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6-5 Beach and Company Hour 2

Jun 5, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And we are backward Beijing company unfortunately we can't play the meat of what was a -- I say unfortunately only way to show you the severity of what was. Not because we get a kick out of it a -- sensationalist the about it but in order to really appreciate. How law hateful is is you really have to hear it but. I'm mom hoping of herded it's on WBN dot com by the way you choose to go there are bad and there's plenty of warnings as the the language being goes. And usually get by words but these words. I don't think so so I have questions for you regarding the video between Janelle amber Asia and and R&R -- banning. 11 of he'll learn from a I think we've learned that the racism so long way to go to get that and go where it should be. Was this an isolated rare moment. I -- may be an isolated moment. But you don't. Pull that stuff up just without thinking about it beforehand. It's already in your mind you not released that may be -- before publicly but now is the time and you dig it out you use -- I don't think you formulate those thoughts in the heat of the moment so. I'm sure she came in with those thoughts and she left -- -- What about the video and audio recording is an out of control. Aminu we've just go went through the thing with the Donald sterling and they clippers where he was. Illegally recorded and the ends up losing his them his career his team and all of that sort of thing. And you know as you look at social media there's two ways to look at this. And in somebody in the building and I forget who because everybody was talking about this today but somebody in my don't want you guys maybe we -- a front office. Said in the old days it would have been a confrontation between two people. And then they would of left assuming no and no harm was done and they'd still harbor those feelings but it would not have been a national newscast. Now because of this. It's it's national and international almost three million hits because it -- -- love viral. So one would think that is actually a help rather than a hindrance because people can see. You can see racism there it is it's right there is not a textbook it's not a movie this is a real person at a real shopping plaza saying real things to a real black man okay. And so I think it is you can appreciate. The fact that how out of bounds this is by seeing it. You -- heard about it before and and and everything would have stayed the same this might do some good actually. Might do some good maybe if you're on the fence and and believe that everything is always exaggerated. Regarding racism. Maybe this and I I I feel like that a lot that oftentimes. It's a false alarm where really wasn't racism but it just using it to try to win an argument. But in this case you saw it it's there no question about it it's there. And so is social media helpful in that. Or regard and I think it is. And what kind of words would you use it rent free speech outrageous dangerous whatever. And the DA is going to get the video illness from the yeah police chief -- the Largo. You think -- DA should prosecute keep in mind besides hate speech there were threats and there. A lot of threats in there about what the bad things gonna happen to this guy. So I think that I'm not a lawyer certainly not a lawyer but I think there's an effort they want to prosecute. That they can and asking should day. But I'll tell you one thing about anger. You get to certain levels of and at some levels of the beginning -- think okay -- trouble. And you go up to -- now I could lose my job and then you get to it doesn't matter. When you get to it doesn't matter nothing matters I've been there I've been -- it doesn't matter. Where it didn't matter. Whether I had a job whether I was gonna go to jail nothing mattered when you get to that point get the hell out of dodge because you're gonna get real trouble. And that's where she was. She was in it doesn't matter she's I -- blind rage. Calling India the support team over how your husband getting him back call. I'm having a confrontation with somebody you don't know anything about and knowing you're going to have to defend your wife when you get there no matter what happen. I don't think it was a point of forgetting to that. I don't care. That was normal -- I think that's normal for her all she's just not ignorant -- while if that's normal for her when there. Really seriously got to chip and and get a Selma -- counseling she claims. She's bipolar. She claims that we don't know for -- but that's what -- OK let's go to frank a car phone frank you're on WB yen. They work for people to you about that ignorant they all about it currently got a person. -- feel -- to wait to get them much and it's in America it if you're probably. Did you -- -- decision other everything they've got killed and up. A woman who -- the shifter that wanted to spend a screening at the camera about -- -- or rather what. They took it outside the police and -- and don't. They're looking for apart all the equipment what but you can do management you know and it's that it. It's I -- -- the white trash America I refer to it just did it they've been that Jerry Springer type it's going to Asia America go to. That's that's a good that is a good characterization. Where people screaming and throwing chairs at each other of the Jerry Springer American Idol like you -- -- use frank. They I just think that there are there are people look at that don't like -- human life. They -- everybody else -- got that to -- an Arab light some game locker or some -- You know -- not now recruiting new stuff like that and I think. That they're they're they're what they can't try to pull out that they -- in -- people and -- all of this ignorance and implement an opinion. They won't run and a very bad place mentally -- it. But your report that the first woman in explode like we're -- to -- to. -- video right and it should. The report that I netbook or end up you know trying to put itself -- and it is and it is in the bag -- -- we're late -- And I think that there -- you alert from the electorate say about these these these YouTube. Without you know my goodness gracious. I think it serves a purpose because now we can see it right in the -- this is realism isn't TV this is a move is not a script this Israel. And done this is why we have to deal with a pat thanks Frankie did a great job of characterizing them thank you. The Jerry Springer type. When you disagree with somebody throw a chair. You need to burly security guards Steward to get a between. But that's if it's a sad situation really is I'd I'd like to know -- just out of a morbid curiosity when she says he knows a cup. -- -- cops -- strip floor so that means something. Well which I'm not sure. Maybe she was a stripper. Maybe -- some kind of exotic dancer. Maybe she just knows -- the precincts -- -- drive by takes a close up I have no idea. But that's -- that's a that's probably. A sentence you've never heard before. -- you guys ever heard that sentence. Do you know how many cops -- strip for act -- and all of our progress every now and then you -- a story that's so out there it that's a sentence comes out of -- that has never been uttered in the north and it's outrageous. I like to know just you know we could -- it over and under. Why don't we call Las Vegas and what the over under would be 101112. You know just put a number in there and we can bet on it. You know this wasn't such a pathetic situation. You that you need relief every once in awhile but she is very very lucky that she walked away unscathed and and to do that. We have her children there was just. Talk to anybody has that has children. Even if they wanna do something even if they really. Think they should do something -- walk away because they have children there she didn't. She went the other way. And she's very lucky that the worst thing bed and our bill banning did was recorded. Because who knows maybe if it wasn't our bill banning it was somebody more sinister and -- -- and she wouldn't allow that parking. So you got to think about that she's lucky the way this thing came out so far we don't know what's going to be prosecutor. We'll be back tomorrow beach company under Israeli -- that we are WB yeah. And Erik per cent -- say black white. Porter weekend it's an ignorant person. How were asking -- several things regarding the vote video. What have you learned from a what have you learned was this an isolated or rare moment. Video and audio recording is an out of control I think in this case it really helped because it showed us the face of racism we saw. It wasn't a textbook wasn't drawing it was -- hearsay it was there and there are laws. How would you describe what happened ignorant free speech outrageous dangerous okay with a and should the DA prosecute I know he's getting the information from the energy to our police department will be up to him. A couple of things that I can see right up -- my head is that hate speech. He is illegal I know of that and that might only be a federal and and we also know which can't threaten people like that. It's like to be her husband on the other end of that phone. Not knowing what you're facing if you come to of the defense of year of your life. And there are times married or not that you've got to wonder what is she thinking. Of course he's probably heard at the privacy of his home before but certainly not on the street -- who knows what being directed. -- she said it made the comment that he hates. Black people -- so -- don't got to believe that that that thought process. As carries on that house the other kids didn't seem freaked out over any of this despite -- yelling and all that other stuff. They were it would they were there you know running around a parking meter or something like that that's wealthy that they were scared I don't they know her claims that that he started the -- yeah car and as we said it was the cart has -- pipes on you don't know -- on -- Or -- it's a race car the quiet quiet and so I don't I don't I'm not buying -- just on circumstantial evidence. So I wanna know your thoughts on this let's go to who -- Sheila. Thanks to a whole issue earlier on WB -- All right. Okay. -- -- it simple and I had all these people aren't. Stupid but. Yet. You like. Are you -- -- What are you. She accused bipolar would you would ever medication -- help it out and maintain a stability -- -- In a cheaper than she. Yeah out well I hear you are we're gonna cheer goes up there Sheila thank you very much. -- it. The only thing that people ask. Regarding the guy is why did he recorded and keep recording and my thinking is this if -- -- in that situation I would've recorded two. And I thought it simply because you don't wanna get he said she said. And she is got two little children and day and year in Europe a guy by yourself. Okay you reclaim anything you wanted to -- But the one thing about having telephones and ipads and everything their records all the time is that you can -- say look. Here's here's what happened here it is now the question is what happened before. The record button one on. And what happened thereafter because it does not show anybody else arriving at -- those shall always those -- husband whatever. But I I'd that's the only questions come up is why the -- and he was calm. And it was one of those things. Look if somebody calls the show. And we know it's not just a difference of opinion it's just total ignorance on the subject that they don't know the facts this is an open to interpretation. I let him talk. You know violence not because most people say it says nobody believing like that come on you're exaggerating. So there you have the face of ignorance and in this Asia the face of ignorance that. So I'm sure that that's part of his -- I'm sure but I I'm guessing that's part of his reasoning. Was here it is I've got some some prove it's on video. And to think he should've put his tail between his legs and slink away no. Now the guy's a human being the -- citizen. The guy is is who knows he could be a saintly man for all we know don't know him. But the point is there's a certain amount of human dignity where you're not required to sit there have been throwing feces that your. And I think that was the case the thought of him just leaving because he's a gentleman. Doesn't doesn't work with me doesn't work -- -- at all I think -- do the right thing was calm cool collected no threats just recorder what was up. Let's go to a Randy in buffalo Randy on WW via. -- India you know on my doctor and a I got a different angle here. -- waterside receive. You say anything -- anybody should it. Really -- off it and just start spewing. Is aside icy cold and calculated anger over Q school. It was cold. But later put yourself on the Internet pictures to kids names numbers all the news -- the calculated murderer you know. Finger against her. It it doesn't help either way I don't know what should happen whenever there. I did hear that. She was angry because soap and water children and I know that if utility. Similar better -- between error -- cold moment no matter how hard is that you know all the trouble. And I think it's something that well and -- issues. It's opened the media likes to talk about it's it's there's a lot of talk to block. Well it's you know a guy it is a big story simply because we don't get to see this kind of naked aggression very often usually it's more. Shaded or hidden behind closed doors -- nobody knows about it. But it's sees there I think in this case by it coming out like this the tape is tape the tape says with a tape says. And so people can say OK I didn't believe this sort of thing happened but now I gotta believe at least have happened here. Well Leggett you know say please don't go on not. All the detentions that are going to underneath your old -- -- -- -- well. Also a lot of real -- That the Port Authority. -- ball. Police Serbia and you see you know are now I don't know what apparently he called me all that -- I can't help the ball to him as if if -- I hit it granted. It reminds pro life. Yeah he was cool and calculated. And that's good because if you is escalating yet. On one side you've got a black adult male on the other side you have a female with two children. It would have been even uglier Bennett was before I am glad he stayed cool and calculated. And he has every reason to be cool and calculating he's not escalating it. He may behave may have been Baikonur. He may have been you know when you're angry and somebody else doesn't meet your level of anger you get even. Here because you think they don't understand the situation -- they don't agree with -- they don't think you're right saying that kind of thing. Assault that escalates -- you've seen that happen before. And -- he was quiet and cool and calm and the -- comer he got the work she got. And he got on video. And good for him. Good for him because now this is Avaya a classroom subject this is a real world subject. This isn't a movie it's not a TV show it happened in Cheektowaga. And here's the video proof will be back with more. Would be aging company under Israeli and I'm thirty we are WVU. Your hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. -- now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and -- 938 or toll free line is 1806169236. That's about the fourteenth. They may not never go away probably never ever go away now that the cycle is continually repeat yourself. FAA as Beijing government have said leave me Chad I was in ugly incident and here's a case were social media. And everything our lives get put on a FaceBook and and others like that. -- social media actually may have been helpful. It's been hit nearly has been hit nearly three million times already so people are seeing it. It would have happened and as someone in my colleagues here the -- vision. Said this sort of thing would have happened before would have been made a brief flare up from David on home and -- not known about it. Are right okay. But -- this lots of people know about it and concede. What are the advantages of something like -- you gotta look at something positive and one of the advantages is the show that every claim of racism isn't exaggerated. That there are real people out there who act like this woman does so I think that's a benefit. And does so yeah we don't like to see every aspect of our live publicized but if you up if you want a better picture. Show better behavior -- basically she had two kids which he basically hit behind claiming that. Whatever and our -- did startled them they certainly good looks Arnold in the video. And and I would be more startled by the way she acted in front -- her children. Let's go to 20. It's I think it's Mike Mike you're on WB and thanks for calling. Any. Syria I had -- I had heard in any of the story came home and my wife should just put on. Somebody sent to work from the computer. And wound. It was playing in the background etc. like I don't know what what are what's going on and took it just sounded like somebody being -- I don't know what happened forehand. Like. He was completely dating her and Iran that was the whole thing that I heard. And then I caught a little strip with a good news. Just before I went to bed where he was talking to the news and everything and that sort of calm when I got out I got another little segment on my way into work. And to me. Left right you stayed in order and recording it with all intentions of putting our line and I found out he had no other line which. I am I heard this morning but last night he mentioned it and gave himself as a little plug so. Did -- do it because she was offended or what it because he's got clothing line and it's great promotion. Well let me give -- my thought on that regarding baiting. A first of all he was he was quiet and she was out issue -- -- in full rage mode okay. Now he had like three choices he could have just put his car and drive and driven away that's one choice. Now he could have done what he did which is a record it's -- you have some evidence in case it becomes -- he said she said. Or the other thing the opposite of -- would be. Matching her decibel level and escalating it now if -- got escalated it would've been worse. -- -- I don't know what his thoughts were regarding his clothing line or anything like that -- I don't know what he does -- I've never seen a momentum. But I think of of the choices. I don't think the first choice is very reasonable for a person -- dignity to just drive away and after after that happening. So I think he made the best choice of history. And I don't disagree with you adjust it seemed like you know maybe at first started. What ever happened and then as a wet aren't the white ball went off they just seemed like it went on for too long and it was. That committee I mean like I hadn't heard about the story didn't even know what had happened until I overheard. You're going on in the background I wouldn't watch it. Yeah I got I got the emergency notification -- I was not aware of until I got that now the other choice could have been made by her. She as -- as she was could've walked away with her children. And put her children ahead of her but she didn't do that and I think most women would have done that Tony angle -- Don't think he went in their thinking. Dispersal is no way of knowing that -- I was gonna come -- -- our house so I don't think he had that thought process the woman -- -- the -- true yes she could and she would have had a reason because she's got her children whether. This -- them are different argument for a different day what do you think about that. I don't. I closely I want to -- like I want want it to end it yet. -- but I -- All. -- They separate what Annika but it sure. Are there. Don't pulpit like Alley cat out of here. Okay thank you. You got that right hey thank you for your call appreciate it. Now as far as walking away by a confrontation. With a woman. I would walk away. -- confrontational guy walk away in a million years and that's just the way it is everybody's built and and wired differently. But. Most men would not harm women some men kill women. But most would not harm and she should have been Smart enough to know this isn't worth this fight let me take my kids get a car and go home. Because Illinois there was no harm done to our kids he wasn't yelling anything at her there were no. Nobody threw anything at each other she was the aggressor in this from what we saw. -- -- -- my we always have to put that caveat in there. And we only know what we saw from the beginning of -- of the video to the end we don't know what happened before we don't know what happened. She continued to bid to to spew her venom when bush RK let's take it and -- normal situation would have been. If she felt that he scared her kids. She -- OK if I tell off pay you yell you idiot you scared my kids and then -- -- here there's no reason to stick around there and Kerry Kerry. -- you know what it was about I can tell you right now -- -- a poker player I'm a poker player you know she was going she was doubling down. In other words she started with a simple thing of you scared my kids when you start of a car or whatever started okay when he and reactive fat she took it to the next level. And he didn't react to that so she took it to the next level. So she got that a basis levels she could get by calling him a racial name that is absolutely out of bounds because he wasn't reacting. To the other things. -- it's like almost any domestic argument. When one starts and in the other as a reply. The first one escalates and keeps escalating it. And and that's what happened I mean it's obvious he didn't wanna get involved in the verbal causation of this he just recorded it and has a record in case. Let's face it. A woman with two small children. Are a a male black citizen. If it's he said she said you're really rolling the dice on that when I think he was Smart to record. And no proof this she's offer rocker she should stand there with the kids at a technical term offer rocker on the doctor okay -- I definitely went on the radio. That you know she's obviously trying to get her husband. To come there to weren't poor guy he have to fight this guy and she wanted a confrontation. Out in front of her kids. Now I don't like that daddy's coming and he's going to hurt the the demand over there what the thought is that. I mean really besides the language. And let's face it though we we all warrant -- brought up in a convent we've heard bad words before. But this is this is vile stuff just absolutely -- she was willing to subject or cancer that she was also willing to watched the kids watch their father come in and try to beat this guy up. How -- -- -- is that this is it's very sick. And as I said she didn't just say those words at the spur of the moment there where there they are on the shelves may be she hasn't had to use -- in the past but. Okay I'm gonna take this word out some higher shelves are gonna. Reach way up there at the end word there's nothing worse than that may be the H word for Hitler but that's about it yet. And she Dutch took off the shelf and use. She was doubling down because he wouldn't. He wouldn't acknowledge what she was mad about will be back I should be a doctor. Doctor sandy will be back on -- and I'm thirty WB yeah. I said. What would that have been just enemy so she said you Wear what I say just give my kids sit by starting my. Car here's a bit of audio from an. Being interviewed by our friend flooding going. She was using a bit of metaphors. CNN like she was so angry at me saying that I've never endured that type of in word compensation and you stay here you can. Well for one. Mean what she did that ever ever kid this good -- and I'm I'm a father you know I have I have kids as well and I value them growing up so when she did better for her kids and I'm like well wow. I feel about it. All right there you -- -- have the audio just -- something I've said many many times and I firmly believe this you can take anything away from some. You can take their freedom away you can take their car away you can take their children away you can take their wife awake but the one thing you cannot take from another human being. Is their dignity if you take their dignity that's all they have. And to expect him to just turn tail. And turnaround in the day with his -- of this ignorant obviously buried people deeply. Racist person. Is not that is not the answer it's justice shouldn't be expected. All bets are off when the dignity goes all bets are often you have to know. Let's go to -- more rain and had more Maureen -- on WB yen. I I'm I lived through the authorities and the idea he's part of buffalo and it was on that street they're Germans and Irish and so I'm. And there can never Force Protection collapse. That would be -- and had stayed dumped up and the people. The government says they didn't album they didn't do anything flattening they gave them some place to live in the palaces that they red light. And then all the fans the people who live their bag and we we -- their. The most hated people go to Cheektowaga. And they never have recovered -- I mean it was a terrible blow they liked their businesses. We do that offered 2000 ballots for our house. And it was so let's patently that the -- manufacturers 67000. So I mean it was a terrible hair and I think this has not been festering since then. Because in the old days -- sections about regulation Irish Italian polish. And we opt -- would be gathered under our own nationality Friday. But if there's so -- and a activity. I have now I can donate anything I think he did the right thing I'm glad it came out today and I know we get to do something about it. But I guess like people to realize our deep -- it is. And I can just imagine in Israel and the Palestinians. And you know I mean when you -- take away people's landing and the dignity issues said. You grabbing them and everything. And -- -- that this is very deep seated because that way everyone was treated. In those early days after literally true -- All right well I'm glad you gave us something to think about the well said Maureen thank you very much. Yeah I think I've never discuss this but I think card basically what she said. Has a lot to do with everything that's going on now. -- neighborhoods. In the beginning of our country where traditionally. Ethnic I mean you had the Italian neighborhood. The Jewish neighborhood the you had to the Chinese -- or whatever black neighbors. And then as neighborhoods changed. And there was any resentment that they were changing no matter how they were changing -- -- was coming it was different than before. All that's my grandmother's house I I remember going there and now look at it it's it's not kept up the way my grandmother kept up to a look there's a neighborhood store we used to hang out there is kids got to meet after the school -- let us up. And now it's closed in this graffiti on it. I think what happens is as one group. Moves in and the neighborhood changes there's resentment from the group that was there before would you feel let's. That's true Tony and I would seem that every player -- I've ever worked and worked all over the country is the same thing he ever had never even put my finger on it so what happens is. You have up a memory and a pride. Of what that neighborhood was like when you were a kid when you were being raised there and now you go back and it's not the same. And so no matter what the -- is that comes and it's different than the group that was there. And because of that I think there's a resentment like when I go to Massachusetts. I always good drive by my grandmother's house is about 1520 miles from where my folks look I always go via. And when I go buy it it's extremely. Well kept and I am so happy with that -- I don't know who lives there now have no idea. If it were not. If or ramshackle and falling down and there was -- car up on blocks on the front I would be angry I don't know what the angry jets in I don't know who was there but I wouldn't be happy. And I think that's what happens a lot of times as neighborhoods change. The people who used to be there I don't see it as the same and and and and don't like ten. Kind of how I feel when I go back to north buffalo because it's not the same as when I grew up. A little busier now may affect too busy for my liking so I can see that. Well I can't tell you how happy I am when I do see my grandmother's house is still well -- and my folks house still welcome makes me feel good. It really does but I can see it going the other way too. Our will be back for a lot of calls or violence are about this today -- will join a right after the -- is under Israeli and I'm thirty WB.

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