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6-4 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

Jun 4, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And. It would. Yeah. Hold. It for a the few months ago when you were asked what's the biggest geopolitical threat facing America you so much. But al-Qaeda that Russia. In the 1980s are now calling to ask for the foreign policy back. Wherever and whenever I can pick up without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what I'm gonna do when that -- it. -- -- Destroy -- silent. That was an amendment. Tom hourly I don't even know. I think it might back bathing -- -- if it's local girl is. It's Tom hourly -- with cool whip completely cool whip who lived -- and on news radio 930. I asked a we're talking about frankly. Something that a lot of people in the entire country are talking about in talk radio and it hit -- implement backyard. In fact it come across somebody and -- alleged. Have it happen apparently the Dollar General at the airport closet you know let's -- infuriating to me is -- somebody in my FaceBook page and I would. Leave based on some of the comments this person made. This person would describe himself as a liberal or a progressive. Expressing disdain. For people who shop at Dollar General. And served leave my courage. Just leave my page I don't deal with people like Q. Who think that because somebody shops at Dollar General. Or some kind of white trash scum. -- remind you that the gentleman himself was also. At Dollar General or at least in that neighborhood by Dollar General. And I'd be happy to compare my paycheck to yours and ice I shop at Dollar General so bite me. That kind of believe this mentality. By the way that's a liberal thing. It progressive thing more than you might think. Looking down on the very people they purport to want to lift up. You shop at Dollar General good for -- it's frugal. Umpire but it all young lady who. And. News or shall we say very she's very well. A dollar backlights. And she shops at Dollar General and she does coupons. I'm sorry but that you know what. That really pisses me off. The fact that she shop at Dollar General is so immaterial. And it is such a nasty thing to say it's. And takes everybody who thinks as he does away. I don't want people like to. Because I wanna bring people together. Understand. Making good -- -- shop at Dollar General. I don't believe in peeing my money away. On stuff that is overpriced perhaps somewhere else. So shame on you for that you leave this mentality. Maybe you can go to Hyannis -- this summer and hang out with the Kennedys. Or maybe Martha's Vineyard. And hang out with the obamas. And maybe go to Nantucket -- well I was gonna finish that. It is up for thirteen news radio nine just go to hedonism engine maker actors policy. It's thirteen minutes after four news radio 930 WBE and if you're just joining us Joseph shall we hear this again. Now we do not know I don't know what led up to this ugly exchange now. Relatives of the black guy and I mentioned black guy because it's relevant to this story you have a confrontation between a white woman. Who is I must say deficient in the class department would be I think a gracious overstatement. -- she is. She's freefall. And she's pretty -- In her view toward black people. She claims. That a black guy in critical. Frightened. Her children. I've heard from relatives of the black guy in the vehicle and by the way. I had no idea that I was gonna get these emails what I said chances are he is more likely to be Bauerle listener Vinci. And I hope -- calls. You ask your family member if you're listening sir it's hard to get through I know but you can call you try calling 8030930. Start 930 on a cell phone. 180616. WB -- you know it like without put myself in the story -- as far as I'm concerned it would be a private meeting. I would like to take you and I know your name on market given on the radio. It's kind of like little ice cream cake -- -- have anyway. I would like to. Take you engine foul call for an alcohol free dinner I'll sit between the two -- you. And I'd like to bring the -- will be together to at least understand why that happened. Is gonna change the world know it's not am I gonna talk about it on the show no not if you don't want you to. I can't change the world. If I could ever bring these two people together maybe she was Ahmadabad. Maybe she's got like a heart condition and she's on some blood pressure medication that makes a little wacky I don't know. Com. Family members of the black man in the video have told me Tom. All he did was start his car frankly I believe them. If you asked me whom I would believe in the absence of any other evidence who would be a more credible witness I would say he would be a more credible witness based on his composure while he was tape. Okay. She was clearly. Out of control. He was calm cool and collected. Now that being said. I don't know how old this -- news. But. I say this respectfully. To the things he did wrong. Number one he should've left the altercation. He poured gasoline on the fire of a woman who clearly at least at that time was having an issue or a very bad day. You -- fighter pilot you made a bad situation ugly in front of children she did the same thing. She did the same thing -- she's taking her lumps. Also sir with all due respect. Because I know what something tells me this guy's about hourly lesson I don't know why I just had this feeling and my intuition and sometimes folks is pretty -- I must tell you. It's ridiculously accurate I'm not saying I'm a psychic or M path but I've got a damn good and to our intuition about me. Knowing what's going on around me even when it can't be seen. Com it's a gift were to curse depending. But. You also should got to put the video up with a woman's children did -- visible in the video that was a huge known. And most mothers. Even mothers who call use the N word and who clearly are ignorant. And ignorant does not mean stupid ignorant means uneducated. Most mothers are going to re act to their children like a mama bear with -- look out I don't my ex -- would have. I mean she would not the first -- all she would not have engaged. In that candidate. Situation. Oh we don't we did we just look at each other. Sorry I I have to laugh because she's my best friend. Anyway 8030930. Start ninth thirty and I I I love my ex wife she loves my mum. We are. I don't show it at some point on how to get over even the psyche is divorce in the conference going to be good show. But out of your calls 803 on -- thirty starlet 3180616. WBM. I'll play the video we edited it considerably. Because we all know what the N word is I don't need to gratuitously haven't on the radio saying he figures might just have the N word in my -- -- in trouble. That that's is stupid. And I think there were some other swear words in there with the F the F bomb. But before I go to the calls and go to Mario on WB EM Mario you've been holding a long time man and I appreciate your patience talked to me -- please before you start. Just remember my monster my. Deathbed wish is that I look back in my life and I say that I brought people together so much. Yeah a relative best. Guess yes. Our our. Own more us. So I am are you with the dearest. -- -- I gotta tell you something that I'm very grateful. For vet and I had a revelation about I mean it was a religious revelation. But about a year or so ago that you don't want. I want to use whatever influence I have for good enough for hate enough for evil they need to be clear about that with people so it's not misinterpret so please go to. And I do respect they have -- our respect or disagree with a lot of topics up there are -- a it took could get much go to work to this now. -- Today. Sheila by -- Gosling. Had that in fact I can't tell if I would restaurant. Adept at the -- got -- physical education. But I don't know all -- -- -- out of recorded. I. Just don't think that way but they have away shake our head our assets. We're back to work out as far as that it should just. Well I'd take the current. Now as far as what happened before been. Mario I just I need to ask you just a couple of questions as far as -- setting up what happened before this I wanna get to traffic but just a real -- for -- Mario how old. Is -- relative the guy who recorded mystic. I'm forty or younger cut about five or six. -- -- -- Okay stand by I would love to talk to him by the way in his name is the one that is kind of like that old ice cream cake maker right. Okay yeah I got the right info that whole run Mario you're you've got a lot more save and Alan Harris does too he's the man with traffic so we both have to make way for Alan Alan. AccuWeather tonight cloudy a couple of showers especially in the evening fifty below tomorrow beautiful some clouds some sun 67 right now 66 a news radio 930 WB Ian thank you Joseph beamer thank you John beamer calls -- duties. Back to Mario so you're gonna tell us what happened before John Sherman call screening duties and answers up and John beamer -- are you guys got married a little little known fact about these two fellows are very close tried Mario so what happened before. Well so call it oh yeah already sort of sarcastic. Erica does well but I -- on. The started his car children walking by now. -- say oh we don't know -- that. -- all -- but they'll start my car it is didn't deny -- that it can't -- all the -- been. In -- and that he'll. Dark art -- it. She says that when their work ever in just start are what driving wreck. Sitting in the party. -- doubt that this program. I I believe you -- I do -- this -- view and you are correct in what you say but I just this woman as a witness I'm not so sure I would regard her credibility particularly favorably what kind of car are we talking about I have a car. And I -- shop at Dollar General and it's a very expensive German car and it gets kind of noisy when it starts up what what is your cut and what does your relative drive. They have a few articles see what I don't know exactly. What it was and political according to video looks like sitting up a little looks like that a but -- sure that -- When you've been quite. We'll check Cabrera ass off the list them. Right now. So you know all he did was start his -- and you know OK I I have to ask you this then and this is gonna be real stupid question. Is there any way that any. Reasonable person would believe that the way in which he started his car -- somehow revving were gunning the engine and some kind of an attempt to steer a couple of children -- -- ridiculous as -- but I am. I highly doubt it and if you look at your your belt a look at -- page. Look at all look pretty good Christian. To abort the same way. Get that -- this are probably -- say it'll. What did they say. -- Productivity per call but for all that the children having that grew -- playing spot is all -- -- -- Ever hear what. Children and or anything like as -- -- video. It's OK but don't work. Yes we are absolutely. He was -- he was -- calling voice to the children even after I believe one of the children's work. I. -- if I can't -- At that point I probably ticket office. Or call a cute bow out of power. Protect ourselves just like. Or in an email to -- What that -- that doesn't mean. Well right sit by quick so I shall I know app no. Potential at that -- so I ain't. We share. The other Qaeda and that is what I looked at sugar in it are an account that all initial posting a comment. I -- the -- There's more to a ball that's why so well. What -- -- or or roll out worldwide recognition. Though. -- -- -- visit our -- this is still out there myself. Had a debate. Page. It is. Or go to. Lot of different -- or looking to go worldwide. Has had social but -- the dialogue that people are willing. Well this is no Mario how to take your phone number off -- is -- -- continue this after the news break in and hopefully if your really nice guy. You'll haul your cousin and you'll get them on my show all. Because. Okay what I want to get your number because if if were unable to connect with him -- even if we are able to connect with him I would like to at least know how to contact you if not on this for stuff in the future because. I've told I've said this on the year before. I have a few black listeners who have my private cellphone number. And part of my revelation I had about a year ago was you know what sometimes I say stuff and I don't realize that. Good that people. With good hearts not people would then that is where just look at that and but just ordinary hard working black people might take it in a way that I did not and and so I want to give you my personal cellphone number -- you haven't. So you can be part of that pick cadre of people I trust to keep me in line so that I can -- bring people together and not be an agent of -- -- Bubble -- to speak to your that's almost thought almost actual weather. You know. I I have to break I'm I'm gonna give you my cellphone number off here all right stay with us -- news radio 930 WB yen and it is -- hourly for. Absolutely nobody -- volley for the time of 426. If you're in Chicago it's 326. To others that. And about. -- about. From there. Things change some. I just thought himself a beautiful sentiment and wildly inappropriate activity that he. It is hourly -- news radio 930 WB GN. And if you are all of that black Brothers and sisters listening to the -- showed today I would love to hear what you have to say about this and I -- I must say that. I really hope that you know. Bad most white people are not like the lady in Cheektowaga not even in private. All right not even in private and especially the younger generation. They don't -- that. All right I grew up in the N word generation. It took some time. For -- to. Expunge it from my vocabulary. I grew I grew up with Richard Pryor and not. Neighbors but you know it was a different error Chris Rock. Didn't fabulous comedy bit on black people verses the N word. Errors is now and he -- because he's a black guy. Again you know the argument that people might well black people call himself the N word a pot that's right because you can always -- your Italian. If you are Italian you can use -- because -- Diego. If -- polish you can -- Paul lock and nobody's gonna get upset and by the way Americans are part polish and I only date women were at least half Italian so that's my she'll most. Bomb it to say it again folks it's the same reason why I can at 6 o'clock sometimes -- -- give you happy ending. Nobody else said that people might find offense with that I can do it. Yeah I've got the genetics the -- So you can always insult your own group if you're gay you can tell gay jokes you can use the F word and I mean you know. The word mark doppler uses in money for nothing. Dire straits song 1980. Thereabouts 79. But. It anyway that you got to understand folks that is I guess what we call racial etiquette. If you are the member of a group you can always consult your own group. But when you start insulting other groups were using incendiary language with other groups it becomes a problem. Mark is not to and I operate in this up gratuitous. But. Senator mark -- New York State senator he got in trouble. In -- country why he intervened as a non native America a native American. In eight squabble. Between two native Americans. You don't care. And I know that that's sounds provincial and tribal. And you know what. As many gadgets as we have evidence investigated as we think we are. Deep down somewhere in our human nature there is an element of tribalism. In all of us. And there is an element of prejudice in all of us not necessarily even racial prejudice by the way. Sometimes there's an age prejudiced sometimes there's an income prejudice and let you see like she -- at Dollar General. You know it's called. And my goal part of my job part of -- Hopefully destiny. It's 22. My small part without sacrificing my conservative Terry and values. In fact because. Tolerance. Of each other and a true understanding and appreciation of diversity. Is part up -- an essential part of the conservative area and philosophy. It's not one of hate it is one of genuine inclusion. And that's what I preach. And I'm not going to stop preaching. I don't do it because I think it's politically correct I don't do it because I think well that's what the left that's that's why the left loved me. Boy like you just say the right things at the right time suddenly all BB king of the you know of all areas of the political spectrum it's not gonna happen. Talking about this video that was recorded in Cheektowaga at the Dollar General parking lot airport plaza. Where you don't need an arm and elect -- I'd I'd read that the majority thing has not been doing that whatever dominates the airport plot that's all I can think of because it's an effective at. -- the mighty taco -- amateur is basically came up with those campaigns under the best ad campaigns ever which makes people like me who do for a living -- idiots. But that's another story. All right folks what. We have here's a situation were a mid thirties black man. Committed the egg egregious crime. And by the way -- I've heard this now from multiple people and I have to believe that. I'm giving this a lot of credence and credibility. This black guy in his mid thirties and I know his name on marketing give it until -- get clearance. He committed the unpardonable offense is one of my email correspondence has indicated. The unpardonable offense of starting his car while black. And yes starting his car while black now somehow this woman who let's face it she's irrational. Somehow she believes that that scared her children. Now right then and their folks you're dealing with somebody who has issues that I don't care to delve into on this program. Let me just say. Over rationality is not an issue for her. I'm not -- pass judgment on her being a stripper. I will however say bet the kind of language she used in front of her children in 2014. Calling a man. What he called -- what she called him the N word. Is. You know what. It's add. It to reflection on her it's not a reflection on white people. It's some it's ugly. And the real sad thing about this there -- so I said parts about it may forget the judgment for a minute. When you look at the kids. They don't even seem fazed by their mothers irrational. Erratic behavior. They're not even fazed by. Gonna tell you something when you were growing up if you're mom had acted that way wouldn't you have been absolutely terrified. I would've been petrified. I would have been begging her to please leave I would've been crying. That was what I was like -- it. Is just ugliness. Now the gentleman who recorded the video. Two things he did wrong. And with all due respect but I will tell this to him. If and when he calls. Number one he added did. To a situation that was already bad heat egged her on. Now I don't think that he had ill intent. OK I don't think that he was out to get this woman. I think he actually did recorded as a family member said for educational purposes for the show is that we like hey this is what really just up. Nonetheless. Nonetheless. Had this situation taken a turn and turn violent physically. Both of these people would have been next why didn't you leave this situation when you good and that includes zip. Now as that set the gentleman involve the black guy I think he's much more likely to be of -- listener than shape. I don't know just a funny feeling I had. And I hope he calls them because I would like to talk to the other thing he did wrong. He should have blurred the children's faces out before posting the video now granted nobody expected this to go viral. According to a family member and I you know what I'll take that man at his work and arisen about what he says. Nobody expected this to be worldwide in the subject of talk shows and everything else. The woman is comments her demeanor. Ugly. Just raw human ugliness I don't know how else to describe the man was composed called cool and collected. My opinion he should clear it out. You know there's a great line in pulp fiction. Were Marcellus. Is talking to butch played by Bruce Willis. And they're talking about Bruce throw in the fight bookstore in the fight for big payday. And -- says to butch. Now the night of the fight. You might feel a stake. That's just pride F in -- here in you know what. Lot of people don't wanna backed out of a situation because of pride. Believe this thing goes away. For bowl people should just walk to. And what your take on this now you can see the video at WB EN dot com or go to my FaceBook page I really don't care worry watchers. As long as you watch it and any comment on. On my show. Comment on it on my program. And again before they call it. Just a simple ground rule. You know people go through changes in revolutions. And people are always learning. Including your humble host. And I've said this before did you last have a -- for an hour. My goal is to bring people together. My goal. Is to. Bring out the best in people of different disparate racial and ethnic backgrounds. To see the common humanity in all of us and to get away from his racial stuff. There are white racists there are black racist there are Asian -- hell I'm sure there's eskimo racism worker. Doesn't make it right it's ugly. Now -- -- a play that video soundtrack. The soundtrack of hates. Coming up from the woman. She is. She -- right. But I wanna go to Lisa in Amherst who says she is that the gentleman sister Lisa Europe WB and we heard from a cousin before work. You are the sister of the guy whose first name sounds like an old ice cream -- company. But you can still find it wegmans. Yeah. Lisa. I. They you know regularly. And he. And being. If you bisexual we get married and I'll have the black lesbian shield -- just saying. Hypothetically. He's. Sorry I didn't get in there. About it but I am a lot bill and it really hit it in your entire program. And it's on its dual testing here matter. Now. Her new boy at the end. That in order like a -- mainly ballots -- -- down. How is you know it's -- He's obviously calm cool collected and I hate using this because it's it's only seems to apply when black -- speak but he's he's obviously very well spoken well educated. Absolutely absolutely and I mean my at the end that are saying I would think I agreement that anybody who. Steered me order you know our that was. That was another color. Max -- I mean I hope they colored so my initial reaction against the collar may well. -- Well that is universally yes. You know I liked how it out whatever cop out of your name barracks and a racial fire because I guess that's -- -- -- -- Now lol I mean -- wanted to say that. You know and that he'd he'd could I -- know Sam. Read that guy gets radicalized here and kids well I. No. No well you know what -- today and as Mario pointed out. You do actually hear him in the video. When one of the kids is getting upset say it's okay buddy me he was concerned about that child welfare and I'm not sure which of the children swore at him following mom's example. Which -- as much but. I'll have you had a chance lease it to talk with -- your brother about. You know the idea that this is the problem -- with him. Is it just pouring gasoline on the fire with an obviously you're rational out of control woman. -- and I and I agree that it but I definitely do think that she should have been exposed as well but. Com not a got a chance to talk about how yesterday -- it around till it. Now. Yet of the conglomerate pick up some food the -- the other day it now. Like it's so now I. I cannot -- -- if it was me am I -- would have. And yet reacted as if they verbally and then just sat ops. Because my presidential reaction that match that record at that how we -- And -- and everything like that. You and I are old he's in his mid thirties. Old was sorry Lisa we were speaking I thought that perhaps you were is geriatric as I. -- -- the fault because I wanna talk a little bit more and I want I I wanna do the phone number thing with you as well because when I talk about this stuff I am. Very very sincere. About wanting a base of people who. Can keep me in check or alert me too when I really am insensitive and offensive people whose judgment I trust not people are professional in a race debaters all lucky must be racist he said this but hard working black people. But I really don't -- offense. So pulled -- -- if you would -- dear let's say a check of traffic right now with the hardest working man here at the radio station mornings and afternoons traffic Alan Harris. All right well thank you end AccuWeather the rest of tonight it'll be a cloudy a couple of showers especially in the evening the bus and have a ball game against the Toledo mud hands downtown ballpark first pitch 705 should be a decent night. Tomorrow gorgeous some clouds some sun 67 and were holding up to 66 degrees -- news radio 930 WBBM. Lisa I -- look I'm convinced beyond any doubt. That once or she's not -- repairs or work what trading phone numbers you know this great way to pick up women if I was looking it would be a tremendously to do. Any time a woman sounded really really -- -- just and I can do that you know. You know I need beautiful women to let me know what I see things -- -- beautiful women. -- I need beautiful women who like going to heat or to call me every to know that's not gonna work OK that's just the idea. -- let me get back to what these in -- Lisa I'm convinced beyond any doubt that your brother is in fact a good guy a hard worker. Your -- I believe called an entrepreneur or he's a dead himself. And you would have been more more than likely is that you probably -- called this person that an eight hole and moved on. You know if you count your blessings that this thing did not escalate into an assault or homicide. Well yeah and I have a short story this year as well as I had. I was driving down here then one day. Allowed back and a guy like me ops. And -- Somalia where. In. He cut me and I. I don't know what I I think I can eat -- eat your heart out and I know I didn't think my middle finger up or anything like that. But it sure about what happened in the park my -- this guy who happens to be Caucasian and -- -- -- -- Jack. -- and stalking him. That Mac half -- and I yelled at them and -- that a few choice wired. But I mean had a gap -- half hour. You now have felt like I don't know what's gonna happen but I stayed in my Karen I was very angry and -- you know -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Which you know what a man and is he this is this is what I wanna communicate your brother. Mom. When your man it never looks 100%. Good dude when you get into something like this with a woman no matter how gentlemanly you are or how well spoken you are or Carl or call you are. You know if you look at it through different optics it could have been an issue. Right yeah just like she that you Alberta crop in its safety. That was stupid. You don't know threats that are whatsoever he made no threats to her at all and she's talking about bringing her husband down to kick his ass which you know that's that's just trashy talk. So. -- I mean seriously what the how is this can result are you concerned that at some way shape or form your brother could face harassment charges as you thought about may be finally grasp the charges against her. Black -- and I haven't actually talked well I really don't know at this -- But. I mean that we go either way -- mean you know that is. -- now where it is. You know I don't know they happened and they're actually get their blurred out our legs you know I mean it's that there is that it's scary situation. I don't know -- because -- either -- either way. But apparently he I wish he would drove away but at the same time I'm glad they -- it. Found that lady you know I'll get exposed her. Because it was outcrop for every -- -- Well there and you're gonna backed up what I've heard that all he did was start his car when the woman was in front of it -- your children. Yet -- I don't know I mean I have. We're not talking a different -- the Caucasian guy ran Rollins and I will allow you the court so it he had -- why ain't seen why. What would she can't sit him you now. Some -- in a different you know. They'll probably were people generally call me the same word you used earlier this starts with an eight and -- with -- Ian is somewhat or official in nature. That's a little limited on the Internet. -- -- Lisa I'm glad you called you've got my cellphone number and send me a text so -- -- you're sort of -- in my contact list and I really grateful that your family. -- least. Listens to my program I find it's so funny that I had this feeling all -- today that Europe well I thought your brother would much work -- likely to be about -- listener and this woman. A all right thank you very much -- glad you called. -- right. I think at this is that we're having a great show what I love about the -- the tone of the show is how things ought to be. And I'm elated beyond measure with that I wasn't always this way folks. Know. Newton. For 55 news radio 930 WB yeah.

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