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6-5 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

Jun 5, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And it's. It will be out with. Them. -- the whole. When this endless parade. Distractions. And political posturing and phony scandals. Washington's taken its eye off the ball. I'm merely saying that this needs to stop wherever and whenever. I can take felt without legislation to expand opportunity for more American family that's what comedy. Let's listen to. It's Tom hourly. It's life. It's local -- I got up and Tom hourly and if Texas were. A news radio. Good good good both -- played well. Yeah. I. I feel like I really wanna take a shower I usually -- about three times today anyway but. I'd just been looking at some of the social media comments. And is there anybody who is missing the irony about. People who claim to the haters of hate aiding the woman who is mentally ill. For acting like a fool and an idiot in the parking lot in Cheektowaga. Now why do we regard bad behavior as ugly. Because it's anti social. She threatened violence. And it. Was hideous. To witness now it also by the way and I -- -- would -- show prep for some people -- -- -- -- -- you know cause them to work hard but. What you saw yesterday well I call it show Brett -- you Michael research. Com. -- -- Ignorance can be Huard stupidity is forever. If any of you. Are familiar. And you know what based on the full phone lines I have every single time I do was show on mental illness and its prevalence in our society. And every single show I have done all the way back to the 1980s. Decades of shows on mental illness. Every single show has had every single fault line -- Four I would say probably 95%. Of the time -- on the air. So a lot of families out there who deal with mental illness. And one mental illness is called bipolar disorder not to be confused with Scioscia -- -- the completely different kettle finish. And if they -- a -- Facebook's well. I don't says that bipolar just in newspapers social graph. There are incompetent psychiatrist -- Are incompetent doctors to. Why do you think every night on -- TV you see ads encourage you to call lawyers to sue the doctors in the medical companies who came out with your -- bladder. Every single right. So just because somebody has an idea his or her name or is board certified. Doesn't necessarily mean they're competent just means that they did the paperwork. They might be good wrote learners. But I digress. Folks I said it's just delivered beginning user. That. There was something that was not right. With that woman all right normal people do not act in the way she was acting take -- and were out of -- because that in itself is incendiary. Obviously -- take the -- word out of let's just imagine there's too white people to black people in a parking lot -- to Asian people in a parking lot. The nice thing about arguments between Asians as they would take 510 minute sir. I get to -- up now. I thought of pretty funny they don't last long time but. Didn't back to it. Take race out of its. Just for a moment and I'm trying to present you with a different -- here take race out of let's just say it's one a white woman against another white woman and the and the word isn't even part of now what would you say about the woman's behavior. The behavior she exhibited itself. Beyond race as a is abnormal. It is erratic. And again for those who would care -- -- show prep work maybe a lot of home talked to some people are god forbid had some experiences in life. This is a classic manic episode folks. That what you saw on that video. Was classic. -- it was textbook mania. This is the manic part a manic depression. Or some would say bipolar disorder manic depression is not quite the same things I understand it but. A person who is bipolar. And there are many different kinds of bipolar disorder. But a person who was bipolar typically has moments of great and frenetic energy. Like they can't sit down they don't know what to shut up. Followed by periods of I cannot get out of bed followed by periods of what did you what did you terrified and then Greta talked about it a little help cure cancer. And then there's a week in -- I am -- fertilizer and to some degree. But what you saw on the tape again to remove place. Was not normal behavior. It was clearly a woman who is not rational. Obviously a woman who was having a manic episode. What you saw on the tape. Is exactly. What we have done shows all the ratios as it -- -- I don't know. A lot. But it's funny because some of you claim to be AD compassionate people. The people who say yes Tom your right. We need to have more compassion for the mentally he'll. We need to re open psychiatric institutions so that those were genuinely threats and dangers to themselves and society are removed from society until such time as there are no longer a threat and for some people that may never be the case. Are people like that kid in California would be one example there's a rich spoiled brat in the early part of the twentieth century named Harry thaw. Who would be another example he was a multi millionaire son of a steal person our Steelers and EE steal the medal. Harry thought kill the guy who designed Madison Square Garden Stanford white. On the rooftop of Madison square garden. And he was immediately arrested. And believe it or not he was sent to a mental institution. His defense was. Dementia America Thomas. Which was a novel defense which basically said that mr. Faulk was not guilty because he suffered from an American male affliction that if somebody else a danger wife. You were jealous enough to kill that person even if you were buried to the woman in question at the time she was -- and Stanford white by the way it was kind of like Bill Clinton the guy who designed Madison Square Garden for those who don't know. Now Harry -- went on later in life -- he was multiply arrested. Multiply arrested for beating people up generally with sexual overtures you can look that up to again I do my show opera. I'll look up here we thought TH AW. He and a -- in California ball should have been institutionalized. Forever. Now most mentally ill people do not need to be institutionalized. Forever. And does -- I'm sorry but at what point. Where is that disconnect coming from which you guys. -- we do the show is on that the analysts. I get all these emails off thank you Tom thank you Tom thank you for having the courage to stand up for the mentally -- Thank you Tom this has been going -- and our family for years we've been dealing with this and thank you for helping people understand what it's like that with somebody -- only oh almighty god Tom thank you we can assure -- we can assuring. And then what I call this woman mentally ill. And I think that she needs more help that she needs condemnation. Subtly you'd think that I called the guys at the end were and that's why it was a secret member of the plan or something. Now. Let me tell you what you get here. It. Least what I hope you can. It is you don't get H people mentality here. All right I usually don't like that word because it's. Overused. There's got to be a better work. But there's a real sheep mentality out there. Like the bandwagon just isn't big enough. To go after this woman whose behavior. Cannot be -- Who I am not condone in which she said. I'm not condone how she acted it was repugnant it was ugly it was hideous it was humanity at its worst. Went through the hobby out in however. This is how bipolar people act during a manic episode. You know I told the story. Yesterday. But having a similar incident with the tables reversed. I was white he was black. In buffalo last summer I didn't make a big deal I walked away. I mean first of -- cracker. Whatever. Column. And a few other things that were very on cup -- Metairie towards my bum -- and her offspring. It's like it's -- -- low quarter. You gotta consider the source. He was mentally ill was exposed to shoot them. I walked away. Why did I walk away why engage with somebody who's mentally ill. In the immortal words of a Joseph Walsh album from 1970s you can't argue with a stick mine. Because this mine doesn't see the world as you and I see the world it sees the world in weird ways are at. You can't even understand. I can't understand. I can only tell you about them from what I have seen. Because I've taken the time. To do my homework about mental illness and what it is and what it isn't. And let's just take race out of it right away. With all due respect to my black Brothers and sisters -- just eliminate race from missed let's pretend it was to wake people were two black people that -- The woman in the tape. Was not acting rationally. -- -- And there's irrationality. And there's you rationalize it. And she had both -- I don't doubt that she's a racist. I don't care that she is a cousin who's black pack abs are at the -- up that's not a defense all right she used the word. Numerous occasions. She. As much as he -- that was trying to -- her. -- She was trying to baby and said -- -- made that point this morning after disclosures are great point she I didn't put it that way she was trying to bait him. By using the N word and he held back in he was a calm cool and collected gentlemen. I will say though that I will maintain what I said yesterday. And I know because I've done this myself. When when a sick mind is involved and somebody who is obviously irrational. The best bet you can never lose. By backing away and driving off. As I mentioned yesterday there's a great scene in pulp fiction. Where butch is getting lectured by Marcellus. Because sports is supposed to throw the fights -- Marcellus wins a bunch of money. And Marcellus says. When you go down. You may feel a slight staying. That's just pride -- and with. And you know what your pride might hurt a little bit when you drive away are you walk away specially that demand man confrontation at all. But it's usually 99.9. 99% of the time the most prudent course of action walking away. Now he could've gotten the video it could've been a one minute video and it just got now. I wasn't there I can't put myself and issues. -- the woman is now forever immortalized on the Internet. As being. A racist. And frankly as acting NA classless way. In front of her children to whom she turned her back because she was so busy engaging with this -- -- again folks it's not rational. -- right. And taking race out of the video. What I see is -- person in a manic state. Acting very inappropriately. Why because that's what mentally ill people do. They act inappropriately. They respond in inappropriate ways to stimuli. The only reason she got upset. Was because the black guy committed -- I'm sorry I'm only laughing because of the lack of understand -- about mental illness in and try to explain it as -- and rationally as it possibly can't. She got upset. Because the black guy started his car. Now right away folks. To any reasonable intelligent person. Getting upset. Because a guy started his car. As your children and you are walking by. That's right the year. Conclusively shows. That she was manic. And that she was having a bad day I don't know if she's medicated I don't -- she was not on minutes for awhile I have no idea -- no way of knowing. All I know is she reacted inappropriately. To stimulus text book mania. And frankly I said at the beginning of the show -- feel like a wanna take a shot work. And the reason I wanna take shower years. Some of the comments. Even though my own FaceBook page and actually left some up because they were just so ugly one agency. Some comments on my FaceBook page. From people who claimed to be against hate. Are some of the most hateful spiteful. Venomous. Violent homicide -- comments I have ever seen. That represented the absolute major the absolute gusher of social media. Mitt I actually had a woman on my FaceBook page. Say. This woman Janelle needs to be assassinated. Now I ask you. Is that a statement that is made out of love. Is that a statement that will bring any understanding where shed any light of the situation. Now. I've seen comments elsewhere from white people. Thank you for being a strong white woman instead of up to that and were. What. An obscene comments she should act list of tire over. -- -- -- Don't tell me out of one side -- your mouth that you believe in the brotherhood of man. In on the other side your mouth say that. This woman ought to face stalling like she wouldn't Afghanistan if they quarter with a sheet. I mean this -- just folks. Social media has its place. Overall I think it can be good. But some of the comments. Some of the tweets. Have been I think even as even more disgusting. In the video because people are actually write them not in the heat of the moment. But presumably at home having had a chance to reflect on what they're saying in the. They don't -- -- thirty scholarly and WB. Many of -- Yes that's my view is the Edward is killing uses it in the song by the way which I taught myself. Through YouTube so bear all of music -- guilty guilty. Com. And he who is without any sin feel free cast the first don't visual. Unfortunately is an ugly part of humanity and human being I have an ugly side. I. Abdullah that -- Lisa. Over the past year. Or so. Regular longer to keep track of such things. You get to a point life. And you realize. You realize that -- Number one you can't change the world. You can only control what you do. And how you react. And your -- thought process. And IA would actually like to congratulate. -- Persian. And times reporter who are two of the prominent black clergyman in buffalo. They don't like to thank. I have been voices of reason. In frankly what is an eight title. Of ugliness. I don't condone what this woman. I do view -- as an opportunity. IE view it as a chance to discuss. This subject I also viewed as a chance to discuss. This is the face of mental illness those of you who don't understand when somebody says bipolar disorder. What you saw that video is bipolar disorder in manic episode. And folks. If you have psychiatrists. Or psychologists. Who says that this isn't. A real good indication of bipolar the -- Scioscia -- You're really might wanna find out where that person went to school. And how he or she qualified. Because this is just textbook. Bipolar. This is somebody having a manic episode what's the first -- The guy did nothing wrong. Witnesses have corroborated his story. He started his car. -- and yet he started his car. She. Reacted anyway. That was wildly. Inappropriate. And then escalated the situation. I hope. I mean instead of calling for this woman to be -- necklace to be headed stoned or assassinated. My brain doesn't go there -- they -- my brain grows. My brain and asks the question why. Why did this happen what the factors that led up to this incident. And what could have happened to make it better. What could have happened so it would not have gotten this -- we're number of things we talked about those yesterday. All right. But. All I can -- it is. The next time I do her show on mental illness. And people call up to tell me how wonderful it is but I understand the issues that you family space who deal -- there. I think I might throw up just a little bit my mouth. Because. Usually when put to the test what I've found here especially a social media is. Most human beings who claimed to be compassionate. Who claim to try to understand with the mentally ill go through they fail. Every single chance to try to understand because it's much more popular. To just get on the bandwagon. And call for this woman to be crucified. Now I'm not keep something in my I'm not defending the N word. I'm not defending. Her behavior. Why I'm not defending because it was wildly inappropriate. It would have been wildly inappropriate haven't been too white ladies -- -- to white women having this our conversation. Which wasn't much -- conversation it was more of a really sorry display of human ailments. Some might argue racism is a mental illness. I think racism is more ignorant than than anything else. And you know what folks. Face up and I'm very proud bad. What -- pointer has said and what Darius Prejean has said about this is pretty much the same place I've gone witness. I've got over reacted. I have condemned what it was appropriate to condemned. And I have tried to understand. Why it happened. This woman is not representative. Of most buffalo audience most white people or most Americans. At all do you think she is. I'm sure that in your life do you know this is going to be a generational question. Younger people typically do not think this way. Younger white people I don't know a lot of younger electorate. The black people in or more like my age interest in how that happens but. Most. White kids I know kids like thirty and under. They don't. Think this way they don't talk this way. The N word is not society is not accepted by them they don't use that they don't wanna use -- Basie racism as something that is ugly and hideous and awful. And I add to that that as I said yesterday. Every race has -- racists. Every race has those people within it who believe -- -- race is superior to other races yes there are black racists who believe the black people. Are superior to the white people. There are Asian people who believe Asians are superior to other people. Look at IQ tests we score I. I get to do that -- don't colonel Christophe. There are white people who believe -- well I'm -- I'm Caucasian. All right I'm superior to other races. Every race has its ignorant people. And by the way every race has made a contribution. To the country we call the United States of America. If you fail to recognize if you're white person and you've got a hard on for black people. Which -- love soldier's. Mom never mind you that by the end of the civil war 10% of the union army was black. Frederick Douglass said mislabeled not fight a free black Campbell like just as well as anyway man when he was right. Have you seen the movie glory. Featuring the 54 Massachusetts -- regiment. You know that he was right Frederick -- by which one of my heroes. Might surprise some I don't know why. Martin Luther King is another one of my heroes. You know what Martin Luther King as a hero to me. Because I think that Martin Luther King. Would have been more likely to have sounded like Darius Pritchard and were kind your pointer and some of the gutter crap. I'm seeing on Twitter. And on FaceBook. If you claim to desire understanding. And harmony and peace. That is inconsistent. With this let's put -- squad in front ever mentality. The first question. I believe rational intelligent people like the reverend Porter the reverend -- and hopefully myself. The first question that should be asked is why. A circumspect. View. Of the entire situation. Why. Why did this situation happened on this day with these two people. Now I happen to be of the opinion that the black guy did nothing to bring this -- It was an overreaction. By a white woman who is bipolar she says she's bipolar. Even before she said it right around this time yesterday -- the comet there's something not right quicker. I didn't for legal reasons wanna say I think she's mentally ill I just said there's something that I don't think is right quicker. And I found out later in the -- she told our rob from BO OK that she's got bipolar disorder. And -- believer. And folks. All I can tell you news. I can't be any more sincere. That I am right now. And instead of all the Irish nonsense. Calling for her murder. Posting her children's school. On the Internet. Calling for violent acts against his family. Why did -- get off your -- those of you were saying these things. You know in the name of tolerance and love your actually preaching violence. I would like it it strongly consider. Going to the library. And reading some works of Henry David Thoreau. I would also like you to read up on Mahatma Gandhi. Who used nonviolence. To win Indian freedom. From the British over lords. On the subcontinent. Wasn't an easy strategy. But it worked. And I'm gonna tell you one other. You should read some of the writings of doctor Martin Luther care. Who faced. Such. Animosity. And such hatred. Let's put it this -- He faced the kind of racism. Not. That cut -- that came from some bipolar woman in a parking lot in Cheektowaga. He faced racism. From the entire white power structure. Who didn't want this uppity negro. To cause trouble in their city. And doctor -- while not a perfect individual as I am. Doctors I -- they're laughing we of course Doctor King. Is a hero to me for many reasons. -- -- just say some of those reasons because I really think that we need a lot more Dr. Martin Luther King. And a lot less. Talked about killing this woman. Doctor caring. Obviously it was a man of non violence. When he was in Memphis before his assassination. Some. Youths started -- rockets during one of his marches which was supposed to be peaceable he was disgusted by -- He was outraged at these black kids giving his movement a bad name he was a nonviolent man. Five foot six and he stood head and shoulders above so many of his contemporaries including Jesse Jackson. What might -- believes a fraud but that's another story Dr. Martin Luther King. Was up against held a lot more. Band. A woman -- mental issues he was up against power. And he met the challenges he faced with eight dignity. And a debt of soul. And character. And integrity. And intelligence. And eloquence. That won the day. If Doctor King were alive today do you think he'd be calling for this woman to be killed. I don't think so. I think Doctor King would hopefully ask the same question I'm asking why. And what can we learn from it so we become better as people when it comes to race not worse. And I wish I saw more of that on Twitter. I wish or read more post like that on FaceBook. None of us I don't well I say none others only some hardcore racist would back up the words this woman -- And this reprehensible. We can you we can use this in one of two ways. We can use it to further hate. We can use it as a learning. Experience. And a moment to understand. And I personally want to applaud. -- reporter and Darius Pritchard. For their reasoned approaches to this. God bless both of you gentlemen. Because I think frankly if I may say so it was a white guy from suburbs I think Doctor King would be proud of how you've handled the situation. Hourly news radio 930 WB. And AccuWeather -- ever happen that beautiful day today was supposed to be frozen right. Off when I walked outside this morning was garbage they liked about it. It's my balls. Anyway. Probably too much information one -- mainly clear tonight -- -- -- the overnight low 48 degrees. 48 degrees on to say that again 48 degrees. For tomorrow sunshine warmer 73. I don't believe it. I think they're -- I think it's all part of a conspiracy. Our Saturday all brilliant sunshine and nice my -- A beautiful start to the weekend the high 78 college wanna bet it'll be like thunderstorms hail snow sleet and freezing rain he says -- -- Joseph what are we have temperature wise. 5959. Degrees. Wow. Should I put on the -- over. Work ethic and good for us. You will hear the occasional Bellman number reference in my program some might argue that every shall I do is -- reference that movie and living life. You want me out of 55 -- are don't we take some calls here on a WB EN just a quick question. Has the media been out of control covering the story. And the social media sometimes make you wanna shower afterwards. Because folks. I believe and try to understand situations. And bringing people together and this is not helpful when I hear people calling for this woman's murder. Here is that's an understatement whose -- and middle Portland WB Ian. Debbie you're on high. I am attending three times to watch spam -- the first time I watch I was in total -- I couldn't believe what I was the end and watch it again. And analyze election again. -- I feel in the kids involved. And that's what really bothers me in the third time I'll watch it. -- like she had no respect for her children at all and shoot them -- confront team. The person that she was so concerned about her kids yet. Why. And other people walking buyer kids yet and the conclusion jumping around. -- happy as could be and doing everything. Why wouldn't she felt concerned about her kids. Because you're trying to get my dear -- you're asking a question and -- it has a very simple answer because she was having a manic. Mental illness episode. And she does not think. I've derby I'd like to talk to you but you're gonna make a real hard for you wanna keep beyond because you asked a question I've got the answer. And I don't know if you're being rhetorical -- it was a genuine interactive. But we're gonna continue hopefully a two way conversation after the news for a WB yet solid total -- Not trying to. My name's Tom my Brothers Dick Dick is actually the nice -- in the --

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