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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>CNU-22 Starts Buffalo Run - Brian Hayden

CNU-22 Starts Buffalo Run - Brian Hayden

Jun 4, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Buffalo is opening up its several -- welcome mat for the congress for new urban as him. A four day run begins in buffalo today and joining us on the WB in -- is Brian Hayden communications manager for visit buffalo Niagara Brian good morning. Good morning I'm Susan thank you Sherry tell us what the congress for a new urban is and is. Sure we have over 12100. People from around the country and the world who have converged on buffalo this week for the 22 Paterson -- organism. This group is everyone from. The city planners to developers architects engineers public officials community activist. And their focus saying discussions and trying to learn more about promoting operable mixed use neighborhood development. You know sustainable communities and even healthier living conditions. Brian -- they choose of the buffalo. Area for this tour. Sure they I really think that this speaks to -- emerging reputation. As you know model for for mixed use development for. You know all the the momentum and exciting things -- have gone here in the last decade that he. We have neighborhood now like Larkin squares that you know what are all he's just an old industrial area a decade ago and out of combat and are -- you know and event space and all you know there's all sorts of exciting things the momentum going on there really think. Helped bring the congress for the new organisms here. What are some of the places they'll be visiting an amateur Larkin square would be one of them. Sure that likened square is one of those places -- also would be. Touring the city's architecture they'll be going to the elm wood village in Allentown and really focusing on many of the cities walk global neighborhood. To see how buffalo you know can really be a role models for. How to do things right in the city but also be examining some of you know -- passed. Urban planning mistakes and how old. You know how. Other urban designers and planners can learn from those mistakes such as you know because it's an expressway going in and replacing. Humboldt parkway and you know there is really. You also will be kept looking at both the good and the bad of buffalo but really using buffalo as a model first urban design going forward. Will the focus street just -- a city of buffalo or will they be taking trips into the suburbs to. Sure of the date yet they're also going out in the Easter were William Hill bears they're focusing on some of the village of hampered. They're looking bowl in the city and from a walk on labor its intensity of Buffalo's well. -- we got great weather for them -- here. Absolutely fantastic weather you know we there's over thirty volunteers that you know but for the buffalo Niagara has let. Are out you know helping them sign up for the event you know at the convention center built -- -- team that's interacting with them on Twitter. You know if they have any questions about buffalo or looking to find out more about the queen city. You know where to go for a bite to eat or out to drink or just you -- every enjoyable time here over the next few days. Bremer led you to join us this morning thanks. Great thanks so much all right and good luck with -- that -- Hayden communications manager. For visit buffalo Niagara it's called see and you twenty to congress for new urban as a here in buffalo.

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