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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Dealing With Nuisance Wildlife - Jack Juran

Dealing With Nuisance Wildlife - Jack Juran

Jun 4, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Joining us on the WB in line when this morning is Jack -- is a licensed wildlife trapper in Williams fell Jack good morning. Or they -- -- time we're talking about when wildlife meets suburban life. And they see what prompted this today is they've recent black bear sightings in both west Seneca and Lancaster. Tell us about your job is this a full time jobs a full time business. Idea. Yet how busy area. The terminator extremely. -- little burn anywhere from 1214 hours that they. While that's losing Jack tell our listeners how long you've been doing those kind of work and how did you get into it. -- well I've been in business full poker fifteen years. And -- Comparable. Background. Over -- and that are. Have. Experience. In the construction. Field in the residential holes and and I felt that that was extremely go forward. Finding. You know finding insulting. -- the world put -- What are most -- calls. Ford lately. I would probably say majority. Is this year -- racists there's records and. Jack tell our listeners what kind of damage do some of these unwelcome wild life guests cause. Well you'll find record cool here Rupert. People aren't so. Any. Such that they also articles -- removal sort of error. -- and periodic. It would destroy it. You know insulation. You're playing so Croat vote chimneys and that's really seemed -- -- Certain worker's lot does go to the -- A little bit. Sure. We're a little bit as it enters at number of them say they can cause a lot of amateurs. Due to their droppings. No deal handle black bear sightings are -- that two like the DC. -- -- most of is this in oh yeah by the EC. Think you know there's really no. For the most -- There are really I mean -- Turkish dispersal pierce or -- bitter cold there looking for eight. And they hit a triple. A long ways in the -- and they end up in areas like hooker call it -- an air bursts here three years there. Yeah I know that I understand the -- traveled about 25 miles. In the you know in the 24 hour period to our listeners Jack what is the most unusual call. But you've ever been on something you didn't expect to encounter. -- -- I didn't expect to and torture. School. And corporate office and just the president's office of course sleeping next to a player that. It's pure evil. -- -- You know credit -- more many -- with both look -- -- spring have been. And we successful. -- -- You know I almost hit a coyote yesterday early yesterday. Before -- you know I don't live in the southern tier and I'm in Orchard Park how rare is that. Poker at all I mean there there all over the place. I -- owner Gordon -- and you know young Israel. Four. Their -- people just don't see it. In one that you see him it's usually good at this time a year. Maybe a little earlier than this one. It felt certain. Frequently looking for a full pretty young launch so that -- you know they'll turn up. They'll be more straight and so. He will we've learned a lot in Jack we appreciate you joining us this morning thank you. That's jacked your Randy is a licensed wildlife trapper in Williams --

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