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6-5 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

Jun 5, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And it's. Wolf the EU with great -- -- and India the hole looked. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't know you're not. And and and just system. That speech. Worthy of Abraham Lincoln. We're -- the most annoying side of the world. Tom hourly just when I think you could possibly be anything October. You don't do something like this then told. -- -- it's live it's local Applebee's neighborhood you know it's Tom hourly. Are your -- news radio 930 W. -- well it's not like FaceBook page images that are opposed that idiotic comments just leave because I'm just look at the venue anyway I mean seriously I like there's a lot easier when you delete and ban spectators seriously. Now. Usually musicians to which if I'm particularly offensive. As somebody who district of guitar once or twice in his life so we don't even bother really I just I will never understand. The mentality. Of people who come to my page. Policy. Here's one here here's a guy whose whose will no longer be part of my page I here's what I posted. I just wanna share the mentality of the sewer the social media that I talk about. Here's here's what I wrote. Thank you. -- to a Buffalo's most prominent black ministers reverend Darius Persian and reverend times reporter. They've been called voices of reason grace and intelligence in this ugly video's story. They are in my humble and living the philosophy of doctor Martin Luther King and I applaud. For seeing the opportunity to promote understanding. And not hatred fist bump and manly hug to you -- That's what I wrote. Out here's what this crisis. For you to spin this into a discussion about mental health. Just so you can use the top two days in a row this woman is vulgar and insulting not mentally -- -- I guess now you'll start making mental health jokes and say you're allowed to say that blah blah blah just like you do when you say anything insulting. Sir just leave go go away I don't watch don't need Jew my ratings are awesome. -- go live your life be happy. Probably I don't want to reproduce but golf. Golf. Why would any. In their right mind. Choose to be part of a show or FaceBook page. If they are so filled with hate for. Why it makes no sense. Here I -- Probably the most reason person on the radio in this entire thing. And by the way might I -- Everything I've said. Has also been so I didn't know this but has been said by eight times reporter and Darius -- So I guess. In terms of making various. A learning experience. And not just the chance for people to join the hate wagon. Everything I've said. Has been called. As rational. Has been an attempt to understand the applies. And for this person to even bother with one. Do you realize how many people there are I don't like. At the local newspaper. You realize how many people there are I just don't like in the media. You know what I do I do irrational. I don't watch them I don't listen to them I sure as hell don't waste my time on FaceBook. My time is very valuable to -- And why people choose. To take time out of their life. To send me a little hate Graham's nasty grams. Is a source of frankly amusement to. Because. It doesn't bother me inside. It's more of an indication of EU then it is an indication. Of may. Whether or not you want it would -- Huge bag. Not totally perfect whether or not you want it would that it mental health is America's biggest. Crisis. Work is -- health crisis. And if you think that I brought it up because I'm in such desperate need of topics. Servant doing this for over thirty years doughnut this topic but this profession. I've turned down huge money jobs elsewhere. Because -- wanted to be closed my family when turn those jobs out. Now. Furthermore sure there going to be some things happening in my career. That are going to be outstanding. I'm generally recognized as pretty damned good at what I do. And if you are not with me that's fine you know what I guess I'll live. I guess I'll just have to get over being in the shadow of you reduce paper. Because Paul that that's a thought I have every night before I go to sleep and to first thought they have in the morning. How was my life affecting Paul. So -- I say that's all the haters. I don't understand the mentality. You know what hurts me or whether it's or whether your conservative area and he can't stand Britney -- used every show over she doesn't work. Why would you bother with some. For whom you hold such contempt and hate it doesn't make sense. It is irrational. I I honestly. I throw my hands up if it's just it's that funny but what I have the chance I will. Be banning and deleting a lot of people does that give a crap what my FaceBook numbers I couldn't care less. If somebody's just there'd be a Duke's Greg. And you know goodbye. Because life is a lot better -- this goes for YouTube. There's a lesson to be larger. The -- it is negative people. Our psychological vampires. In your life on gas and you know psychological import people who drain you. People whose very presence. Just deep pride issue of energy and sucks the life right out of you are so much better off in life -- Just the leading and banning people from your life were like that. Blocking their phone calls. Blocking their emails. Because life. Is wage to -- To spend it. With people. Who just try to bring you down. Because maybe they're self esteem. Is. Because maybe they feel that date -- to help them and unfair hand. Frankly. I'm living in your head rent free. Because when I get off the year poll. I'm gonna go home. But I have a very nice -- Have a wonderful life. And use or will not be on my mind. And that goes for everybody on on the FaceBook page who's just there to be. You know keyboard tough -- Or just plain good ol' fashioned American -- but. Now. I am gonna change topics because I'm sick of talking about this video of one woman in Cheektowaga with a mental illness. Who goes off -- a man who simply started his car. Has gotten her five minutes -- and she's gotten her six hours of my time and I will probably never think about her again. I wish her well I hope that she gets the treatment and the help she needs. And I hope that for rational sane people. This serves as a reminder that the mental health crisis in America is real. And that. Well most of the sport the guy who called them before the news. Who summoned the courage as somebody with bipolar disorder to call. And explain to you guys why I was spot on. That's all you need to. And it's just. Social media. The reason. I don't spend a lot of time on Twitter very little -- as little as possible and I don't really care what the company says it. I don't bother with Twitter. A lot. I use it to just send stuff out sometimes. Because it is one of the biggest -- worse. It is one of the biggest conglomerate issues of negativity. And psychological vampires. And irrationality. That exists. Far and few between are opposed the comments. -- talk about other people's pages as well that make me think might. Goodness what a brilliant salient point -- my goodness this person on Twitter is a sage. Philosopher. Somehow I feel as -- I've come face to face with Aristotle. Over Twitter. Very very rarely ever have that feeling. When I look at the stuff that I've written on my FaceBook page I'm often dazzled by my -- it's. It is twenty minutes after five bad news radio 930 WB yet Republicans in the Miami myself. Let's find out about Alan Harris and a traffic Gallo was up. A -- -- in what about face for is somebody else I'm reading these comments about what you gotta be kidding and he. AccuWeather for today -- -- this is why I could write a book you know I don't Colmes actually did read a book is featuring the hate -- he got. Anyway AccuWeather clear tonight the overnight low 48. Mostly sunny and warmer tomorrow the high 73 Saturday brilliant sunshine and nice beautiful start to the weekend 78. And were holding a 59 degrees at WB -- -- here's what I posted because this is that we're gonna talk about now. We are approaching tomorrow's seventieth anniversary of the -- so here's what I posted. Now I wanna tell you why posted what I posted and wire phrased it to where praised. Anybody remember a guy named Jay Leno anybody. Yet he used to have his TV show at night and sometimes you go out on the street and he'd asked the people of America has some very basic questions and the ignorance level. Was astonishing. As far as people's fundamental lack of understanding of America its geography its politics its history. So I never. Assume that everybody knows about wouldn't speak. So here's a post about. FaceBook. Rapidly approaching the seventieth anniversary of I didn't write this but I was gonna ask you today. The rest of today what did you ask. People under the age of forty about -- And what it means and if they even know what it means you might be surprised maybe not. At how little people old. Rapidly approaching the seventieth anniversary of for those who attended American schools. That was the day of the first wave of massive landings of allied troops as shown in the movie Saving Private Ryan. To the survivors of that generation I'd like to apologize for my baby boomer generation's ignorance and lack of understanding your freedom. We inherited what you gave us and willingly voted on offense. Now. In the post I included the Saving Private Ryan reference because. That is right for -- something to which people can relate. It was so accurate and it was so vivid. And you can do your own research if you'd like to review or some dumb -- comment. Guys who actually took part in. During the opening sequence had to leave the movie because it was so accurate. And it brought back such horrible memories of what it was really light on the beach. Right that's why I made the reference bat plus the fact that you do your own research tonight. Just ask people forty and under what they know about. And you're going to be surprised that the number of Cowell IE issue and people talking -- 21 -- -- -- racers don't take my word for. So anyway this -- -- on my FaceBook page as shown in -- As shown in Saving Private Ryan and the good grief are we that dumb down -- what's next World War II where is depicted in Hogan's Heroes. First of all. And Saving Private Ryan. As I just mentioned was so accurate that the guys who were bare left the movie many of them could not make it. Hogan's Heroes was a farcical. Comedy with absolutely no historical. Accuracy whatsoever. In fact the more you think about. An American POW camp. Well actually -- was Nazi POW camp with the Americans and others if it being a television comedy it's amazing that show even made the team. So. I don't understand. The anger a year. I think people are angry. Are angry. At me -- comes with being in public people get angry. People either love your nature. And to deal with it you know like whatever. It was a good faith effort. Mentioning that movie. Because gay people are ignorant of American history. Sorry. Act -- Beat the movie itself. Was made to be accurate. See. That will be a wake up a lot of the younger generation to World War II I could name but I won't. One individual with whom I've worked for whom Saving Private Ryan changed the course of his life. He became a World War II historian. Based on that -- So I'm sorry if you find displeasure with my comment and commendation. The man who engaged in that invasion. But I guess it's 2014 so everybody's got to be angry about something. Her name is not a -- I have no way he had nothing happened -- has been made 111000. Enough and he'll come back any out of town and I'm not mentally even though he loved it and yeah. You -- and -- -- -- not have enough and they haven't seen on this man. That's when I'm back and is now coming up when you have family. We love you feel the -- and they. Actively 85. You can't dance unknowns -- maintenance and winning game seven. The years ago tomorrow. Do know. That I best tell you. A little bit about the day and it is best depicted in terms of movies you can watch the old newsreels. And narrated by Lowell Thomas and some of the -- voices. Of of that generation but. Saving Private Ryan by Steven Spielberg. As -- said earlier was designed. To be as accurate as possible effect if you have the director's cut. There are interviews with Spielberg where he talks about. Trying to find landing craft. That were like the landing craft actually used. Indeed it. Which was the massive land invasion. Of Hitler's Europe. To chase out Nazis and fascists from Europe. And bring. Freedom where at least freedom from the Nazis in the fascists back to Europe. The sacrifices. And the bravery of those men on those beaches. Our measurable. The courage under fire. The horrors they witnessed. The unrelenting. Fire from the Nazi pill boxes. And machine gun nests. You watch the movie. Or you read descriptions from the guys who were there. The carnage beggars belief. It was a massive. Outpouring. Of blunt. And. Seven years ago tomorrow. Is when -- to replace. General Eisenhower. -- Montgomery. Who he believed he was the year he was ago. But Montgomery. Well -- get back -- career. Because this is from the Christian Science Monitor. To an article I wanna share with you beat cars. I just. I think it's stuff you need to know an age you listen to me read this article which I'm not doing for my -- believe. I wanna ask yourself. What you'd ask yourself this question. Have we let these men down. Have week. Of the baby boomer generation. And afterwards. Let the ideals. Of these men down. I believe we have. I believe we have big time. I believe we have let these been down big time and at a pace and at a rate that is accelerating beyond even my expectations. And I generally. Overestimate -- race. From a Christian Science Monitor a monitor. Four US general Dwight Eisenhower for the thousands of American troops bound for the Normandy invasion. June 5 194470. Years ago today. Was a day of waiting for their lives to change forever. The landings on the coast of France should already have been underway. June 5 was general Eisenhower's original -- about the weather from England over the channel. To the target beaches was bad and deteriorating. The weather in this country is practically unpredictable. Some days are experts have been meeting almost -- And I haven't holding commander in chief meetings once or twice today to consider the reports the weather reports and tentative predictions. Reads a secret Eisenhower memo dated June 3 1944. At a crucial meeting. On the evening of June for seventy years ago last night Eisenhower's weather team told him. They believe the weather will improve just enough. So the invasion could proceed in the next few days Eisenhower. Decided to push back the day by one day and go ahead with the invasion on June 6 194470. Years ago tomorrow. That is how June 6 became US historical shorten it. For those who don't know. And in its time the date needed little explanation like September 11. June 6. Crucially. The -- domination of the air made it easier for the US to gather meteorological information the Germans were not as well informed they're experts predicted continued stores. Field Marshall have been Obama. Commander of the German army group depending along the coast -- the allies planned to land he went back to Germany for his wife's birthday. And he remembered after history class. Probably not because I'm really wondering how many people leave remember -- -- about the -- I he went back to Germany for his wife's birthday because. He. Didn't think the allies were coming back in England. -- junior officers began opening their sealed orders troop convoys began leaving the southern English ports. In the morning. Eisenhower watched troops embarking at Portsmouth. In the evening he visited the 101 US airborne division near Newbury. They were already prepared to leave for France. The photos from that visit our iconic. Many of the men have already blackened their faces and -- camouflaged helmets Eisenhower and contrast is immaculate. And seems intent upon communicating something of importance with the unit. On June 5. Seven years ago today Eisenhower also wrote. One of the most famous all delivered notes. A US history it's known today as the in case of failure message. Here's how it could have gone. Our landings in the share -- hot area have failed. To gain a satisfactory foothold and I've withdrawn the troops it began. My decision to attack at this time and place. Was based upon the best information available. The troops the air and the navy did all that bravery and devotion to duty could do if any blame or fault. Attaches to the attempt. It is mine alone. Yes ladies and gentlemen at one point we did have men in positions of power who did not blame the previous administration every time something went wrong. Eisenhower was -- to south where it counts of Georgian mansion just north of Portsmouth. The large wall maps used to play and the the ships and troops on the map reflect where units were located at the time the attack began. In the channel. The English -- body of water separates England from France Christian Science Monitor correspondent Richard Strauss. Was on the heavy cruiser USS Quincy. On June 5 the warship was making way toward France. At 7 PM. A message from task force headquarters is read over the -- -- public address system. It urges the man to put the navy ball over for a touchdown. The chaplain offers a premier. All over the ship men Peter their heads and -- at 10:30 PM. The votes went just -- all man it's man. Your battle stations. Stroud wrote we're remembering today in 1984. The bugle apple news. General quarters. Yet as being gone. And -- Invasion. Seven years ago tomorrow. Was. Not. The end of World War II. It was the beginning. Of the beginning of the end of World War II. There was no way World War II was going to be one with simply an air campaign. The German showed by the way in the battle of Britain the futility of that strategy. Beck Herman Goering. Who was in charge of the Luftwaffe and Hitler cop confidant. He promised Hitler might -- -- will do the job. Well it didn't do the job you know -- didn't do the job. You know why the Luftwaffe failed to bring England to its knees. To pave the way for German invasion. Because of basically a few a few hundred British pilots. A few hundred British pilots at one point took on the entire might. Of thousands of pilots. Of Hitler and get things move -- Air weapon air force. Church hill after the battle of Britain. It a very very famous speech. I'll try my best to pare phrase here. He told his country. That never in the course of human history. Has so much. -- owed by so many. To so few. Basically. Churchill and England's air force. They were a mouse fighting a guerrilla. And the house one. When you read some of the firsthand accounts. Of the pilots fighting for England in the battle of Britain. The humanity. Of some of those accounts is -- Are read one account of this guy. Who is flying to intercept the -- The bombers. And he's looking down at the Thames and he's looking down at. His homeland. And using young man -- 1920 years older so. -- he just had this thought on the way. To the battle that my goodness. I'm a young man. And my country depends. In part on what I do today. And he talks about shooting down. Some of the German bombers and then -- one of his other missions he himself was shot down. He basically forgot to. Well you forgot how many rounds he fired him how many he had left he was a sitting duck. And he talks about parachuting out bailing out of his falling aircraft it was a spit fire. And eventually of course being rescued because he landed on English soil and -- rejoining the -- So that failed -- invasion. Or -- destruction of England by the bad guys. Convincingly showed the allies that the only way this war World War II was going to be one. Was. Concentrated forces on the ground. Village by village street by street city by city region by region county by county country by country. In it all started. Seven years ago. Tomorrow. And I would be honored I don't know how many. Those of you who you'd be at least ninety or so years old right now. Those of you who were actually this year. Those of you who actually. Were in those landing craft. Where those have you who jumped into the -- trying to get behind enemy lines. So you could insert in on the Nazis. I would love to hear from it certainly understand if we don't hear from any veterans because we have lost so -- World War II veterans. Unfortunately father time is brought its ravages. 21 of America's great historical treasures -- I would. Love to know if you think that. Week. Of 2014. And the baby boomer generation and this goes for everybody by the by general topic news. Have we let these men down. Have we let these men who fought fascism. Who fought government control. Of other people's lives. To the bitter end to death. And horrible dismemberment. And decades of nightmares and post traumatic stress or is used to say shell shocked. Have we frittered away our inheritance. Are we the son who inherits his father's millions and just. Urinated away. I think in many respects we have. And -- and get back to what I said diverted to get. Too few Americans today. A year. Too few Americans today even know what. They -- they overly negative about people's understanding. Of how important this was what a big F Ing deal this was even more nothing important that Obama's healthcare. 803 on my third. -- -- 180616. WB yen its hourly remembering. And AccuWeather for today it will be well clear of as far as the evening goes overnight -- up 48 degrees. What's up sleeping with sweat pants in June. Mostly sunny and warmer tomorrow certainly for it. Saturday allegedly it will be brilliantly sunny and nice and 78 degrees color me dubious 59 at news radio I'm thirty. We UB END day seventy years minus one have we let these men down I think we have. They understood freedom they -- sacrifice. They laid it out. Line. For future generations. To enjoy the fruits of freedom and what are we done. We've simply allowed the government to get bigger and bigger and control more and more and more of our lives. Kinda what those guys were fighting against. Here is Matt and like a lot of on WB -- -- hello. And it's not yet but not so liable or to better -- from 93 -- actually and in. Bomber streets -- the forward to. Yeah it's on the that lets keep that -- in -- history yeah that's what -- up eleven next all load by Ahmad. It just forward drive partner private house. They often leave big twelve months ago right now. You know -- -- to -- everybody knows that and it pretty much nuts -- treat these guys nowadays. You've seen a lot of bats a thousand yards there you heard about it I'd I'd though I've seen around it knows that broke a seventy. And you wondered if they did and I think they're -- in the right spot -- right I gave up my you Eddie in nineteen years old. So did you -- country today and where they eat you know threats and legitimately go out -- have no respect moral consideration of the boat people. Well and others see what's happen at the border opt out there it's about midday and we're not doing any about it give it away. They met I'd love to talk to you more because -- speak in my -- language. So hold on if you want to look there get into this further with you because nothing you said. To find in any way shape or form offensive or inaccurate -- apologizing. On behalf of my generation. To those who view. Who lost loved ones indeed where those who view who thank god you're still alive maybe listening to this show I haven't forgotten I will never forget. And I'm ashamed of my generation. Giving away freedom. On WBE.

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