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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Racist Video Sparks Debate - Lana Benatovich

Racist Video Sparks Debate - Lana Benatovich

Jun 5, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

A racist rant casting a negative light on Western New York it was captured on video has gotten nearly four million YouTube hits. -- Manitoba which is president of the national federation for just communities she's with us on the WB and my -- -- and we're glad you could join us this morning thanks. I'm -- welcome that always glad to be here ugly disturbing -- start with us. Brady's start is. That we can look at them they're. You know anybody. Can -- all of the sudden. You know -- life and -- up where we want to eat we don't wanna be irritated it shall we don't -- -- it community we don't want it either country. And who what where at where we witnessed. On on YouTube that any society that extremely appreciative that spot. A national federation. That that community back where we start our every morning at our whole mission. To really bring people to get on to stand out the one on one contact. Chew on Oprah com here and cricket and on that is on the actions of our work. Do you see a million. I do it again I I actually -- So I had a few times and -- it is disturbing -- very disturbed and a think that you know when we work you know when we work we work at all of the schools systems. -- -- -- -- we bring that the children together. I'm from throughout Western New York. I'm out all races religions. All kinds of different backgrounds and cultures. And sexual orientation so people get to know each other -- and not living in the same community. So -- Is that the essential. That when you at Cilic in witnessed. Something. That. They witnessed yesterday they have an opportunity. To learn about. The important. Of respect and understanding. And I was about to ask you how do you explain this to a little kid to children. Aren't that they've seen that video you mean or how to use. Well you know I don't think a little kid should be allowed to -- the video what do you think. Well I don't work well I think that a lot of things -- go -- -- in today's media that I don't think so inappropriate for children but. I think it's that it's a 10. It's it's an unusual -- -- that a wonderful opportunity for an education. Should be able to then sit down with your child and say that it's not. What I believe this is not what I want you to believe it should not how I want you to communicate to speak. And then give -- chill and the opportunity. To have experiences. Wish on children who Richard and the -- You know go -- just in places where you have that it could be right in your workplace. You can -- dinner parties to get the senate -- -- -- go to different houses of worship. On and the experiences for the children so it's not job where I'm there everyday life. A social media aspect of this line is that's. Just eroding any progress we make on this front. It's -- articulate support you know social media has so many advantages. But. But it's very disturbing to see something like this sent across the world. And our people stereotype because they live at a particular community because this particularly. The particular incident took place in a particular. Community. So social media is on a very fact. -- And it's. With people not getting enough information. You know -- act particularly you know they and it -- he's been in existence since 1951. And in 1951 week and a lot of things to try to overcome. On the lack of education and -- Internet. I'm with the work that the cheap to lock up from a long range and I know how much they are intrastate. And com. Improving relationships. We don't talk about those social -- the way it's involved in this and how fast it spreads because of social media if this happened twenty years ago chances are. We might not have heard of it for days or weeks or maybe not even at all. True. But. You might have heard it by hearsay. And -- you know people will say well I heard -- -- something because they thought. It's it's the people educating themselves you know it it's that the first hand experience is a positive -- -- so important. But yet we have a huge challenge because. How quickly these things can spread and how many people. We get to see that aren't even you know it and it might get in the pit spot. Act part of our awareness in 2014. -- there. And -- we have the power -- not. Become more count full then that negative message is on social media. Served -- of the challenges there now for sure planet thank you. You know we have you know I mean this is this is so important you have been educated -- our community for a long time. And I really appreciate your opportunity you know every morning to acknowledge -- He's concerned as they come. Now. Are a lot of work led you to join us this morning thank you. Lot of -- television president of the national federation for just communities.

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