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6-5 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

Jun 5, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB ES yeah. Wolves down upon the he would rate this I think. If you go to the hole looked up to mark the end. -- The fact he has yet floor dead Americans what I'm glad I protest that was it because the guys out for a walk when I decide they don't kill some Americans. What difference at this point does it make. If you've got -- already. Then you can keep your plan if you're satisfied with a. Our lady and I don't know I didn't put this. People know when it's alive. It's local. It's Tom how early. There wet I'd quit net news radio. It's our industry BMI thirty WVP. And I just say it -- not gonna do the Cheektowaga video traffic all day long -- that a little more time on it but I wanna focus on the media reaction. What would give give the media. The traditional media a grade on -- now was at channel two last night at 10 o'clock didn't even mention this to Willy mentioned the story but. But only as a prize eluded to another story which has a positive. Aspect of race relations in the in buffalo. One of the other TV stations which channel four. Ignored the story say what I find myself I don't know about you -- find myself less and less watching. Conventional news outlets and more and more going to. Different sites in different places. Even though there are several reporters in buffalo but buffalo TV. Four at the greatest respect. And by the way chief among them for many years has been Claudine Ewing from channel two and I'm not saying that because she's black. Home club team I have. Always wondered why she isn't at a network she's that good I would love. To get Claudine back to WB yet. Like Claudine bush at circuit TV which allowed to be with the hourly every afternoon on -- -- TV affected WB yet. Five plays. She's great what you -- She is a consummate professional she is circumspect. She is always asking the right questions. And she doesn't have an agenda. She is one of the most objective. Dignified. Incisive. Reporters. I've ever seen in buffalo TV. And I've been less than that shall we say impressed with a lot of the newcomers. To broadcasting in buffalo the Buffalo News business. Some of them however like Claudine who -- been around for awhile. Player. Why she's not in New York LA I'll never understand. Because she's that good -- machine is one of the best of the best of the best. And again I'd I feel stupid that even have to say this but. I'm not trying to -- hander to -- black people on quality and I've been in touch. For many years. She knows that I admire her work great. It is eleven minutes after four news radio 930 WBE. And so. Your take on how the media has handled this story and your take on social media. I said earlier partly right back to the calls by the way that reading some of the comments on Twitter and FaceBook from people. Literally makes me wanna take a shot. Are right. People say a lot of ugly ugly ugly things I've seen so much hate for white people. I've seen so much hate from black people. And people whose race I don't focus they don't post a picture. And I don't care. What. A -- heroic purpose. There are ways to handle situations like this. And their ways not to. I have tried to be circumspect. Moreover I've tried to ask the question why. Why it is I said at the beginning the show if you were listening and I will direct direct phone calls. So at the beginning of the should. Take away the racial component let's pretend that he was a white guy. Take away that component. Look at the video. And you see a woman who is mentally ill having a manic episode. Textbook. Bipolar manic episode. -- I didn't wanna go there yesterday. Even though technically now she's a public person. I just in wanna have to deal with any attorneys she herself though has admitted that she is bipolar. And that's what bipolar disorder looks like folks the other end of it is being catatonic. In your bed for about five days and then waking up thinking you're gonna go to medical school on the law school on the read a book in the bigger you know it it that's that disease. It's kind of sad. Bad. People who claim to be so compassionate for the mentally deal. Almost every single opportunity. With which they are presented to show understanding. In a situation like this this is how mentally ill people act they fail the test. Because it takes thinking. To look at this woman and say -- let's take the race thing out of it this woman's bipolar -- that takes a little fought. And it's so much easier to try to outdo the other person with vitriol and violent threats against this woman. Instead of trying to understand -- her illness. And believe me there are black people or bipolar reactors went with white people and I didn't experience with one. -- I certainly don't generalize that all black people like that you know what. I didn't actually view it as a black guy I saw a mentally ill person who has given me a hard time. Now he didn't know I was armed I did and that's one of the reasons I walked away. 'cause I could do so when complete safety to myself and others plus I really don't wanna shoot some. I mean really I think that's not that's not my bucket list. So. Here's what I'm asking you to do first of all nobody condones how this woman acted nobody condones the use of the N word. This woman was just out of control. The man interestingly this evil black man after this ignorant black men that's what the woman called them. He will not like he was more concerned with her children. -- she wars. She turned her back to her kids. At one point one of the kids I didn't hear there's. But. The black guy. Says hated that your kids swearing at me now. And the woman says he doesn't like black people leader. And at one point also in the tape. When one of the kids was becoming upset. Demand said hey take it easy body it's okay. So he was actually. You know he. Look I think he should've gotten out of there a lot sooner and some of his family members have agreed with my contention. And it's not because. I think that you should turn your back and racism it's not because I think that that's. Horses that there was no value to the video but there's also. So many it's this thing could go on so many bad directions. Out anyone competent. So some of the social media comments have made me. I must confess rather disgusted to walk -- to lakes. In my next life reflect come back as a cat. A Persian -- With delicate little applause. Eating fancy feast out of a golden bowl. All right now let's get corrected that in middle port on that WBE and identity. -- you you understand that you are a rational sane person with no mental issues known. I don't. She is not rational she is mentally ill -- bipolar disorder you cannot expect somebody with bipolar disorder. To act rationally. We don't comment because had we we don't know what. We don't know that she has bipolar. Even if she hadn't said that she has bipolar. When you watch that video did that look like a woman who was mentally fit. While -- where she didn't. She she wait I just so I'm understanding this correctly because I'm a little bit now Alamo like shock. When you watch that video you saw a woman that you would consider mentally fit because within about thirty seconds I thought did something wrong mentally with this woman. There is definitely something wrong with the woman and man as one and one play that's. I think it -- good idea to put her over to bring the data. And last time here and check it out. And the wilder now he has a problem because of the children that I am worried about. -- that's and that's by the way that is a very very fair argument I can't argue with that I'm I'm concerned about her kids. Absolutely. Now all we have to do is figure out what our dozen and more aware he's seen the whole home video and everything about everything. But -- One in the world made her if NAFTA -- in bad issue dead and that was bad that was really bad relation. I'm gonna answer that question with a colloquial is what would you expect from a pig but a -- what would you expect from a cat but to me out. What would you expect from a bipolar person but an over reaction and an inappropriate reaction to these stimuli of somebody simply starting up a vehicle. And the fact that there are children were there and she did she turned her bad. Children during the entire video. Sure -- -- watching your children she didn't care about she would do well and battle to win. What. The man and the vehicle sheeting and care about her children and if you watch. Other people were watching -- children going into the store and I was like if she was so concerned about her children. She should have just gotten her kids in the chair and taken them away or something. Of course big daddy -- here here again got a gonna let you go but I'm just gonna tell you that when you try to think. But -- -- because you are viewing the situation as a rational person. Who is not bipolar. She is bipolar. And was having a manic episode and was irrational. So what she does in a period of irrationality. By definition. Is not going to be rational. And you're right she hit every opportunity if this big black man it scared her so much every opportunity to get the hell out of here. But she's irrational so she didn't do the rational threat. That's the point I'm trying to make. Now -- also a racist. I think she is I don't think that's really. The two are not mutually exclusive. May just because your bipolar. -- does not mean you can't be racist she does very well may be a bipolar racist. And get acting inappropriately folks to stimuli are two things come to mind number one is bipolar disorder number two is PT EST. How many of you know somebody just back from Iraq or Afghanistan. Maybe your son husband. And your kid closes the garbage -- and the guy goes ballistic. Call PT EST. It happens we used to call shell shocked and there are some videos from World War I that illustrate that let's -- about traffic right now. And here is mr. Allen Harris Allen. And tonight's gonna be clear 48. I -- life plants don't free is obviously it wouldn't going to be 48. Tomorrow it'll be sunny and warmer 73 Saturday allegedly. Sunny and nice and 78 the high. I'm always skeptical of believing what I see -- -- -- still 59. Degrees OK 59. At news radio 930 WBBM. By the way this is June 5 2014. I wanna mention that I wanna get into that later on during today's show. And by the way if you worry white racist and watch and understand that that. There were a lot of black guys in uniform in World War II who fought just as hard and who bled just as red as any white man did. For the country we call the United States. And there were Asians. And there were people with no yellowish skin and sweaty guys fighting for the United States. Here is always like the point that out. Because. Somebody once said that was America's last great war. Here is. Run in Cheektowaga -- talked me what's under my answer. Farm question let them lose me here at the media in general or other. Can get -- it is involved in this thing it is -- It's let's saved the drive there was. A white person. Demand in the vehicle was a white person and India woman who. Shouted racial slurs at him was black. My guess is most of the media would not. Why would there. I would have because one of the problems I think we have with the race in America is. We are afraid a lot of white people are afraid. To get into discussions about it because they are concerned about being perceived as being racist or bigoted. And I have been consistent on this from day one racism irrespective of its source is ugly. I don't know what the rest of the media would have done I absolutely would have at least on yesterday's show on that video and I would have taken the same approach by. Didn't think it would of one -- you probably wouldn't maybe not even have heard the story hit about and that way around. -- and if you're talking about social media I mean I don't know -- meet your -- asking me to gas and I honestly don't know the answers here. I mean look it's if I'd like to continue on the other side because look I do believe there's a double standard and I think that's one of the problems we have in America when it comes to having an honest discussion about stuff like here's. I deplore all of racism and I'm not afraid to call went out when it's black racism on white people. Because it's just as ugly as what we saw yesterday. Right but it doesn't it doesn't. Olympic. The media. Is just -- it had happened not to get a complex a lot of very good friend of mine by the potential black person it's a big story if it's any way other other way around has not -- I'm not going to disagree with what you were sent. I'd -- you won't get -- disagreement because I've said the exact same words in the shows -- -- exclusively about race which by the way have been very well received by all segments of the community. Almost encourages so I don't. Oh -- be happy to talk to you I've got a break there because Joseph is now pointing a gun at me on WB yeah. Now. All right it is up for a 34 is ready at 930 W. Be the end. At about five minutes I'm sure I'll be getting an email one of my listeners Jack telling me that he had not only Roger glib but everybody the birds over his house at one time or another. Jack has met everybody was ever picked up a musical instrument and had a hit in the last forty years I despise and -- and I say that jokingly please don't take very seriously Jack. It is up for thirty port is ready at 930 WB yet. I'm not gonna do the whole show on this frankly because I don't think it merits -- really don't. The woman in Cheektowaga. And the guy who -- A lot of focus. On what you think of the media coverage. When I say media. Some caller raised a great point what am -- talking about. I don't know what I'm talking about any more when it comes to the media. I was gonna say media in general mean the traditional news sources some of the -- -- more than others did. The social media. Is this a war. I honestly. Fear. For the future of this country. In some respects because of social media. People do not know how to interact with -- each other face to face anymore. People. I think have dehumanized. Other people. Because there -- able to write things to them on FaceBook or Twitter that they would never have the balls to senator face. They also would recognize more important than the ball Specter that it's an inappropriate thing to say to somebody. That impolite dignified society. I mean dignified I don't care we're talking about Williams Phil black for a there's a certain level of and that's not to impugn black rock -- but there's just a certain level I think. Our respect that ought to be either. In human interaction. Like guilty of sometimes violating that yes I -- But my god I don't think I've ever gone on Twitter or FaceBook and called for somebody's assassination. I don't think you know what honestly folks think about the three politicians I. I despise most in this world. I'm not -- -- -- you can probably yes. You could put me in a room. Alone. With a gun with three of them. And you could say top. Here's a gun here are the three politicians you most -- in the world you can do whatever you -- in there will be no consequences. I would put the gun down and I would walk out of the -- All right some people on FaceBook and Twitter. Some -- some of -- that the threats. Against this woman who is clearly mentally -- Are just beyond the pale. People are. More dehumanizing. Of other people in 2014. Than ever before I think in history. In the old days Joseph they're used to be feeling that if I said X -- you. You'd say oh really. And a fist fight would and so. Well. How many times you probably don't get -- much but -- how many times even with your Twitter FaceBook account to people say things to you. That they would just never have said faced the faced a lot yet even with Joseph now for me magnify that by a million times the -- violent -- -- I did learn how to fight yes. But I don't want to. Doesn't seem much point. Illicit money at that event and we'll talk -- what is a joke you me. Celebrity cage match. Million bucks each other. It. -- right now I can't fight people like I've found that out about myself long time ago for 38 news radio 930 WBBM were tight virtual. I'm sorry. Anyway. You're our comments on the media coverage of this ugly video. And the civil war frankly that is all too often Twitter and FaceBook. And once again I just wanna commend put a post up on my FaceBook page. I put a post up amending it. Two of Buffalo's most prominent. Black ministers Darius -- who's also politician which. Does reflect is Damon's character I'm sorry but any politician. But the reverend Darius -- -- expert. The reverend Darius regiment and the reverend Kaiser pointer. Have been both of them exemplars. Of the philosophy of Dr. Martin Luther King. There are living doctor king's dream they are preaching doctor king's dream they're not getting on -- wagon. Now they are rationally say you know what this is a starting point for conversation. They have been beacons of decency. And humanity. And compassion and faith and character and intelligence and grace. In what otherwise frankly has been a pretty ugly display. For the most part in social media and elsewhere. It will thrilled -- thirty. Start at thirty and 180616. WB yet who is -- -- leave off with Bob the falls where he's in new -- With -- -- lead was Ralph and appear. Oh he left -- well the guy last upset that there's a double standard with respect to race and hate in America I don't disagree with what he said. I can only tell you what I would -- done presented with that video had the races been reversed. I would have done the same show. And I would have shown the same attempt to understand. From where the woman was coming. Had she been a black lady saying things to a white guy. Because. It was apparent to me very quickly watching the video. Because I do my homework about it too much Oprah and I've taken the time to talk with people about mental illness to get to understand mental illness and the Schwartz it is and the national health crisis it is. -- Very quickly realized something was not right with this woman something beyond racism. Something beyond the and word was not right with that are. Now and again remove all raced from the equation. And look at her behavior. Her behavior is classic manic bipolar. Behavior. And no I'm not a doctor never implied I once. But I do do much Oprah. And I do do my research. And I've talked with a number. Of people over the years who are experts in the field. And I've tried to familiarize myself with what I considered to be America's greatest health crisis which is mental illness. Let's get back in as the disease nobody likes to talk about in and as we're seeing nobody has any compassion for. You know people say we all have to be compassionate to the mentally ill well guess what this woman to Cheektowaga. Is mentally. She's bipolar it's a mental illness. Soul. She acted inappropriately. Yes -- I believe she's a racist. I also believe that she would have acted inappropriately. With anybody. Irrespective. Of the guy woman's race because that's what bipolar people do when they're having a manic episode. Let's go to Ralf in the -- first upn WB and Ralph talked to me. I idea -- orchestrate I know their release content from because. That was mutually respect RE bipolar disorder earlier this call you that someone might recognize or oysters -- -- typical -- strongly. That I needed to call. -- I don't think they are gainfully employed really pleased employ it very well armed. But -- I've been on medication. -- I've been on a number of medication they try to sponsor on the stop you know in worker and was awful and -- -- or cocktail and a couple of years couldn't. We do really really good but. I used to have episodes we're nowhere near as bad -- But I do know what -- like. And and I think you're looking for. Car. Know what you have this disease you have -- so pristine compared to almost all Christina -- -- moment. That they can put down on what they can do you know -- looking for someone to. Not down you know it's. Classic but -- I feel so strongly about this -- and I just had to call because you don't there are a lot there's not a lot of doctors there's not a lot of -- Andy's been. And in this area workers there who are specializing this because. You know -- The people -- your employees and ordering what employed because they have purposeful collector and criminal -- couldn't -- Right to Medicaid situation is -- -- private you know it's not real health insurance -- some doctors would call. I think for sir I applaud you for calling here first of all -- as you said you don't want anybody to recognize your voice that speaks volumes about our society's view of people with mental illness and that is why going back to the 1980s I've taken this up as one of my causes to try to understand. The mentally ill and understand. That many of our prisons are filled with people who are criminals because they are mentally ill and they did stupid things when they were mentally ill. And am I really think that we -- is gonna help a lot less money well personally believe drugs should be legalized I'd like depicted war on drug money intruded into a war on mental illness. I agree you always agree with you fully because I mean you know I billionaire I know good Q -- Your. Capability to read more on your your capabilities on -- Markets are well not that bad but it's on and you don't want to just -- -- -- You know I'm not a medication or Albert comes across resentment apple sold. For me yeah. So quick question I I have to ask you this and what I watched a video yesterday. And I I don't think I used the words mental illness during the first hour of yesterday's show I said that one and is not quite right. Very quickly it became apparent to me that this was a woman who was not right that was probably mentally ill or as I -- on the year not quite right how long did it take you to come to the conclusion that. She may be racist but she also has a far greater issue mental illness. I saw exactly knew what he had within the first restart the video. The -- -- quicker they're talking about her losing by not one of them talked about not paying attention to her children. It's like OK and torture if you will. Rational appreciated all due to it's it's we -- I can't explain what a war. It's gone from and so I'm I can talk to them and I'm going to be the only one probably equally as compassionate woman are you. I can guarantee you when your question it's never gonna happen ago and I never -- hold it you know I I didn't know what a large -- I'm not gonna to get anymore I'm not gonna do it. Every time it happened I was suicidal. You know -- so I don't it's it was a poor look awful. Well I certainly -- That this woman does not get to the point where when she goes into the other side of bipolar -- and she goes into a depressed state. That she does not. Do something bad is eight permanent solution to a temporary issue. -- -- understood and thank you by the way of being a voice of reason. On the program and thank you for your honesty takes a lot of courage to call him. I know so many people from so many well known families that are either bipolar. Or have people with bipolar in the family or schizophrenia or some other issue and you know what. Everybody says the same thing we need to have compassion and we get a try to understand. How the human brain works for those who are mentally ill yet when when when faced with it. As they were with this video yesterday. People didn't want to recognize it or failed to recognized this was a mental illness situation. And we ought to be talking about. Shooting ever. No actually not. We recently should be talked about you know like I don't know I don't know that the answer your grip -- it's really actually talked to clear up call but. Racism is an ignorant -- racism is ignorant ignorance can be cured. Bipolar is it disease and it can be managed. It I'm I'm so glad to hear from you -- and I'm just trying to be the circumspect voice of reason I don't want supposed to be crazy. Type and color. So keep it up because that I were you talk about before I won so many times to call in and and I'm really critical and all the card so I just armed. I I saw this lady I know exactly -- is wrong whether we've increased records of seeing where I'm at video and and arm you know -- you -- every day when you order agents are there on the ropes. I can get I can I. At times -- -- bipolar people walk out and Billy Graham are and I'm Bynum. I'll buy you are. Your bingo spot bouncer and we order to get into borderline personality which is something altogether different but that's another huge issue which is broken up a lot of marriages. I'm glad you called Ralph and the best of luck to you. I appreciate that thank you. And I hope you guys understand in no way shape or form in my condone racism or use of the N word don't miss that don't misinterpret what I'm saying only -- Only a person who. You know had some -- -- vendetta against me would take those words and try to use them as some kind of -- -- -- -- parties about as well when he refused to get on the let's venture bandwagon. Now what I'm saying is that she she acted inappropriately. To I think she's a racist yes. Do think that her greater issue is a mental illness yes I do. It struck me immediately. Within well within 2030 seconds watching the video she wasn't right. And no. When it happens to somebody you love. Where somebody you know. And love. God forbid a family member maybe then you'll understand. But until then. -- issue hold your fire. My lag goodness gracious that's America up by the way you see any additional traffic issues are that are plaguing your drive all Monday giving you a bad case of the clap you be sure to. Are you be sure to call us the best word I can think of that moment I'm sorry it was wildly inappropriate. AccuWeather four tonight clear tonight out overnight low 48. Tomorrow sunny and warmer 73 Saturday brilliant sunshine as opposed to -- sunshine and nice and beautiful start to the weekend 78. Were holding at 59 degrees and as are saying you see any traffic issues that we don't governor traffic. But we shouldn't you be sure to -- -- a call at WB and traffic command and his number is 80303218030321. Granted we do have cameras. A lot of all over the place that we've got some -- your breath -- but. We don't cover every wrote that's where we rely on you. 8030321. As the number two WB entry Africa meant it also what are they go to the fact that if you miss any program we do on WB yet. Whether it is that the interviews from Buffalo's early news for John second Susan rose. In word the sandy -- show which is live -- nine until noon every day Monday through Friday or my vastly inferior show. You can go to WB -- dot com and the audio archives and listen to the entire show. Completely all the way through at your leisure. So there's that so that's WB Ian about John I -- in joke you didn't think I was gonna get a bit but I got it and try to get one of those in every day. I would like to change topics if that's okay would you guys here's honest to god items I'm just sick of talking about -- I don't know what else is Tuesday. About. The ugly video in Cheektowaga. Epic upset everything there is you have said everything there is. I will tell -- That what I find most alarm about it. Is not the ranting -- woman who is non compost meant this or at least was at the time she was going off the deep. What I find most disturbing. Is. The liberties with humanity. Taken by people on Twitter and FaceBook. Who say things that are your soul. Evil and reprehensible. And they do it. Presumably not in the heat of the moment after pondering what they're going to -- it's pretty amazing pretty set on WB.

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