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6-4 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 4

Jun 4, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBS. It's. It will be out with. Them. India the whole -- And what this endless parade. Distractions. And political posturing and phony scandals. Washington's taken its eye off the ball. I'm merely saying that this needs to stop wherever and whenever. I can take up without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what -- -- -- It's Tom hourly is -- prolong its life. It's local happen. And Tom hourly and face facts here. On news radio. -- -- -- by the way -- -- don't know -- bipolar. Disorder. Would explain a lot about this woman's inappropriate behavior and frankly -- mania in this video. And I've been talking about this all -- video wanna keep a log. And America loves. Villains aren't. America lumps. We -- ourselves is so advanced but. We love the lynch people. We -- All we don't hang -- fruit freezer railroad Tressel anymore. But we do that social media. And this woman's comments. Were ugly. They were hateful. Awful. And frankly the sign of a -- when you watch the video. How long did it take you to pick up on the fact that she was not normal. It took me about five minutes I'm -- five seconds. And she has admitted that she is bipolar. Now that does not of course. Ottawa Senators. Doesn't excuse. Her racism. But the Y old way in which she behaved. Is a kind of a mania part where the manic component. Of bipolar disorder. So. You know before you jump on the Janelle Amro Asia is a racist and you know show to be hung by her. You know what bandwagon. She does. By her -- telling. Have a mental illness. Now folks. Here we are once again. Talking about mental illness. I've done since the 1980s what 3040 shows on mental illness. And this guy and the radio was really Smart guys who said the mental illness is America's number one public health crisis. All that was made -- -- and here we have just another example what it. This is a woman who says she is bipolar. And this is eight almost a textbook example. Of the mania component of that disease. Seoul before hurt you took -- put the metaphorical noose over her. I just want you to be aware of now. She was wildly inappropriate. She is. Ignorant in this video hurtful in this -- -- And she certainly does not speak for most white people. So I just something to put in your pipe and smoke. Did he just -- a crack a joke no it's an old expression. Put it in your pipe and smoke. Com. For some people question is not going to be good and you know just keeps -- and mine I I have to say there's. There are people who call themselves liberal war progress. -- who tend to be sole compassionate. About other people. -- compassion. Often N news. When it comes to mental illness. And when somebody with a mental illness. Uses language as this woman used the language. Some people who call themselves progressives. Do not find it in themselves to at least try to be circumspect. About. Why somebody would react. To an ordinary situation IAE a -- starting his car. In such an out of control and inappropriate manner. And it gets back to that guy and their radio talk about mental. Illness being America's number one public health crisis. Do you realize that turn this could've taken how ugly this could have become. Do you realize that. What if this woman who got in her car and ran the guy -- What a shooter reached it and stabbed him. There are so many things that could have happened which is why I have told you because you don't know what you're dealing. On the streets. Like my situation a very quickly realized you know what. This guy's middle Leo I feel bad for him I don't wanna have to kill and get out of this situation. So I got a situation pride intact. I don't question my manliness. May be small but. You can fill in the -- Gave up on. Cowardice at the age of thirty. -- late -- life but it worked. I'd still just assume walk away. Column. Or use psych ops. Psychology is a great way to level the playing field like to take a funny story but it won't. Anyway it is up fourteen minutes after six news radio 930 WB EN said the woman has bipolar I eat mentally -- Now those of you who wanna think of yourself as compassionate. Caring progressives. I realize that for many -- -- her behavior. Cannot be mitigated by the fact that she's bipolar. To me it is mitigated to some extent by the fact. That she has admitted what I suspected that she has a mental illness. Wildly inappropriate yes. Kind of what I would expect from somebody with bipolar disorder. In -- several kinds of bipolar disorder a portal link up on my FaceBook page to people who wanna be educated we'll check it out. Ali get back to Mario and a buffalo Mario is cousins with. Our -- -- who is the guy who shot the video. And well -- you were gonna tells a bit more about -- our belt and hopefully he'll he'll call live and I also like -- the call and because as I said I'd like to take them both out to dinner without booze no alcohol. And just kind of seed you know just try to see we can build a bruiser. Beard come I don't wanna be a bit or just you know mentioning that call before practice. Claim no fault of more morsel hurt -- There's been people that you had -- shall I do know that you talked about. Politician. Dalton told that you. I'm not gonna come and frankly I don't deserve standup war but for. A couple of my character the character -- can't -- I can't stand by while also want to just. You know probably say -- stop while -- about it. Well. I don't know exactly what he was talking about because. I mean I don't know if he's ever been arrested or convicted. -- -- -- -- You've never been arrested the older couple. It cannot verify everything that they go to our FaceBook page but it's FaceBook page you see pictures of me I'll -- you see pictures with them about this debate. Dating back to their reunion in 1981. CNET and medical unit that. We grew up -- grandmother migrant mother are sisters global straight street like basketball that we ought to. Have a -- -- -- have to understand sir that I am always cognizant of the fact that just because something is on the Internet does not make it true. And just because something is in a newspaper does not make it true either I can tell you some firsthand stories about bad but just in time. So -- -- he called back to see that but yes is. Berry and will chew and -- Just the black community quote unquote I'm but in -- quote. In it again what. Right were seen by -- and it kind of sort gas. On fire that shouldn't show about to show us. You bipolar it was in that are so what are. And as I'll ever stand by and -- what are you -- because of slumping. Next -- people by hole she's great races all the things well again I shouldn't. You know without all know probably. Well again you know mental illness and we've got -- a -- and show after show on mental illness going back to the 1980s. At. Ya and you know what and that's precisely why. I chose not to engage last summer in a similar to reverse situation. And you know it is just some people you just got to understand they're not right and it's not worth and this woman. Obviously was having a manic episode it wasn't worth it. Obviously your cousin had no way of knowing that especially if you didn't really if he doesn't really have -- experience with people with mental illness if these were taken the time to learn about it work expose himself to people because that's the disease nobody ever wants to celebrities never wanna go to the mental health wing of the hospital might make him look bad. That's right and I agree with you is wrong. He bogus. Issue I feel I. And you know what as hateful as she was. Debt is a dimension to the story that I have to bring up biko's. My wife are we watched last I'd show wife and basically what it was watched it shiver I've made -- comment. We want to sleep woke up this morning in just forced to this longest. Thing that we had no idea so I'm reading what people are putting and again it could be doctor I don't know but it hasn't they -- screen shot. She over the board I'm not racist that races I think -- -- delete -- -- page and she called it's called and it's all over the page so that -- sciences club tomorrow is going to be. Are at a young wedge or call them. All right sorry dude I was already averted them out now I am getting hate mail today here from a guy goes by the name trended trader. Who says. Betsy Ted Bundy sounded -- and rational to moron you're such a pandering idiot. I have an idea -- and trader we take an IQ test together will see who comes out on top. Because I assure user. There is a definition to more on based on IQ score. And I don't qualify. User are however and or official individual there's no cure for. -- have a nice day. Let's get back to the calls I don't like somewhere people -- I get a break traffic here's Alan Harris. And AccuWeather. And they'll probably my mom personally right now. Ought AccuWeather for tonight it will be cloudy a couple of showers especially in the evening overnight low fifty tomorrow beautiful intervals of clouds and sunshine 67 right now holding at 66 degrees at news radio 930. WBBM. -- you put him into the blue block list on my email. And that also means that five years from now when I go to the block list he will be the kind of guy who sends me hate mail every day. Like he hates me he can't stay hungry. But -- in his head every single day. What a feeling of power that is what that feeling of absolute dominance and control. Sees some of -- -- -- from house. You -- are just sheep. Back to the calls here is Josh not that there's anything wrong with cheap but if they say anything about me lies all lies Josh hello. -- This is an important optic. This -- there or not -- ago couple hours ago but one -- only given. Outside of here so at least. Here in Western New York. And every time that -- issue racist disgust. It's only from the black perspective. Now my sister who's a white. Lived in Amherst. But in the past ten years. And she heard neighbors heard and ordered and and also. The relationships coward. And she was so verbally. And to the point of their physical violence. That there aren't the daily that you -- afraid to leave her house. She had that there were three young daughters due to go to said that there are many -- Which at one point the back window -- what he'd be on. She would put them in the Turkey take compliment should be confronted there. It would insult bridge at Blackstone had a windows. Okay are we talking it was just like race crime I'm I'm a little unclear as to back. I -- yes she's white and slowly propagate so people you'll ever. That people of their public and the court and it's their children to upstairs. Once. Came once this agreement about payment and -- or. You know. Didn't come at a time and everything -- you know I hired feeling and stopped and anyway into the situation turn where she was afraid to leave out because she was being called a white I'd recommend say the word. Other names. You it's. Surrounded by -- for family members and or friends of the people upstairs. Which you -- house with her three equipment might pretty -- -- any issues there. -- witnessing all this harassment racial harassment. Did she at any point call the police. She did call the police. You know they told her like come. You know have it did he -- eerie -- -- or something like that and down. It was her -- it was her husband who own house or she can actually do that she's there with the three kids. You know without really a place to go so much. And you know she awards -- -- without pictures -- Hewitt and you know blow up by. So I I actually and they were there for a while you were so afraid. It got so bad she moved out she couldn't take it she was so afraid for herself and most importantly children. I was called names like the same names that you -- your comments here I don't particulars. Kmart monetary those names. Arianna I couldn't carry west I've been called a lot worse by a lot better and -- when somebody who's mentally ill insults me I mean really. Consider the source there's a Latin expression but I don't wanna confuse trade trend. Well in that might have been ladies and today you know cities news that she may be mentally but he's just who lived upstairs. Well I don't think they were because they were -- were -- the lady who lived there -- court. Jeremiah Wright's church I if if you're if the point is that there is a media double standard on racism in America a man up talked about it. No disagreement. Had to come out there a year on the one -- -- about -- quiet -- you want. You know what I do the show is not particularly today because today is soul. About this one woman in this one guy but when I do shows on race in America. What I say is bad. Race when we have races and one of the problems white people have is this double standard and what white people fear from black man this crime and statistically. There is some basis rationally. For that now obviously depends on the zip code if if my black former primary care doctor moves in the extorted me I would consider him a low risk individuals. If somebody you know if I see somebody in the wrong neighborhood in my car breaks down I am inclined to think. I really am I gonna have a bad day today. Well you don't want to -- a good job in the local media helped keep it up. Well I thank you and you know the reason I appreciate you saying that thank you and the reason is because II keeper real I don't because precisely because I don't under. You know that's just not my bag -- It's 646. At WB yen its -- We're haters to. I'm -- he white people. -- Oh why not -- the rumors with the help. It's 635 and is ready at 930 WBE. And there comes another bottle. Anyway -- well -- review time good to be with you at all at that fancy stuff by the way. My FaceBook page you can watch that video in its entirety right here on FaceBook. And I wanna congratulate Melanie. For the comment of the day. I wish I had written notes. Dammit you know what. Technically I could probably copy and paste and claim I wrote it. And -- melodies no Wiki of my FaceBook page. The comment was wrong period but. It also shows a much deeper problem in our society. The problem Melanie cities issues. In our society today people do not have respect for themselves. And others. A driver yelling and screaming and another driver while the one is texting smoking blocking a side road and not caring what they are doing someone could be hurt. Fake and respect your fellow citizens. When is our society going to care about your behavior all -- gotten nailed it. Absolutely now. This is only a slice of a larger problem and the slightest in this case happens to be race but the larger issue year. And that's just not get back to our wearing the baseball hat in the fancy restaurant society. Where we become people not respecting themselves. Now I know the people who have too much self esteem generally end up in prison. But well actually they've done studies and forget the name but it. We have a situation here. In this country. And compare the way people dress today. To the way they used to address. I am hardly. A fashion plate. But even when I dressed casually. When I'm not garden I look presentable. And more and more when you go out. -- -- -- -- is it a lot more people just. Not giving a damn what they look like at all. Making no effort what so ever. That shows a lack I think to some extent of self respect. Now let us get us. In your neighborhood and this transcends race what a brilliant comment Melanie. In your neighborhood when you were growing up. Am let's say let me think of -- let's say the neighbor had a dog you're parked more often than not what happened in your neighborhood. The owner of the dog would come out and bring the dog in the order would come out and tell the dog be quiet stop market. Does that happen in your neighborhood today. When you were a child playing outside screaming. At the top of your -- what did your parents do. Does that happen in your neighborhood today. Say that. Faced poker is on to something. -- is I think -- why -- spread lack of respect. For ourselves with ourselves. And it's only logical that if you don't respect yourself you have very little respect for other people. And very little consideration. For other people say this whole video. This whole confrontation was so unnecessary. It was so an appropriate. And both parties shoulder responsibility for. The war but was clearly out of line. And obviously. Had an issue. And I just found out in the last hour so that she's admitted she's bipolar. Gaining a -- is an answer right here. For you can look at racism. But that racism never would have surfaced at the woman not be in. Having what looks to me like a manic episode. The gentleman involved. The man involved if you don't believe is a gentleman. He. I think -- her. And I think he put gasoline on the fire. Mean seriously. That's not what you do. The reasonable responsible thing to do is to walk away I've done it. My pride -- over real fast. Walk away. She called you the end were. Do you really hear what this woman who is obviously having an issue -- you really care what she says. Because I deal I would and I didn't. So just something to be considered. -- it ought to throw that question out as well in addition ask you for your general thoughts on this video. -- the one of the problems is. That people just don't care about themselves anymore and have little respect for themselves. And correspondingly have very little respect for other people. In May be part of that is we expect the government to be our savior. You know I can act how I want because eventually the government's gonna come help me. Pop pop pop pop up (%expletive) (%expletive) I tell you are right let's get back to the calls on the WB -- Here is it's and inject large stamp welcomed the program thank you were holding it -- you. Because they come back tomorrow -- stopped about. With -- wisdom and this -- and -- Talking about it. They rated them here at the Cheektowaga gallery -- which. My wife -- go to all the time keep that there have garden state one times its guard. Our guys who Nancy road which is why so obviously really started anywhere. Did the key here is recorded and report it. Moon as a time that there. I mean if you're basically the only reason we're talking about this is the video went on the Internet and it went viral. I know but the media -- Come on diamond diamond I don't -- this can't be -- -- By -- -- you haven't had a gallery Motley Crue rocker remind you by. Located at what point I'm sorry excuse me but at what point in today's show because I must have missed this point. Did I say that black people can't be racist if I miss that part of my show. RBIs put you to comment. I would in Cheektowaga and are you grew up one side and I probably very very -- we -- they would they include they destroyed the inside. So red days. I don't know who who are I -- who are they I don't know. I I I don't know but might might question stands at what point in today's show. Have I said it. That black people can't be racist Asians can't be racist. Jews can't be racist about the Jews are erased but it is religious. Thing that. That image and Asians the south Americans can't be races everybody can be racist. So it and if you think dammit if you think that a one of these guys that comes on the radio and says. Black black people are totally immune from the disease known as racism and it's white people only I don't know what you've been listening to. Not only today put any show we've ever done on race. And I'm not gonna back down one for him millimeter rounds. So covenants that. Here is. Tammy in Eden on a WB BMI Tammy. Good luck if if you're white and -- harassed by a bunch of black people take that put. -- FaceBook page. Because like all this crap out wherever it isn't from wherever it comes effect if you look at yesterday's entry and let FaceBook page -- -- I'm sorry but this sort of as -- off. You'll see that I posted an article from Drudge. A buddy black woman. A racist black woman who said to a white woman on a plane when the white woman said hey turn your cell -- off. The black woman said the white woman I kill white people like you put my FaceBook page. So please welcome addition this crap that -- only put up what it's so white on black. Like me anyway Tammy -- I Kelly good. I like teach an. It. Pervasive. In the schools. You talk about -- back to respect themselves but that it becomes the lack respect for the teachers. Administrations. Where you -- you. In our student all and I don't care they're black or white but you are what are you doing an eagle off our new. And and it escalate escalate. Or even a fight and they -- and try to break up and the police epic coming in and the -- fights with the police and apparent but it. Her basis for the woman not you know going off on a diet and it just. How much disrespect -- everybody to each other -- is on the real. And I have a theory Tami don't -- bounce it off the people used to call in radio shows and they have telephone muscles and you call telephone tough guys now hole with social media FaceBook Twitter. People say things. That they would never have the balls to say to your office. And I think it's only a matter time before that boundary. Disappears. And people are going to start acting more and more and interpersonal relationships. The way they are on Twitter and FaceBook which in all too many cases is a -- were gutter mentality. -- it. Our. -- -- prepared for the teacher. It's our year here well I mean. Yeah and that not every teacher is it has a halo I think we should point that out but they're also not always -- And yeah I think you kept it short for each other and their real lack of respect. Unreal. Let's go to Tammy I'm sorry I thought I'm sort of weird that bit of overlap and I'm going to let you talk but -- I. Have a bit of a skewed perspective on this because. I'm a public figures and -- a lightning rod and I never thought that the idea of bringing people together would be so controversial and would provoke so much -- I find that very ironic and sad but. See I have a skewed view of humanity. Because. There are a lot of people out here who. Are very. Lonely and living in mom's basement and you know they send emails or they make a Twitter entry is her FaceBook posts and you know might might view of humanity is different than yours because expose myself to far more people than you do on a daily basis. And I see a lot more ugliness like -- than most people directed at -- and a big boy I can handle it. Do you see it as much as I do because it's changed for the worse since social media I don't care that makes me sound like a dinosaur. -- not as I do yet and they are of course you know well across many people you do. Then -- -- a daily basis a parent or student and current pop -- it's always accusations you did why did you do that out. Discussing what our rights are in my. My. Children's future -- what it my child -- law. -- never what did you do wrong but it how it always comes toward that now the number of problems -- had. Eric were always my fault they are always hate there -- your daughters. -- -- -- To the extreme. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- all right so you've seen almost a full generation and how would you describe the change has it been absolutely breathtaking. Yes as an amazing it yet the number of C. Lol morality teaching for now is unreal because. There is no support anywhere for the procedures. No matter where return. Nobody supports. Well how much of public support is different lawyers how much support as -- for doctors how much support for radio talk show hosts. I mean seriously. There's nobody can talk to about what I go through because so few people do it. I'm not broken a -- and a bitching about whining on the complaint every public figures and to some extent Tammy you market your teacher. -- service. It by this I mean you get a lot of love. And you get just as much. I well Tammy I don't know which are doing tonight but I'm glad you called. Thank thank you very much yeah look if you know what I think my FaceBook poster just nailed it. I don't think people respect themselves as much as they used to. Too much self esteem isn't -- if you give yourself self esteem for getting up in the morning going to the bathroom that's an issue. But. If you don't fundamentally have respect for yourself. Howard you've got to respect other people out there on the road for example. Was the last time you open up the door for somebody in the said thank you. Yes I did it over the weekend somebody walked right by it and I just laugh because they say they didn't say anything I left. I was gonna under my breath say that's rude but I thought my sarcastic laughter made the point. It is 649. No she wasn't old. She just. Apparently was raised by -- Any unusual -- and not usually doggy style. Once we. Plus we're pretty proud of old -- -- it's. You know up. Joseph I think it would change -- theme song of the year program YMCA. Or something by queen. -- and it's a minister feeding rumors I I've decided decimated their unavailable restaurants are let's get back to the calls on a WB and here's. I'm in west Seneca -- -- My old I do and I don't want to. Betray your call screener and such sentimental things since you brought it up and I do agree. If you want my opinion give it to very quickly but but that the -- things such an issue here -- was too black and black people that happened. Or it was -- -- that white people and an epic and a white woman -- guy you white piece of trip I think you'll never does what he's beginning so much time. Well it gets back to I call the grooves on the syndrome. Up markers on they got in trouble appeared casino because he intervened in a fight between two native Americans are gonna go into a fight you gotta get into a fight with somebody who looks like you. Pavel what does that say I mean I know your brother bill from the west side believe me I I drink with a lot of Indian people and I know what you're saying there I know what they're. Thinking is especially when they're drinking. OK okay. Built between -- thing but anyway. It's that that wouldn't even beginning and it kind of attention that it was white and white black on black. Asian and Asian but it wouldn't be getting anywhere near this attention. And what what. You know why this is getting attention -- thing about the about the larger context of news this coming right after the Sterling Bank are right. And this woman is. Just soul wildly out of control. Now intelligent people I've electric count myself on that because very early on I said there's something not right with this woman. I find out that she's admitted she's bipolar which frankly to me ought to put a lot of water on this fire. Because you gotta consider the source not the bipolar people. Don't have opinions but. When they're having a manic episode you cannot reasonably hold them to the same verbal standard. To which I would expect you would here's -- I -- I you know what sir you held on so long I wish I had more time you can call back tomorrow could -- will be doing a similar show tomorrow. And you you have my permission sir John -- make sure we nobody care. Thanks to Joseph -- great job today get all the effort and bombs out of that video while that was -- hours working itself John Sherman calls rating is -- -- And so -- for YMCA. -- Don't hurt you know you're self.

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