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6-4 Beach and Company Hour 1

Jun 4, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- his region governor M sandy beach watching a movie got a lot of your talking about yesterday it will narcotic bureau many reveal my average unit already on the last Friday. Also decision I had to make after the movie and it was a could have been a life changing decision made. But I I won't tell you what it is you've never story like this I guarantee it. Yes yes yes that is a -- governor have said he beats Chris is chaired Tony is here the gang's all the errands or use of that that's good. Yesterday one of the advantages of doing the -- did you go to the movies in the afternoon for some reason I love to go to the movies in the afternoon. When I was in Hartford Connecticut I used to work until 10 AM I did 6 -- and I am. And the movies with started eleventh. And because my wife was a teacher often I'd I'd -- three movies in one day go from one to another to another. It's great it's it's -- it's a lot of fun no hassle. And you get to live in movie land. So yesterday I want to see a hundred ways to die in the west. Seven parlance of film and let me say this out of whole film. There were from my mind everybody's different and maybe three places where it was funny. The wrestlers. And a that was kind of flat Seth McFarland was a kind of flat. Are you expect a bit more from a Family Guy creator because you it was one of three writers. There was one visual gag that I've never seen before and a couple of a couple of vote broad goals that were very esoteric I mean if if you didn't. If you didn't really pay close attention the Oregon Beisel. All at all on -- once it tends score. I would say maybe four. That's because ballot questions. I'll tell you one thing -- -- was great. Lee and -- -- fabulously -- and can do anything and and he was great Charlize Theron is easy to look at. Very easily as she got a good job to she's a very very attractive woman. And that was that so. I wouldn't is that we said in Asia magazine absolutely. As well make a drama I'm but I don't think it's it's worth all it's cracked up to. That's why didn't do merely the opening that it was expected to. But now here's the problem. And I I've got to be very. Careful. On how I say this but I wanna say it because I think is important because other men may be facing the same problem I faced aren't. Now I don't wanna get potty mouth that I don't wanna be you know and do things that may seem like -- in the third grade this is a man's problem. It's not a female problem it's a guy problem okay. Natural way. After enjoy buying a foal. A 136. Ounce soft drink during the movie it's outrageous and air god don't get your car. Are you look these are you better stop the band's drummer and let me off. OK so I went instantly a men's room and it's really crowded after the movie because everybody went through the same thing. All right so there is a stall the door on it and I went in there because it was like the only thing open. And when I got in there. I discovered that there was an another guy. In the stall next to the one I was there. The reason I noticed them is that I saw a -- Down to my left side I saw a foot. And -- -- was wearing sandals. With no socks. I'm thinking samples -- no socks perhaps you don't wanna be in the restroom especially since and this is the key to the whole story. Part of his -- ones underneath his stall and protruding into the mine. There was a bare foot right there just was standalone that's it. And the guy seemed to I think it was a downloading the of the blue water tower as he was there a long time. Now here in case you don't know for those of you were uninitiated. We get ready to do some thing it's it's not always a perfect team. The equator is if you had your hands on a machine guns. The first couple rounds coming out of a machine gun may not go exactly where you want them to go they may go a little right. They may go a little left. And so you're got a machine and so when you see -- they're going that you can make the adjustment. But the problem as this is not a machine gun and it's not a bombing instrument it's not precise. And sometimes the first couple rounds willow. Veer off to left or veer off to the right now I'm sweating bullets because if I -- her -- to the left at all. If this isn't right on target. This guy is going to be one unhappy man I can tell you that and Oprah probably their compensation as a -- and. But then I'm thinking. And sandals -- Sox Chicago was is this guy deserves what he gets these guys can take anybody in his men's reminded moll. I'm a man like man I'm not afraid. So ID I've got the machine gun ready and I yet. -- -- -- -- Back up there it is okay and I prayed that -- you know he's. Is Lauren please make this a strategic bombing -- I want to hit the target because if I don't it's going to be okay. While this guy still downloading and edit tanker in the -- I don't -- -- so so it was time to go and this is a matter amending the make decisions. And Zeus. Perfect. Perfect. It could have been a symbol on the there and it would have been perfect so I've I've made it under great duress the number under under pressure. Usually the harder -- wilder things get the com or write -- exact opposite of most people when the world is falling around barometer I get I get -- -- -- I was -- are. And it's good thing have you guys ever faced a situation like that no I can't say that I have now waiting to -- maybe. I'm telling you it's not it's not for the faint of heart about regrets. Sort of you're always kind of on comptroller you have to go install and there's Allard. You -- other just you just legs and see your feet. And you don't wanna -- that individual afterwards the guy you know I don't wanna get out here all out all got quick wash your hands dry and get the hell out exactly. Because I'll tell if that was my foot underneath. It would have been in my own territory it would have been somebody else's terror and can't invade someone he's -- -- and if I suddenly started to singing singing in the rain. I want -- happy camper. I mean there are man laws to using the restroom if there are three he. Three three Euro euros yet. If somebody is you don't first are you don't walk up to use the middle. I don't know didn't go on the effective market for -- -- get make sure it was in the middle of the very seldom get shoes yet if there are two people you know left and right leave the middle one either you wait or go get a Stahl. But you don't -- the area. Add you know it's annoying where we're getting more dangerous because a lot of people. Have a hand held cell phone while they're standing there. They're not using Wi-Fi or anything the actual phonies in their left hand up to their ear. Now as far as I know that only leaves one hand okay for everything else so one hander is devoted to holding the phone -- -- air the other is devoted to everything else at 11 hand has to do the work of 20. Sometimes it can be dangerous and I've seen it in our restrooms here. Besides the sales people who on the solving conduct business. Well it was like no privacy those -- the entry level sales through -- -- they don't have a cubicle door and I yeah that the ethnic -- It's a little phone in there computer in -- -- -- we get a desk in the -- but my attitude is -- -- get -- and get done what I have to get done and get out of dodge I don't like to stay in and because nobody talks. Nobody talks if fact it's almost weird if you talk. You know I mean yes but people distrust in our business and he can't stop talking well anyway it's it was a it was a dramatic moment for me so the more it was only okay. The guy with the -- of their foot in sandals. Escaped unscathed. So it was a successful left and we come -- we got -- talk about our new Israeli and I'm thirty WB listening to sandy. -- funny how funny clown who view. -- TE it is a big and company. -- get my eyes examined today this is the exam that there's no pain involved but I'm such a baby -- my allies. In order to even put drops in my eyes I have to abide tilt my head of the corner put it in the corner VI and in turn my head somatic and a oats and there I've just terrible it is and this is where they've measurement they put a little. Instrument on your rise the actual eyeball to test the pressure and I'm not I'm not crazy about that and I tell -- at a time. I'm going to try to cooperate but my body will not it will try and keep my eyes close and you can't use that machine -- They've they've managed to get it done and and the other -- all the things they tell you not to do as a kid they do when your eyes examined. A don't look up bright -- don't look at that sun. It can damage or so ago which your chin hairless turn this megawatt looks like they got it from the prison escape section. And ballots let's push that whole light right in theorize. And then the doctor looks. In the back to your head which is who will -- that -- can you -- -- chin all right Richard chin on their. And the doctor is is staring right at it and I assume right through you but Oklahoma's great he really is the -- best. And doesn't really good job but I gotta get this done twice a year as I have diabetic now you have mr. happy to remove. Was there any money under your pillow zoning now that's not -- in the Tooth Fairy doesn't come visit me are coming your children I'll make sure that the truth very come to visit you when you have a a -- out. Did you tied to weigh your door and with a string and have somebody open it. -- the old fashioned way -- -- -- -- -- -- covered by obamacare. I know. So you add some dental work yeah I know this is now hold on to pull up and I had a doctor's appointment. It -- some blood work done so it was a busy day you know who's gonna hasn't -- work done is vote. -- Our most suited analogue yes -- academy Lewis the cat it can be primal at times is no crisis lovable wonderful. The vet says that. I CO discoloration of madame was -- better take a look at her tape but knowing loosely. They had they would have to sedate her first otherwise she would grow from published -- open. They're gonna do that so we'll see what happens live vote Lucy's feet and it is a little discoloration got to check it out and a the way we take care of our animals is something the Pope brought up and we'll get to that. A little bit later in the show. Aggressive any medical reports that you Hannity tests again earnings schedule. I have a doctors -- coming up in. About a month or so and -- -- and doctor. In years oh really oh this is new ground yes I don't know it's gonna go down and it's one of those things are just I hate the doctor Abraham and anything wrong. Psychologists are just haven't gone well it's good -- have -- wrong but that the doctor injured -- he really is oh. Our confidence and do the right yeah and as you get older you be making many more many more are -- if -- when you're looking at our house you'll get one near a medical complex and secure Emma and and -- Sherwood Oregon. Police chase six run away sheep on foot in my patrol car after they escaped from the back of the trailer. Animals while cheaper. You know obese but -- -- catch it really hard they're hard to catch in fact the two cats went in for their exam. Summers street art -- clinic on Saturday the first cat we call was -- was Lucy which was strange. Because Lucy usually can't be fooled which issues and -- carrier and then she sent out the alarm to Ethel. You hit it couldn't catch at the half an hour before we. We have a close all the doors because there's places you if she gets in the -- you'll never find ever. Okay. And let's we have upstairs and downstairs its large also a lot of places to run. But Lucy sent out the alarm and looked out they're gonna get GO we're going to have that. And we've finally caught -- Poland and and got him in there but you have to trickle might bring up the carriers. The night before. He -- bring up the carrier they know. They know they don't go -- carrier. In all of their -- of events so I guess that's. It's going to be expected because they love staying at home. Now the -- town board what they don't have enough to -- You know looking into. Regulation of drones. Over Amber's. Now first of all the air space. Is controlled by the federal government. On the hollow urged races so Amherst town board will have nothing to say about control will be air space over -- But are they having a lot of problems -- Our drones hovering over people's houses getting secret information. And I'm getting the draw don't have X ray vision. Eight planes fly over your house every day you know how many helicopters planes anything Google floats over your house over the -- all the time. Well they -- ever drawn problem I wish the drones would have looked -- town of -- Please pace we all. Oh yeah that would be good that's why they have these -- drama can use anything with wheels on it. But apparently hammers that must must be overrun with -- with a crime capital from what we read in the -- beat. But now drones. And I I just wonder seriously. What do people think the drones are going to find out about how I'm imposing that to you right now Tony. What OK if you had an Amherst you don't and I don't but if we did live and -- what problem do you think that is the drones would possess. While hopefully they would help catch the person natural snow cones and congress possess huge dog that was a big story out -- -- you have to put an end of that now I think we should spend thousands of dollars it after that Chris if -- was a drone. But -- routinely flew over here as well what do you think could be afraid. Generally I scream often when I'm watching sports guys here the cats than probably don't know. About illegal act any I don't know if I'd look a lot thinking that maybe women around in bikinis in their pools. And they don't want drones there because zone and up on the Internet I don't know maybe -- -- -- things in the background I don't know. I have no idea what they think vacancy you know if you're cheating on your taxes in doing it on the lawn. All of -- cheating on your wife and I are doing in Milan there while the house vote maybe after mode that's of the TV and exactly and it's not a picnic table Batavia. So just get a but I think they need to drone policy. So. Well I guess everybody was afraid of drones would it would be him is in man hours we don't know. That maybe you know maybe it was a secret request. I think there is drones. We're back tomorrow and -- are very WB here. The home of Rush Limbaugh weekdays noon till three. News radio 9:30 AM WB year. We're back with visions of sandy -- as a reminder that if you miss things because you're working or your transporting your kids somewhere or you had to be in a dentist's chair. The things that are heard on a WB and my John Susan's newsmaker interviews brawl on demand. Speaking just go to WB and our common and -- -- you want to also Tom Barley show and my show also. On demand so if you miss it in real time didn't catch it on demand at WB and dot com and I almost never listened to my ounce up in a Tony -- your own stuff like going on the Saturday show at GR. I hate listening to myself if do yeah so I -- I don't once in awhile I have to associated you know we've said this -- -- really so I'll have to go back in and check it out. The in my career idea I used to critique myself. But I haven't done that while there's -- donated there's no need when I hear that pearls and jams that follow Obama sometimes I wonder. How can all of this talent be in one body and one human I feel guilty. I critique myself after I say it's on really need to go to him I got an -- immediately I give myself an -- plus. -- -- this segment right now is just it's there's sadness it really is now Chris you're I'm alive most of the time. But I'm sure you go back and listen to what you did you do listen hero stuff I use to when I first started doing the sports I listened to all of because we it's six. A little while to kind of find your own -- I -- things -- I did that a lot the beginning. And I read -- -- -- -- -- is the as the years -- by every now and then I'll I'll grab some of them but I never even -- during use it's gonna you know why do with. You get older you get you get right to get used to it. The biggest advantage my voice has is this and it's a real advantage are literally as my voice cuts through engine noise. So if I'm going commercial whether it's why -- recorded. And you're in a car you'll hear every word of our guys who have much better voices -- -- much better. They have a lot of -- base in their voice you know what I mean he gets muffled with the car sound as the only at all. But -- with sponsors sponsor on this show. Every word gets hurt and I mean that sounds like -- miniscule thing but it's surely cuts right in our house certain cleaning products cut right through Greece. My voice cuts right through engine that's important if it accurately as them in broadcasting. Now we got the intersection of two things. That we never thought we have the intersection -- We put two things together and sometimes pass across and sometimes they run parallel and never crossed. I thought these were parallel but would never crossed but they have as a -- or talk about. In one in one side which talking about cats and dogs primarily. Cats and dogs pets in general but cats and dogs the two major ones all right. And the deal is we love our cats and dogs we truly truly do we should give them neutered in -- we we have to take care of -- cat especially cat population. There are groups like the SP CA that trying to find homes. And a nine lives cats they're trying to find homes for can for cats. People are adopting cats and dogs all the time and they become a member of the family. -- and you love the -- and it would. Noted that some of the saddest moments. A my life. Absolutely without question one I've lost cats but mostly cats that have been in my home. Since audio had a home. A live to be a seventeen right seniors all they get really good carrier filtered water they get the best cat food litter box is clean. The go to -- on a regular basis they don't go outside their inside cast. And they they have to be 1718 years old but even then it's so sad when they passed. But we love our cats and we love our dogs OK that's one. Now one side. The other side is strangely enough. The Pope equipment a yes exactly. How can you intersect the Pope with dogs and as well listen to it. Here's what's going on the Pope Pope Francis made they -- made a comment he was speaking to. Married couples about fifteen married couples. Ample Francis and I'm working for from a Peace here -- Francis told married couples that dogs and cats are no substitutes for children. Now I don't know who's advising -- the of the -- -- one would say that those are usually that would be very unusual choice. Honey I love you. You're so much I want a continuation. Of our of our relationship. And we should have children that's one OK the other is. I love you so much we should have children but I prefer schnauzer. You know I think. Does that. The semi dude and I know I've I mean I'm not from -- that. Yes and here we don't have to send the -- to college. And that kind of stuff the capital won't have -- drinking or drug problem or whatever. I I just find that they're easily combined. And you can these -- of the wall obviously a human being. Would would be a higher calling and a -- -- but we love our pets and there's nothing wrong with that and I think it shows. Think of humanity shows its best when we take care of animals. Because animals depend on us. Many of them do it and though we've taken over there their territory we've pushed him out of their natural habitat. We've we've done a lot of things to upset them but we still love them especially domestic cats and dogs. -- the Pope says is that if you indeed don't have children. But say you have pets cats and dogs the marriages without children will end with quote the bitterness of loneliness. So he's saying that -- them without without children. -- you're going to die bitter and lonely. And that's the pope's position. The Pope address fifteen couples who have been married between 25 and six years Monday. -- idea massively Santa Marta residents of the Vatican. -- emphasize three qualities that are important Christian marriages now here they are write them down and -- lists. I know you're already one strike right up bonus preserved parents. Which means you're there for the long haul and -- fullness -- fullness really means. Multiplied. That's what -- -- is. And it's not about. Doing community service helping the poor. Curing cancer it's about multiplying. And I think one there's emphasis what -- children with love animals we can both of them we can take care both of them. But today I don't wanna -- crude. I really don't wanna seem crude but. Win and indeed they focus from the Pope is on children in a marriage. And not on anything else he doesn't give credit to anything else in this message I'm sure there are other things that he sees beneficial but not for this messages messages. Forget the cats and dogs have kids. Doesn't that really relegate human beings to breeding stock. Well I -- And it you know I know some of you going to be offended by me saying that but if you're properties is to have children. Doesn't that just make fuel a member of a breeding stock. That's what we do with the animals. We take animals and we'll take in the zoo and you see they'll send a panda. Down to a XUL where they have a female panda for breeding purposes. And that's because there were in danger now there's no danger that. The world is gonna run out of people anytime soon but if the focus is on that. That tells me that the focus is on the wrong thing. The focus should be. On the couple and their union. And how happy they are together and then if they decide that they wanna bring another party into the world that's great but to put pressure on them. To say that's the reason matured but your married that's the reason. It makes it sound like well if that's the reason I guess I gotta do it and it may. That that that takes it right down to the basics you're there to. To have a sexual union with your partner -- produce a child and that's that get a get on -- that's your job. I don't like that to be honestly here and there are people came to mind. Whose hearts are broken. Because they can't have children for summaries for some physical reason. There are people who can't have children because of psychological reasons. And there are people who have children that turn out to be less than stellar citizens of the world let's put it that way remember mr. or mrs. Hitler. Had they had though. You know children may have world may have turnaround from if they've had a -- that are children may have turned around a little different. So what I'm saying is I understand what the Pope is saying. But I think it's I don't know I just find a little off putting to think that the Pope is is lecturing people. Then forgot about the dogs and cats children -- what -- we need and I'd like your opinion on that is that is that. Animals no substitute for kids for so I don't think many people do substitute animals for kids. They have love to give the wanna give it to give it to a helpless animal I -- that's a great calling. Can you be happily married without kids I think you're absolutely can be. You have to explain that to me or anybody else and I think you can be very happy couple and be good citizens of the world without children if you -- you should have a and if you don't want you shouldn't be forced into it. And it's a secondary part of what we're talking about that because that CBS poll. The American family this poll shows is getting weaker we'd like your opinion on that. In Austria and I'm 301806. On six -- -- -- six -- 930. Hi my eyebrow raise when I read the statement from the Pope substitutes a when pets are substitutes for children. Marriages and without children and -- bitterness and loneliness. Well first -- I would thank anecdotally because I haven't done a survey on it now I have not seen a survey on -- that. Them I don't think there are many people say let's get a pet instead of having a child. I guess I'll see that it's getting a -- yeah let's have a job via a seventh head manager out yeah. But I don't see many people. Picking a pet instead of a child so I don't know if if you if you buy that. Then a whole argument seems a little off kilter doesn't. But the Pope says that. The three qualities. In a marriage and I agree with -- as a faithful as president reruns and fruitful that's fine. But he says he does not like. People don't have the NC like but he doesn't think it's good idea. People don't have children but have pets as lot of reasons people don't have children are some reasons why they shouldn't have children. They don't every it's children because they can't physically. But they can't psychologically. The maybe don't have the capacity to be a good parent. I mean that it doesn't take a genius open a newspaper. People kill their own children and all the time. I'm. And and I think and ideas that I don't wanna be -- I really don't I hope it's not taken as -- But basically. But my attitude would be that you can you can do both you can do both but if you're only required. To do one. Then your breeding stock. What's the difference between us and animals. We put animals together for a reason so we can have more animals so that animals -- will still be here. So if if the pressure is to have children. And make that the first priority why. Should that be your choice shouldn't be your love of children a continuation of your name and family history or whatever. It should be an act of love it shouldn't be an act. Dictated by by anyone under any circumstances. Because if it's that case you're breeding stock as -- as of this and a I don't think that's that's the way it's oppose the big week. My opinion -- Peres's opinion. Pope Francis says Jesus does not like marriages that -- -- by choice. And such marriages. The first all of you think about this. You know if you watched Terrell. -- -- -- Make yourself -- If god made juice Ferrell. And now we're hearing that Jesus does not like marriages that are sterile by choice. All right you're either steroids or not I mean you could be sterilized if you went to a doctor one would assume. But it if you or blind and you're not able to have children. It's not a choice you made. So I don't understand that that's a little iffy for me. And he says that such marriages -- in solitude. I think you can have both. If you want bowl if you want both you should have both. He can have either but it should be. You and you're the person your love with -- raising. What family you'd like him if you don't want children island should be pressured into it by any church -- adult. Because it's not fair of a child's welfare YouTube because. It's a personal choice. If your law abiding by you know religious type of person and you do what you are supposed to do. I don't think the fact that you've chosen not to have children should be held against him. Really don't because many people who have chosen to have children by the boatload. Don't take care of them means nothing to them. So you talk about misuse. Of god given abilities that's a misuse. You have twelve kids you can't take care of any of them you don't know their names I don't know you instead. You have a smaller number in which you can actually take care of and provide -- -- for. Or not and if that's your choice it should be a choice. And not a dictate by Rome or anyplace cells. We'll take a break we'll be back -- would be and company on nine newsreader and I'm thirty WB AM at the questions are these. The Pope says animals are no substitute for kids. Well I think we can agree on that we love animals we love kids kids kids are people animals are well animals. I can't you be happy. -- I can be happily married without kids absolutely you canned. And if that's what's your choices husband -- wife make that decision it should be your choice. Individual choice not to have kids. And then you made the choice what's best for you what's best and you may not be best for your neighbor but you're not responsible for your neighbor your responsible for yourself. And this is the American family weaker we'd like to hear from 030930. 1806169236. And star and 930.

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