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6-3 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

Jun 3, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And. And with. Them. In the hole. When this endless parade. Distractions. And political posturing and phony scandals. Washington's taken its eye off the ball. And I'm here to say this needs to stop wherever and whenever. I can take up without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what I'm -- Let's listen to. It's Tom hourly does that go wrong -- live there these local happened. And Tom hourly and -- Texas. On news radio. I love I love it I love it. -- -- -- after five newsreel I'm thirty WBBM. You know gang I. Sometimes you know sometimes you guys confused me I feel like the parent of a teenager -- -- guys sometimes. We're recovered from on any given day I say that as your loving and understanding father or uncle who doesn't leave the couch and just parts a lot. But. Anyway guys space. This I had not planned on doing this is a topic. And a little extra and topics are adding to the topic pool here in the 5 o'clock hour because. I feel like all the work I've put in the get ready as well as committed to fifty. A long story short folks. I am I I have to lose by jocular -- -- because. I'm actually outraged. This president we have issues. I think he's a total. He is. He's a wannabe dictator. There's just there's no other way to phrase it there's no nice way to say. We're coming up on the seventieth anniversary. Of -- Folks. I just wanna remind you. That. All right America came together. On the date NN World War II. Yes even Japanese. Americans -- people Japanese ancestry from an American that territory I believe at that point a -- -- Signed up and fought for the United States even though they looked like there was (%expletive) who bombed Pearl Harbor. -- defended the United States and number. Black Americans defended the United States of America Jewish Americans. And so on and so for. You know we have this mosaic. Of American diversity. All loving freedom. Taking part in. Indians American Indians you know the out of the of people with that a special language that that the Germans never could figure out. So. All of us. Should be concerned when one man who happens to be half white and half black. Basically acts like a dictator. And nobody calls him now well I do. Because. I'm not a racist. You could put my heart under a microscope and you wouldn't -- racism. Can't prove that to -- But I just pretty obvious that over the past year or so up. Really. Become a lot -- circumspect. In what I say. And how -- deal with the show. And you can return. Ever given me your love. You've given your bond. And you've given your support. And folks. That means more that I can ever think you for. Right. Get sick and tired of people painting this radio station and the people who work -- as. Knuckle dragging low IQ haters. I'll put my IQ up against anybody at the newspapers and I'll come out on top. Sorry I will. And they aren't there might be a couple of guys who might come close but. That's her that's immaterial. Because ultimately. Folks. When I'm on my death that. Not only to wanna say hey I had a great career. And I had a lot of people listen to. A wanna be able to say to myself and -- -- that I brought people together and I tried to educate people. About what this country was supposed to be. And the fact that. When those all parts used to say to me. And eight well that's more than a cliche it's reality. Freedom. Was fought for. I don't care what you look like when you look into Amir. Somebody who looks just like you fought for the freedom we enjoy today I don't give Obama a pass because he's a black guy. I don't have white guilt. Frankly my family would have been more likely to have been enslaved than be slave owners they were poor people. Sorry about the long parts. But. I get choked up especially approaching the seventieth anniversary of that seven years later. In 03 plus generations later. This country. Is on the brink of totalitarianism. Your freedom must be fought for. Your freedom must be guard vigilant. Because it is not the normal nature of things for governments to allow citizens freedom. Please read your history and understand how special. The United States wants when it was founded and how special it was for so many years now was it perfect of course it was not perfect. It absolutely you know as I say ask an Indian about the fort Laramie tree. You know ask somebody who was a slave and 1840. How perfect the country once it wasn't. Absolutely was not. However despite the bad things. Overall. This country. Was the exception. To the rule and the first exception to the rule in history. That power was in the hands of the people. You know Angela Davis was not the first person to state power to the people what it wanted from the -- -- it. I would data. And a -- she was not the first. Malcolm X was not the first Martin Luther King was not the first Henry David Thoreau was not the first. This country was founded by a bunch of guys. I know they were old white men which automatically invalidate everything they believed. He says sarcastically. This country was founded by a bunch of guys who knew. That the natural tendency of governments was to become all consuming all powerful totalitarian. At that these that crushed opposition. Because eight client population is an easy population depend over and bank. -- And that makes me hurt just thinking about it. Got to throw in some humor with the politics just to keep you guys on rich keep you guys listening. And I'll be damned if a -- allow without protest on the radio. This country to become a dictatorship. On my watch I will stay silent because I'm not going to stories. The only way that's gonna happen. Is when I don't talk anymore ever. But folks I keep going back. To the state of the union and Rush Limbaugh called -- the state of the -- I told you at the time how significant these words were. And what a monumental. Disappointment. It was to me. That nobody. Saw this for what it was. And yet. I knew exactly what he was driving it. This president does while eight separation of power ports three separate co equal branches of government. He wants a concentration of power in the here. The president. Wherever and whenever I can take steps. Without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what I'm gonna do. Even if it means added -- it. Last year. -- -- -- Signed into law he -- -- you know keep the -- a lawyer he can't play -- he supposedly taught constitutional law he can't plead. Ignorance he signed into law. A piece of paper that set. Nobody gets out of gitmo Guantanamo Bay were -- enemy combatants from the terrorist world. Nobody gets out unless congress is notified thirty days before they get out. He violated. This past weekend. Not only did he violate the law. But you're gonna tell me the five guys who got out of gitmo. Are gonna go Coleman. You know sit by Walden Pond writing books about peaceful non compliance. These guys lived to chant death to America. These guys view us as the great Satan and Israel as -- little state. And if they could press a button and make you dead they would do so heartbeat. It's not hard to understand folks we have a hard time grasping that concept. But these can't religious fanatics. Of the Muslim faith. And there are some of the Christian faith -- in the Jewish faith every fate as it's -- These guys are the worst of the worst of the worst. We have set them free. And how many American families will be grieving because of their eventual actions and Obama will be collecting his pension living in Hawaii. It's disgusting and it's absolutely disgusting we traded for a guy who -- who left this conference. I've got other things I want to get into by the way but your thoughts on this because. Folks he the president ought to be impeached or readers. Understand this. This is a high crime as far as I'm concerned Andy misdemeanor. Both of which are impeachable offenses under the constitution let's find out about traffic right now here is -- Harris. All right well thanks and AccuWeather partly cloudy cooler tonight 52 the -- tomorrow it'll be cloudy and the high of 69. Right now it's -- today off sick they -- that it would host six 74 degrees right out in his radio led thirty WB EN. Now I don't abuse sick time never have never well. All right let's say get back to the calls I have other topics -- whip it out but many -- you want to get your two cents worth in on this which I find interesting you know what. The full ramifications of what this president did I think you're finally getting. This guy traded five notorious. America haters for one guy all who also hates America. Here is on the west side on WBE and Dan you're on your take. OK a lot of cities they're I trying to figure -- you know all of our. What -- you know what they did little boy. Sent away. Like about the background it the president and administration by the way a lot. -- Eric Holder between the administration and -- -- promoted to the closet get it up and he literally says. Errors suspects. Our our our wonderful circles here still. Maybe. Political ordered an -- American service. Who you know I mean that we are we have direct air super lights. On all the operating out. Policy and not autograph the -- because. She was going -- going to favor Communist beauty of figured there are you so much I -- it just goes on and. It didn't you but Dan you know and I bet. Obama won in 08 speakers are a lot of white people who thought that by voting Obama once and for all they would XP eight the original sin of slavery from the national soul. And the races would come together and we'd all be singing whom by. And the race relations in this country tragically. I don't think they've been this bad since we have bottles thrown at -- coming out of a war memorial stadium after -- for bill. Where that is why. But let's find it's so convenient -- buy -- Larry -- But but you know moment but all eight people about -- in the country are -- oh. They don't want an open about who. They are all herbal. What was being short on people. Statement citing ops. In all works for them really show short. All of them I I think you've heard me say this once or twice and will continue to -- after the news break because I actually enjoyed speaking with you. But what the left does not understand. And they're there will be a day of reckoning. When the government goes completely totalitarian. And I think it's gonna happen sooner rather than later. The intelligent people what this every government do when it takes over and -- freedom out it eliminates the intelligent people it gets rid of them. And they will have served their purpose as useful idiots. It is it folks it it's happened in history from time immemorial. Hold up and I know exactly where is coming from what he says. If you're on the left. And you think that August speaking out of my nether regions. AKA ass you don't get it. You don't get it were all in this together. And if you're on the left and you think that trumping free of that third screw and freedom is a good thing because it's your guy. Man we need to talk on W media. -- -- -- -- Who was -- down. And -- and. Where she -- the bills. I heard she -- Your round. This -- the course and. -- -- You have made me you have maybe they're kind of things out my bag. Well let's have your recession the other -- with -- capital Lady Gaga she was -- you you would see in the paper for what about the 56 months. And it's like she fell off the face of the -- Joseph your MI wrong. You're a popular culture got. And by the way they released dumb and -- two -- different actors. A they didn't give -- thought somebody and they are told me I was wrong. Because Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels are releasing dumb -- two TO. In November 20 -- so my goal is to stay alive until November to -- dumb and -- to -- and simple things. All right 030 lead thirty starlet 3180616. WB EM it is -- hourly. We're talking about what the president did. Making a deal with the Taliban. Presently negotiating with terrorists we've done it before just not quite this recently and openly yet. Think about violating the law he signed a year ago where -- congress is supposed to have thirty days to consider. Moving people from Guantanamo. To prevent this very thing from happening so we don't release five notorious Taliban a big shots. Who wake up every morning thinking death to America. I'm not saying death to America. In exchange for one guy who'll. Gonna pay us open the more I read about this guy I think you ought to be shot. Or at least do some hard times -- and he's like zones. I know what he did caught several people their lives. Folks if you're not familiar with the name. I hope you'll read up on any slogan. Eddie was a private in World War II. Any slope it was the only American soldier. Actually commuted for desertion in World War II. Now there were people executed for rape pillage -- he was the only soldier executed for desertion in world work to you don't like. Because he was now. He had very very bad nerves. He intentionally deserted. And the army shot as an example others. Actor is a book written about it and it will be made for TV movie the execution of a private slow -- LO BIK. Talk about a difference between 1944. And 2014 it. No I would not have shot eighty so. I. Call -- you know maybe maybe I am that keywords that. It takes and he's like that's all. I don't believe taken -- absolutely positively necessary. Let's get back to the calls them again westside I take the man's life and heart beat just on principle but directors and has cellphone sucking so anyway -- the we left off talking about our illustrious president and his background and hey how come nobody in the media have any idea. Do you remember the famous Tom Brokaw interview -- said. I didn't know anything about the guy on her for. -- -- All right so I'm -- yelling at your. Day. I would never I would not do such. -- So -- you know I I don't like oh -- about you know they are actually what this. Administration you don't really -- But. You know I don't think. We. But all amazing because people want -- they're not on. For purposes old and operated. It -- be. Well yeah I -- State. Report. A barrel. No I don't know Dan Dan Dan you're wrong. I. Don't often get a chance to tell you you're wrong measures marked guy the media reports. What it wants us to know to further the cause of state ism and totalitarianism. And left wing ism that's what it reports. Logo for a or. But. You know I mean where. Where upload a creek in. Without a doubt at all. In Canada. And that. You know. What we. And I would like like. I would like the people in my own or work. Oh but that. They're going to be able to. But. -- well I -- And yeah yeah. Right now -- -- I mean we are. This is -- -- Juan Evert academy of dead what you hear -- you know. You sound like -- a -- I think either I've had an influence on you or you've had an influence on me because my. We are being dismantled but here's here's a question I wish I could use the -- because it's appropriate. Why did you. Expect. When the guys said fundamentally. Transform. America want. Did you think he -- Is doing exactly what he said he -- -- and he's got these. Acolytes around him fellow Olympic ski lovers and he's got the media that is compliant and a Republican Party that is absolutely decomposed. And again. I'm amazed that people are so surprised. At what this guy is doing and how out of touch with the military key issues. I because it's so obvious it was obvious to me when he was writing what he was all about. And people call -- I've ever people called me all -- city beach we were both racists and worked out of touch and we clearly supported slavery. Because we did not allow any sense of white guilt that influence our view of Barack Obama. Well we're we're racist because. You know you don't like well these are people that are up but this leaves -- situations it. -- really well. And and you know I mean the marxists. I'll -- all -- and not. It's ignored. -- I know why are people portfolio are more alike are all about what you earned -- Off. You know I I don't -- -- uncertain allusion Dan I thank you for your call -- that you've got plenty of time here to make your point and -- in your right but. Again. This stage is set the table is being sent folks you started hearing about the war on women how long ago. Seems to me that came up 2012. Mitt Romney by parents subway and don't war on women Republicans don't like the judges which was to bomb. But yeah -- war. And that's all setting the stage again for Hillary to have the -- shield to be elected president. Then it will be a liberal Latino. Followed by an openly gay president followed by the first illegal immigrant president. That's that's where I think it's -- -- because law does not matter anymore. We journey post law were proposed constitutional republic folks. And there so brazen about it and nobody hears. And people who try to tell you about it like your humble host. -- try to discredit me. Don't try to discredit may look at what I'm saying try to discredit it. You know what you can't. Because they speak true. Here is. Judy -- an island on WBM hi Judy. My -- is -- can say listen I don't even know where to begin this guy is that the procedure. Every wanting to think he's -- that he's that -- I think he has an agenda. And I think he is like for respect for the that they didn't standard he knows what he's doing the other country. -- act and that's what he wants he wants us to be running around in circles. Yeah you know what I think you -- a brilliant point and I know that this is come up before and I have to remember that what is rational to me. In defense of freedom liberty and the United States which rational to me and therefore violating it is ineptitude to me you're right it's his agenda. They want to destroy the country Alter fundamentally transform. The country it is interest think that the words this -- -- kid used. He think about it for Obama's speech America is the most conceded after world. You know what I mean not he hides behind the flag. He says I'll -- things that he thinks that country wants stay here and that legal. Policy he's really not a big guy when he says god bless America it makes me sick you know why because he's a Muslim and people will not admit it. I don't know what OK let's just presume that action OK. Let's presume is a Muslim. Let's presume he's a Muslim so what. Okay it's okay if he's a Muslim the only thing I would say about that is that he's a liar about his religion I don't think he's a Muslim. I I really don't think so I think he has a great. Affinity toward Islam and after his presidency it would not surprise me if he converted to Islam publicly but as far as I. Just. Play. Well yeah I was baptized did me a lot of good I think about that every time I step off the beach -- Hedo. At what point is it's Christian but -- never been baptized. Well again that's a bit totally you know look look somebody's. -- you know what here's here's a beautiful part about being conserve Terry. You can believe what you want about god the creator. That the the supreme intelligence of the world. As long as you don't try to convert me I'm totally fine with that. I it would bother -- more. Is that if -- let me just finish it would bother me more that he lied about what he was that it would if the effect was a Muslim here's a Muslim like year. Well if the bet my point you know I hear he -- about everything he might just say that question because you know that country is what got -- by 80%. Christian thought he'd get the questionable. You know one when he had the -- -- and the other day. And not his but rather gave pray Allah he had the big on his stay. Is he understood the significance I thought it was say from the Koran yes there IE you know I'm gonna go with you only to this extent. Barack Obama has a great respect an affinity for Islam and I believe that he has a greater respect for Islam but he goes for christianity. Is he a Muslim -- I don't think he is. But if he is what bothers me more is his being disingenuous not his being -- Said that the that that's sweetest thing in the world is hearing the call to prayer. Yes he did say there. Yeah and he said the other all it can't remember the other woman about. Sweetest thing to -- is spelling up there are adulterers. -- -- -- We're all went wrong government would that the end for protecting. The Muslim religion. Well. -- Well I mean again let's let's look at this rationally. What does he does you want it. Right now but it's an anonymous wanna see -- you I don't wanna see Islam attacked you wanna see Islamic act as far as I'm concerned I can live their lives the problem I have where -- I'm here to look -- country with that. Don't tried to convert me and don't tell me that we should live under an Islamic caliber. Because again we get back to the establishment clause of our constitution which I think was one of the most brilliant thing our founding fathers ever debt. People we have no state religion but I think people have the right in the constitution guarantees it's not that the constitution means. Dick anymore but. To freely exercised their religion and yes people other than Richard signed the constitution I should point that out Ben Franklin. Other thing is basically -- that they you know that Nixon hit Watergate or Watergate was a triple. Compared to Alabama Obama is -- and rough spots. Somewhere there's a site period joke that you go with but I'm just gonna let you go Judy I agree and I'm glad you called in I mean I agree with you two points are right. Watergate compared to what's happening now. Thank thank you very much actually I got a break. Joe's gonna have freaked him frenzy he's Joe's gonna have a seizure and a WB yet. And thank you what other partly cloudy and cooler tonight the overnight low 52 tomorrow cloudy 69 right now 74 still it is ready and I'm thirty WBBM. Our gang we've we've been talking about this and you know I really want to plunge into my happy ending it. -- wanna give it to happy ending as a topic all the buys this homestand continues tonight 7051 pitch against the Toledo Mud -- and if you're wondering. But then and I know that you were you were wondering when I was gonna say that and I are just the idea. Like the like. And things up because we've been serious -- frankly I have other topics I was gonna do today like do we even need the government saying we need a minimum wage. I say no I actually think minimum wages decreed by the government. I think they actually keep wages down and more importantly keep purchasing power down. I truly believe that. I believe that -- businesses need workers. To put up product Mickey d.s needs people to put out burgers and everything else they do. All right they're not gonna be working to slavery they're not going to be due to plantation. Okay they need people to do it. Let the market decide how much money that job is work. I would almost be willing to bet a year's favorite that you weeks -- That people who are on quote -- minimum wage would actually have a better standard of living. More income more purchasing power without a government mandated minimum wage I really really believe -- and I worked for minimum wage. When I started in this business. -- an even today I I work for minimum wage I don't know if you. No they're prepared to. That's a lie and I readily admit that but I don't believe at a minimum wage declared by the government. Because if you're not willing to pay somebody -- the work for. And I think this opens up competition people be better off -- government decreed minimum wage. Which also begs the question because business first is are coming out of all of its educational statistics. How much should a twenty year teacher -- If you've been teaching for twenty years the public school how much did you make. And see there's time we talked about this ages ago back during the red green budget fiasco. So there's a time when people went in the government work knowing the money wouldn't be that great but they had stability. Benefits and pension. Well not all they've cut. -- salary that is usually far better than the private sector benefits far better than the private sector and what is this thing known as a pension. What does that it's RI I don't know what that it scares. You know I'll be big and recorders and work and truck stops with my dentures it is a 555 of -- WB here.

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