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6-3 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

Jun 3, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And the. -- and he would. Benefit. If India hold to a the few months ago when you were asked what's the biggest geopolitical threat facing America's use of Russia but al-Qaeda that Russia. In the 1980s are now calling ask for their foreign policy that. Wherever and whenever I can take up without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what I'm gonna do when that -- it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Tom hourly about it even though this. I think it right back bathing it's live it's local -- is the it's Tom hourly. Cool whip completely cool whip who lived there. And on news radio 930. -- it is following editorial at thirty WB inserted the start of the hour and I footwork in India microphone failed to respond to my tender touch. Abide delicate finger on the might switch. Not the first time that's happened touching something up. Anyway many things happening in the world today and I you know do. Sony thought is that one of the good attitude today but the good thing really is getting a lot of you guys is the fact that this deserter. For whom we swapped. Taliban. Prisoners from Guantanamo Bay now that's bad enough. I think. But what the president. Did it. Violated a law he -- self signed it a year ago. -- law says. That before anybody is released from Guantanamo Bay congress must be notified thirty days before. The president did not do his people say it was an oversight. Out okay -- George Bush's people say it was an oversight. Other media would react. Because after all bush was the dumbest person ever to be in the White House. I don't believe that I'm just. Telling you what the media bought a big bush -- I think it's pretty obvious but I don't that he was the dumbest guy in the world and I don't think he was quite as dumb as the media made about the but this is the smartest man in the world. Any forgets they signed the law -- this alzheimer's you know we gonna show up early onset alzheimer's yesterday part of it anyway I'm sure why. -- the excitement and the law a year ago congress will be notified thirty days before anybody has released from Guantanamo Bay and they forget about it. This year just in time to get the big -- up the front page. I guess it was an oversight. You know what maybe -- just not pay my taxes for one. Don't iris comes barging into my house with a battering -- I can say. It was an oversight there are oversight. That's the uproar that pitcher. To rules one for you one for them never forget. -- by the way. This is a story from a newspaper that is not the Buffalo News. This is a story actually from the Daily Mail. Sorry could Obama be impeached over prisoner swap. Which brought -- soldier -- walked away from his unit Republicans claim deal was illegal. Now this is actually quite a moment because. I think we learned something today. That there may be a ball left in the Republican Party not -- but they're maybe one ball left in the Republican Party -- -- -- Well they're playing tennis politics is a tennis match I figured out of their final shot. The up president ignored a new law which he signed last year requiring him to notify congress thirty days before releasing anyone from Guantanamo Bay. The Obama administration never told congress until after -- all was in American custody and the US Taliban prisoners were getting ready to check out. White House insiders said the Obama administration officials did not anticipate. How controversial. Bird calls rescue. Would be is Australia rescue. I think it's just a bad trade. At a -- off former federal prosecutor has told the Daily Mail online otherwise known as the mail online. Bill while a thirty day notice law is probably unconstitutional. Putting enemy combatants back in a position to harm Americans. Is an impeachable offense. And folks what part of this is so hard to understand. The five guys Obama said could go home. Are hardened the Taliban. Death up up up up. They are heartened that America haters Michael. And his -- They are hardened America haters. Do you really think they're gonna go back to Afghanistan and grow tomatoes. Well. I try to figure out how to kill arrogance it's what they don't. Let's three. First. A bit -- -- according to the goat. Then I'm -- look at my strawberries. I've got to figure out how to read Jihad against the American infidels that's how they live their life. Note not read much. But these hardcore Taliban types you know these the people and folks the videos are still on line. If you go to some of the gory sites online here's the Taliban operates. Woman suspected of adultery let's take her to a soccer stadium and lower head off or she. Got off easy. Because there's other videos of people suspected of adultery just suspected of adultery being stoned to death. Not a good -- ago. Not the way you wanna check. Tends to be rather violent. -- -- -- -- I think we should take up a collection. Since they seem to have such an affinity. For the culture. To the point of growing a Taliban like beard. By the way I could never grow a beard. Nothing like that that's impressive. Seriously. That is one hell of -- that's like easy easy top on steroids whitbeck -- I think they should all move to Afghanistan. Find a nice little village. And live a happy life. In Afghanistan. That's what they should do they speak the way in which is that you get by quite well they've got the beer at least -- does. I don't know about -- I wouldn't wanna see you're a bailed -- she's got a cute in that exotic dark cut away. All right don't thrilled I'm thirty star and I'm 3180616. WB yen I honestly fear for the country. Are really do. We have idiots in charge. Worse yet they think they're Smart. There's nothing worse than somebody who is dumb thinking he's the smartest guy in the room. Circular and you know people like this in your life do you not to lectures held. But everybody knows I've -- in the smartest person in the world. Not that I fear the competition. But it's just that when people think they're smarter than everybody else and actually. -- -- kindergarten level compared to the college level of others it makes me wanna puke. Here's a pony in buffalo WB and Tony. Tony here on hello. I go ahead. -- -- -- -- -- Bigger or are in the Arctic Paul -- Our Tony I even though I think you'll agree with everything I'm saying I have to let you go or which one hole and take your number down because I'm only hearing like every fourth work. So I think you'll agree but I have to move on some other folks will try to get a better connection with music and speak your piece on this. I hate to do that when people agree with me I just as soon do -- people who don't agree with me in the pretend we can't get back in touch with them but we'll try to get in touch with the -- go -- I guess let's not put Iran. Let's go to right. Guys I C three is -- which what does Ryan to. To OK here is a riot on WB EN started blinking lights confused me because I guess well. Maybe -- -- job with the Obama administration you're on hello. A bit could go to -- and I want to make -- quick real quick and I would though he brought up to believe that when you weren't nervous and it converted. We're not coming after you to get chilly compared to where you're you know in the spirit you -- actual command get on the so why are we giving them that you know you know giving it the most evil people we can possibly find and put away in jail. Paper at the -- and also appoint you may expect and what are called it is in Europe and learn critical go back and you know -- a peaceful life. Most likely would all the years that we talk from them putting them in print and -- -- back toward. That would be how most normal rational people would look at -- that is what we call a dark moment. It can become a -- Precise reason why this law was put into place it was it's supposed to prevent stuff like this from happening so we don't release the worst of the worst of the worst. I'm -- let this president doesn't care about the law he. Doesn't care about the constitution that's why I say you live under a rolled good government and sometimes I feel like the only person in the country other than Michael Savage who actually gets there. It Alex Jones added let's put it this way it the country's gone so far off the rails Alex Jones is making a lot more sense to me. Oh yeah oh yeah and you can hear that they miracle on election. -- -- you know radio host conservative radio host I didn't agree with Beckham you know back when I was growing up but now it's like the conservative radio host. They like most logical and realistic in the liberal won the comic Communists and I'm not trying to put nobody down -- called may the edged a catch what it is. Well conservative area. Remember I mean I you know hole you know my take on this don't make it to finally get. Oh yeah I know your account that -- your common to play. You know honestly kind of I know I would -- to hear -- on satellite radio is absurd early and say you're really can't say it. One never knows one never knows how these things can happen. Already got a little. Yeah I got -- -- and work out a war you know go. Yeah. There's going to be a lot of things happen it would be soon so and are all good. And no it was a -- leaving WB Ian by the year no I you know what I got a voice on the idea. Army loyal -- employee. Because they've been loyal to me and I know that sounds hokey got sandy beach Detroit Q looking at home listening but a loyal employee and I feel good about the future let's just say that very good about the future and there are some things. I believe you talked about. The released fighters in Afghanistan. What did you say they would want perhaps a little bit of payback for things were taken away from them. Yeah Richard you're there why on the camera there -- -- -- -- okay. You know it and it's not like being a terrorist -- -- an extra -- and piper. One I don't let that one might almost say they're in a sense they'll be vindicated among her followers. Are more likely most likely to get all almost dead in the -- elect I hit it. It weakened moderately or come from the congressional power before now or not. I I understand this and this this president again. You know what the black part of Barack Obama I love the white part must be the evil part understand. I gotta I gotta coach thanks. Thanks thanks very much are right. My black Brothers and sisters who listen to me please understand why go after Obama. You gotta understand with everything in my heart in my soul I assure you it's not because he's black I know that sometimes it might seem that way to people who. You know you're proud of the first black president just like Italians would be proud of the effort to -- American president. There is not a bit of that in my body when it -- Obama what I love is America and what I love frankly is the diversity that is America. And the fact that all of us from every ethnic group we've contributed to this free country we used to have. And just because he looks like you my black Brothers and sisters doesn't mean he's any less willing to take your freedom away that some plantation owner. I'm speaking metaphorically and realistically. All right hey black dictators in Africa ain't going after white guys exclusively. Just remember that skin color remember the words of doctor -- All I can tell you you judge a man by his character the content of his character not the color of his skin and I think too many people. Who are my black Brothers and sisters are too focused on the fact. He's the first black president and I see him as just a bad bad. Dead president. Let's find out from the very best traffic reporter how the drive home is going and yours Alan Harris. And AccuWeather. Guys is it it will be partly cloudy and cooler tonight 52 and tomorrow it will be cloudy and at a high temperature 69. Right now we're at 74 -- at news radio I'm thirty WB at eight look as far as the race thing you know I said. It's in my black listeners look I think it is important once a while to say that because. I'll play a lot. Because. I am sure. That even if your concern that and your black you wonder today. Is this guy is any part of this -- -- felt like going after Obama because he's a black guys. And folks you can search my heart you can search my school my soul with a microscope and you would not find that. No I love America and I love freedom and I love the fact. That we need. Every one of us of every race every background every creed every color we've all contributed to this beautiful mosaic of freedom. We used to have known as the United States of America. And I don't hear somebody zone as a wider than -- may be part -- like may. If they're going after my freedom beyond them like white on rice no pun intended. -- 24 news radio 930 WBE I -- -- -- and all my heart where my heart issues okay and seriously committed to a fist bump bump my heart respect. Please understand from where I'm coming it's not racial animus anything but. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- All right it is our. Our lenders radio thirty WBE. And welcome news show it's a Tuesday and really didn't even plan and don't -- today usually before the show I have a meeting with the wire. And you know we just got to shoot the breeze and sometimes we come up with topics that we think -- going to be awesome and the -- and then some type of stuff that that it would make the radar and our conversation. We start bill and it and -- I put it in as an aside and you guys react I don't even give a number out. Which I get a complaint it's summer. But anyway I planned to go to here today. And Tim if you're listening or you know the net but on -- A look at gift horse in the mouth not during early Judah that but seriously folks the president made a very very bad decision. And moreover there is a pattern of recklessness. In this administration there is a pattern. Of say much what the law says were gonna do this our way. Because nobody's going to call us out because the Republican Party has no balls whatsoever. And even if it does. Our allies in the media will come rushing into our defense and if all else fails we get to play the race card. And I find that very very distasteful. And every single way. -- I just wanna get back to the race thing before it takes a more calls. Folks one of the things that I've been and I've mentioned this before but it. If it merits mentioning again for those of you were new listeners to the show. It merits mentioning again. There is a reason. But I talk about my game of my gay Brothers and sisters might buy Brothers and sisters transgender my black Brothers and sisters and it's it is the reason is. That this is an inclusive shuttle. My political philosophy is not one of hate and too often people who are on the right are falsely accused of eight. And of not reaching out to other people. And I. I would love and respect my gay audience as much as I'd love and respect my Christian audience. And to me just give an example of how to work things out. I believe that homosexuals should have the legal right to marry. I don't care who you love. Work and you love I don't tear. But. To my -- gay friends I think you must also be respectful. Of people of faith whether they be Christian Jews Muslim whatever. Hulu as a matter of conscience cannot take part in a homosexual wedding ceremony. And I think that you must respect the error free exercise of religion. You know I think we have to try to understand each other better. But again my message is one of actually bringing people together not talking about like our president. And that is something I'm proud. Of the work I have done on that front in particular in the last years ago. And folks. We've been over this ground before I'd use the N word. A lot. I don't use it anymore unless I'm using Bob -- or less -- trying to learn Bob Dylan's hurricane. In order some artistic value to the work. If you -- call a white person cracker honky. White double if you said kill Whitey you know what I forgive you. As I hope you'll forgive me because none of us are perfect no matter what you look like. And I approach you with the spirit of brotherhood. And friendship. And not hatred. And a need to make that clear. And I wish the the party formerly known as the GOP. Had simply spoken from its heart a long time ago. So it could not have been accused of being. A party of -- It's a party of nothing. Ser seriously you know what here's how I feel about the Republican Party this is worse than hate -- different. -- in different to the Republican Party. Conservative area. Are we couldn't agree on every issue. Note we are not there are people I love very deeply. We do not agree on every single issue. Of people in my family. That -- title like sometimes. When I need something from them and we don't agree on every issue are right but at least let's try to. Let's try to get past. The old cliched arguments. Well he's on WB yen therefore he must be some kind of a white racist. He's on WB -- he must be a misogynist. He's on WB EN he must hate gay people. Folks look at my FaceBook page my record is anything but there and frankly I have to tell you something folks and this is not a show about me. But I need to tell you sent a one authorities up. This is a source of frustration. To people who want to destroy America and turn it into a police state. Because I can't be pigeon hole. Because there is no difference between what I say on the here and how I live my life in the privacy of my own hole. Story. Yeah on the privacy of my own -- There is no difference. On the same guy. I don't go Coleman start talking you know trash about the -- were people. That would make be a hypocrite I don't go Coleman's dark past and all of us feel it's getting married boy -- sucks country's gonna -- ambassador. Now I'd be a hypocrite. And that's very important to. Is being consistent. And be ethical in terms of one's profession. And in terms of one's personal philosophy. And believe me folks. You have to understand something. I I really want to think about it's it's so easy. To pigeonhole the opposition. This is my inability to be pigeonholed. Is a source. Of great frustration to certain people who do not want me on the radio. Any more and they want sandy beach on the radio or Rush Limbaugh on the radio or Sean Hannity on the radio or Michael Savage on the radio. You can't pigeonhole. And I don't preach a message of hate a preacher -- is a message of inclusion. And even though I can be a cantankerous bastard. Look you know I love very strongly. And you know the bond we have and I think you know my heart one of the nicest things anybody said to me lately which you know. Politically Tom I don't agree with a lot of what you say but I know your hardest and reports. That meant so much to me. For reasons I don't care to get into it really struck a -- I don't wanna thank their way -- Are right now. Everything I've just said now now gonna get nasty. I'm gonna get nasty because I love what I used to refer to as the United States of America. And the separation of powers judicial executive legislative. And what I see and what I began to see very early on in this administration. And which was put out in broad daylight in the last State of the Union Address is basically a -- -- top. Against the constitution against the rule of law in the United States -- Wherever and whenever I can take steps. Without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families and that's what I'm gonna do. Folks these words have echoed down through history every dictator or wannabe dictator in the history of the universe has used words exactly like that. I will not be bogged down by silly debate I'm gonna do what I want to do even if it's unconstitutional. As long as I say it's gonna help the American people. -- our system doesn't work -- whether it's Ronald Reagan. Or Barack Obama and if Reagan pulled that crap you think I wouldn't be all over him. Because our freedom is more important than any one man be it Reagan or Obama. And I will believe that and I'll fight for that. Until. I'm no longer here. You don't 30 thirty start at 3180616. WB EM. I find this prisoner trade to be abominable. How many more Americans are gonna die. Or were recaptured. Because our president broke the law key himself signed into law. For this very reason. Rick this is great. This is almost Shakespearean. I think artists hubris. Which is actually Greek word but I don't feel like getting -- Aristotle because. Well it just takes us all kinds of places and I don't feel like making an eight hatteras jokes today. All right let's go to rape and in buffalo on WBBM. The show was funny on many levels by the way of those who haven't caught on yet it's like a little hole hole. Others the outer borders the outer shell then there's the chocolate cake then there's the feeling inside -- ray ban on WB -- hello. What I'm saying -- is you the hard shell. All of our regular insists it's like air a question that our app will Ludacris. -- point. But they're. Good nobody. A lot colder in -- art show around lead so there. Too much which -- Integrity. From scratch at this point. -- president no trouble cowardly to do anything about it. OK it is shortly. March back then to -- though. I truly do there. Be. That they're warned it would protect them from all within a sport about it. Which are asking here seat this this is not a stupid question Raymond and I know that you asked that as is kind of an active drivers stop mystery you're or produced as -- as a silly question national. -- -- Actually it is too much to ask. Because. At least in New York State did you measure -- local issues still in congress saying this is outrageous. This is a violation of the law. These people in congress are right. They are supposed to be looking out for and guarding jealously the powers of congress. Because guess what at some point folks there may be the president. I doubted but there may be a president who is. All true conservative. And congress is don't want those powers behold the man and Jack. What they're allowing is AD and routing of the powers enumerated to congress by the constitution. -- And I said -- -- -- Broadway where guns are glad. What you had article to a -- big Republican. Or well reputed to support very. More fuel elected Democrat in order to do. You don't -- because. They would argue even. You what that that aren't the curtain call were up or -- barrel Watergate. -- -- -- -- did not come here from that mountain. Of illegality going out with the ministry. Watergate -- is. Nobody died in Watergate. -- it was onerous it was off. Look I'm sorry but -- Howard Hunt and by the way for those people who think I'm a whack job because I believed -- Kennedy's murder was used as a result of a conspiracy I suggest USC what you Howard -- had to say on his death -- about his role in the conspiracy thank you very much. But anyway that's a difference to -- already showed that sorry dude I'm sorry yeah its integrity is too much to ask these days. For people in public office now may be there're some Democrats out there and I just haven't read about them who have actually said -- Mr. President this is a congressional power. And you broke her own damn. But think about it folks if you are part of that close up. -- the power the big shots in congress have over you they can put your office in Fairbanks Alaska if they want to make it commute every day from Fairbanks. I've said it once and upset that a million times and some of you still don't get it politics is blood sport. Politics is about who rules and about who screws who. Don't you get it it's blood sport and are people who wake up every single day. Trying to figure out. How can we make sure that we have total and complete power over people's lives. Folks. It's pointless to deny that. It's just that we've been fed this line of crap in school about land of the free. Let freedom ring. Freedom. What freedom. May ask you. Freedom. Is losing every single day. Your rights are losing every single day. Bread and circuses. Keep you pleasantly plump and content emotionally. And when you're kids reach your age it will be an all out -- All right reality of buffalo buys this homestand continues. And that it said another game of a total of four against the Toledo Mud Hens writes no. Love mr. baseball. First -- 705. And it will be partly cloudy and cooler tonight the overnight low 52 you know what it's so muggy out bring bug spray which -- Seriously because my skin came born with off I'm very keyboard with pot. I gotta put offline just to get the some mosquitoes from landing on an. Right now it's 74 degrees at WBM tomorrow cloudy and the high temperature 69. Sounds a good day off to me. Anyway let's get back to the calls and I'm not sure like the way they came what I meant was. No it's not what you think -- pure is. You're Brian WB EMI Bryant. Coordinate my first start calling and -- -- -- -- out -- work here but -- it went further -- the current agent directly term. I mean these are -- currently know it or -- it all the rules are aren't they put into effect upon Obama hurt. Going out there and now that. Mean it or anything that we are people horror. Or -- or anybody can start surprise that little strip I mean why is that Burton but don't. I am first of all the reality Bryant is I made two bit talk show host in a minor media market or in medium media market I cannot begin impeachment articles against the president. The people who would do that are in Washington and there in positions of power. They choose not to do it out of politics because the Republicans believe that. And -- they believe that the minute they start talking about impeaching Obama they will be called racist and they're gonna say the only reason you want him convicted and thrown out of office is because he's black. And that is the accusation that will be made. This president will never be impeached they get their pictures of him negotiating secret deals to -- nukes to North Korea and he will not be impeached he's got the black shield. And unfortunately a lot of people. Too many people put color before common cents. Oh I think it's I -- rot in new in the other areas out so people thought editors and Democrat thousand. -- -- -- -- -- -- I didn't hurt. Both at the and that the American people actually -- through your original -- well. -- respect against sir it's in that it would have to start indirect congress and congress has already demonstrated that this president has them so old. Afraid to be called racist that he in public in the state of the union can basically say look. You guys are now irrelevant in congress because. I can take out. Without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families. That's on the and the machinery of ballots set up by air founding fathers scarcely Trimble's upon those words in it really is tragic. I what you very much for Lesnar and I -- You know but let you get a little frustrated overall -- Brian I get very frustrated. And when I get frustrated. I listen to Bob Marley. I'm glad you call meant they cute little 30 lead thirty WB yeah.

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