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6-5 Beach and Company Hour 1

Jun 5, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Tell all all his vision governor and I'm sandy beach and I want to set the record straight right at the beginning of today's show the record must be cleared. First of all I have never strip -- cops aren't please take that to the bank secondly I love the sound of a car engines starting. I've started many car engines before and I just love that's down. It's Beijing governor they had on there -- If you have a hat and if you're hanging onto it it's a beautiful day and got -- talk about today hello there Tony Caligiuri lose and being elevator Chris Chris Chris drill -- first gamers and they is and they record books and LA goes to a one nothing lead now. Chris victim and seven new equipment six right now owning right so -- so you're you're both comedy right foot. As you know I've made an outstanding choice right after new York and through. The book he's been an average on the board all the hunt -- -- talk about including a people who strip for cops. That was an unusual. And usual beta video don't you think a little bit incidental and will be talking about that today and and how it fits into our daily lives and things like that meanwhile for those of you. Heading out to Bellingham. Washington. There is a bike right out there and to say okay. Why would I go all the way to Bellingham Washington for a bike ride when there is money -- bike rides around here on like this one. This is a naked by cried I knew yup and -- Roberts and the organizer of the sixth and you'll make it a bike ride on Friday said. It's okay if you wanna Wear clothes so that there are being not discriminatory. Just say this about that okay. I have a couple of bicycles and it's not the naked bike ride that will kill you it's that seats. Have you ever sat on a bicycle seat without clothes and I've only done three or four times but but I'm telling -- I said I'm not gonna go to fifth time. Is very painful who designed the bicycle seat got to be executed it and they're probably the same people have designed -- hospital down. When you're going there for a check up in -- one it ties in -- back and you always get a draft. And it of a design that -- perverts whoever designed that or low -- a bicycle seat now you can buy the fat man's bicycle seat. But -- on the airport on gradual I mean have you ever seen that. If you ever seen a fat man's bicycles I have not okay than normal bicycle seat. Looks like up very slender. In -- I don't know widening of the road in the back a little bit of that. The hands bicycle seat which I bought years ago I and I was too ashamed to use it then. As low it's got super buns in the back I mean it's like that's okay. So it's the edit yeah it's more comfortable. But not necessarily going to -- more friends on the ride because there are gonna look at a -- Have you ever heard of a salad and -- going to look at the data in my I -- bicycle ride -- Don't spend some real comfortable. Oh yeah yeah is on who you could stand up I guess I didn't hold half the bench seat you and hockey bicycle when we were kids they were a little longer and lots of cushion all right. Yeah I did not know that I had you know they use the hedges have regular bicycle seats normal and then once they got into. Multi speed bicycles. That a banana seat -- fantasy element embassy you know. Then when the Panama multiple speed bikes. They got the whole thing of the bikes are great but you got to Wear the goofy outfit with a hat looks like your brains coming out your head. And the skin tonight. That the skin tight shorts -- you can tell if somebody's Jewish as they drive by five miles an hour. I mean it's just ridiculous. They got to -- the whole -- right it's it's not -- not I look at Tour de France and my outlook is more heartily Bennett is the you know Klein or something right so anyway other naked bike race a sixth annual if you wanna go to whipped up. You know why it sent. Zach is off. Tomorrow and I think -- said. He's off for a couple of weeks and you don't suppose he's going to Bellingham Washington for about naked bike ride -- olden. Wouldn't he tell us what -- themed video back so we could post. Don't they know that posting things is the key to success today yes. And it would go viral John is that naked on a bicycle. Maybe not you know forget I said that I -- it was a moment he's on clarity I can tell you that. Today Matthew Michael Mick Mick hall and is. He put Karl over and wrote a ticket for the speedy okay. And he got into trouble you know why he's not a -- -- and you know why control. Because he's not a cop and he pulled overcome a yeah -- though he's the fake cop he didn't know the guy -- going over was our real cop. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The key is if I or -- here is that I specialize -- and if I were pulling over -- area a driver. The walk from my cruiser. Through the card that's all important he got to have a little bit of swagger a moment load of the John Wayne -- And if you're lucky enough to have like a state trooper had those -- hats those those are really cool that you know. And hopefully get the high boots on. And you kind of walk over and your very -- you're always very license and registration. And and you watch the absolute abject fear in their. You always have to sunglasses yes on -- which you. Flip up yet on our government. I like that and and and it's I've seen enough issues of cops I've seen every every yeah cops episode and it's it's all in the walk. From the cruiser there and if that doesn't cracked them they're probably right. If they're normal they don't act nervous whatever. But one thing about people get pulled over the -- Because when the police ask you mind if we inspect the car. And they say sure go ahead and and then they find -- a twenty pound bail hold of some kind of drug in the back they know they don't find it. What I think they're the cops got nothing more of them because they allowed them does searched a car. I -- I never -- that like they're gonna say OK well since she said OK I won't even if -- cops have very good at finding stuff through. Notice that something you'll be there are chasing a car at you know 85 miles an hour and they'll throw up till all the window at midnight. Aren't cops backed they got the mag light I ever mag -- I. I couldn't find a pillow and fielded 2 way am -- couldn't. But I tried. But it -- there it is right there we saw it I mean it's amazing. Yeah it's amazing ever go to that. -- a sad to hear about the death of Don Zimmer. Don Zimmer knows a great baseball organized 83 years old. And the reason I'm sad is that so I had a chance to meet and work -- Don Zimmer. Iran WBA pick either our program in Dallas carried the ranger games and he was the manager. And before the season started he came in. And I've written some Promos for the upcoming season. So we I produce essentially went into the studio. And it was OK but it was -- And motive for people out there who don't know that means that means he was reading the words he wasn't saying award and he's got such a great personality that I Saddam. You have a fabulous personality it's a little reading why why don't we work together on the shore. That was the best session I've ever had he was so much fun for us to he left -- eagle at the door Harry is it a world famous manager. And he couldn't have been nicer he was right -- such a lasting impression -- even a baseball fan. But I always had a great affection for Don Zimmer from that one session that we did together and he took direction and remarkably well -- and it's on twice. I mean you get an idea any just -- -- needs via a neat guy neat guy and he is passed away. Boy had quite or are resonate. Because he was a player first and during his career he played -- The -- the Mets the reds the senators he coached with the expose the Padres the Red Sox. The Yankees the giants the Rangers the Padres in the Rockies. While he went back from Casey Stengel all the way up to Derek Jeter -- -- of course. As he has that fabulous facing a human face of baseball so sorry about the here hear about the passing Don Zimmer. Take a break we'll be back with more -- -- and I'm thirty WB yeah. Well the good news is that -- Donald Sterling has given the OK. They're gonna put the sold sign on the clippers as he's. His lawyers have all disputes and outstanding issues have been resolved. I'm an attorney for sterling. Announced on Wednesday so he and his wife. I don't -- you know but some went my yo wife and I got divorced we didn't that we didn't separate two billion dollars. And not even Paul's. But that's it's of of that I wonder she's saying do I get the TV set. Yeah I get a billion dollars each. And Bob minus of course our trees and then you go on your way about that and -- bet he's such a chick magnet. -- -- have no trouble funny you know long horn out of her and her as well. All right I've often wondered about this and now I found out. In San Diego California. This is something usually think about Tony nod Chris but usually think about this. Two area residents who recently got to had to lose. Were treated for infections the bacteria responsible for the infections was found in contaminated. Tattoo ink. And in the water use to dilute the ink to make it gray -- well that's not good. I would assume that anybody that got a -- from that tattoo parlor runs in back. And say I want my money back and can you take it off. Yeah yeah you have to you have to go all on recommendation of people that have dealt with good tattoo artists and I -- the jaguars are responsible yes but in this case if if there was it in the water in the ink. Maybe they didn't even -- it probably didn't even know I don't know try to hold them responsible as true now because I'm sure they're not using water they dug up in the backyard of a puddle. I'm -- they're using city water and the incas the debate has the Inca. Chemically before they inject I don't know but somebody's somebody's. Up for a big -- oh yeah and the last thing you want -- I don't know 101000. And thousand plaintiffs with Joe's no I don't know if it's bad she knows you can bring them back -- that do not not so -- -- you know you don't want solo effort that. Meanwhile congratulations. To Chris Christie. Chris Christie got a break from all of the duties of office and the national Father's Day committee crowned him -- Father of the year about that for Chris Christie I'm nice award and that completes it. After he hugged Obama it was named mother of the year -- Newton and now he's revered or maybe they've quickened to bow their heads are gonna -- where exactly. All right so what else is going on them the first game we talked about with a hockey yeah and that's already in the books and a of course that -- you live under a rock you know that. Right now Cheektowaga New York is the epicenter of social media as a yeah a video which is only four minutes than something long of the information here. Not a long video is is taking over the yeah of the social media it's a spaces and park. That picture on the front page of this very pleasant looking and then -- day. Yeah I takes you gotta be kidding me. On the front page of problem about that. She's on the following. Saga. It it sounds like she might be shouting it looks like that tandem in that this year does not like a happy person. And we're going to be talking about that today we're gonna get into all aspects of it to first at all. It was on line while you were still here yesterday Tony after I have leapt out of this thing break yeah. I did sought somebody posted a I'm mighty. My FaceBook page and a private message. And is that okay and then I start to see in the video everybody riposte -- and it's just gone all over the place so. After the show landed I listened to it and at least I try to NI I I couldn't get more than a couple minutes into it I was so disgusted -- to -- off. I got my attention Will Robinson announcements on my idea on my phone in my iPad. So by a punch it up and wow Wallace all I can say because when I used to seeing or hearing that kind of a video. And it is it's amazing it is just amazing where we're going to be talking about how amazing it is but let's just say this. If up if you're getting married and you intend to invite Janelle Amro Asia and our bill banning to the wedding. I would suggest separate tables. You know maybe it's far away from each other as possible. You know -- because I I don't I don't think this would be a joyful reunion I would suggest not inviting. Yeah I've you're not going to invite one of them. I would think she would be the one you would not want to invite. She criticized the groom at the top of the cake I'm sure you didn't hear about it. It's not a funny matter but yikes. Have you seen appears in such an outburst like that. When people lose that sometimes date moves that I can tell you that -- I toward door opera radio studio once and short time ago. I mean think about what it takes to -- door off of a radio studio and it was bulky. And because that was bulky. I didn't actually throw like a baseball like -- and he poured huge debt. Last time I saw that guy I'm not making this up he was jumping over the timetable running through the newsroom for his life. Now as long time ago I come -- Not a lot but little but yeah you can lose every once in awhile there and that you don't do the right thing. By the way I don't think that it is the stores really you ever try and -- -- -- -- not it's not easy to I don't suggestion drives. Are always come back the story of Jim Allen and and our bill. Well back. With -- would be -- company -- -- I'm certainly are WB. You can pay for yesterday's news in print or get today's news -- just use WP EN dot. -- Backward Beijing governor I asked if you'll pardon me for using the German has gone viral. Well all over to a million hits already approaching three million hits what are we talking about there was confrontation. In a Cheektowaga parking lot an idea you know -- retail establishment and Cheektowaga. Between Janelle and allegedly between Janelle Ambrose. And our bill banning. And when I saw I'm gonna just described as best I can. I mean it doesn't we have sound -- but I don't know if it makes much sense -- -- not to sound -- that are just filled with beeps. We haven't actually of words on them because. The whole point was it was -- a it was a disgusting. Video to be honest with -- ones. I'll give you the target of the king James version of it. And then we'll look -- out where we want our goal of the specifics of which are still little Fuzzy here and there. The video as I saw it as I was watching and I didn't know what to expect I knew it was going to be explosive. I knew that it was a racially insensitive and that's the nicest way to say it. Words of being used in this confrontation between this woman and a man the woman had two small children okay. The man was inside he is a vehicle at the time this video was shot. Now as as we kind of go over and over at. The original claim was that her children and they look younger taxpayers. Ago. They were in the background they look happy. Were startled by this man starting his car. And later became that they almost you know renal or something but it's of the video started like that that. They were startled when he started his car now I'm thinking as a car guy. Buses muffler was off most cars very quiet when they start there aren't many. She's got a big -- there. And there's not many muscular kid. And and you're at a parking lot in Cheektowaga there's cars all over the place so you have that we do have some that -- -- -- perform via -- Lleyton okay. So what happened is. Apparently they got into a verbal confrontation. Now while -- now was ranting and I do mean ranting. Now marvell. To appear as those his phone out some video. -- is not surveillance but. Recording equipment right it was probably his phone and recorded the whole thing. And she was getting worse and worse and worse now I -- argue I've I've been through confrontations. Before. And they usually have cut off points. In other words if some thing that gets you angry or whatever sometimes you only have struggled this far and it's over. Maybe you give somebody the bird as you go buy them because they're driving like an idiot okay. Some are more verbal. In but you get to a certain point and that's all they deserve was what you gave them nothing over. Some. Lose total control and when you closed total control almost anything can happen. People can die like that you can say anything things you might say that you never said before but there -- in the deep recesses of your mind. But once you once you decided to go balls to the wall if you pardon the expression. Then there's no accountability for what can happen. I'm very bad things can happen and while she was. If her tirade using the N word repeatedly. Two and our -- betting who was black. And she is not while she's using the N word repeatedly your children right there and a mongers so she's on a cell phone. And she's talking to we assume her husband. And and as she's she's threatening our -- her husband's gonna come down there and -- him bodily harm. And then as someone suggested calling the police and and she said oh -- the police he knows the police. -- how many policemen and vice strip for. We don't quite know what that means is Xia a stripper I don't know. She pulled answer I'm really not sure she's just like to have gone from a precinct and take their clothes -- sure don't know so I don't know. Now you found a picture ever wrote Chris. In a publication in England right now -- proposes to be her at a younger age. Yeah it was the the Daily Mail I believe in the UK okay it was a couple photographs that -- -- they'd look like her but I'm not really sure fits experts are honored yeah so maybe they publish the pictures that don't look very much -- we can't say it's her for sure. We don't know. A but anyway as she is getting angrier. If if you'll notice the one thing that rarely gets people if they're at a second level of anger. Is one the other people don't reach that level they're cool calm and collected which is what our belt laws. And it's almost like you expect them to meet your level of anger. And when they don't get you get manner you get even matter because you assume there are taking you seriously. They're not listening to and so US escalated and goes higher and higher and higher. Now she is she said in to paraphrase. That her husband was gonna come down and and obviously. Do bad things. And -- go and that these are the kind of things that we're going to happen. The video didn't last long enough for a Ecstasy she threaten to throw hot coffee on them. In which case he he put the window up in his vehicle but it was it was an ugly scene I mean it was absolutely ugly. I mean when you go to see a movie like Django unchained for instance. And they show the N word. In that context. I'll vote that was -- slavery. And -- -- show like that you saw how good it is I mean most of us have not seen it in that context. So you can understand the -- word as the ultimate. Bad words. It's Libya blurted out. Now she later claimed. That in and she didn't think that was even -- derogatory she is -- took the M word to mean ignorant. Ignore him meaning you don't know what's going on in and not the brightest bulb in the package. But obviously anybody who's been on earth more than oh I don't know ten seconds. Knows that it's highly inflammatory word and not to be used. So my questions are these if you've probably seen or heard it you know what's interesting. -- messiah. Did you guys that embassy for a messiah on channel through no not for a messiah. Knows. How far to go to make a point. Messiah. I have a history -- -- -- his daughter with his daughter was -- In for every Democrat frank messiah on I've -- bush had an animal on and we haven't had among long time. So channel two has -- on his head of the NAACP and in awful. Aren't so they asked him some legitimate questions and gives legitimate answers and they have a split screen with -- another guest okay. Andy had done the first the other -- first and then frank messiah and then they're gonna go to commercial cluster. And major of the anchor tries to break away from that discussion to go to a commercial which we all know OK and fragment size that's this is a sit. Is that all I'm here for is this what you try to hide or cover up. And that's got -- is what Scott -- when trying to hide or cover band and and that what happened is there was a brief period where there was no audio. And then they went to spots. And when they came back for -- wasn't on the screen anymore. -- you've got to know that if you're going to. Have your your your voice heard near the head of an organization that represents. African Americans. It out of it than that frank. Nobody admitted it would just trying to get your reaction to what there was nothing being hidden -- was lead story I think Matt newscast and then later on. Reynolds who didn't use it as a leader as a matter of fact. They did something else -- about Bob at hand to hand thing I saw that yeah that's what they should vote. And they downplayed the video. But -- Frank's got a Frank's got a cool off some time if you're gonna get anything done but anyway. My view on this is that. We from what we know we always have to preface who have from what we know we don't know what happened before that video started. And we don't know if it happened exactly as it was portrayed on the video guy just started up his car in the children. Afraid -- escalated and voices. And she started using the F -- blah blah blah blah blah. But from what we know. The woman's outburst Janelle Ambrose is operas was totally uncalled for and disgusting. That's the only way to describe it disgusting. Now we all have our free speech issues and absolutely we should have free speech and you have the right to remain ignorant. You have a right to remain a racist you have a right to remain an idiot. And that's what I saw as she was just bowl lapping away using the most hate hate -- word that we have in the English language. So my basic questions if you've seen the video or heard them. What have you learned from. Well I think what I've learned from it is no matter how much progress we've made in race relations there's a lot more ago and and that's essentially what the what reverend trojans says in his clothes. Was this an isolated rare moment. My guess is you don't pull those kinds of rants just out of the sky. That there are hidden away and every once in awhile hopefully not very often they get used but there in there you don't foremost thoughts at the moment. Both sides are already there and they're coming out at the moment. -- what about this video and audio recording now keep in mind the guy who just -- -- clippers he was recorded illegally. And and he had to sell the team. And that's the end of his career. He's an older person obviously but it ends his career. It is this taping itself out of control because one of the things that people around here have mentioned. One very unfortunate thing is that the -- were right there. The kids right there so that's unfortunate for -- reasons number one they saw their mother totally out of control. And number two over the guy shooting the video shot the kids to it's of the kids are in the video -- obviously the kids are picking up on on the -- they -- person to a -- -- and good day though said that. When dad came -- black people here and get some ideas of the words you would use to describe the whole thing. Ignorant. Free speech. Outrages. Dangerous. Okay. And they'll last part is the chief of police departments got to turn the video over to the district attorney's. This twosome have been reveal it. And I'm asking should there should there be a prosecution. Because keep my speech is illegal. You have free speech which you don't have hate speech you can say you know I think -- -- -- you'll never went on jeopardy that's free speech. Using this word which is so incendiary. I think crosses over to hate speech now I know we don't wanna be the politically correct crowd but this is an anymore new hair back. This is just outrageous as far as I'm concerned. And I'd like your opinion. 80309301806. On 69236. And Starr ninth -- It's okay but it. But as good. Racism alive and well it's amazing. Really Colombian that is what is it back. Collison let us know how you feel about the confrontation between a Janelle -- -- and our bill banning let me just say this about while I was so discuss -- when I heard it. And this this is not meant to be sexist bully me and -- taken a sexist it's a very good thing for her but she's a woman. Because -- certain thing built into most men not all men but most men. That there are certain things you don't do when you don't harm women okay. Because if she was a guy. She'd be dead. And you just can't be doing that kind of stuff is totally off base totally wrong I don't know how you could possibly justify -- On now we don't know what happened before via video started rolling and we don't know what happened after the video showed off book while the video is in progress. Idea I can't I can't possibly understand how anyone anyone could excuse her behavior. Beyond. Be on excuse. Let's go to Randy in Hamburg Randy on WB again. It is a lot of long -- that are yes. And I feel there is there one word to describe -- -- and the imminent. I feel very sorry for her children. Oh yeah I'm there where they children seemed immune to -- they were right they are they heard it. They even got involved with some of it but they seem to it was like a normal thing to -- they didn't seem startled by. Yes that's the sad part they're gonna resolve. Aren't you know a lot of experiences. Where is that you don't different you know types of people. And it's sad that they're brought up that way to dislike a person just to the practical orders him. Yeah plus -- think about like this how long is it going to be before bay are mature enough to make their own decisions about about black people and will stick with what mom has to say about him. As they may never get to that point because this is how they're being raised obviously showed no concern for that. Yeah that means she's teaching them that that's OK you know -- right and now. I mean I don't colosio's she should be -- charged. Well they are gonna send a table over to the DA and the DA won't make a decision. Would be as severe weather there will prosecute hate speech is illegal. And I am one would think and and she was threatening true. One would think if they wanted to build a case against her the video is right there thank you Randy thank you. You know Nelson did. It made me feel so empathetic who lived live -- our bill banning I don't know him. But. It tears your heart out to think that. This guy is being treated like this by this woman this ignorant. Race baiting woman's and he didn't deserve it. I mean as I said unless something dramatic happen that we don't know about. Her her behavior totally inexcusable will be back after this.

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