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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Advocating Quick Start to New Superintendent Search - Jay McCarthy

Advocating Quick Start to New Superintendent Search - Jay McCarthy

Jun 4, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The for the buffalo board of education -- the regular public meeting the board will meet in the special session this afternoon. To address the issue of an interim superintendent. Until we can find a permanent replacement for doctor Pamela brown. Joining us now the WBM live lunch talk about this is Jim McCarthy mr. McCarthy is the north district represented live on the school board. And vice president of the boards. Executive affairs committee mr. McCarthy good morning thanks for joining us. Who -- other running to become interim superintendent that you'd be comfortable. Well I think issue right now is -- He wore it out -- we need to -- up. Interview candidate that main priority. And I won't -- urgency. Giving people applications and there's. It's what we need to do at the center. What is on the agenda tonight for the board. Well that that continuation of the discretion where -- I know that. The current majority wants to develop. Well I heard -- interview candidates. Or. They are holding off until they have to do love. I think they would like to wait for the superintendent resigned book. Incoming majority believes there should be out there interviewing candidates will often run into July law. Mr. McCarthy we are hearing and I'm sure you have to. That the district's controversial former consultant Mary Gordon may be proposed. As the best possible qualified person to be held over. At least until September agreed to -- I have to disagree. I mean I think there are certain opinion we feel that. Heard somebody like Quinn who's been a lightning rod for controversy over the last few months. And I think. The current majority of the express some interest there you bet they don't want -- one true protector entry. Return. And we believe. There's plenty of people was in the district they're comparing. -- and -- the system running. That who can doctor -- here it was just create issues and upset a lot of folks in the community. You were in little last month with the current board can this board. Worked together in peace and get done what needs to be done. Well I mean actually have to do we have to leave it to come to terms and compromise that scripture. -- lead to get out. It's without the table and. I think we need to interview candidates certainly need to start talking to people and again I'll say we need to. I'll be up and running until I want you get on the school out of -- new year opening. We have agreement the science we have. Memorandum of understanding for our PT program -- -- altercation. That badly you can bet the the patient make and we need to get somebody in -- I'm ready to go. We -- talking live with the Jane McCarthy the north district representative on the buffalo school board mr. McCarthy when the board met -- special session. A week ago not much was accomplished are you encouraged that something may pop up tonight where you'll get something done. Well I hope after the meeting and I elite in the -- about it -- replication. And -- -- -- -- have been appealing candidate. Is granted the board will be asked to do tonight regarding Pamela brown. I think we're waiting around and -- That's kind of the concern here. Is that as we were -- -- harder to make my -- she's going to resign. I think that put in a ball at a disadvantage. Move goes this system and the district needs to continue to operate. And. We need to move forward. When somebody says that they're going to resign after our folks who -- him. So their position. Her lawyer is reportedly negotiating with the school board's lawyer. For a separation packages that correct. Yes that is correct. Unfortunately. And and because of. -- -- they're handling it was not here last week and and you know my condolences go out. We -- on the boards don't oil further expand the they're dealing with the after this system. Man. So I presume it will get more information in the evenings are returning. The continuation complete. Is there anything that the school board can do. To speed up her departure. -- is that out of your hands. And all that it would be out of our hands. I think it's basically. When she wants to -- I know that it. She's expressed that you would like to leave sooner than later so. I think police. Need to make take -- open to consideration. And now. Make the necessary decisions to move that just to cool. Mr. McCarthy we thank you very much for the update on this this morning our gratitude sank again. -- thank you. You're very welcome -- in north district representative on the buffalo board of education Jim McCarthy.

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