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6-3 Beach and Company Hour 3

Jun 3, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Backward Beijing governor of the state vote Washington and not the entire state of Washington -- -- Seattle within -- there Washington. As raised their minimum wage. 215 dollars an hour. And that equates to about 31000. Dollars an hour -- -- mine before that the yeah and it was also the highest. State level minimum wage of 9320. So you look at the difference. Each person it's covered by this. Is going to increase their salary by about thirteen 1690. Dollars a year. So if you look at them we've rounded off if you look at that that's quite a hit for the employer and has quite a hit from the customer. So and also the unintended consequences. As the domino theory takes place. Maybe the supervisor. Of those 932. And our employees was making fifteen and now of their making fifty. So him in the same as a supervisor do you bump the supervisor up the same amount to keep it fair and equitable. So this could have a domino effect it could have an effect on business. Yeah -- employees are happy together. Nobody wants begrudge anybody. Anything grip of these jobs were not meant to via family supporting jobs they're entry level jobs are part time jobs. They're filling jobs. And I think that that they're gonna be due for a big surprise in a hurry when they see what the cost of this goodwill gesture Israel on -- day. Because -- -- competitive. And look at it like this the last competitor view our analysts. Strength you have as a company fullest strength you have the company might mean go under. So that does that raise in some instances might cause some businesses at all because again complete. Will be very interesting to see this -- So why -- you feel about that a minimum wage raise the fifteen dollars and is now the highest in the country and also teacher's salary around here. In buffalo according to world of the information we have here there are 746. Teachers. In administrators who make more than a 100000 a year and the statewide is a love 43000. Maker. So give us your opinion on salary and responsibility and stuff like a Rick and -- -- -- on WB again. They aren't pretty -- what's gone. Sorry at a time speaker for a farm. I want the dramatic I've been -- for fourteen years now. And he eighteen dollars an hour and it's cool for hundreds and hundreds of our rights he -- He knew it colleagues and seventeen year old kid -- put some murder at a Wendy's. It now an -- And -- the weak pathetic now the other side of the coin. Is. Let me you personal ought to be fifteen dollars an hour now Johnny walked -- -- execute -- organ I don't wanna raise. Exactly so it's going to have a domino and upward domino effect to keep the a bit big differences should remain the same percentages they are now if that's there now. Yeah absolutely inept inept opening. You work. Right the only business in a restaurant all around Bockwoldt. And it pretty durable and employers -- hire more employees but they can afford to hire more employees because of we do on wage going up I mean Carter look deeper than. If I can hire more debt and build the economy. Well there were in the minimum wage like care or are you -- -- -- attic or you or read it and you're not lock on the market. And think about Obama cared so where. I you can have X amount of employees and have an exemption but once you get over that that that number of pol how many hours they can work. It's going to require a magician the figures out. It's currently set to work all I spoke olfactory. And you're taught revoked policemen firemen and paramedics people that do things that. Actually old people hope in Europe it took him from competing. Again approach -- works at all. That's that's the sad part about it now this is a full full Seattle you have to understand that so this is a grand social experiment. But what I think they're gonna find out is. It it won't play I just don't think it'll play Iowa City what affect it has on business and jobs. A not a Colorado and get some track record came -- the good job as the saving lives we appreciate that. It's going to be tough you work your way out. Say parents here you work your way up to get to fifteen dollars an hour. Yeah and then now suddenly that person who is standing next to you. That used to America 183 now was making the same 31 as you are. Is that. Just like that except if it's this is gradual. It over course of a time but there is a lawsuit already call fifteen now. Going on in in the in Seattle that says we want that but we want it now that's the way it is but this is the grand social engineering scheme. That says that all jobs are really the same which is it right. Jobs make the same contribution which isn't right they don't. Some help of the business more than others they're all important. Because you need all of those pieces of the puzzle but they're worth different amounts of money plain and simply. -- the of the more skill you bring. The of the more dedication your -- The better you are as far as being a contributor to the success of the company. Some people work with a great attitude and some people work with a -- attitude it's Sox. And they get paid the -- a lot of money. So that's that's the deal and when it goes up to goes up to fifteen an hour there are people who are just making that now we're not going to be happy like Margaret just. So we know I was gonna happen. And Seattle should know what's gonna happen -- but they get caught up in these grandiose things of all wouldn't it be wonderful if all people were those same well guess what we're not all the same. Some work harder some -- more clever some don't take every sick day they get. Because they know it's was sick days only some people don't steal office supplies. Some people. Actually work when they're supposed to be working. There's a lot of different types of employees. And a lump Ramallah and the one into one area is a mistake. Good employees should be recognized promoted and in pat on the back bad employee should be fired. -- as simple as a as a so it should -- to think that all employees are created equal and not in our lifetime and on and to treat them all equally as wrong. The one of the good ones. Get the things that good ones get the bad ones should be looking for another job. We'll be back tomorrow beach company under Israeli and I'm thirty WB yeah. It's. We can't. Okay. It is reaching company. Tony is upset because he can't them on his iPad Jacob Villa fresh beat band as a benevolent -- the French speaker Antonio excellence and all on the way to work. Because he's got a really cutting edge sense of a music. Yeah anybody with little kids out there can totally relate to what I'm saying you know -- they weren't really our first -- band they're going to be performing at Darian -- August the 27. And thereof. They have they appealed through -- what is zapped 45678. Year olds. Around that it's the pretty neat now. Right now that we we just got a call somebody who's Donaldson to show Chris. Yeah it gave awesome teacher sellers are business for -- that's that that's the breaking point you out there Laurie here's the deal now. This happens all the time we get to you know I've been listening you. Since I was an embryo in my mom's womb because she used to listen to you. And when I came out as a negative sounds a lot better out here and I've been listening to ever -- that I love you on talk. And the boy you've saved my life lament blizzard a couple of years ago thank you for telling me where I could get mother's milk to feed my infant. But you just said something and I'm -- less -- me so. I doubt is amazing happens is that. So she was mad because I quoted some teachers salaries that are public record in the business for this article. Via a single gotta find out why she was -- Which you mad that I said Thomas Murphy from Lancaster specialists that at most at risk for a 11889. She was ticked up that I said Gary -- the Lancaster music teacher with 32 years makes a 118 date or are Curtis and over the top. Maybe she says -- -- -- said it's now easy ZMERY. And that's. Was in my camp announced. Special Ed teacher and larger apartments -- in 75. Is that she was -- and -- Could be now that it -- should get a raise and -- it adds Tom Murphy yet he's he's worth it. Murphy used to be the head of capital cities broadcast. Probably different Arabia. So that's -- energy said. What have they publish your salary you know what. Well here's here's here's the difference the year. We are not public we are private. OK that's it so taxpayers don't there are so -- But the taxpayers pay the salary of the -- were talking about. And that's the way that goes. So now let's go to a couple of more of FaceBook and blog about the Google's. It's got to mop -- I got off guard I caught off guard on that might have been the complaint. Reverend -- gonna tell us which one and so we can announce it again Roger did you call us and I think. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- All this one comes from a Michael says this wage increase in sales -- be bad for business as everybody else going to get a raise or just the most unskilled workers and how was it fair to the people who are already making fifteen an hour. You know I'm glad he worded it like that are all only the most unskilled are getting a raise I mean that really says it doesn't that. Entry level means tree level. If you buy an entry level car it's not gonna have all the dude adds that a Mercedes-Benz. That you -- That's the way it goes and entry level job is not going to pay what the CEO makes it doesn't work that way and I'm glad he worded it like that. You know this could actually wind up hurting teenagers the most. In here's how if you got -- -- break down the scenario that I mentioned earlier where. People would probably give up their jobs that contain a lot of stress maybe some travel time -- get a job fans who closer to home. Andy you're looking at a fast food place has is the to make a decision do I want thirty something year old person it has. Plenty of experience in the workforce order I want this teenager with Chris -- And that's a good point absolutely one -- -- -- ago this one comes from -- -- a small business is really going to be her -- wage increase I own a small business and there's no way we could sell our product if we raise their prices to offset a fifteen dollar an hour minimum wage and that's the problem you're -- be less competitive -- -- less competitive you -- analysts have financially secure you are most financially secure your -- -- secure the job is for the person just that theories. In light of the church. This goes to call him my whole volume on WB. And evolved Erica and you're talking about people going up. It -- benefit for Europe welfare stop. I think. -- more people because they're kind of switched. Machines and stop whatever ordering him like that we're -- have the workers and those people are gonna go on welfare. -- in a business owner if I was an awful like one electoral. Well it is historical and. You bring -- you know the first part what you said you bring up a good question I I saw an article. I know I does feature on TV shows how you can grill like thirty hamburgers at the same time with a machine. So if they suddenly find out of the person. Is too expensive then they just are the one person mode to operate the machine and then the original people or model. Well look at Seattle mr. Leno workers take up so -- what they do that got robot to do welding and put together practically. Well there's one. Has -- place there are experimenting now they wanna make it totally automated. Where you call in your order. You know as you come through and the food is prepared automatically. Even the check out -- automatic if that happens there will be a whole group of people are going to be out of work -- Latency and supermarkets and what the actual service check out. Yeah they do and I hate them because. Not good at it -- somebody's always standing there staring at you like a bulldozer not a -- out. A bar code. Well he got it can even go why are here I'd get them only now. In some cases and ordered food before you get there. Yup as a matter of fact. I think wegmans. In Rochester right now has an experimental thing like that going on so we'll see where that goes thank you good points. Good point from him. If you really think about it. If you make it our business is going to go the very nature of businesses to make a profit. Aren't it's not the breakeven in except under some circumstances of nonprofit. Is not the breakeven and it's certainly not to lose money and go bankrupt. Well if they. Have a desire to make a profit they're going to make it in the most efficient use of their money possible. If and indeed the hamburger making machine that can make thirty hamburgers. All of the same time replaces -- two or three people on the growth that's exactly what they're gonna do. Why wouldn't they do that and as long as they keep as what you're doing with this thing in Seattle. Is pushing them toward that. When they you know before may be at the wages that work in in car involved. It didn't pay for the owner of the idea hamburger place to buy that machine. But now maybe he's he's looking at a over a period -- a year two years and finds out that in that time machine will be totally paid for. And he will not have health benefits with a machine not necessary. And the machine doesn't call insect the -- keep working. And it's more effective to actually use the machines and the people. And then you're out of jobs have a good noses you got to raise the bad news as your fired. Figure out see which one of that which of those plays better when -- on. We'll take a break we'll be back a moral Beijing company under is greater 930 we RW via. You -- hearing the voice of buffalo. DN call us now at 80309. Series cell calls are free and start -- dirty -- hole free ride is 180616. 19036. -- back verbiage and nobody in -- this is really gonna hurt in Seattle -- nine. The non chains and other words. Of the chains there can take the extra money it costs them to do business and spread it out over their entire product line. Say all right let's say you sell fifteen things. And you take -- take the money that it's gonna cost you more now than you had before. And you spread that out over the fifteen product lines. All right well -- and there are gonna go up some. But not as dramatically as somebody who might have a pizza parlor who sells pizza and subs. In May be -- that's it three things. So they're gonna have to divide that extra cost over. A smaller field which is going to be a larger cost. The more he can spread out the better it is whatever about somewhere along the line. Somewhere you're gonna pay for you absolutely gonna paper because they're not gonna eat that they simply can't afford -- -- -- and then I'm going to. When you also think that the gas supplies going to weather this the pizza shop for the burger place at those prices. We'll get impact is they will go up if they have minimum wage -- Only the people who gather the supplies and deliver the supplies and pick the stuff that -- out of the fields and all of that stuff. Let's start right with a fields the people and officials are a bit better salaries gonna go up. The people who -- processing. The things needed for the businesses that are gonna go up. The cost of driving the things it's a market that's gonna go up. It's gonna go up all along the line not just at the point of -- bags and go up all the way and so it's going to be prohibitive. Somebody is posting that big Mac would be 527. As they projected and nobody really you know we get started. But it will be higher and that nobody nobody ever mentions the poor when it doesn't fit their plan or the air. There -- their act but what about the floor. If the -- depend on and on reasonable of food at a reasonable price and and they eat at McDonald's and other places like McDonald's. They affected. Seems like we bring the -- up all the time when if its argument but when it doesn't that argument you don't hear much about the -- say goodbye to the dollar menu yes exactly that's a good point. So that's those kind of things they should give some consideration to. It Altria Montreal -- -- 10616926. And star and I'm thirty let's go to fill in -- failure on WB -- You know it's that they -- cycle -- we the woman in the world now you know appealed to Russia. China both want to increase in middle class. And I mean that you can see US companies -- -- all you know because China will literally kicked them out we don't eat -- -- with general economy. The bad part about it -- that era we're re entry. You know minimum wage job to whatever and sixteen dollars an hour. To try to keep people off welfare to try to come in into the workforce. But what you said before in -- -- how you feel your guy. At a body shop all the -- are you making fifteen dollars an hour at your computer chips are now on who'll. Fifteen dollars an hour well I mean look at that do you will work ethic to kill myself going to learn how to deal well there. And your computer can make as much like what might not myself. That's absolutely a problem and even for somebody -- -- same business who was making fifteen an hour who supervised the kid who was making seven something an hour. Now they're the same. -- -- that's not right. You know I agree with you more importantly you mentioned about you know it's -- we're seeing you know competing with the mom and -- You know. Because a look at it -- there -- no well flexibility to know offshore and he can put their their money they'd been that. Flexibility that you know large -- has to absorb the caught. And the funny thing about it and we -- you know they say they -- -- twelve dollars an hour. Let me see they are missing from the menu. You know the bird he went to. It amber are all right the prize hamburger don't look like lighter by that time -- And all that there -- -- -- -- by nurturing entry. I hear you loud and clear and that's exactly right what they do -- What they don't want the packaging they make the package smaller so you just assume it's the same size it was before. I mean they do that -- copy a lot of coffee containers now aren't -- palm which is what they traditionally war. And so they do that to kind of -- you and the fact that copy didn't go up as much as -- -- -- -- What what -- -- like to say the one Smart thing about China because it has most of its. Industry -- charitable spreading along -- Pacific -- they realize the problem adding a billion people. Not doing anything. So they are doing some other technology. Needle. In order to keep people employed which you mention -- going to be a machine that make -- -- -- I want. I -- big shot in the. -- what do you do the only people. Which has an -- they're doing a little by little by little not -- riots in the street no let up unemployed. But keep in Italy like to see her aunt. You know they don't want to. Well I. Well I think we're gonna see a big transition overseas and here with a kind of subjects were talking about today thank you thank you reminds. Yeah if you were the guy. Or woman who is -- training and supervising the people making the what was his sevens something 725. Is what they -- now in Seattle. So you you got your group of people got fifty -- -- -- euphoria will make seven point five Eumig fifteenth because it's your responsibility to make sure. The the customers are taking care of it and at the food is prepared properly. And the of the lights Iran and the -- -- -- you did you -- all that you're the supervisor. Next thing you know all the people you were supervising make the same on money your -- And you have more duties and more responsibility. And really contribute more to the success of the company what do you do. You go into the -- salaries. What's -- -- gonna say this is a very bad time for -- because we're really stretched financially. So you get ticked off and you and you start looking. For a job that Peja more money than that. So this as the you know the domino effect is usually -- flat surface this is the upward spiral -- domino effect. The of the slinky up uphill the uphill slinky affect. Not good not good at all will be back -- beach and company. Yeah it. Okay. We're talking about the a state of Washington where their minimum wage you're going to fifteen dollars an hour. And also teachers' salaries around here as a outlined by the the business first. Our Chris we had a call from somebody windows somebody we love. What was that yeah Larry Connors has called in used to own a business and he gave us a little bit of insight here he he listed some taxes that businesses have to play out to pay our employees federal unemployment tax near extend unemployment tax. Disability insurance Social Security Medicare tax New York State income tax. He says there might be one or two more of these forgetting -- has been a while foreign. But that is based. The wage percentage are high and the government makes more money and taxes when the minimum wage goes up as a result of that. While shore so the government the government grabs the extra money the employees themselves get the extra money but the employer who has all of these are capital. And and maybe have everything has mortgaged to bay hill. He has 20 hole -- compete later on with a marketplace would inflated prices I mean it's ridiculous it really does and that's the position they put us at. Not say one thing. I wouldn't pay extra McDonald's. But I pay extra at Wendy's I like windy. And you have have you seen Wendy I I saw our commercial yesterday I believe it is very attractive -- -- a red hair and she's got she's got a -- Micah Audrey Hepburn kind of fun. You have to register as -- -- so I would do that -- who showed up. You know is the real windy. Dave thomas' daughter. Is perhaps not Q come -- now not so well. Looks like she ate too many Wendy's a well no idea maybe net to an extra Judy's got -- and by big Wendy the actress is -- Oh -- you Wendy's has now. In the what's the -- that they have the thick -- all the credit for it in a lawful a lot Coke all yeah and great idea first caller for us these have always been good cast and the waffle cone is it's very nice. But became even -- right now this summer is Tim Barton has frozen hot chocolate. It is remarkable. A ball and we don't get any money from Tim -- we don't even Jeffrey Archer. If you if you are feeling down and you wanna feel up. Or if you're feeling bad you wanna feel good. Origin as Barney wanna be on the onboard get yourself one votes have to not good. It would be it would be them the best thing you do today -- ago by one. They not only taste of it good too and they put the top on that -- -- -- like cut out. And the whip cream comes up through there with chocolates shock liberty and will claim and it is the flavor. You know that's one thing is that -- flavor always cells and things we get don't may have -- but they don't have flavor. This has Berkshire just like -- -- Grow on me to -- have him finish Chicago. A five minutes here five minutes there. Our let's go to Redman and see what he has to say Iran Emanuel on WB yen. But the doctor Raman now. A little while. I wonder how. Yet the feeling that Seattle is governed by people. Who never had a course in economics. Yeah -- hurt -- nobody there ever ran her own business intelligence culpable. Well it's it's a false closed society and their ultra full -- in Seattle and there in love with the idea. Of everybody being. Well these geniuses -- more worried about this gap the so called gap between -- and war. Well the other again out of court -- -- never ever been wonderful. I really -- yeah. People have more money right out of a no name and the words about rockets in the words of Mel Brooks it's good to be the king. It is. Or did you know what they do people are less money than -- people. And you know what they don't realize is sorrow there vivid champion of the floor and we don't wanna see the report due to better of -- are doing however this kind of thing. Can have a deal a devastating effect on the poor as the prices of things that they might like to enjoy a gonna go up. Australia they are. Is -- topple the government reportedly. It alarmed hopefully that would sort of problems well what are they did you kinda mentioned this -- aren't sure are. Hold on FaceBook. Although not a machine that you were talking about that makes or whatever but a terminal but they would use in -- who. Businesses or short we are short like this you know. And basically what is the terminal where he ordered food. Are you putting your money. And -- Porsche owed to people -- -- -- what they would need to colors anymore. Now Jim Siegel trouble popping up in every pet food -- in Seattle. Absolutely once that once that decision that cost benefit analysis has been done. If they can do it adds a penny cheaper that way that's a way it'll be done on the others will be out of work. Our salute to all folks that are minimum wage. Like you said that you could veto or probably get order -- Now. But it was a bad that was you got to raise but your fired. I mean that's that they expect that it happened and lead people and I was reading a part of the article which veteran. They're celebrating bench and does that -- those -- laudable but you know. Did anyone ever have a different Cooper bought anywhere that whole story. And that probable that is -- headquarters is Starbucks. That's where they're located so. Very bitter coffee is outlandish reprise now. And their employees are sure gonna face the same thing any other employees are so now they're gonna go into the stratosphere and price. Well it is just the the answer. I -- it and the compared to all poured it right where he would like -- thing. The people that what a benefit won't even be able school or it'll. Which are shelling. I mean he forwarded it ordering water was in -- art that people reported -- bingo and how it all the equipment. You and what happens if you have a small shop -- only a few products. And you have to spread out the extra costs over those two products that -- in the -- break is going to be even more accelerated on the Kosovo's. And editor gonna wind up -- it does it help therapy onto the general. Because that's all you can do. So I can do it anybody that doesn't do that goes out of business. Exactly and that's the bottom line at all. -- you know you are saying about nobody goes in the business break even you know there's there's little point that they can not get world. Property to them is people that bought that yet they cannot trying to understand. Anybody else probably people. And it's like -- Cheap people in the business. To avoid it by either trying to support her -- family that's what a day after go ahead and and -- better than what they're. And profit company. -- makes up for innovation and expansion and about more benefits -- -- a lot of good things happen when profit happens and when it doesn't have been nothing much of good major happens. We have what we have the players. Or what it was like quarter are minus one point one approach and it. Decrease in the GNP. Yeah well that were central product there actually went down electrical objected recession. We'll keep our eye on Seattle Stuart Evans thanks for calling. Who are going to -- Yes. You're trying to get the raw material at the right price and try to present the product of the right prize when everything goes up on talent you. Luckily we got a good deal on this Tom Parker newscast we -- -- better. There were several stations interest did especially -- his background in children's show. But he we managed to be the top bitter I'm sure to a fabulous job and if you don't like if you can't get your money back. Sorry we'll see you tomorrow nine on -- -- I've certainly Arabia. Local homeless they never have to these beasts.

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