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6-5 Beach and Company Hour 3

Jun 5, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's okay but it now. But as good. Racism alive and well Mazen. Really caught me and that is what is back. That's obviously very male voices in the after this a confrontation. Something that happens all that time. Is the most serious of crimes has not happened here. No matter what the offense somebody you always be in front of a microphone or camera and say. I'm so shocked this is so unlike them. Is so quiet. Very nice -- come over and pick up the children for Sunday school comprised Graeme. I'm totally charges is not normal behavior. And you heard anybody say that about a -- member Asia. Neither of us architect. -- -- -- are going to either I mean I don't know. Stories not that old yet but yes wouldn't bet on people coming out of the woodwork saying that this is just a total surprise that they never guess she would. Utter words like that. That's what happens. -- and most people never really know anybody else. Who knows what's in your mind but believe me those words were in her mind long before she met in our bill banning. They were there. Maybe she used them in the past maybe she hasn't but they were there she didn't just suddenly come up with -- those thoughts and and those words they were always there. And now she had a chance the use them. And almost the four million people now that's nominee it's -- this as across the nation. Have ever. OK let's go to -- -- in Akron that Iran W via. Yeah bandy late evening I was at a cancer that kicked a lot go to central -- goal to. And than music. The band conduct dirty very nice young teacher. And there are quite a few years. That he would like to speak to the audience which is quite diverse over there. And and he says I just want to say how hip the I have always spend time teaching at this school because we have such a diverse. Children here -- all races. Created to provide Albert. And he said they all are so cooperative. And the parent. Support them. And I thought they would keep that in view of what is going and in the media today. Well that's nice that he would you -- that out because it's always a very small percentage I don't know in the in the worst area of town is still a small percentage and they run for everybody. Yes they do about it. I thought it was a wonderful -- that he made to every once. And I'll tell you he got a standing ovation for their remarks that he made and he should you know. As -- that's the class that's a class act and I'm glad you're you told us about that thank you pat. Remember a few years ago however. Some some guys are playing basketball in Cheektowaga remember that and somebody -- came in and it was a drive by shooting and they were killed. Idea but crime. And races. And insensitivity. And whatever all of those things. Are usually held by a small number of people. But. Even a small number of people are what happens is it poisons it poisons the well. So if you look at the worst crime ridden section of any town in any place in this country. And I think if you actually did the math you find out that the crimes were actually being committed by a very small percentage of those in the and those areas. Well look what we found out from most recent school board meeting where our school board members sent a message -- to another one senior. You're doing the bidding of wipe you out the light down that's on the score board and column was a Carl Paladino. Was it mr. -- there. Exactly and -- we played the audio as you recall it was. It was something that is in a lot of people's minds. And hopefully it never gets out of their minds and I mean never members verbalize their minds we'd like -- -- race from their minds but. What are you gonna do that's going to be up to them but I think a lot of people whole view is that are not widely known. And when they when they get to a point where. You know all hell breaks -- they become known and it's and it's kind of scary to be honest this woman. Should be very very pleased that our bell batting just recorder. Could have been a lot worse criminal -- worse. Let's go to. NC while some people -- a long time Mike in Hamburg Mike you're on WB yen. Do it and -- to plug -- that Michael has some. You know. Real quick my Michael oh points so -- is you know all I I really I think I agree with just -- everything that you and most of caller and saying I think that. There's no place. For her comments even if you're private would -- between her and the man. I think it's long acting stationed inside but especially in front of his that was obviously really wrong. I'm not debating that she's probably a racist. An and a lot of fruit -- and thinking in my these are probably deep rooted in a lot of art community. However I. Just real quickly I I'd worker in the airlines and I'm in Haiti all across the country. And I see what I call in many of the people -- work it reverse racism. All -- your country. You know in and just -- -- you guys were talking much -- second and go with it old school board comments have been made in hand down you know stuff like that I see. I -- signs and posters and all cost the country. You know I'm treated -- really. You know I go I'll wait to show that -- global respect in the you know your compassionate towards everybody I meet. And yet all I'll show you know I'll I'll be in some treaty in Richmond Virginia are out there or someplace. And in -- I don't feel the same local respect towards me from a black person as as often they do a black person towards another black person. And I think that debt that they are just -- certain amount of reverse racism and our country that needs to be acknowledged that. There's always going to be you know it's a terrible thing I'm not condone what she did anything in their target the white people batteries -- But I think where it -- -- a certain amount of entitlement and in resentment from black people. That is just being overlooked right now our current or not being acknowledged. I think anybody will agree -- -- -- I include myself. A racism works on both sides of the street. And unfortunately. We've got is gonna take some -- it's a one person at a time job but I'm glad you brought that up because it's absolutely true thank you. Thank you remarks yeah now when those somebody calls you a cracker first -- or call a cracker was on the air. I didn't even know what it meant. That I found out that it goes back to slavery. And the person the boss apparently had a weapon he would crack but you know -- snaps. He would crack the whip so if you call a cracker basically you were. You were to overlord of the slaves I mean I didn't even taller man I governments on assault team. Initially on -- and I am. Basically god does work both sides -- -- -- line. You know -- Because I hate to say sides but there's no other way to describe the different races they're not familiar. Nor do they embrace. Other cultures you're usually familiar and embrace the culture your in. And you understand the culture you're in Tony and I talk all the time are up rankings although there room you know hundreds of miles apart were very similar. All right so I understand his culture he understands mine that's why we can talk the way we do on the air. But if you're not -- that culture you don't know. And you don't understand that and sometimes you don't appreciate it because one -- cultures have our values that are different. Some things are important to some cultures and not that important to other cultures. And and it's the kind of thing work you look at something and you can't understand why it's happening. Why's this happening is not part of my experience. And the person looking at you. Says why -- you happening you're not part of my experience you don't understand you have walked a mile in my -- of I didn't use a worn out expression. And because of that. I think it's going to be a long time before things get better -- can pass all the laws you want. The bottom line is you've got to win win these battles one mind at a time. And it doesn't help -- like this comes out we'll take a break will be backwards more -- beach and company. You can think Eric -- said it doesn't say black white. -- weekend it's an ignorant person. You know despite. Equality. And women's liberation hand and a -- breaking of the glass ceiling and all this stuff. I think what most people there's still a pecking order. And the pecking order says that men do not harm women. All right I mean that's -- -- that it that's built into most men not I'll -- some and kill women but. No not Allman. And to have a woman. Chastising. At a very high decimal lever a level unarmed bell -- And expect him to just. You don't start the car and drive away meekly reporters tail between his legs and slink away while she's going missed. This is a woman was chastising her husband because he forgot to get milk and eggs on the way home. This is a woman who's calling a man a grown man a man with dignity. The most by -- name you can call me a black man. And that is so I think it's remarkable. That he was his cool and calm and collected as as he Wallace. And recorded it I think that that was very Smart to do I know we all are crazy because people record everything now but that was Smart. Because if he -- -- he said she said if there weren't any witnesses would be his word against hers and now we know because when he's gotten hurt it. Exactly how that went now we don't know what happened before. And we don't know what happened after but we know what happened then. And so I think it is is remarkable that he didn't vote lashed back even verbally. And so good for him. -- Aaron who's next would be the crest of on mistake in my Chris in -- will. Turn your radio down Chris and talk to us -- and a BBN. OK any arm I'm like one in wines now and -- -- wonder why in I was looking here Connors and wondering why I'm they're thinking that. It should not have been put on the Internet or that she was supposed to retreat. I'm Cuba where that you are requiring are sure to act like a superstar. You know it it seemed like she wanted to be put on there by. She claims she was bipolar. -- without being thought it area and say to people who do I prefer being bipolar. Because as I know what I'm not a doctor but by according to making -- And you know -- heard -- her statement -- that she's not remorseful at all. I don't agree with her children or being put on the Internet because I mean obviously cricket cannot choose their parents. So that's not something that we should have done by. I mean. People are saying he shadow you know he's a politician to mama lion protecting her -- you know while. I'm a mother Q and if my -- aren't any type of threatening situation -- out of there. I don't where I'm in the right the wrong whatever out of there and I think any good parent would agree I mean. This -- age you do not know why anybody is capable. Chris I think this was. -- I'm glad you brought this up because I think this is an example where the Internet was very helpful because what good does it shows the face of racism. It's not -- a textbook it's not a at a film was not a fiction this is the real world this actually happened the Cheektowaga New York this is a real woman and this is a real man. So it does I think it helps the cause of trying to news -- to get along a little bit better than we do now our lot better than we do now. Because this is the real -- on many people have never seen it up close and personal and when they do it's ugly. -- I'm Anthony. -- -- he has the right to feel how everybody wants your brother we've I -- -- Not even the fact that he you know and Margaret EEU is there an egg and at this point 2000 -- -- -- -- a broken and show how ignorant she is. Not wearing a better -- and that she and teaching her children. Don't mock -- I would actually -- it might want a black people. We have a black president -- me and my heart would be OK and then trying to and Bob Boyd French to escalate the situation and I mean that she -- on baby at -- when she hadn't reacted quite. That's a good question and think about like this how long is it gonna take her children. To be mature enough to make their own decisions about race relations they're probably gonna carry the mother's thoughts. Until we get to that point and some kids may never get to that point so she's poison the well. For these two kids for at least 151620. Years maybe. Absolutely and it it gets very at an -- to me she's not very remorseful. You know he's obviously not very in politics. I don't wanna make a point India we complete I'm starting a petition to -- a lot of police. Have agreed to -- -- that while they can afford to see. On I think that we are not going to just -- that things -- I did your press loud and clear and I share your and I and most of our audience George -- your your -- thank you thank you so much. Yeah this is an example oftentimes we think of the Internet as an intrusion and paralyzed because. To -- honestly I don't care if you're having a tuna sandwich with -- tuna sandwich with -- with the -- I could care -- about that. But what it does is it shows. Reality not a reality TV show. Where you hey the -- is in danger except for the fact there's a crew there. At a catering trucks you know on talk about this was on the streets while acts in the parking lot. Of a business in Cheektowaga New York it's real town's real business these -- real people. -- so and this is unvarnished and uncut. So what you see is what you get. And I think about it -- -- growing up perhaps as a black man as and Carville betting that. And and and knowing how some people whether they have any evidence of anything regarding your character. Or what kind of person you are they gonna -- you win in their general thoughts you don't have a chance. -- to show them that you're terrific guy or creative person -- good father or. Our good -- Employee that just gonna judge you by the way you look. Now imagine growing up like that and then facing an ignorant shouting woman at the decibel level of The Rolling Stones concert -- rich stadium. And she spewing hate. No question about it it's hate. It took a lot I think a lot of courage and will power. For the men -- bell Bennington to record now whether he baited her or not. I'm thinking he he made the best choice. Because -- escalated which would be the opposite it -- worse because she would have escalated even more if it's possible. But is so he didn't he took become cool and collected and she was angry. That he wasn't responding in a proper level to understand what she was mad about. And so she kept doubling down and doubling down and doubling down. Until it's different now we'll be back remote region company under is -- I'm thirty WB yeah. You're hearing the voice of -- WB -- that call us now at 8030930. Cell calls are free and started 930 or toll free line is 1806169236. Some people had been ignited and that I started writing without. Being overprotective mother I am I started writing my out. I mean I've been caught -- words lineup you know but it's never been confrontational. I can't imagine when Janelle Ambrose your got home. And her children said mommy mommy how many policemen did you strip for. Because she actually said that. She said oh he's got a dollar -- -- -- the nominees a policeman -- strip for now we don't know if she's a stripper. You know pole dancer a stripper an exotic dancer you know I don't. Maybe she just likes the war on -- in front of police precincts but we don't know. But that's a lesson to be -- their boys and girls what's in the mommy and you can find out a lot about her past that maybe you prefer not to know. But that's the case that she did say that has not been clearest -- whether she's an exotic dancer although one publication in England and a Chris so which one was that their Daily Mail I believe Daily Mail shows a picture of what they say. Is her and her younger days I'll say this we can't verify that is her but it sure looks order. I mean now I'm sure there people look like everybody. But is it does look like it's a post things on FaceBook -- couple known to back the locals. This is from. Kenneth. He says that she was wrong in every way and she didn't even seem to care that -- children we're seeing Barack like that there was about the actions of a concerned mother there -- the actions of a shameless racist. Yeah I think so too and what is the guys she was talking to on the fall weather is her husband or boyfriend I don't know who. Who was expected to -- come over there and defend her honor. Was the -- supposed to confront the black guy and say how did you start your car appear in the parking lot. Wait what does he was he supposed to do. Now we don't know after the take shut off if he ever showed up. If they have. If -- And to me for her calling India the cavalry. Floor to defend her honor was Leo false alarm as far as I'm concerned another please. This is from Maureen she says I hear this woman is now claiming to be bipolar I work with mentally ill people and how dare she blame his bad behavior on that disorder she's a racist he's clueless and she's a horrible -- Well I'd wouldn't disagree with any of that let's see who's been holding longest -- -- -- -- one Karen. In Amherst -- on WB yen. -- -- -- Video is disturbing and some -- analysts talked about the -- as a whole. But you know if you look at her face her behavior her body actions pretty -- extra meaning that really gearing up. And I don't think it's an effort. -- -- -- Up -- well there are okay go ahead Karen yes -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I would hope that her family would see what these kids they're living and I don't just mean a great event. I think what they don't make their bat what do they expect her. I mean I don't think she can cope with the normal situation. What do you advocate the rights -- and we turn their can't. Little hurt. Her being here is all. Off the lot and I think that sheets probably. About a lot and I think we're about -- hit -- -- was someone. That has anger issues and Kate and I mean I just hope that Italy you know they they look into what their kids. I'm living at a daily basis. Yeah because if if you. I Karen if you look at the video of the kids don't seem perturbed at all which might reinforce your argument right there is that they're used to. Yeah exactly I don't think there's an effort stagnant -- an effective like at. If it's -- black -- then you know Chinese air. Age she couldn't get there right chain burger and not look at Iran why I think that there aren't keeping -- and I just hope that somebody. You know look into that hit that it was fortunate that stopped. Okay thank you good point thank you very much. But -- -- like this if she makes about a video like that she might win the Lorena Bobbitt mom of the year award what do you think. It's quite possible nobody's -- since Lorraine that I thought they retired the the news of the trophy that you get which is a remarkable trophies in itself. As -- maybe shall win that if she keeps going no if you look at the kids during the video. You see that the kids it was perfectly normal they weren't frightened and if some -- frightens a kid they show it in a hurry they start to cry they hide behind mom or or something wrong way. These kids seem happy as a lark while mom is spewing all this stuff. So -- one could logically say this wasn't a surprise that these kids they had seen something before. I'll vote moms temper whether it was -- this kind of a deal is something else but they had seen it because they weren't bothered by all if you watch the video you'll see that. All right though let's take a break and they'll go back to the calls on it -- minute early to a breaker I don't want a short shrift anybody on -- straight and I'm thirty we are WB. Where it's about the fourteen. They may not never go away probably never ever go away now that the cycle is continually repeat yourself. One of the you know one of the problems is. Some people in the entertainment community. Use the N word as a term of endearment to somebody else who was black. And you you see that especially with comedians and some rap rap artists and whatever. And it's I know a lot of people in in all the communities which they'd walk away from that because. For some people it's hard to differentiate between somebody calling somebody the N word and you calling some of these is a huge difference. There is an absolutely huge difference I wish they sub using it to infect or some. There was a movement for a while back to get to try and convince artists not to do it. But having said that this woman. Club policy Janelle amber Rocha. -- says she didn't even think it was racially insensitive. She just thought it meant ignorant. If she really didn't know it was racially insensitive. She's more ignorant than I thought she was what planet is she living on. And so there's there's a real major problem with something like this. Raises its ugly head but it if you want to look at they have full size size of this. Of this deal is it did hit the Internet. And it's closing in on four million hits. And it shows in real time and realized from a real place not staged the face of races there it is right there. There's no way to deny that it's there are those words have been in our head for a long time nominee judge Susan we don't know. But the bottom line is for people who think. That every time somebody there cries racists it's a false alarm and I have been very critical about calling racist when it is a false alarm. Concede that it's not always a false alarm and this is a good example. So it's still there. For whatever reason. And you saw and you heard it and you have on your iPad and you have on your phone. And you're showing it to your friends because -- it's still -- may do we're going to be listening a little more intently and we have been in the past. Charlotte's Adam. Moscow to line to which would be Tom and Cheektowaga -- on WB again. Then the other no pun intended. Black guy for our area. He had does no good early Gaza but does not all areas just one person -- and. But it goes on everywhere it's it's it is widespread and I ballpark they feel that this happen to be the one that. Somebody who was waiting for something the states which scored that a lot of the 21 century that that the buffalo police. Yeah but yeah having. Some people who are out of Tuesday an agent and wait for something that didn't start batons. Right after that word or what he's -- the tape I mean I think there was more than meet the guys before the -- Now we don't know what happened before but it seems like if it were stage where it was gonna start saving right away it's like it was in progress when the -- started at least in my mind Garnett. And our -- I don't well. They look they look really young if I'd Tony Allen held it would this I would guess that they were of five and seven something like that on that close you know I'm guessing that just from the video. Is that a good example -- but the real quickly about the F like you'd see the correct -- -- the you know you're clever bit at the original there Nightline which indicate. What. Interviewing Richard Pryor was up. -- -- -- prior though and explains it right the Japanese indicate that they got a little -- and after their outward only the first would become the match. It has become the black white -- come through a couple of derogatory -- people were gonna fight against were. However the price quote. That was a great skill at night and I had remembered it to you refresh my memory is -- funny. Think there would be that the correct or prevent it began 780 congratulated the higher. -- did the opposite end Garnett it was a great. -- you know when you can do humor to show something that isn't particularly humorous it helps. Of of people after a member of a deep seeded. Our memories that they have this word invokes and boy it's ugly and she wasn't -- radios and now. We did she -- them up and mentioned yesterday. She emphasized them now when you go to a stage play the actors will emphasize the words so that everybody hears that. That's what she did it was like jazz robbing it into this guy and I he showed great restraint. Or maybe she's just got editor -- from. Stripping for -- who -- And let's -- over and under -- Tom on how many cops she stripped from Parker. Of the I bags on that reminds. Yeah that's the same for -- -- Out how many cups -- strip floor. Yes the question should have been how many of them would even remember you strip it for them are exactly right Manny did you know the odds of her. First of all the odds of her getting a -- that she -- for a war like Iraq. Is obviously. She'd have to be one sensational stripper -- back Jamal against idea that out the blow potty mouth there. Yeah I that's that's something. You know I have a lot of memories of my mother but she never said that. I'm I'm sure your mom and Iverson and there are you hurt your mother Chris we're we're just not used to back -- language especially around children. And the children were right there and if you wanna Doolittle a cycle analysis the children didn't seem disturbed. Are they seem very happy either and dance and Ronald bit. So if they -- not disturbed by -- the words and forget the words they may not recognize how important those words were but the decibel level. Of the mother and and unfortunately that she is all a voice that world you don't. Like the wicked witch of the west I mean it's a nasty voice. You you'd be surprised I would be surprised that -- those kids hadn't heard that voice before even if they had never heard those words they -- on perturbed so maybe they're used to. And the -- guys she was calling. You know it was probably -- on Wendy's having a burger and suddenly she wants you to come down and defend her honor. -- reminds him -- Groucho Marx. -- line in -- one of The Marx Brothers films where Margaret Dumont says. What are you doing he says I'm defending your honor which is more than you've ever done which is a great line. I wonder how many times are on -- has had to be defended -- a mile flight that. Walls. You better she hook up with a UFC championship. -- guy Chris and Hamburg here on W be done. Progress. It's in -- seeing video. Has nothing to do we. Elections. And yet I know you can't that was simple -- the lady could not figure out. The right word to shape their hand and arm yeah. That was the only word she can think. It has nothing to do with race nobody cares anymore. Races caught. -- Yeah that's said that's a decent sort of thought thrust upon her because. What are -- million drag out the biggest artillery you have if you especially if you have a limited vocabulary. And if she looked at him. And she saw a black man and dinner had the worst thing you can say to a black man as what she said you -- -- on somebody christened. I'm glad it's not a fact is not a must have brought up yet. -- I know he's seen it in the -- -- we've all done it you've reached that it rage if cultures I'll admit it. Yup and she's not you know I hear -- what good a good point Chris thank you what do you think about chris' point. And all I think you bring out the biggest gun UK and to get rid of enemy yeah. Like I understand that part of it but I still think kids deep rooted our racism that that soon. If we are having an argument with somebody. -- and though we couldn't come didn't come to mind the exact proper argument and say it was a a political argument. So you would tag the worst political thought you have on that person -- -- and I think Chris has a point whether it's totally true or not I don't know. Where they desperation they she's who's in the hour because she doesn't have a little cash William F Buckley. A sit down and discuss the ramifications of engine decimal noise. To -- -- levels of a five and a seven year old so she's gonna just lash out with the worst things you can think of do you think that has any markers I think -- I think it's. Would have more merit if she didn't keep on doing it like giveaway if it happened once or twice a setup I don't think the more stuff deck isn't she calmed down lawsuit it really -- Albert. When you when you're in a raise you say something normally you know a minute or two after you say it -- or maybe even immediately after you say you think I -- Out done I shouldn't of said that or. Because it's the -- -- win it it's like a championship -- you wanna win with one punch right all right you're not gonna stop -- -- -- with a few body blows here you want you want the killer punch and that's. If you think about it -- argument was with a black male what works -- can you say. Probably nothing that distracts the taming -- try to destroy it maker and and and when he didn't bite on and it got even worse. Because he ending knowledge her argument in the first place. Because he was cool comic collected so she gets more furious she ESCO Lleyton. And that it would've probably with a limited vocabulary maybe. All that time of -- -- stripping for policeman she should have been at the library. But that's another story so she didn't have any other ammunition for her gun. So that's she kept the same thing over and over that's a decent and there aren't. All right -- about wraps it up this is. Time I think we're social media instead of being a pain in the -- could be very helpful. If indeed you always thought that every -- cry racism was a false alarm this world -- -- on that. There's a date the are legitimate and realizations. That not everybody thinks the way people should think fairly and this is what happens every once in awhile. So that wraps it up I'd still like to know what the over and under is for. How many call options -- I'm gonna go for eleven with what you're. Saying fourteen and 1114. Chris what do you think. Somebody brought that 75. I -- wallet and as she might have been going over time this could be bigger than the playoffs I'm just telling him. Jimmy she may need more ice time I was there aren't nine under is -- I'm thirty -- Libya. We never had to -- his views.

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