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6-4 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

Jun 4, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And it's. Wolves down upon the he would rate this thing. India the -- looked -- my husband and this month. The fact he has yet Ford dead Americans what I'm glad I protest that was because the guys out for a walk when I decide they don't kill some Americans. What difference at this point does it make. If you've got health care already. Then you can keep your plan if you are satisfied with a. Our lady and I don't know how to put this. -- -- People know and it's alive. It's local. It's Tom how early. There wet I quit net news radio. Well I -- idea that we could probably. Take blazing saddles excerpts and -- mixed them with the woman in Cheektowaga. And the insults directed toward the guy. -- Imprudent. -- imprudent. By the way folks if you're not familiar with -- blazing saddles it was a movie produced by Mel Brooks which ship pointed out in comedic fashion. The folly and stupidity. Of racism. While not being preachy it was just it was just a classic comedy in somebody different dimensions. Mel Brooks even -- course baseball's a song in which my brother has there a movie in which my brother's dog. Just a tremendous field. Bush yeah. Well. In the it it it it it's -- -- what I whip this up on. Our right -- -- -- weapon because in twelve all right now this does not get a laugh out of -- folks this happened in shape a lot of Dollar General. The airport plaza parking lot is that what I'm told. And apparently. What led up to this verbal altercation and it's ugly. And we at the heavily edited because of frequent uses of the N word by both parties. Am an offensive language of other major by the -- the drop the F bomb. Did you edit that out okay yeah she dropped the F bomb the man the black guy. Whose first name is kind of liked the old ice cream -- place that where you can still find the ice cream cakes wegmans but. Victor -- they'll work anymore which is good because between pie and ice cream cake at -- but that's another story altogether. But. Anyway folks look -- -- the woman there's no defending this this mentality there's no defending this woman should be. In fact I have questions as to our overall stability to be brutally honest with. She don't seem to me. Now and -- -- Ahmadabad the other bed there is. I don't Tom. F bomb F bomb F bomb F bomb AA AA AA. F bomb F bomb on days like that. You you bad days like that. The -- -- the tape according to several. People not just well not just the ones on the year to people who sent me email. All he did it would start up his car. As the woman that walked in front of the car on the sidewalk with her children. And when he did that in this was not on the tape your -- year when he did that. The woman. Are called him. The -- word. And I'd like to say that hilarity ensued. It did. Ugliness in suit. -- give him -- take care if you listen I want your take at 803. All 938030930. Start at thirty is free of a cell phone 180616. WB yen and I'll say this again before you call just now. I can't change the world. The one thing I can do is try to bring people together as best as I can. I would love to take a woman and the guy out for an alcohol free dinner. And just see if there's any common ground if -- if if if she had to do all over again what what she would have done. Now have a conversation like that you have to start -- positions of both sides are rational. Maybe that wouldn't be possible that we will pick up the -- already be agrees. Or my talks. -- may go get lucky some alright anyway. The -- probably didn't prudent here's the here's the audio from the video. I have -- tape calling me racist comments called me in front of her case tonight shields and well as cameras on here and and we'll see. Because -- would definitely file charges please butter cups -- -- Please. Got everything I'll take. Your voice to. Calling it the -- -- felt. It's too but it was was to my -- -- -- kids don't worry about me and I felt as good. Please do and don't do them. That's okay but it. But as good. As he don't like racism alive and well Mazen. Really. Because me and that is what is -- You Communist what -- show that. I started my hair now by America. That is at a amazement. -- -- While -- -- kids can accidentally two. Wow this is amazing that. Okay. You know out. -- Got. It right out. Of us that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- My legacy. Why. Not annul an idol idol finals and also pat and I. Think. -- -- -- and very very. Pleased at. Now I want him. Back out rates at that rate it. -- I got out good thanks. Okay here. I don't. -- -- right. I -- I. -- Any senate apparently are close what do you know. That's must've been what it sounded like when they were debating the constitution. -- when James Madison was giving impassioned pleas for liberty. At the constitutional convention imagine the dialogue went something like that. I don't know maybe I'm historically accurate about that but there that would have always thought. Certainly when Lincoln debated Douglas that was probably a very very close our representation of it. I'm being clearly sarcastic I'm the woman was out of control. The only threat made in the video was made by the woman. The woman used the N word. If you were on a jury. Who would seem like a more credible witness. Now I wanna see the surveillance tapes from the store. Just to kind of put a period at the end of -- To see. What actually happened before the recording wanna. Now I've been told that I have to believe these people at their word that all the all this guy did was start his car. Now. Judging from his demeanor. And judging by what his family members have said about his character and I know what you're thinking other family members what is supposed to say. I ask you does this sound like an ignorant man where does he sound well educated. Something very well educated guy. He sells the guy who probably listens to my show is family -- the mice so I. Well a number of his fairly never listen to my program so that speaks volumes right there. Now. I also however must tell you I can get on the lets lynch this woman -- way. Because I don't think she is -- She said it -- example for her children. This is not a way to handle disagreements in life. And for one of the children. To swear I didn't hear the child swear I did not hear what the child sent Joseph did you -- -- your -- better than I did not -- But that when the -- says all he don't like black people either. That's. It does not get uglier -- match. The woman is doubling down. Two great Bob expression yours on her Twitter account capital link up -- or Twitter account on my FaceBook page. I am following this woman but I am not following her because Wednesday. Let's go now I'm just following her to keep tabs on the situation -- wanna make sure you guys know. I don't think that I needed to say that but just in case somebody would ever say. Topped by hourly follows Janelle amber or Asia -- brochure I follow is usually served ice cold with a spoon and bowl and whip cream. -- -- -- -- let's check in with traffic before we get the calls it a 30930. Would you pay to see this woman -- industrial thirty here is Allan Harris. And AccuWeather -- today mostly cloudy a couple showers as the evening goes in two -- the overnight low fifty Evan -- should be a gorgeous day some clouds some sun and 67 right now -- polling at 66. Bad news radio 930 WB -- methods you'll remember enough that you care but I will not be here next Tuesday Joseph and I have a date. With Daryl hall and John -- I won't be here Tuesday so make sure you started great rumor on the Internet and depth to the newspaper make sure you canvassed my neighborhood and a talk with my neighbors. On let's get back to the calls while I was -- not on the year Tuesday. You know I should go to EC MC just to visit somebody just to start a rumor. -- We saw the BC and C that there must be insane and all right let's. Sorry folks if I didn't laugh about this stuff I have been dead were genuinely and say along time ago. Here is who's been holding longest all it's on WB yet Dave's not here Dave hello Europe. I -- one day. I I know you know. Personally and off. You know I have been following stories or -- seventh following historians and out and down. You know I mean everybody detection -- publicly mention deserves. Armed with there's too much that comes -- about this gentleman that you revealed. You know is is here are you guys stand out there and I figured Curtis sisters side. His sister and cousin called -- yeah but it does he Sally let me ask you this does he sound like some kind of an ignorant fool. Where does he sound like a rational intelligent man to me he sounds rational and intelligent. Out. The YouTube by the way. I presume like yard. I am if I can only call you articulate now I'll hit all the cliches like people usually used blacks anyway -- -- What what what I'm listening to you know already offer and they iChat nurtured in my health and are my number it's where wants. At least in my house soul. You know if you would if you if you look -- FaceBook FaceBook -- appalled and that are being said again -- here also -- Oh come on everything that we hear bought in I think that she she deserve everything we are off of that experiment features you'd -- you can't say that stuff. You know her we -- describe yourself as a friend of hers. I think more. More -- on -- I know what. Output that is I really don't want our. My wife's. Name to get out. Okay -- so -- You you know this woman met personally. -- let me ask you do you like this woman do you respect this woman. Yeah. You do what are her redeeming qualities that are not seen in this video because frankly she does not look real good here. No no there's there's nothing nothing good about. -- I -- play switched teams and she she is very good or kids in our. You're the one that's in question -- parenting question what article so it should be. But when I -- I don't see -- -- Well in other words you don't see the ugly side of her personality or be racist side of her personality. I don't from and we had numerous conversations. At all and it's never came out like that I mean to me. Personally I have a hard time believing that somebody starts their car. And they get called back. But that's what everybody does that suggest the golf by. You know I wasn't there you weren't there are so we have to go by. An extra money we would know if the store released this surveillance tape and I doubt they will but then that would settle once and for all. At school and that's probably not gonna happen so we got to go by you know what people are saying. Just like any other story the. My question is -- Ottawa senators on have you ever seen this woman blow up like this or is there a possibility. She was just having a real. Really bad day. I mean actually -- and remember this. You know I have in Europe or whether -- -- their crops that. -- never -- treatment at the top longs. I figured she had to do old organ and it would no one dollar. Although if you check she's taken down her FaceBook page. Her Twitter account there is active that's where she said she took on her FaceBook page. She apparently is reveling in the attention she's get as she is doubled down a -- world. -- I'm about her husband's. How does he -- say I have to go by your word that you know these people where does he fit him. I you know what I want to think about that they could you be my very first call after the news break but I have to do the news break lower at Joseph. Bieber will cut my dad's off okay canola and that's all right because that. Happened. What might even hours -- one of my emailers today already has accused me of losing my nuts. Com. If trying to bring people together and be an agent of love and not hate is a bad thing. I guess I'll live with being in the shadow of his this paper five point six WB. -- gave this woman was out of control and David. I think was imprudent by engaging. And obviously out of control person. Those who weren't listening earlier this situation about a year ago downtown it was racial. Never talked about it because I figured the guy I was mentally ill I walked away my pride completely 100%. In that. You know why is the guy it was not right in the head. Call me cracker really I mean I'm I'm crushed. But it could've been a lot worse I was. It was going to be shoot the guy. All. It just. By the way for my FaceBook page and you're one of these guys who says -- talk about something else. Who cares move -- important stuff. I'm gonna ask you to please I'm begging you leave my FaceBook pages again in Jack Jack you're gone -- -- -- -- you've done all right. If you don't understand why. I'm doing the show. Honestly with love I don't want to is a listener you don't get talk radio. You don't understand what it is I do. And I just don't have time every -- to explain it to you. And I can't please every person every single -- And the post I wrote earlier has gotten more comments than any other post I've had this week. So to the question who cares well. Even you care enough to comment on it about who cares so I'm asking you to please leave my FaceBook page. Now most people. Get out of it you should ever say that top. I don't care seriously I do what I wanna do benefiting your cup Petit leave or turn off. Seriously. I you know that you think I'm gonna change. It that it happened. I do what I -- though. If you don't like if there's about a zillion other radio stations you can check out you don't like my FaceBook page you think that I waste time and it just got a bit. Let me -- asleep with lob. Now try to be a -- disable it. Revenues -- little while thank you. Let's go to Dave -- says he knows -- Ambrose you very well. And you're saying day we're talking about what you've seen her enraged people were or -- -- control before and you said no never like this. It does she have some kind of common phrases as delicately as I can. Issue. YA. How analysts say this tenderly. Issue all there. It missing most of the tiger qualifying. I mean. Because I see somebody to be very honest with you as a layman with the real issue with appropriateness. And with anger management. And as -- Okay and back you you know her what should we all know about the woman known as Janelle Ambrose your who is today's Twitter star of the -- And they're good job of that. It's not so much what we know while her but you know I've -- chew bubble -- -- and about -- You know saying that we were trying to bring people together. And to me I don't think we can bring people together on in the race card keeps in place. All of this you know what I agree with you but this is clearly an example of any racist -- -- racist confrontation this is not even debatable -- this -- -- this is not Jesse Jackson telling a business I only see one black person here but if you -- million dollars that goes away this isn't that. This is genuine ugly unmasked racism. And it. And then there's no answers as you can give. Or excuses that you could make that would make this or not. -- what what what I find. Aren't maybe reflect a lot of work. Is that everything is all about what she did you know -- I seen her kids on all why wouldn't I've watched him grow. And I've watched this video for fight times and I watched this is where we're calling them gentlemen. He says more -- video and -- Old no look at what the outlook what do you make work not what works not what she keeps provoking. Not all there what use that term. Important date. Mean. He actually just pull that out. There and right absolutely not. I I agree with you I mean if you listen to the show if you read my FaceBook post at least this man. I want I want to talk him on the show and his family members even have agreed with me. He was imprudent. By sticking around and yes he was egging her on. And I'm sorry but when somebody's that clearly out of control. Most adults get the hell better. I would have to have done that -- I've got those situations like that like you know what there is no win here by. And no matter how that under there was really going to be no and. It never had started it all this guy did was start up his car and I have no information indicate that he did anything else if only -- was started this car in the woman went off on him like that. That is not normal. And he sounds like a Smart enough -- eyewear should recognize that he's dealing with somebody who as one of our previous caller said. Is that the smartest peanut in the hurt and and -- yeah a lot of other. Should we got out of there -- -- the -- and it involved spirit and you know a lot of this is following are peripheral and soul. And I don't think it not -- falling out. But what do you think needs to fall on him because I've said I've said the same thing and have been very specific what do you think he did it too. Help the situation. Why I think he just kept talking yes you know I mean I counted. But the word in question which side and I believe it was three times before she said it again. So he had said it three times in the video before she said it will. So to me it's it's like asking her to do. And by Kurt you know it's a debate she shut it. Here we all are about. Myself on and not submarines since since this morning about the whole thing. Arm and don't make a mile -- short -- border but. Really the what I do you have to talk radio show this is -- one of the big stories in the country right now I don't know what people expected to be talking about the -- funny thing your kids I. -- and when -- you know -- information that's going around however I can't apartment because I don't know. Gentlemen. First day. What really puts it right right what this credibility in question. Except he won't call -- the sort of you who he would. Smoke and we just -- but I know that he's got that video because as a proposal. Because there's there's information about him back out there that if you want to look at her look at this FaceBook is that they made about now. The other bad correct your honor it means it's war why would -- well. When you say today. When you say today and -- put this out of my FaceBook post when I came in today that people were posting this woman's personal information entered children's stuff online I think are reprehensible. And I've talked about the fact that -- not progressed much since the mob after Marc Anthony's tuna corporation for Julius Caesar in Shakespeare's tragedy. Where the crowd goes nuts and ballistic. And I I really strenuously have an issue with the Twitter and FaceBook lynch mob mentality -- try to be real circumspect this entire show. They're from what -- looked so you know I think you gunfire on the I just again there's there's information out there about -- that four socket Kamal because I'm not one could be -- ones. Like set send me send me -- like. I don't put on my FaceBook page set it to be Thomas WBE and not count Tom at WB EN dot com. But again you know there's information about me on the Internet to Ryan a lot of it is absolutely inaccurate. And that's why I don't wanna be the one that says that live on the air occasionally accurate -- -- my relatives. One think it was only want to it was on vacation that was struck. Out now all right but it was good I have to say it all right thanks very much -- glad you called. -- It is up 545 and it was thirty times but that's another story it's 545 news radio led thirty WB yet. Let's shoot let's get back to the calls mom or to note -- give me the -- -- right the Sicilian several word for that. Would you rather do a proper and ultimately in different ways is -- She. Numbers. -- news radio like thirty WB. RA AccuWeather it is not going to be a bad thing at all for a ball game lead fisons I get under way at. 705 tonight first pitch against the Toledo mud hands and it'll be cloudy publish hours especially in the evening and fifty and -- tomorrow -- -- a full day. And clouds and sun 67 right now 66. At that news radio 930 WB yen. Now the the -- questioned Janelle Ambrose -- Has told. Another buffalo radio host I'll get the call letters even though it's probably gonna get in trouble WBO. Told big -- That she's not a racist. She is a black 'cause. She's not a racist. But she is bipolar. There's anybody else remember the voice of reason here at WB yen saying it. I wonder what's going on with this woman because something don't quite seem right yeah. And she thinks that the video is being used so bad. Heard X can get her kids. I don't know exactly what her family situation is on but it's weird man it's. It's just a strange that we get her on the show offensively. We tried to look up. I think if you go on the yellow pages under strippers -- should be that our. -- In many -- let's get back to the calls oh wait -- here's Mario again Mario I've got a minute. And you wanted to tell us up. Yeah I'm I'm looking to all the obviously it didn't turn away from. Look into the gentleman. Who to call before says you know the young lady. And -- mentioned world you know you're talking about Manning although you know to. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He would totally vulgar -- actually on the eight we don't know get the very distinctive voice anyone who knows him without seeing Knowles would. Very good -- in the world -- like. Definitely to try to roll. -- -- is clear there. We don't do things all make mistakes again answered B you're earlier that that would become -- -- probably -- driven off shore and off that. Hindsight that the best thing to do a law should not bi polar can pull off. What we should be able to say. You did this wrong but to try to negotiate on the character -- the observers like the gentleman called before so there's almost a result there. If you go. Again. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- To his arch Brodeur page where this slogan it's obviously you're in broad. -- -- that stood across the world there's total are mourners. Mario you're gonna hate me I'm sorry but why let -- percent said that it was Hillary Clinton you're gonna hate me but.

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