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6-3 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

Jun 3, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And. Wolf the the weekend and -- -- -- -- Yeah I don't know you're not. It. And and and just system. -- -- speech. Worthy of Abraham Lincoln. We're here -- wasn't going -- set -- world com hourly just when I think you put. It wouldn't be -- October. You going to do something like -- they're being told. Yourself when it's live it's local ethnic -- and you hope it's Tom hourly. Arthur -- news radio 930 W. Sometimes. It's just so easy. It's something. Why is the -- -- and the easiest answer is right in front of no but seriously. Have you ever had that experience how are you ever experienced. Having an issue. A mechanical thing a computer thing. Something in your life. And given wrestling. How would fix that is how am I going to take care of Vegas. And then the answer was right in front of you literally all of -- That was a statement our show. On your. Moment. Those who don't go by the way that expression was originated by my -- That is -- she explains it's not it's. All moms of course had their -- Anyway up welcome it is the about early show yes I -- solving conundrum is the easiest way possible but sometimes you try. -- it's really bizarre. Whether it's a lawnmower whether it's a -- Whether it is assembling something -- figuring out how to use a video camera. Have you ever experienced where you -- a million different things and nothing works. And then you basically go back to it very very basic thing and suddenly voila it works. Unbelievable. I don't know that that's where there's a show commitment I don't know if I'm being specific enough I'm trying to keep general. To keep more generally interest anyway. -- with the news radio I'm thirty WB EM. I have a pair ticket giveaway to get away right now John Sherman right now -- I don't wanna make people wait birdies because they've been clamoring. I have a pair of tickets for -- and -- international guitar concerto competition semifinals. This Saturday June 7 that the channel seventeen studios minimum value is 41 dollars general contest rules apply granted she compact. But to pull out of plays a totally different genre of music on the guitar -- plus every Tom Petty song has -- the -- that's a rule Tom -- yes I think in his place. Anyway out of it what we're gonna talk about today because I have a zillion different topics and I could do and I eight point. -- -- -- -- As far as the fault call part of the shell. I've always. This so long and yet sometimes I still don't know how much of movie you want to hear explaining things and then how much of other people commenting on stuff you want to hear. And that in the summertime have to place. All honesty I'm letting you inaudible talk radio secret. In the summertime things change. In the summertime the call volume generally is not what it is every other time of the year can be brutally honest with. Did you have a successful summer. You've done OK now there have been times. Where I have had bad idea like. What I would consider to -- show is. My god he's calling. That's -- -- also -- monologue. Am actually those ratings books that give some of the best ratings -- Well I'm not saying out out I'm not devaluing the callers don't get me wrong. But just say you know you can do something for a million years and still not know exactly what you're doing because there's no book that anybody who wrote. The talk show -- at. And have a down to a science birth of all this is inside to release -- it was like clean up. This is human. This is humanity. I cannot be replaced by machine. Oh yes you can I cannot be replaced by machines now never gonna happen anyway. Somebody things nobody things were like start. Well let's start with the story that is -- near and dear to my heart. Ladies and gentlemen. I'm gonna preach to you. A servant eleven preaching offers several weeks. He's short and I think a lot of people want a year. Can -- certainly people in government don't wanna hear. For those who don't realize it yet you rule. In the United States of America are officially living under a rogue government. It became obvious Joseph you have the audio from a Obama's state of the union we include it in one of our intro of course. We have a president who has publicly announced that the constitution. Does not matter okay. He basically announced the United States is officially a fascist country in his state of the union speech in January. If any other president had said these words that president would have been impeached. And at very least excoriated. And utterly and completely. Discredited. As an American president but we all know the little shield Barack Obama's. Wherever and whenever I can take steps. Without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what I'm gonna do. When it looks like it smells like it walks like it talks like to call what it is it's fascism. And we live under a rolled got government and if you don't believe me. If you think that at all you know that buy hourly he's just a right wing conservative not job. Well first of all. I'm not conservative. On the conservative area. I've explained the difference between the two. As best as I can't. In recent weeks I don't feel like re explaining it -- -- it would sound like -- doing the same show over and over again. But folks there is a threat. There is a theme. That runs through the entire Obama administration and it is a theme of lawlessness. It is a theme -- we are going to do whatever we want to do irrespective. Active of whether or not it's constitutional. Regardless of whether or not it is legal that is a threat that has been years since they want. And 48 president in a state of the union speech. Which is mandated by the constitution. To basically say the constitution doesn't mean Dick anymore I find it astonishing. Wherever and whenever I can -- Without legislation to expand opportunity for more American family -- dominant words. Walk. -- law constitution. What constitution. And it was signed up. By a bunch of guys named Richard again. But it was by guys named Thomas and Benjamin and all those fellas with which you're familiar from American history back in a school. -- slept through and I am convinced most Americans did. Could America this from the mail on line. I don't know if you know -- -- put -- as working for the Daily Mail it to steady job but he wants to be paperback writer but this is from the mail online could Obama. Be impeached over prisoner swap which brought home soldier who walked away from his unit Republicans claim the deal was illegal. Here's what you need to know the president ignored a law. The president ignore it law which he saw -- in the last yeah. Requiring. Him to notify congress thirty days before releasing anyone from Guantanamo Bay. The president. Ignore a law he signed last year requiring him to notify congress thirty days before releasing anyone from Guantanamo Bay. And let's just go back to a state of the union. Wherever and whenever. I can take out. Without legislation to expand opportunity for more American family. That dominant and according to the mail online. From the UK a former federal prosecutor cents. That while the thirty day notice law. Is probably unconstitutional. Putting enemy combatants back in a position to harm Americans is an impeachable. Offense. Amen amen amen amen that was one argument yesterday. How many more families are going to be hurt by these five Taliban big shots that we released. Because President Obama decided that was a good. As far as the law mandating 830 day notification. Before the president can release anybody from Guantanamo today. Has anybody challenge that you know. And I thought President Obama was a constitutional expert I thought he taught constitutional. So what he is president understand that the law he was signings that he's so Smart. Is -- itself unconstitutional. I I don't get theirs. I honestly folks if it. Again if it walks like it talks like it it looks like it it sounds like it it acts like it you call what is it is fascism. It is a rogue government in his -- government run amok and here's the problem folks. I don't have any use for the Republican Party. Any more than -- used for the Democrat party. I don't care for -- They are enmeshed and -- -- horrors and repeat a line Whitney who would sell their souls for eight days old slice of bread. There is not a dime's worth the difference between the two. All of them are corrupt they're all prostitutes to varying degrees some go all the way some -- just arguably the reach around. Politically of course. Now I happen to find this to be particularly offensive mean to reach Iran comment well maybe. But what I find particularly offensive is we have a president. Who took an oath to uphold the constitution. And -- The same guy who says. It is his sacred duty. To protect and defend the constitution of the United States. Telling congress back in January. Bet oops I have my fingers crossed about their whole upholding the constitution thing. -- and whenever I can take. Without legislation to expand opportunity for more American family that's what I meant that this is bet on real. Now the Daily Mail us at the bullet points here the Daily Mail article. AL White House insider says the Obama administration officials did not anticipate how controversial Borg goals. Rescue would bait and compared it to the 1981 released a 52 hostages in Iran. Okay folks. These are the smartest people in the room. This is the brain trust running America. They didn't realize how controversial it would be to trade five big shot Taliban guys. 48 deserter whose own choices cost the lives of at least six and probably more of his comrades. To whom he turned his -- and walked to the enemy. -- they didn't even realize that would be controversy these -- -- -- people of America. You've got to be kidding me. This is pretzel logic. It -- why. This dog don't love. Your brother Obama's chances -- -- ever seen in charge of the country at least since Jimmy Carter was in office and they. -- Jimmy Carter. How could you not realize. That this would be controversial. Have you met anybody in the military or with any military background who supports bird -- I'm sure there out here. But. The people I've hurt. And the stuff by Brett and the people whose FaceBook accounts I troll not neutralized by and then just a few percent. We have any military background whatsoever they are aghast. And appalled. But what this president and his administration did. -- this administration. To do this and not realized the implications it would have and the controversy it would engender ladies and gentlemen. This more than anything. Does this not illustrate how absolutely out of touch with the military the Obama administration is seriously. This is just one this is this is military want a one stop. He could read the army for dummies. -- no this was gonna generate. Controversy and a lot of and a lot of heat. But again folks. What did it take off the front page. Use your brain your use your noodle god didn't braves use of what did it take off the front page the veterans scandal -- scandal sure. When's the last time you're about that. Now it's all about doll. I find this. Absolutely. I thought this whole story. Nauseating. This guide defected to the enemy. He defected to the enemy. He reportedly caught the enemy how to make bombs. He learned their language he became one of them essentially. And we trade I have Taliban big shots for this guy. Good lord what the Taliban a gift for somebody who actually matter. Think about that for just a minute. What they got somebody like David Olivia what -- were up late at Guantanamo. David's a friend I can say that -- -- hero although he would never call self a hero. Just I think this this country no longer makes cents. I think this country is absolutely the league government is -- And it really news. Annoying me. Totally absolutely and completely. That so many Americans. Are so easy with other aspects of their lives. That they don't realize. That every single day it gets worse. Every single day your freedom. Is on -- razors edge. But as long as you've got Brent. As long as you got something to put in your stomach. As long as you've got distractions. Circuses. You've got bread and circuses. Things like this and things like your presidents say that the constitution and -- don't matter anymore. You get what you -- your children will get what. We give them. And our legacy to our children will be we're the generation. That decided to take America away from liberty away for freedom and into a rogue status totalitarian. Nation and a police state. Well done generation. About that we're talking about Mike it's just generation. We're talking about while we're talking about the late hippies. Who by the way where the children of the greatest generation which I could never figure out. Anyway. Well let him out of the greatest generation their kids were the -- All right I need to break. I -- you guys wanna have some fun today. But I also feel as though I need to be socially redeeming -- news radio 930 WB Ian do you feel redeemed. So who love it could well the jaguar. I don't know what are all the commercials I heard the story a -- seriously. Street drag racing is. Dangerous. May we just reiterate that there's a light pole on -- wrote. And it is well -- itself between the 400 and I think flinch. And I remember a couple of kids got killed drag racing -- transit road probably 78 years ago if not more. And it's a very very dangerous thing to do there are certainly better news if you race a car there are certainly legal venues where you can actually bill. Without putting other people at risk who do not choose to be. That being said I certainly don't wanna throw that desperately at the guy. Kids do stupid things. Kids with lots of money and jaguars used the ethics because the bigger the bullet the bigger the the bigger the toys. By the way. The old days jaguars -- -- like two gas tanks anybody remember those headed a right gastric left gastric I think right I thought -- myself. You know what something tells me this may not be a fuel efficient vehicle if it's got two different gas tanks that. Anyway. I do think the jaguar school in terms of the hood ornament. Very cool but not quite as neat as the Rolls Royce ornaments which you never -- is nobody well there're couple people around here but. Mercedes and ornaments looked like the all right and plus every time I see Mercedes government I think of triumph of the will and Leni Riefenstahl film about the Nuremberg rally. If that was Hitler's car the Mercedes-Benz. It and arbitrage regular something new and redesigned Volkswagen about Richard and no bad either. Anyway it gives -- is. Interesting character I was always wondered if he would put his evil to good use a much better the world would have been. He used -- energy in that brain for good use. Where we'd be today anyway. Where are -- yes. Yes yes yes talking about. The lawless administration. Of Barack Obama. Folks. Just you know. Can we get rid ourselves of the illusion. And the delusion that we are a nation of laws and a nation under constitution. We're a nation that is a post constitutional alleged republic we are essentially under a dictator. And who says -- Barack Obama says so in these state of the union speech he gave earlier this year the ramifications. And the implications of what he said are on the avoidable. And whenever I can take stuff. Without legislation to expand opportunity for more American -- that's on the to do and I just want you know bet. Dictators and bad guys in history. Per common office saying I'm going to put people and others. Now they always say the same crap. I'm going to use my power to help people. I help people. You think that Hitler and the Nazis took power by saying weren't gonna cause -- conflagration. Noticed World War II. In which hundreds of millions of innocent people are going to be kill. That's well. They come to power -- saying boy that help people. Hope -- change with all of cobalt. And we -- at the same thing with the Obama's state of the the same premise in terms of the law doesn't matter the constitution doesn't matter the law is what I say the law news. -- that the state of the -- speech. That was uncharacteristically bold I thought all right let's go to -- Dennis enough Orchard Park had that -- got some thoughts on not betrayed. Yeah out. I I think that the total red Eric they. They're saying well we're actually but he won't be ironed out. Well bullied -- get fired Alabama. Which you know one guy back well I I think Obama wanted to -- by terrorists. And he settled. -- dark. -- -- -- He was really want -- They did -- was the was the last remaining known POW and Afghanistan. Well. -- habitable of the real it was a POW. But I think they wanted to really fired well out of the Taliban. And I didn't get people are so oil get more law. And I I think -- shuttle. Though it is next you'd take -- that -- -- -- that they can really why I don't throughout. That the administration I don't sit well. IA do not trust this administration. I'm totally with you by the way. And that nobody can criticize the -- one for the obvious reason. And it's gonna be worse under president Hillary Clinton because remember Obama has the black shield Hillary has the vagina -- And they've already set this up with the war on women they've already set up. So that when she's elected and she will be if she runs when she's elected. You can't say anything about her because then you are a woman hitting misogynist. Don't you get it then the next president is going to be a Latino American. Probably a gay and ultimately it's going to go with at AJ Democrat by we not a conservative gay because they're not really gay but. Then there -- -- America will end it with our first illegal immigrant president. -- -- -- Well probably probably not but I can understand why you'd feel that way I mean. I don't know maybe relates to this guy because wasn't a Barack Obama would have little pilgrimage walking through Pakistan back in his college days I mean this guy took little pilgrimage off to meet with the enemy Obama took the pilgrimage walking through Pakistan. I -- maybe -- dormant somewhere. I'm living European invited to a white out for the next round about. Maybe he will it. Perhaps. -- look. This is not about. Islam this is about a guy. This bird dog guy who turned his back and his comrades. And some of those some comrades I state trying to get him back. -- this this is gone over like a lead balloon with the guys in the field. This commander in chief has lost so much respect among the rank and file. Well well -- -- that. Updated and -- some. If my father were alive today it would turn his stomach too big difference and thank you reporting it up between a POW. And somebody who basically is -- wall and -- aid and abet the enemy. I think Marc Stein said that there in the old days this would have been a cigarette and a blindfold and against the wall situation. Yeah or any slow over it got shot for a lot less. And an independent meanwhile. The sergeant with the 82 airborne is that -- that vehicle. -- you compare the the -- Well well you can't end and nobody has -- -- unfortunately. Died in one of those horrible -- training exercises were to have been known to go arrive far too often. But looked at this. This administration does not make any sense to me people who voted in this administration don't make any sense to me. The direction of the country I don't even know what well I know what direction were yen. I see it is clear as -- -- the lines in my face and the tracks of my tears but. I I seem to be basically. The only person calling this exactly what it is. And I wish more people would wake up. -- not a whole war is just nobody at all of that the only thing right now. Well nobody will have power. Nobody will see that's that's the problem. Because you've got a unit as an opposition party known -- the Republicans they're dead they just don't know. Nobody gonna do vote for -- illegal immigration is an act of love bush. -- battle with -- bush thank you very much. All right. Dennis thank you -- banks it is at 341. I've told you this before if they're named bush I don't care if it's spelled with a C I'm not voting on the USH. I -- age I would vote for bush done. And yes Clinton does will have the vagina -- You can't say that we ran ads for the vagina monologues. So they'll probably wouldn't make money work but I can't say it. 8030930. -- the phone number 803 Kona and take money for -- Government of Israel as a funny that could have been at 830. All right thirty is the phone number starlet thirty on the cell phone 180616. WB EN it is up hourly other radio it is Tuesday. And I didn't wanna. Really planned on going down this road. Until. I checked out Drudge and I saw this report on the Daily Mail in the UK. About our president violating. All law he himself signed a year ago. I did notice explanation it's it was an oversight. That he didn't notify congress thirty days before the prisoner exchange. -- before somebody was released from Guantanamo. -- he sign it all last year. Saying congress would be notified thirty days before anybody was released from gitmo he violated the law he cited. Does anybody not see this as the most inept administration in the history of America. The most corrupt the most inept. The most were going to do it our way regardless of what you might think because the Republicans are gonna do a damn thing because. They wanna pander to minorities they they certainly don't want to lose the two black votes are gonna get and they don't wanna lose the five Hispanic votes are gonna get so -- -- thing. They have paid Republicans into a corner. And the Republicans have acquiesced by the way into that they have not fought back they have allowed themselves to be destroyed. And they have absolutely no testicular fortitude whatsoever. Absolutely not. Sorry if they don't it's a dead party. And they will not be able amount is significant and successful opposition to whomever the Democrats run in 2060. And unless Ronald Reagan is resurrected. It's not going to happen. -- No I don't think so. Rick Perry. Maybe. Maybe. At least he's at least he's the governor of a free state Texas. Not like our state. New York. Do you realize don't you -- precariously freedom hangs in the balance every day. You know when they say freedom isn't free. You know what that's all about right as you're going to be hearing a lot of that in a couple of days it's going to be the seventieth anniversary. Of the storming. Of the beaches the retaking of Hitler's fortress Europe. June 6 it's coming up at all -- all all lofty speeches. About freedom. And liberty and how we rescued freedom for the world. I look at this administration I look at the direction of this country and I say bowl. And I can't even say the word on the radio but you know damn well what -- -- We're not a free country. It would lawful country were -- -- this is a rogue government. I just I cannot believe the things I'm seeing in my lifetime in the United States and the fact that so many of my fellow citizens are like yeah whatever. Whatever dude who's on the boards you know whatever who's going to be the kings of the Rangers. There's always time directory. I'd like to watch dumb movies like dumb and -- that's how I put my brain at rest. But there's also a time to be serious. There's time for everything. At a time on to every purpose under heaven. Please yes it's later written into a song by Pete Seeger and done by the -- and Roger what Newman met a couple of times and -- a really nice. It is -- 345 let's go to Georgia north buffalo George what do you make of this. They are you doing. The just like it will Serbian. Germany Bosnia and Saudi Arabia in -- -- -- contract in Iraq. But I'm just shortstop truly advising Obama. Had he seen the movie that probably ain't -- Definitely in danger. Is sure. In what it -- you're so well within Iraq and bring contract and are all young soldiers 1819 go out there -- that they get every day. Put your -- on the line. You know I -- respect for them out of the uniform -- our actual spectrum then isn't she -- Obama has not. -- This is a loss to Georgia I have to say this is illustrative and I will let you speak it's illustrative to me the fact that this man is so out of touch with the military mindset. Bet. You it it's like you're talking North Pole South Pole quarter. -- -- I didn't want to -- duty and maybe even carpet -- Speeding ticket talk to the -- they look at it now. You know secret CIA. Chief Al that they region it is lord there -- -- -- it always. Well yes number one it is an attempt to get the VA out of the news number two. When bay -- Ed Burton Lee out of the station chief for the agency in Kabul that was absolutely unforgivable and another indication of how absolutely inept. This administration is. And I hope to god there're still some decent people in CIA who are at least guarding freedom's last Bastia. I just don't get it didn't guy that advice. You know I mean he could talk and so there's -- market soldier the commander in the equipment -- what you would call waiting. I just don't get it. Well it was a photo op in the rose garden and it was a chance to get to be a out of the headlines. And the fact that this administration George has been surprised. By the reaction. To this. I'm sorry deserter at least at worst trader. Other other types didn't even know what her name she served with distinction. Oh my god. It's a slap in the face to all the people who did serve with distinction it's a slap in the face to guys like Aaron can affect and everybody else who died in Afghanistan. I think that was the official from -- to -- time there was there was a soldier gone wiped -- 65 college graduate they're looking into the vehicle -- mom. OK got away with deploy a wrap up camp -- remember. He can't take on whatever you love to look at it. She sure how -- -- what -- -- -- opinion mother dies you know I look back get back in LA and really come on Obama. Look at you know Pat Tillman. Also and the -- that -- I talk about the guy often that I talked to in the airport -- Charlotte coming back from Jamaica young black guy he his job was to go and visit all of the forward operating bases in Afghanistan I can I mean here's a guy who puts his life on the line -- he's still in in the service or not but. -- he put his life on the line every day every trip he made risking being shot down risking an IA ED and you cannot put that hero in the same category as you put this -- -- -- -- -- -- -- at the Rose Garden to I didn't keep it Rose Garden but you look -- -- -- -- consider giving. Messages can you speak in -- -- and turn in all it. -- -- -- -- All with Arabic. It's a beautiful language I wish I could worded but I thought that when he starts saying you're in the name of all of the most merciful in the Rose Garden my thought that was perhaps at -- -- It appropriate. -- I -- -- -- -- much of -- I'm glad to -- producer and -- thanks for your your service in. In areas I would not wish to ago thank you. All right George I did not Wear the uniform. Does not mean I didn't pay my taxes it's 349 at news -- -- you know what they use it in the IRS. I'm a stop paying my taxes just got was an oversight -- -- Obama let those prisoners go when he said it was an -- yeah I forgot I'm sorry guys my dad. All right -- at this Morocco still have no extradition. -- us. Is that the big hit Morocco -- Can -- full -- Three Ford united W via. Record Vick is a beautiful language I tried to learn it and I have no flair for whatsoever Indo European languages. As seriously I immediately. Pickup -- like that. But how these people that goal over inward or Vick back quickly or polished on or whatever that is. It amazes me how anybody can speak Mandarin and perfect English is also beyond that is there is nothing alike. Anyway AccuWeather being bilingual is a a person being bilingual is a blessing our country being bilingual speakers -- partly cloudy and cooler tonight 52 the low tomorrow partly cloudy. And six the -- are. -- Baja. And the buyer isn't homestand continues first pitch -- four against the Toledo Mud -- a 705. First pitch of four Joseph was a typo did you actually make an error because I think you have what is it right now -- 67. 74 news -- 930 WB EM I'll learn to write stuff down eventually. I'm a little slow on my processes here's Jeff in the east or Laura. On WB -- Geoff -- calling -- about that the trade and I think the ramifications are settling in Jeff hello. I would say it not trade -- trade war. And -- -- thank you opening night I read about who knows until -- turn your station and our goal. I didn't know that he would betray your iPod with the patriot like myself who might start with the Marine Corps. And and it just. I -- -- -- how angry I am. We did that I'm a patriot -- shape they're in the absolute -- coming back I stand in line for our fallen. I'd like to meet this guy at the airport I'll tell you here's what it would like. Nice nice. On the -- thing and I think of that his testicles. Maybe just a tad bit on the slower side after that encounter. I am -- but you look at our -- all right now it's a little bit -- -- I like to do you golf but you can't. You can tell by the paper that it would trigger no idea to enlighten -- Well you know the Buffalo News has always been so fair and so kind to me I really would hate to see somebody. I would really hate to see somebody cancel the newspaper based on any thing they learned from my show they didn't see in the newspaper. What you asked Bob McCarthy what you should do and but -- should talk to Bob's neighbors about his erratic behavior. Write -- letter Alitalia IE -- tears to my earlier story as well. You know I keep my time you heard nothing yet my friend Uighur. I. I keep it below retirement and I'll extra year and the roar and I just. Try to do my age I happen not draw any attention but actually -- really anger me and I. Talk you more about him speak I -- talk more about this because this this is interesting to me because I don't really read the Buffalo News. I know shocking -- -- such a bunch of good guys to. I do like Don has been and actually do like rod Watson believe it or not. Rod you know I like rod rod has balls that's -- like rod -- -- might seem like the odd couple. But he's me but he's more on the left and he does the race thing a lot but the man has balls I have to give him his props for that. Has been I think is great. Don't always agree. But. -- Governor real mood today. You know because sometimes the answers written for your face on W via.

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