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6-4 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

Jun 4, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And it's. Will be out with. Certain. The whole -- That he can. Win this endless parade. Distractions. And political posturing and phony scandals. Washington's taken its eye off the ball. And I'm merely saying that this needs to stop wherever and whenever. I can take up without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what -- -- he. Let's listen -- -- and it's Tom hourly and his head fell off its live. Our heads and I got up and Tom hourly and -- Texas. A news radio -- Jennifer what we're breaking news today and what words can use today -- it's about -- pardon. Let me up what measure. -- treasurer. -- news radio I'm thirty WB EN and obviously I think you know we're going to be talking about today we're going to be talking about. What are we talking about citizen journalism. To a college journalism. -- really parking lot encounter. Bad five years ago ten years ago fifty years ago. None of us ever would have heard about except anecdotally. -- my debt -- -- crazy white woman in a parking lot at a store ones and she called him the F word and hurt his right here. But this is the era of the Smartphone it's part full video and YouTube and things going a little. Maybe I'm old enough to remember the good old days when people talk about viruses it was just herpes but anyway. I digress we have a lot of places we're gonna go today WBBM. Up by the way if you came here expecting. A lynch mob bite you you've got the wrong guy at least as far as I'm concerned -- -- my callers are gonna say. But Twitter lets you wanna puke FaceBook makes me wanna puke. And it makes me wanna puke because. In 2000 years of recorded history. We have made so little progress we you know we we think results for and Smart with our cell phones are Internet all -- by webcam all look -- be in the bathroom. All here's my dinner I'm gonna eat tonight. We are so Smart. And everytime I go to Twitter or FaceBook and I read up with situations like this. I am reminded of the mob scene after Marc Anthony's funeral oration for Julius Caesar in Shakespeare's Julius Caesar where about my. Rob gets up off. And start acting. Currently irrationally. To the point where a public. Who happen to have the same name as one of the conspirators against Julius Caesar is executed simply for sharing the name. I am set up a set up it doesn't matter caliber of adverse. You know we've added it's the same mob mentality is just a different platform -- the streets are all on its Twitter. It's the gutter it's not sure that all too often social media becomes. I don't even know where to begin with this story except at the beginning I'm gonna presume does everybody know a -- what we are speaking. Joseph do we have that video ready -- asked a big -- view and I -- -- three minutes to get ready. But we're gonna play as much of the video as we possibly can allow. Because I can't let F bombs go on the show. Which I think is really really stupid by the way because if I were in the FCC the F bomb would be accepted word everybody uses it I was watching the show 182. That would be -- the History Channel version two. It's literally pull on stars every they'd actually have historical stuff or reject. But I'm the last 48 hours of the life of Lee Harvey Oswald and assist. Historian says well. Leo Harvey Oswald -- an FBI agent. And detective threats in the interrogation or look so far this is they want but at the moment. This guy as a university professor he says. So up if I had my way the F bomb would be allowed and would not be viable opponent because there are times -- is all video is a WTF moment and it in so many different aspects now. If I sort of be politically correct I would committee here. And I would excoriated the woman and I would focus only on the woman and -- talk about what an evil Scotty races bitching let's. Now all of that may very well -- But it takes two to tango. And it takes two to tangle. And a player I watch the video and you can go to my FaceBook page or WB Ian dot com and see the video I just wanna warn you. That the video contains words for Chris Rock has used an awful lot and so -- Richard Pryor. All right I just want a war news that the video contains that worker sorry. I like it just gives back in the open you can always mock people who look like you you just can't mock people who don't look like you. It's like that with everybody I can tell happy ending jokes. It out and nobody can arrive. I got the -- baby I don't have the black -- though. I told you get a very bisexual black woman she's gonna be beautiful and rich by the way but I need the black shield which I don't have but anyway again I digress. There's an altercation in a kick ought to New York parking lot we don't see what sparked the altercation. -- Folks I cannot make the rush to judgment. I cannot join the lynch mob against Janelle. Ambrose -- that's the woman's name she is a stripper by the way. In other words of Peter Griffin strippers aren't bad people. Their naked people who pleasure you for pressure negotiate later in the VIP room. Now I'm not saying the -- elbows that a court which is they a stripper currently. And that does not maker bad person. But there was some kind of an incident which led up to this video. And I would like to see these surveillance tapes. From whatever store that was a -- Look awfully familiar and I'm sure somebody will send me an email Thomas WB and doctor on comic WB and knocked out. But the that the decision looked awfully familiar -- the economic just can't get it off the top my tong. And the top in my brain. But there were some kind of an altercation. The woman says the black men driving a vehicle scared her children. Apparently she and -- to our children thought this black man was going to run them over apparently for no good reason. She called him the -- word now that does not up for debate. She admits that she confirms it. She didn't even say no I didn't say that. -- tape she admits one of the first things you'll hear her say is yes I called you -- Because you almost hurt my kids. You know the funny thing is in all seriousness guys the black guy is much more likely to be about hourly listener than Jim Miller brochure that's the funny thing about that's. Now I have to get acted as we don't know what led up to it and I would love to see the store surveillance and it. Is there merit to what this woman said the guy. In some way shape or form. Commit a driving error which could have been perceived as a possible assault I don't know that's not on the tape that is information we don't. Now he doesn't so how -- it like the kind of guy who do that. He speaks in a very rational very called voice unlike the woman who shrieks like -- -- -- all I could think of was the mama bear and the -- thing. And the other thing you're really struck me about the video watcher kids seemed utterly unfazed by moms really out of control behavior. The woman was unhinged. The woman. This phrase this let me put it this way. I did not see a normal. Reaction I did not see a normal woman on that tape did you. I saw a woman for whom racism is probably. Not the biggest problem she -- Just a guess it's an uneducated guess. But she really has an issue with anger. And maybe inappropriate response to stimuli. Now there's a word for people like -- on the equity use it because I'm not a doctor. She struck me is being abnormal the woman. -- obviously racist how can you deny that she's a racist. She says she has black friends on her Twitter account. That is the oldest thing in the booked him on circuit I have black friends ergo I am not a racist note you have black friends ergo you think you have the shield you don't. You know folks three -- -- forgive the laughter about this. But I just keep on in my own brain getting back to this idea. That we think we're so sophisticated were so Smart -- their Smartphones. And our video technology. And YouTube and instant communication with anybody and Twitter lynch mobs and FaceBook lynch mobs. And the human mentality has -- about zero. From 2000 years ago I'm set up so what is adverse. Now this woman now it's become the poster child for stupid white people. And she's relishing the role. Which. Is. You know in some way. In some way I have to respect somebody. Who is ignorant. And stupid. And is standing up for ignorance and stupidity because -- she -- the years however war they are. The woman acted so inappropriately. Wildly inappropriately. And her kids didn't even seem like this was out of the ordinary for her. That was kind of alarming to me the kids were like it facing one of the kids twirling around one of their bars in the parking lot like we used to do when we were -- Now she is white by the way I wanna put up a woman in the video is why. Her name is Janelle Ambrose yet and I think I saw on the Internet she -- -- Williams also out. I'm honestly. Mainstream. I might actually cross paths with this 11 point or another life I've never -- I just to make that one clear so. Well no because. Strippers -- people to Peter Griffin said I put that quote up on my FaceBook page because I'm sorry we on the -- -- I don't think the woman is Ottawa Senators. She is racist. I don't think she's normal. I don't think that she's rational. I think she acted as though she was unhinged. Com. She acted like somebody who is begging to be put an anger management. Now let's talk about the guy shall we. Because this is going to be controversial. And I noticed that I don't year. Because interestingly enough yesterday before this video even surfaced. I talked about my goal. As a talk show host. It is bringing up is is all about bringing people together. And part of bringing people together is to be circumspect and not automatically jumping to conclusions. Because that's the politically correct thing to do it. I don't think the guy can be expropriated. From stupidity here. Because. Well the. I didn't do anything wrong Tom. You know what he -- that he engaged. He engaged. Now let's just change the optics just a little bit shall we had a bit a white man that doing this to a black woman. Let's change the optics then suddenly wait -- -- What's a man doing it engaging a woman he should just written no way. Does that change topics at all for anybody. The man against a woman. Generally is seen as somebody who should've got the hell out of the situation in this situation most people are seeing him as some kind of very you -- race hero. Who is showcasing white racism. I'm looking -- and I'm thinking to myself -- if something had gone wrong. What if you had ended up debt what if she had come at you and you had to use physical force. Because you could have incomplete safety left the -- People do not understand this on my FaceBook page the guy that shuttle left. He'd what did he do to help the situation -- -- at -- What did he do. To defuse the situation nothing he poured gasoline on the fire. And I want to -- has gone to court. One of the first things as lawyers would say is well what did you do to get out of the situation. Well nothing I stayed there and I video I talked to work. Route they -- thing that's a bad -- Folks -- -- ever talked about this publicly but I was accosted about a year ago in downtown buffalo. And here's my reaction. I walked away. It was a racial thing. I walked away. I was armed I walked away. Why did. Because hey I don't -- lawsuit be I don't need to spend 25 years at Attica heading let's -- and large. I walked away. I don't feel like a worse I don't feel like a -- I walked away incomplete -- This guy should just got out of here. That's number one number two or to another mistake he made and why I think they were both idiots. In this situation although I'd much rather hang out with the black guy on the white woman honestly. But in this situation they were both wrong. My opinion. He filmed her kids. Let me just tell us up. You don't film people's children -- for those who don't know what film is its cattle like what we have before video. You don't video people's hits without their consent. Yes I know there in a public place but I wanna tell you that the creepy factor is always there. Before he posted the video he should have blurred the faces of the children. That's another mistake he made. I'm sorry I can't let him off free under -- because he made two mistakes. He made a bad situation worse and he put the woman's children. On YouTube. That's a bad thing to do you know as it was they are taking some gardening pictures yesterday. And some little girls walked on the sidewalk you noted that. I moved my camera away because I didn't wanna even make it seem like I was taking pictures of little girl because I think that's pretty sick crap. I went back to do my garden pictures. So you've got to understand. That parents. Especially enraged crazy parents. Especially in raged crazy parents were strippers. They are going to be like mama bear protecting their children. And dude should realize that. Now what's he victimized by being called the N word out there was just it's a stupid hurtful ignorant thing to say. Do we know exactly what happened before that no we do not. Now if we are to judge just based on the whole of the individuals want the recording started he appeared could be completely rational. Completely call home. Cool and collected. She appeared in -- like a furious volcano. I mean it looked like PMS on a scale I've never seen before. Now. I'm sorry. But it was that bad CAA and it could ended tragically. I would have loved -- guys have to say about theirs I think I think they both were wrong I think neither of them acted like adults neither of them acted as I would vector. And I'm not even an adult. 803 all right thirty. Star nod thirty on the cell phone 180616. WB -- What do you make -- this video we're gonna play as much as we can are coming up in the next segment for those who work near a computer it's ugly. It's ugly but. It was so unnecessary. On both sides so unnecessary. I was running at Three Dog Night song and this what is it like the one to play today. By the way I've you're just joining us and use maybe waking up joining the world have been on a cocoon all the way. There is a video it is gone viral meeting. Does it it's a spiral all of that eight. The woman does get a five minutes of fame the guide -- to. There was an altercation. A verbal altercation at a parking lot in Cheektowaga. And unlike most people in the media who have this knee jerk all the black guys always -- the white woman is always wrong. Com I think both persons were wrong. All people were wrong folks the first question any cop any lawyer any judge. Or any court any court is gonna ask you is why didn't you walk away. In the event you're ever asked. When something like this it's not again why didn't you just walk away the woman -- walked away but I should've walked away. I don't think -- out of our heroes and there's the woman. Is obviously a racist. Now whether she's ignorant or stupid I don't know ignorance can be educated stupidity is forever. The guy although he's very call and reasonable on the video. His actions. Were not good actions -- Tom. But there's something had this situation taken a turn the first question what -- and what why didn't you leave the situation. And I'm -- most people would let that situation. Mum. And you don't put somebody's kids on YouTube without their consent that was wrong. The woman and it would just totally was in -- -- what I wrote on FaceBook. Because. I think it's I think is pretty -- actually. I didn't think it was good I wouldn't written mixtures -- would oppose it. So. I hear. And see tool adults acting like idiots. Do we have that tape. Right before I read what I wrote. What are we all listen to that about which I wrote. This is the audio heavily edited by the way because there's an F bombs I think and definitely some Edwards. Oh yeah there's more than one and word out of the woman's obsession with the -- -- And saying it to a black guys I mean she also poured gasoline on the fire. If she's so concerned about her kids she should've gotten out of there till they're both wrong. This is a bolt actually -- a couple African kindergartners. Anyway here is the audio from the viral video sweeping the country four today and tomorrow there will be another. I have her on tape calling me racist comments called me in front -- it scared my child -- well as cameras on here and and we'll see. Because -- would definitely file charges please butter cups thinking. Please. Got everything I'll take. Your voice to. -- me it. And that's how you felt. My -- take -- kids don't worry about me you know and I felt as good. Please do. Sorry I cannot call this barely -- you know he's taking her on. He is taking on a woman who is obviously out of her mind at that moment. I'm bringing my husband down please do. Really. -- you really want that what the guy shows up with a forget hand cannon and the situation goes nuts is that what we want now. That's why I say the best course is to walk away your pride will get over don't worry. It's okay but it. And as good. Her little boy doesn't like black people leader I want. Where he got that idea. Racism alive and -- Mazen. Really. Because me and that is what is it back -- You Communist for the -- that. I start in my -- by starter -- X at -- amazement. While yet -- kids can accidentally Zuma. Wow this is amazing that. Okay. You know now. At. The act of right now out in. A really that. -- economy I thought -- I. -- My legacy that. -- -- and pat and I don't know and I don't idol finals and -- pat and I. Think it's okay. I'm sorry what -- is out of control I have the during the Mike off because I also thought they should have said. The warmer and it is just out of pinch -- Are right I'm sorry I -- I'm glad the mark was -- what I just said because it was it was not very nice toward a toward the mom in this case. You -- -- far bench. This is not civil discourse. -- And that's very very. Pleased to have. Okay folks he just asked her to pull him out of the car again. This man is not a hero he's pouring gasoline on the Fieger a woman who is out of control. Something about a Rodney Crowell song going through my head. Now why. You act out rate the rate it. Well he's a racist. I got my legs out good thanks. OK sheriff. So now she wants to make it's you want to make a bad situation worse by involving her husband ask your husband to come down. What good did she think was gonna come there that's what would. Got a cabinets. Becomes the 44 Magnum. Reality this whole situation. If this could go on the court open that would have been found stupid in the first thing they. Don't happen. -- -- I've. -- -- the window up. And that at the end of the civil discourse you know this. Almost the the intellectual. Level of that discussion reminiscent of William F Buckley's firing line those of you watched that program back in the seventies. It almost and I can almost imagine Edward. Tom are folks humans acting badly. Out each guy. Was. And cool. And collected -- He -- when doing the right thing. That's my take on -- a wanna share what -- road on FaceBook and that I'm sure. -- lynch -- will be after me which would be very unfortunate because I think what I'm saying major help a lot more sense that is lynching at the woman who clearly is. I think she's got bigger issues other than racism can I say that. I don't know that for a fact that the -- normal adult behavior. And here. Let me share with you would -- on FaceBook -- minimum take your calls let's I want every line -- -- go to calls 8030930. I want to ask my. Black Brothers and sisters for your input on this I don't want this just be a white dude -- 'cause it should be community show with -- all of us. Because I do we just had this discussion yesterday about how my goal in life. On my doubt that I wanna be able to say at least I was able to bring a few people together. Who otherwise never would have gotten it whether over sexual orientation or race that's my goal. I can't change the world I can bring a few people together that's that's great but there's -- I -- two adults acting like -- First what led up to this ugly and unnecessary confrontation in what way. Did the man allegedly scare the woman's kids calling him eight and word she admitted to doing so was patently wrong. Hurtful and ignorant. The woman admitted to calling him that after the initial unseen incident. And continued to act like a -- she after work instead of walking away and extricate herself and her children from such ugliness. They didn't even seem fazed by their mom's behavior which gave me a WTF. Feeling the man walk column. Seem to take pleasure in engaging the woman while telling her he was recording. Instead of simply driving away he contributed to making a bad situation worse. And included the woman's children in the video that was wrong. Thank the creator this didn't end up with somebody hurt or worse now some web sites are digging into this woman's past and posting your personal information online. And I write this I mean this I'd like to take both of them out to dinner alcohol for -- no boos at the table no -- at all. I'd like to take them both out to dinner. Privately. And I have a rational discussion about what happened why it happened and why it was wrong. And this goes for everybody. This goes for everybody this is the most important bit of advice you're gonna get today for me. Usually the best course of action is walking away. York pride will get over it. What do you make of -- And up please remember that my goal is to bring people together so be conscious of that before you post. Be conscious of that before you call. -- ugly situation and I don't see hero in this situation. Just because somebody's calm cool and collected does not mean that they did the right thing. She obviously did not do the right thing. It's just it's ugly and it's human ugliness. 803 on -- thirty let's go to John and Rochester John what's your take on this. You know I -- honestly. About it looking at com. -- local media. Personality. But age. And what segment on the news station played. The way it was it was a library. Now. But it actually finished off well and located at the excellent excellent honestly -- They. Ought. All of the first and I'll watch the video. Guys out. There. The media for for making it. It's an issue because there certainly set them aside in. Operates people. Always are. -- -- -- my FaceBook page yesterday about a black woman who told a white lady I kill white people like you on an airplane that didn't go viral it was just a news story. It I mean it racism is ugly it's idiots no matter I don't care the person looks like you or doesn't look like you it's always ugly and it's always too. Let's say -- the woman apparently. Apparently. Clearly she's not the smartest peanut in the third. -- -- -- that are great that on before that's why jobs really meant it that. God bless your grandma we could do it did. My great grandmother used to -- related debt and let wind breaks any more -- morally and. It. She's between a year and -- It. When she beaches but I. It -- just. Would. If you watch on the news station. You know I don't want it in the channel Al. -- were you like. The woman who. She. Outward. To be sure well well. All. A hit but say here's here's the problem. We don't know what actually happened to lead up to the confrontation. Did was the woman acting out of -- a surge of adrenaline because she legitimately thought that her kids were about to be hurt by this guy. As a bad driver or was she just you know and raged on the -- you walk through life perceived wrongs that aren't there. And and this unit saw the video clearly it was where it accurately show any -- the contact before that. So of course. All mean that the prepared journalism that. Well talk radio is alive and well and I try to be very circumspect about theirs. Because and again everything I have to say I've said it so far on the year and it certainly set it on FaceBook. And you know again I. I would use the expression teachable moment but I'm sick of expression because nobody ever learns nothing specially Grammer thanks for the call. All right -- 030930. Start at 3180616. WB -- you have to admit. That -- Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson got into discussions or when Lincoln debated Douglas. I imagine that the level of discourse was roughly equivalent to what we just heard in the video everybody agree with that. The -- not to agree with a news radio 930 WB ENN. And AccuWeather. Tonight is going to be a mostly cloudy night a couple of showers especially in the evening overnight low fifty why -- -- on the Toledo Mud -- at the ballpark first pitch seven -- -- him. Tomorrow beautiful some clouds some sun 67 degrees and right now Joseph we are -- 66. And news radio 930 WB and three degrees away from perfection Joseph that's all I have to tell you to army out of four or five. Op let's get back to the calls on that WB EM. Human ugliness. On display. Now I understand that big guy may have wanted to make this a learning moment for the rest of society. I you know I'm I'm put trying to put myself in his shoes but had something gone wrong. Seriously guys the first question the cops -- -- -- what do restless what why didn't you leave when you could have with complete safety to yourself and others -- article 35 New York State penal code. I'm not a lawyer but I know how they think you're in -- courts think. Com in this could have been such African tragedy here is pat in Orchard Park on WB -- iPad. I I they're both -- says he was in case I think her. Races. Are. Older -- court so even though -- colleague at the F word in front of her children. Which is teaching -- children if it's. OK to beat the way she is. Wrong and he saw in her and he wanted. Poland can't work out from now. And EXP. And what we're doing. Because there was acting so I'm up. -- that doesn't make him a racist. Mean the me he antagonized -- I think he poured gasoline on the fire but I don't know that this -- a racist I don't know we will have never met them and he certainly. Sure people. White people either toward the black -- Any why people think he could like person calling a black person who are and yet -- important -- That's why it was so I'm about it. Well he records always has the advantage over he was being recorded -- I -- that march. I'm all right thank you I'm -- I'm glad you called and this is really ugly moment folks and I'd like to make this area a show of love and understanding and tolerance and not a -- -- And if you missed my soliloquy at 430 yesterday you understand from where I'm coming on that and I'm sincere about that. My job is -- my goal my job my goal personally is to bring people together and not. Be an agent -- heat.

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