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6-3 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 4

Jun 3, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And it's. -- You with. The holes -- -- And welcome to the New York -- fifty yard beating street and conservatives they have no place in this State of New York no one -- with an assault rifle. No you know. Yeah yeah yeah news. Tom hourly column. In the let them back in the economic environment how windy and -- -- got covered up like to welcome. It's live these local take a look at started. Full moon it looks like it's huge it's Tom hourly. And -- WW. Well it is our lenders radio 930 WBE and let. Well you know what I have been remiss in my happy endings as of late and if there's one thing that I don't like being it is remiss in my happy endings now. Folks I. I forget whether or not I told -- -- yesterday because. My mind is deserted me it's just gone somewhere and I don't know where it is. A mud is a terrible thing to waste and it's a terrible thing to lose. He's seen in my brain walking up maple road which the senate back -- postage. But. What I was gonna say is it has been awhile since I have given you happy ending. And I want to do that now. I referenced yesterday are accurate. Over the weekend. I am actually lucky to be working today and I was even appeared to be working yesterday you don't watch. I was one inch away from a Betty Betty Betty nasty John Wilkes Booth style ankle -- -- -- -- Now there is this new invention I don't know if you've heard about it it is revolutionary. It is good change. The way we look at the world. I'm not talking about -- stealth. I'm talking about this new invention called. -- giving pronounces correctly. -- -- Yes but we'll. And somebody very recently came up with the idea that if you put a legal at the front of a bit in the and two other well. These things at the other end it. You could make what they have called -- wheel -- And the ID is using the we all this incredible new invention. And the power of the -- -- give me a -- can lift the world. You can actually make yard work easier yes I know you've learned something new to this new invention known as though we. Well I have had to get a whole bunch of mulch over the weekend. Because. The backyard garden is being downsized because with my -- new schedule I do not have a chance to garden like I used to. -- I have decided to mulch well I -- kept the mulch. Out of the -- I throw a bag of mulch into the Jeep. I look up to get more bolt out of the Jeep. And wouldn't you know it. The legal bureau which again has accommodation of the Leo and a bit with candles. -- giving that lever -- -- this is brand new technology. It toppled over. Apparently it was out of ballots. It toppled over and the top of the wheel Barrow. Struck the outside of my leg about an inch above my take. Had it -- one inch lower. I have to tell you it probably would have broken my eight. As it is. There was an immediate F bomb ha -- but no lasting page editor for a bit. But not like a broken -- would have hurt where's that would have been only fitting because I did break my -- last year mowing the lawn. Again that new invention noticed that we might want more actually -- for those things this is -- uber high tech. Now my question is. We've done this before. But. What a stupid way. Did you injure yourself because I came this close literally within an inch. I can speak with a reasonable degree of probability. Of breaking my ankle. Throwing mulch in the vaults was in a bag or should probably mention it was -- mulch -- like Jews and a shovel bag a -- checked throughout put it in the barrel. And I wasn't paying attention the barrel apparently was out of balance and that tipped over right out of my elect. And breaking nothing and causing no lasting injury pain wounds or welts or disabilities. Which really sucked because it would have been great to -- wheelbarrow company. I don't think they're quite perfected -- being noticed me you'll yet advocates that when these -- this might be the beta version on the actual work. But then in any event. Tell me how you hurt yourself. And looking back on it it was so stupid. Because I got to plays up and head my ankle bid broken as the Wilbur toppled over. It would have been stupid and you know why it would have been stupid because. When it fell on my leg wasn't the first time the wheelbarrow at toppled over over the weekend it was about the third. Time. You would stick. A sign of intelligence is learning from one's mistakes a sign of intelligence is understanding that throwing mulch in a bag into. -- without a proper alignment and proper balance is just asking for eight -- wheelbarrow. So it was the third time. This brand new technology notice that we -- And these two candles which give you that -- affect the third time at least it toppled over it was time before. But on a couple of elect. And for men and women love -- I have a subcategory. Of this topic. And I'm going to refer. To that as. June. Testicular. Tales of terror. And let me put that in a more. Vernacular rise fashion. The worst shot you ever took in the nuts. The worst pummeling your -- ever got. What happens. You always remember the worst pummeling you took in that special part of a man's anatomy. You know three all -- party is via phone number 8030930. Start at thirty on the cell phone 180616. WB GM. I wanna hear about a stupid thing you did that which in the hospital. And four men and the women who love them. Testicular. Tales of terror. 8030930. We all. Ladies. There's no you know tried to describe what it's like as a man. To take a shot on the buries the grapes. Trying to describe the agony. That goes through your body at the moment of impact. And then the moment of impact where you realize that the full name is about to -- them but it's just building up to a crescendo. Is nothing less -- absolutely. Terrified. It's awful it's -- Seriously it's bad. It's hard to describe it would be like you'd try to describe child birth to a guy we know it hurts. But we don't why a gimmick especially number one the first -- -- By the time number five comes along. You know it's like going down a silo anyway you know three old I'm thirty. Going down asylum you don't silo charge of these these things in the country. And well the other. 803 -- thirty -- and I'm 31806. On six WBBM. I -- silos and Asia are a lot smaller. Just thought -- okay. In the wintertime I've noticed the silos go down -- sides consider -- A bit. Here is. Kill me -- -- -- -- the phone number again 8030 lead early start I'm thirty and 180616. WB EM. The stupidest thing ever did that made you go to the ER possibly result in your hospitalization. And up for men only or the women who love men. -- worst shot you ever talk or have seen a Man -- squawk in the -- -- -- -- thirty starlet 3180616. WB yet only one line is open. You never forget that one folks you never forget here's Barbara. Seneca about Barbara you were on WB and hello. I there it is out of a rural men private. Action that the April IQ. About three times a year that the vehicles fireplace more. And I get up and pre -- judgment I Britney. Actually holidays. And I -- -- latter and I stand back at -- at my creation. And I bought the latter. -- good grief. How are we could talking what kind of a letter as it is six foot is a couple of steps what is it. That it's an aluminum very high so six straight -- and getting. Acting. And what -- Well you've got to be careful because as seriously follow the letter it's it's duke does it sound jewel in the wrong way you could end up eight paralympic. Well -- goodness but. You actually do this three or four times a year. I know. You actually do this three or four times a year. -- are right thank you very much. Falling off a letter. I've come close all I've come close never use rocks you put in the ground. As a balancing area for letters especially when they're not even. That's a bad idea. Here is Don on Grand Island on no actually I don't know -- this is because of for some reason the names are not in sync your. Let me go to Don is on line three on WB and Don you're on the radio hello. This is done right. OK Don you're on WB yet. Okay. More shots to the private hurt playing baseball. And Playskool. Being catcher. Not wearing -- -- but telling the coach. That wasn't wearing her crop I didn't wanna -- coach because and I wouldn't play. Hezbollah for home plate. That we're -- And when you were in that position ladies I need to explain something when you were in that position. On. Yet you're seeing those punching bags they haven't gyms are gonna hang our own. That's kind of what you feel like dude how bad was the pain. Like that you don't grip your picture on television. You. It was withering. Withering. Did you rise on the ground. What about a year. Well I have children so it's that wasn't it wasn't possess. All Mike I debt I you know what there's not a man listening who's out wincing during that story thank you very much. 030 -- thirty started 3180616. WBM my happy ending topic. As we that we can all laugh at it now the stupid things you did the major go to the ER and for men only to women love men. The worst shot ever to the berries. Gold dance new ads. Test their goals there's nothing like a short let's go to Allan Harris. Just have kept stones on the brain here anyway AccuWeather. Up partly cloudy and cooler tonight the overnight low 52 tomorrow it will be cloudy under the high 69. Thursday. Intervals of clouds and sun and cooler and 65 were holding at 74 degrees -- news -- 930 WB and and it. The stupidest thing ever did that -- you end up in the ER and the worst hit you ever took -- of senior Man Tate. To the test pick. Goals here is. Stevens and born on WB and hello Steve. I. Don't. -- About my -- he orchard on company -- California. And strike. -- -- And another reminder. -- field. About six years all the time in and he'll probably at least the leader. Yeah caps on his boat where I am all Opel. And you're. All and it though growth -- on and still. All poll I said sure that I realized the implications of its okay don't. Well yeah you must somehow the well back and he was caught -- but they wanted to trade that would want a hole. The 3:10 o'clock has all but he's got it -- check caught our -- ground. Yeah had a heck what I'm getting himself down in the partner partner he knew what was -- -- to -- opal. To a four. Or he just didn't want the home all the that he didn't want the implication of mica goes on touching another man's genitals like maybe get it. Well. I don't know. Let -- maybe it's part of both but. All that's not a friend that's not a friend. Off Fred would do that Korea. I really felt this painkiller -- that I do the -- put the work myself and I'm open dollar -- on all the all they have not. Management that I heard that I -- that occurred in that and I really the real -- form. I'm guessing there's a lot of blood because that is a highly vascular -- area. Oh my god. -- But none the less was it not their -- got left. All right -- thank you I'm glad you called and thank you for making me wince cringe and squeezed just a little -- I appreciate that. All right -- adultery don't let thirty start -- 3180616. WB EN -- we in my occupation. We -- to. It's our -- this is as close as we'll come to a happy ending today stupid things you've done well be stupidest thing you did that landed you in the ER. And the worst hit you have ever seen or taken personally. To the oh. Watching her on here soon they're -- them black Castro in over. And Bristol next year's government. Today the issue -- -- kids like Tony show won't mention. That is a 103 between her and me. In Daytona. Because he's made headlines. What is he talking about there. Is that would be a little excessive I think I'm just you know. 633 of the majority of I thirty WB. Violating law his own law he signed a year ago. And looking at the local. -- Which. I really you know I don't often root for business to fail but I will do a victory dance when the local newspapers out of business is area. Daily dead tree. Because it's just a disingenuous. Lying piece of crap. -- frontpage. Burr dole desertion issue lingers. And here's what it says under event. Republicans. Tried to use matter against Obama. There Republicans. Try to use master against Obama. The yup because he violated. The law. They are just like all morons at the Buffalo News. Or just maybe 95%. It's not credible newspaper seriously it -- become. Well Warren Buffett's version of one of the hate blogs. That's out there. Directed at people like you in and people like me. A Warren Buffett the billionaire who feels guilty about being a billionaire and misses his toys but that I enjoy your declining circulation guys at the news. Really and Erica was written trash. I rarely reviewed by the way. Very seldom. Very seldom light initial idea from. -- particular newspaper. Why bother. Frankly I can go to any number of left wing political sites to get the same split. All right let's get back to the calls on that WB yet by the way hey I heard this from somebody. There's gonna by the bills The Beatles. And Lady Gaga are teaming up I'm gonna move the bills to Liverpool. Gone right that's what it hurt. I heard really. My folks -- just joining us if you're just joining us we are talking about the worst shot. -- you ever took to the berries. Otherwise known that as well let's give the medical term. You gotta give more power more Jews that when Joseph otherwise known by the medical term as. That -- work and you're gonna have to really pump up the Jews of that when Joseph because it just eight points barely audible I've got headphones and a yet there's got to be better version but somewhere. -- -- -- This like thirty volume -- on death puts felt. All right Matt nevermind this show's almost over -- -- -- -- that they resent you you -- a two billion and Arctic. The stupidest thing ever did. It ended you up. And chew up that -- landed you in the ER. And the worst shot you ever took -- it -- somebody take to the test the goals. Let's go back to the calls on the WBBM. Here is Lloyd. Got in buffalo. Man's Christmas. Christmas. Go to the air fly somewhere. Anyway Lloyd you're on hello. There were shot they were -- My last job I was bringing opera. In 2000 power -- gated container. And I partly container front of the press -- Took it -- our board shoot interpreted it to the magnate box and opened up the joke. All the parameters of the injury out of copper. Sliding down the I think on the insert it into the container which apoplectic minor and then I noticed that it. The material the end to act and begin to build up more and more inside the cardboard -- until the -- shoot opening. And collect milk at that point the material was gushing out of the -- at about fifteen pounds per -- I had to do something quick. What I should -- -- Rihanna got a letter but what they didn't and it didn't. I jumped up on top of the edge of the corrugated container. Apple won't put -- yet according to container but the other for the -- and Obama I might I jail and the choke in the closeout. Material. My poor food and the plastic liner. We had to contain the other that was outside and I came down -- Indy style. At all. -- -- All did you need stitches that it cannot get a split. Like hot dog on -- grill. -- -- I can pretty much imagine. I actually undergo an atmosphere and done which was important buying and Linda Edwards to be just the of the ultra sounds. And it's not that I do this for fun. Well anyway how long it okay for long pulled out an -- for how long did you have the the purple. Bag should. We're talking weeks here I can imagine I had to Wear boxers. But the cut and every now and then you know. And I'm it was -- and -- refrained from doing app because it is much as hops that area. It begins to -- and then that's -- against -- bar and -- the pain is so overwhelming you're riding around on war. Bernadette itch and burn -- you don't know which way to turn. -- that's sounds. Started I hate cellphones because like I'm talking -- you're just hearing what I just said that we have overlap them at all. But anyway that's really sounds like a hurt and you actually needed medical attention. Oh yeah I mean I when it happened I close the team was indescribable I couldn't move. I walked up to people and physically lift me up off that thing. And I ended up just curled into a fetal position on the floor that would walk anywhere for awhile. Meanwhile we get the win Beckett failed and then after -- -- -- Mitt -- -- you know it is go to the hospital just entirely to go so. While I do you know what every man right now in the audience is saying dude it's sucks to be you thank you very much appreciate the call. My goodness yes -- -- folks unfortunately sometimes there's like this gap in -- lap and is better to have -- the gap but. Let's get back to the calls -- WB and all boy with a lot of -- a lot of guys are calling him who can relate to testicular tales of terror the worst shot -- took in the berries or ladies or you've seen your husband take in the batteries. Think -- restaurant scene in dumb and dumber. All right we're Jim -- defenses woman's honor. Let's go to. You know I'm obsessed here is Chris in Cheektowaga on WB and I Chris. And then things start I was moving left to right my -- and I collided with one players that was trying to. It was -- there was probably at Sutter and so mom lets say at central will be shifted and the book came out this -- and it to -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- now for ladies who did not catch at your cup slid off of what -- New York Manhattan may have parts. And at that very moment you get caught would -- Basically Joseph pero style Rick Barton style slap shot squawk. Right report was about. -- intensity -- -- doubt I -- on the -- for about fifteen minutes and it. Okay lingering pain hospitalization. For infertility demo was a result. I just -- mr. fifteen minutes in the at a -- has left and. -- right did you who. Little I mean did did does not affect your life for the next couple of days at least. That there are a lot but I've got to complete the course of the game. Dude it's hockey. Wow all right you're you're you're my hero -- thank you. Although folks I don't mean to brag. Within an hour or so after by vasectomy I was at the company Christmas party walking around. Yes hail fellow well met. Then. It was here is. Take delight in telling -- story. And a pleasure actually be embarrassed by here's -- candy store on WB and Jake. -- -- -- Yeah America like every guy out there they got to remember that first time the until they're really really hard is right there as I remember I was in eighth grade. Playing. Pickup game of basketball. And one of -- guys you know what what we're going to -- and it is hard because of rain -- there and I mean I did I collapsed. And they little instantaneous. You know you get feeling here summit. -- -- like you wanna grow up formal and it was instantaneous and Akron Albany and -- up. All the rain on the floor formal brand -- -- more than 125 minutes before it deepens and the open outcry. Well I don't know about you but you know it have you ever had at work you get hit there and there's that there's that second between the time of impact and the time it registers in your brain has the worst agony you've ever experienced I think that 12 is the worst second of existence. Yet it's because he'd come here expecting it in a bad hair or. And it's a big name your mind like I'm about to go down you're absolutely right it is it is one of the war experiences like that about one cut -- -- they pay up because you know -- common you know what's gonna be bad and you bit better prepare for the worst like it does make up my will. Thank you appreciate the call don't thrilled by thirty -- guys and ladies I wanna make sure that we're clear we're not simply. Talking about testicular tales of terror. That is a subset of the topic the stupidest thing ever did that landed you in the ER it just so happens in a lot of my listeners seem to have testicles. Here is a how that happens here's Jay who on WB -- -- the best part of this show is listening to all these other stories and all of us guys in the back ever had laughing. Because we all lived through it but it it's always funny to see somebody -- he's going to such. -- do I find myself by curiously squeezing. Like in pain and agony I can literally say is Bill Clinton once said I feel your pain. -- look out Mayweather got that event took a quick story about that -- the worst thing ever to demand varies but it the dumbest thing I ever did I was actually are camping department. Or -- you trapped in Karachi in the middle of nowhere about 25 miles outside for a million. And elected go to the army official it was all being here everybody told me -- -- it appeared rotten uncle out there. And it is anyway. And course the rotten -- Went through it held back on my back they Leuer came off of my one of the eyes of my -- -- Slow back in the day that the three pronged. You know hook -- the end of the lure into my shoulder. And obviously we're having dire within an entire anything like that. But. Proceeded to refused to go to in the Argo and anybody take it four or other evidence video. -- -- brother. To take a pair of pliers and midnight. And and -- -- how to drink -- my shoulder whichever league yeah Charlie's car right now. What Israeli police to a lap but. You know it would violent it is and I didn't take he would -- and everybody who had been -- don't go out there I was being cool and an ambulance that. As they say another star another story and briefly served the worst hit you ever -- to your manly parts. I look let me get done with -- with and headed home figured no big deal back that we get compression shorts that partly Jack. Jump into the current settlement. Fully. All that's awful by the way. Are. Okay but okay I just -- think with all that is within beat whoever invented the boxer brief my -- of choice. Because they offer. I think boxer briefs -- the week ago. Just that I support. Without being too -- And I don't believe I do not go her run to this day without somebody like that I'll never forget that what in. IA and in as stated by curious agony over it is and how many times this happens in the at least once a week -- seem. Okay this team of your trousers shorts pants whenever when you sit down -- and especially in warmer weather if you understand what I'm saying when things don't go lower than they do in the wintertime. All of that's definitely what I've been on the year trying to maintaining composure that. What happened and why don't we come up with a better. Boxer briefs been. Fox all boxer briefs are welcome uptight they're not -- why these. Our -- I mean that's that's the guy equivalent the granny panties. -- -- thank you very much a -- every woman has at least a couple appeared granny panties were real obvious reason 647. Who's ready at 930 WB and it is -- this is what I -- happy ending WB yeah. My goodness my goodness it's up hourly news radio my thirty WB yen and that I think you know we're talking about the stupidest thing it would give it ended you up and did you -- I don't know why I'm doing that landed you in the ER. And for men and women who love men -- men load and I really don't hear. Testicular tales of terror the worst shot I mean the worst one. You ever took to that special part of your net. You've got two of -- which are producing users. Shall we say. Payne games. Let's go back to the calls here is Eric on WB -- Eric hello. If you. Are made quickly. It the worse were to. Leave on the military decided to play third base or church league in. Wants to go out there adding that. -- -- little other people other than -- argue that wouldn't. Happen. And worse Mercer from injury and again it appeared that everybody. It through with that I'm. At the ground. And it should be built on human. In the kept in question and answer means multiple. The gas trucks. AKA that look bad big muscle the back of your lower leg got struck ninjas. Yes living -- and it felt like a shot Italy. I got on base of -- Based man Okajima walked would you fault. I. You didn't hear your Achilles tendon so there's that now. I'm here your I know you do duke I don't wanna ever drive with you do that you. I'm -- should hold up. It felt thrilled -- thirty yet just like you don't want to run a wheelbarrow me believe me. Want to know invention is the wheel -- is getting used to a -- or WB and hello. Storming Norman you're on hello. All right it and John in Niagara Falls alone. And it sounded afternoon -- I -- I -- is that -- operator and one big large piece of -- into factories has sucked out. Given from -- that collect on their stuff. Don't do in this factory in Cheektowaga. Clear that -- going then. You hang in there. They'll I get about sixty feet of two inch diameter closed. Into the center or break it down -- -- again like clean clothes. Is like -- they handle a bill depression to about forty PSI. And I open it up and lose everything is out segment by segment structure until the last segment. And I've got that last segment the end of it pinched between stupidly. Treatment side in the chilly day. And I get up to forty PSI negative pressure. Well propagate. And everything goes into this -- in chose. I mean everything. Is that into the thing. It -- it okayed the reverse pressure caused your manly parts to grow in 282. Inch hole. As much as it hurt it doesn't hurt as much as knowing that that they can all fit in there but. Well well that's pride and it you know that's cried and then very relatable I am stunned. They are alive. Yeah yeah I know I mean I kept moving up immediately but the damage is already done. Is and that I think the first thing I did. Besides it's just about trying was a grounder video cameras at this place because I note to get YouTube at about eight minutes. Had by the way did you make it to YouTube. -- imagine how can look MO ST so watch the video that's all. Thanks very much. It all right I'm not sure there's communities or neutered anyway mom. Why time is this is this -- best. I don't know he's not are well out of gonna have to -- it gives -- even if it was best he would've been that fast. As a joke there it will just went that long ago why does this it was a fun show today. I I have to tell you I am very pleasantly surprised and gratified that you guys actually hear about the first part of the show where we talked about the trade of the five Taliban scum bags four -- come back. So thank you for that. And thank you for getting. And thank you for were respecting the true heroes -- Afghanistan. As opposed guy turned his back and his colleagues and then there was a fun happy endings are a lot thanks lot for -- show. Thanks to Joseph -- ever magnificent job -- master controls her and -- John -- a call screening duties but not model. And his very exit. Feeling gave bi curious leveled with pain in my did body front I leave you with two words. No viewers.

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