can't think and we'll try and analyze them oil as well as we can put an eleventh -- the information. That -- GAAP combined time. And that is -- CBS radio CBS. Backed seventy years ago tomorrow. Reporting meant. Before the Internet that we used to have. Well those kinds of machines. That were like little type writers. And they were always running out of paper and you always had to replace the ribbons out but just nonstop click click click click click click with -- all the news. Newsroom -- to be very noisy places and smoky places neither of -- major factor now. Although some -- -- Now on the let's get back to the calls on that WB at 8030 lead thirty start at 3180616. WB EM. This is. Rich in chief blogger rich. -- well count your general premise I agree with entirely but I think. That I have kind of a way to put a positive spin on it. That isn't really accurate. And if I might preface my remarks just by saying that you are great at what you do and -- know you love what you do but if you ever get fired you would make one top notch. Inspirational the strategic. Well thank you that's that's very kind actually. They're gonna be some changes coming up from in my life within the next little bit so that's very national thank you. We welcome. But enough about you like at some point you make -- I got to bounce off. Would you agree or you've seen the movie saving private right okay now. You didn't get was one of the greatest movies ever saw that the theater was silent after those first twenty minutes we're Childers. But at the very end of the movie if you were called a character who plays these data folder private Ryan asks -- why am I -- good man yes. And I believe that what the will be just try to get us to ask ourselves is where we -- the of this sacrifice that we just -- through what two hours. And more than two hours. We have and -- I think. Every he should be able to -- high school without -- -- so that you understand what freedom costs. And I think if we start asking ourselves. And I -- really paranoid that it worked that kind of sacrifice. That we might be pointed in the right direction. I think your point is football ticket. And I had viewed that as a larger question before I was focused in on the character -- the older version of the Matt Damon character from Saving Private Ryan for so many guys gave their lives -- trying to find him. Unlike what happened this week. Ryan was actually a fighter and a hero in the movie he did not defect to the Germans speak German and -- -- -- -- make bombs. If you think you know putting it putting our generation trying to cut a break here. What do you think that the generation prior to World War II felt when they looked at the people -- that fought the great war. And then all of a sudden World War II bursts of parliament are saying we failed that was the warts and all war. The country. Receive the country was fundamentally though we have the same values in 1940. As we had in the 1920s. Minus the rise of the gangster culture brought on by prohibition which really awakened a lot of AmeriCares to the dark underbelly of politics corruption graft crime and sleaze. We construe those words together well yes very well -- But I admit I fundamentally because we didn't have social media that that the quickening pace at which changed has accelerated. It is bewildering. I killed at -- and trends but one of the things that I I did not foresee. Where's the rapid rate at which Americans would willingly acquiesce to an all powerful government. Having the ability legally to be all powerful and all controlling of their lives. Absolutely and that's a frightening thing now is that your thing for seeing trends. Doesn't it seem to use that he either because if you wanna leave it got hit his hands on the country. Or because of the Specter of American exceptional with them that when we get ourselves in the position. Somehow. Somewhere. Either elect the leader rises up more Americans in general rise up and talks about. To deal with those challenges and maybe our generation. Kind of looks like -- next to the greatest generation could we haven't been confronted by the sort of challenges they work. Here's the difference. Back then write the Great Depression hit in 1929. And Americans were -- a lot more self sufficient and those who were not self sufficient relied on family friends and churches to support them. What is the difference now people think big daddy government is gonna support them and their right. I think about hurricane Katrina and the reaction to those residents. Prove that they're very. Very clear way. Now freedom and America is over. And it gets worse and worse every day and I honestly and I don't mean to sound disrespectful but I have to be true to myself. I cannot say land of the free without spark in sarcasm in my voice anymore. No I do not I do not. I do not because I think people. Again seek I don't know how old you are but remember this is the normal to people who soon will be 821 years old and thirty years old it's they're normal. The government -- having their noses its nose up their -- all the time that's their normal they don't know me better. You know that's another good reason for really good history teachers. Well let's see if our history teacher I can reach a twenty people every hour here I reach I don't know -- 60000 people fighting the -- people reach and that's just locally and nationally I don't well. I don't yeah I've got listeners all over the country. That check me out online on the Internet and later say. You know maybe even moonlighting. I got his son's grown so they are there are there Americans I think you would be proud. Well I I thought I would be a that it would be about the moonlight I didn't like doing something completely different elected via I'd like to work actually like to play king Richard the second but don't don't -- All right thank you -- but I'd like to be an actor I mean. I definitely a threat that. Korea Korea. Don't know about talk about those video Xeon line down at -- ago but. I'd like to do a Shakespearean play but doctors are 08030 lead thirty were talking about the to be greatest generation gave us the hippie generation claimed it was all about freedom love and power to the people guess what they turned out to be the most fraudulent bunch of long -- freaks ever because once they cut their -- And once they got in the establishment they didn't want freedom. They wanted total control of your life. Unbelievable I can relate more to what they hit -- seven was that I can to what became of the hippies. Because they simply became the biggest budget bash is the world's overseen since World War II. At least the western world. Let's get back to the calls I cannot see whoever is on line three cannot see the name -- the crap out of me. Tim well we always give priority to people in Tim here's Tim on WBM -- -- Just some there you're talking about since the big guys. I think we'll have started. When they -- affected ships I think every single one of them is that there. A life expectancy at one point two seconds -- there. And whether it was. Sold out of the country -- they knew what they -- do. -- behavior. Parents were fresh from this from another country to come -- -- here their grandparents. And how much slope that it Africa's archery. And I'd say. If there are maybe thirty years younger right now we're looking -- as far as every ball -- Considering you know -- well they're turning our editor -- right now for what they put their lives on the line and it shared the sea island it's unfortunate. Well again that's one of the reasons I'm doing the show today on this -- continue with this tomorrow because. When you compare. Not just the courage of those guys at first what we do we have courageous guys like the guys in World War II who're serving today I don't want anybody to misinterpret that. My what my best male friends David elevator is is one of those guys and he name much other guy's gonna. Myself I totally understand. To articulate and them guys whatsoever. To a different ballgame Baghdad at all. Right I mean do you think and here's here's my ideal America fought World War II -- Because we're fighting a Nazi government any fascist government in the case of Italy. And we were fighting governments that were oppressive to their citizens. That were involved in every aspect of their lives including telling children to report unpatriotic statements made by their parents and it's interesting that just a couple of weeks ago. Michelle Obama urged children to monitor their parents' comments for racial comments. And again folks I mean all I can tell is the writings on the wall. You can ignored if you want to or it can open your eyes. Yeah it's unfortunate comment I OBE -- that outstanding work and and I really appreciate you I appreciate it. Well just have my back just to if the Pope comes down have my -- develop trust I don't trust this. I don't trust this rogue government and I don't know what they've got up their sleeves. Well I'll do that that you know bail me out here. Just post -- Thank you -- appreciate the call all right and have a little bit of fun but I know I sincerely do not trust this government. At all. And I only see it getting worse. Because you have to understand Hillary Clinton is Barack Obama with Regina. If she's elected and I think she's going to be no Republicans when -- So Hillary or somebody like Hillary is going to be for the next eight years after that will -- first Latino president. For eight years that the first openly today president for eight years who by the -- openly gay but he would have to be supported by the gay lobby which it is. Basically a political movement of the left as opposed to my listeners are big distinction that the first illegal immigrant present. And by that time I will be. Feeding fish in the Lake Ontario but I just you know what's coming on the play these experts -- Seven years ago it was different. We thank you and out of London. We're. Defensively -- send them. Herbert M cards for the network didn't. Remember we're gonna take -- reports from the allied expeditionary base. I don't have to explain what would take golden when you hear this you know that allied forces have -- the gap between the in the United Kingdom on the coast -- -- will be and movie they're just say at Hewlett. As I write this we're in an unnamed source unknown name is. One of the -- of military security but the funny thing about security a week ago in London I was in the state of constant irritation with the security company. It was obviously during the course of the nothing new things we know. Did I love them. Now those old cluttering machines clatter -- machines in the background -- for CBS report from seventy years ago. Actually -- that we had about the radio station in Niagara Falls and believe it or not back in nineteen. EB. Two. -- are still ahead a teletype machine. It in the future noisy as hell I mean really you could not thick. Those of you watch the our coverage of the JFK assassination. The archive coverage you'll see the guys running back to the teletype machine rip the paper off that's I used the. So that's what that noise just issue one at the back in the old days we have diapers. What's a typewriter. Tricked by the rotary phone here's Vince in Niagara Falls on the WB and then seven years ago minus one day -- -- your thoughts. Yet I. Looking for a lifetime member called before. I work on day yet. World War II that the guys who fight these days that generation is the greatest. But I've ever met and that -- when -- tell you that. Your generation is that the good -- All baloney the baby boomer generation but your frauds. Phonies and status it's. Well. Back in 1983. Alabama board the USS ranger. But in my -- got killed. We have an explosion -- ownership then. And they were barbecued and we had the. It's I would prefer you not quite used that terminology but I'm generalize and look I'm I'm generalize seeing what I say debate when I talk about the baby boomers I'm talking about may have figured made a pretty obvious. Talking about the people who claim they were all about freedom and all about a year old doing it Joseph -- -- -- maybe just it'll help your. They were all about freedom all right. And what did they become -- -- became the same people wanna grow government and bring it into every area of your life so. For the most part obviously you guys accepted they are frauds and phonies. You know I'm sorry -- brought in ponies for me I'm all they wanna do is give a shout out sort of six guys who saved my life. And 5000 other guys around my ship that's all I wanna do. All right well I thank you I've certainly have done my share shows on. My respect for veterans so how my remarks earlier could be interpreted as anything like to slam is beyond me if that's what -- doing I. I give up I might as -- packing up and go home. Because that. The guys on your -- are running the country. The guys. Who were serving in Afghanistan and still are not running the country. The country is being run by state it's not lovers of freedom. All right I don't know how I can be any clearer or any more concise. The greatest generation. I think they're referred to David elevator few moments ago and some of his colleagues. Who served in Iraq. Yeah we still have the great ones they're still around but. Not like it was the whole societal attitude has changed. If I can steal via JFK line we have become the nation of that. Book in my country do for me what's in it for me. Calculate. How can he gets open for not that there's other people have money welcome regulars. That's -- would become. Hey what's in your kids' school lunch is it nutritious. That's it would become. You're flying to Denver was a passport. That's we've become. Security theater here his car into a one on WB yeah right. I -- you mentioned general Eisenhower's name couldn't help but think they're paying -- and grant search term and are very German name and. And our own city we have a lot of songs of immigrants. And armed. Bad. That had you all. -- hit a global expansion to call I would give a shout out to those guys you know on the other members of my family not German. But. They can't go and we've -- Also -- -- it immigrant. Population and our country I think. I got a German is as number one but say there's there's there's a larger there's a larger point here. And that is let -- not forgets. The dictator. The allies seventy years ago tomorrow invaded Europe to overthrow. Took over a country that at one point respected the freedom. And individual rights and wasn't throwing people into ovens and wasn't burning books all the talk was one charismatic figure. -- -- -- -- And these people were -- like sheep into a dictatorships unfamiliar. And it's horrible when you think about it and I remember reading. A lot of -- immigrants here. In the thirties they were after what the heck was going on over there. And com. No idea or answer the call and they spoke German at home they spoke Italian on. And and yet now they rallied and they get the right thing. Because they did Michael's going on over there. Well yeah I mean and of course there are also traders spies. And back then. We didn't trade five members of the Taliban what I'm glad you called sir thank you very much. Are we are revisit this tomorrow because I do believe that the baby boomer generation took an inheritance from the greatest generation the sacrifice so much. Seven years ago tomorrow. And we have just wondered. It's. Thanks to Joseph -- to -- German no relation to the general I don't think. It is by hourly with that two words -- which actually do as they do every day. Very important words especially if you love freedom and believe consenting adults they'll do what they wanna do and home. -- yourself.

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