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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Bearing With Nature - DEC's Tim Spierto

Bearing With Nature - DEC's Tim Spierto

Jun 4, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We are talking about black bears sightings this morning. Let's welcome our next guest on the live line -- spear -- The senior biologist with the department of environmental conservation in this region nine office down enough. Bear country in Allegheny morning to our -- morning. Good morning China morning isn't coming out. We have had black bear -- isn't what summit a Lancaster the tone of couldn. I called them isn't done unusual but west Seneca and Lancaster how do the bear get to be as busy suburban areas to them. Great question springtime is the time for movement for young bears. They're wizard. The female until there a year and a -- -- and at that time they get kicked out for the you know for the most part throughout their own for the very first time. And they start traveling and they get on. Roadways. Stream beds -- roads power lines. Any kind of easy access from the start moving and that's that's how we get Beers and in the west Seneca and Altman and -- like that. So we're saying then probably these young they're young cubs have just recently been kicked out of the mother stand right. There a year and a half older like teenagers. You know they'll make some mistakes along the way but for the most birds are pretty harmless. So it would be very unusual then to final big fully grown blood there appear in metro buffalo. Well I would never say that. As we approach to breeding season prepares the males are going to be looking for four girls. And they will put on 20/20 five miles per day. Searching out in -- and that would be not that uncommon -- large sized beer you know it's in Erie -- What is happening with these sightings recently in west -- and Lancaster you guys on -- We were involved this weekend when you know when the bears showed up in west Seneca. And you know we had officers out on the scene and they were just. Gently trying to push the bear off to the east you know to keep it out of the way it's not really appear problem it's more -- -- crowd control problem to -- becomes a spectacle. Everybody wants to get close to -- -- siding so it becomes more of of public safety issues that it is danger for the -- You say you try the push to bear out of them only area where people live. Did your agents actually see the animal oh yeah. And do -- -- kind of help but to get get to a better location or would you actually. Angus tranquilizer and look -- if you needed -- We would do that but only as a last resort it's it's very dangerous for the animal to mobilize. Usefully -- captured drugs on animals. So we don't do that you know just off the cuff that this has to be as a very. Serious set of circumstances that's gonna require us to come in and and do that. Okay well look what should a person do if they spot a black there on their property. In their backyard of their driving on the expressway who do you call first. Well my best places to take a picture of it -- you probably never gonna see another one in other secretive animals that don't spend a lot of time around humans. All all they are perfectly adaptable to our backyards. On the if you if you see a -- you wanna call your local police and just let somebody know. And again it's not really dangers they're kind of just moving through. Doing their thing and we wanna make sure that we don't allow them access to food so. Bird seed is a big oil and pet food garbage we portable containers things like that that's all readily accessible from prepares. And if they stop along the way and get a meal wherever they go and it's gonna take -- longer to leave town. So that's what's attracting them to backyards. Absolutely. And then again it becomes suspect who because everybody wants to be there at the house suddenly and on the block there has to -- in the backyard. You know most folks love to see these animals like you say and we understand Allegheny state park has always had one of the biggest concentrations of black bear. There's not a good place to see them safely or what you would discourage. -- sightseeing. You know. The southern tier of Western New York is kind of the full bearish right now and you probably have just too good a chance that anywhere down here. Certainly it's. The the concentration the bears is higher in the park. But again you have that human influx where people there's always food around and they're not the best behaved Beers. You know if you wanna see bears in the wild you're you know he may be better off going somewhere else in the southern tier. Is it a healthy bear plus population right now though on the southern -- Absolutely -- bear population is growing every year. Our our harvest during -- hunting season goes up and up. And I expected to prove there's nothing in the future but more growth. Our guest Tim DiSpirito senior biologist for the department of and hormonal concentrations region nine office down and Allegheny.

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