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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Racist Video Sparks Debate - Rev Kinzer Pointer

Racist Video Sparks Debate - Rev Kinzer Pointer

Jun 5, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We'll put up the WB AM live line for more discussion now. On this viral video. Showing your cheek to a woman going on Durant making racist remarks against an African American man who's in another car shooting the video. Our guests on the live line knows the reverend -- pointer. Reverend Porter as a prominent member of Buffalo's African American community is pastor of the company's fellowship Baptist Church in buffalo -- in kinder. Michigan to join us this morning thank you. Good morning are you -- we're doing well hope you are to reverend -- you know you're here in our studio about 33 and a half weeks ago. Discussing. Virtually the same thing everywhere we going. On the subject of racism three weeks ago we were talking about these racial remarks. Made by Donald Sterling of the soon to be former owner of the Los Angeles Clippers and now we have this incident involving a white woman. Making racist remarks against an African American man in a parking lot and Cheektowaga. Me what do you make -- that were we going with racism in America. Well -- it -- and we regret the mayor. And that's unfortunate because -- live in this age based either technology. Where. Apparently art technology. It is trial and our ability to treat each other decently -- human -- and -- civil war. I mean even if you'll hold. -- racist views. There's still a place we here. We simply have to Mary -- that humanity. And besides they you know -- -- how to treat people the way. Be trees in and I just. Come -- I'm I'm confused. When I see these kind. -- activities. Because. They don't job I would it. Who we have come as a nation and society. You know will. We do we don't really think each other -- I just don't get. You know it's been suggested that buffalo is America's most segregated city. Do you think it is and and why. Well. I don't know I think people. Talk around. From those kind of monikers. Well we certainly are no different than any other American city -- let's face it. We are one nation and the legion we can divide those up until vote. On political divisions you know city state. All those things but the fact of the matter is we're one nation will want people. And -- -- that different problems. With the well. But if we -- hopefully if this problem across the nation and I don't think is simply about racism there. Arms if you look at that really negative. Reaction. And and them and and and it to me. And that sergeant bird -- now -- killed two bigger is that so I think this is war a problem. -- the way we treat each other about stability and about honoring each other human anti racism is one of those and I -- -- Where we decide someone is less. And we are shall we have a light. Do means. Keeping. The but what's going on the size of bird dog is another manifestation. And we need to start asking them. Are we going to return to. To being decent human being. Honoring each -- and -- when we have concerns. Like you know what he has it conversation. That doesn't diminish anyone's character -- person. Is there a difference between racism and hatred. I think there they're there I can't get identical. I don't think there is a huge difference I think day any time we determined. -- we're going to help those kinds of emotions. They don't belong in the human and we at all. And and yet. We are so cute. Being a Jamaica and the behavior kind of and it just it doesn't matter whether racism. Where there is. Whether it's just see any level of evil to someone because some. They air there national origin. Might be different whatever excuse you and that is just one excuse. That being nasty to another person. And we still are going to shared the plane. Win we are done with those kinds of immediate activity. Robin Porter kind of really join us this morning thank -- -- there. You just always a pleasure and I'm I'm just -- dead arm. Well rate goes up arm from this kind of muck and -- contest and him be become an honorable people that we're capable of become. Well said thanks again reverend counterpoint there was a guest is Lou prominent member of Buffalo's African American community. And pastor of the our company fellowship Baptist Church in buffalo.

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