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6-3 Beach and Company Hour 2

Jun 3, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And -- -- back with that basic governance and the VH one of -- things President Obama has talked about a lot is income disparity. Another -- the difference between those somebody earning this and somebody earning that. They never take into account the amount of responsibility. What they ads in the bottom line. Lots of things about what they bring to the corporate work table. But they just they year they think like Pollyanna at times because that's what they do and that's what they -- -- up in a perfect world to them everybody. We're in the same a lot of money. That's communism and last I checked and so it doesn't work that way where are free society. And -- -- a lot of people have been pushing for a higher minimum wage. Minimum wage was never designed to raise a family on -- of the -- -- be -- A minimum wage is designed as a starter Joba or Phil and Joba and emergency job but not. A a career usually. And so a video they think well we're getting a minimum wage now but it should be higher so here's what happened. Martina felt. Spa services -- USA today John Bacon and Michael winter. Martina Phelps says the Seattle city council's historic vote Monday to raise the minimum wage to fifteen dollars an hour could change her life. She earns 947. An hour now have McDonald's she wants to move out of her mother's house and go back to school it's hard right now. I've been trying to save up for school but I just couldn't do -- this will mean a lot the council approved the measure unanimously. The plan includes a lower training wage for teens. Will phase in the new wage over three to seven years depending on the size of the business and benefits it provides the -- employees. City council's estimated a fourth of workers are below fifteen an hour. Full time -- at that rate is about 31000. As we sat. The trade group report our presenting corporate franchises said it would sued to overturn the plan. As saying it was Seattle owners at a disadvantage to other small businesses. Washington already has the highest state minimum wage of 930 to an hour and well above the federal of 725. So here Washington's all already about two dollars more than the -- and that's not enough from now they're gonna go to LeapFrog. The Seattle chamber of commerce balked at the and -- initial plan. A group called fifteen now. Is collecting signatures for a ballot measure that would hasten the timeline. For all the workers to reach fifty so -- sank fifteen yeah that's great but we need it now we need -- faster and sooner. And so that they are putting a ballot initiative. OK if you look at the plus and minuses Obama. Of this. Yeah some people are gonna make more money. And the government's gonna make more money simply because more taxes going to be taken out of the more money that they make. But the bottom line is that it's it's going to them it's gonna -- prices. And if you think that the owners. Of establishments that have to raise the price up to fifteen dollars an hour for their workers. And are gonna pass that money on that that extra burden to you. Then the united. Of course there they of course there so things are gonna cost more and it's amazing nobody ever brings this up. Nobody ever brings up -- fifteen dollars an hour could hurt the -- Well say what's about -- you a lot of these people are -- that's why they're not making -- if it's going to lift them out of poverty. I want to think about says the woman was quoted in this article right there work for McDonald's. How many poor people do you think eat at McDonald's probably a lot there's a lot of none poor people -- -- too but what I'm saying is. There's a lot of poor people you mcdonalds. And there were out there are okay with what they have now what happens suddenly when the prices go up at McDonald's. What's gonna happen to them any any any situation where you could think of that. They -- price themselves right out of the ability to even at McDonald's. Amid this possible we don't know how this thing's gonna shake out all I know is it's over it's a remarkable jump and it's phased in over time. And that's that's one thing to think about. So of these state. Washington minimum wage only fifteen dollars an hour 31000 a year how do you feel about that good and bad day give me your. Perspective on that set on is zone we've got some on numbers here. About the cost of -- schoolteachers. -- what schoolteachers are making now I ever look over anybody's shoulder as to what they're making far as I'm concerned. And you negotiate the best deal you can with the skill -- you bring to have a job the the of the mindset you ranks of a job you good employee can they count on you can you contribute to the success of whatever job you're doing. And however you're doing it. If you can whatever you can get that they'll pay you more power to. As I said some jobs are all jobs are important some jobs pay more than others aren't telling you talking about teachers. Teachers have an immense impact on our society teachers are an extremely valuable part of our society because education. Is is of the utmost importance so the better the teachers. The of the better the outcome the better educated the kids are the better the whole country. Aren't but most teachers are tied into unions. And so you get you get the good with the in average -- -- -- -- it as just the way it is. Because that's it that's the heart of unionism. But when we look at what teachers and. It first of all is something nobody ever brings out. The dumbest thing -- room war has ever -- Was that when teachers. I get get and I'm chastised but they get criticized. For making too much money. Or you know that's sort of mindset when it gets into you make more than you really should -- remorse says. We have to remind them. That we only get paid during the school year. Now IE if it hasn't sunken -- yeah what I'm going to say it well. -- dumbest things ever said you know line because the school year is only ten months long. Ten months long so if you -- -- get paid in the school year if you really wanna figure out how most of us figure out our salaries its yearly. So if it's a ten month school -- and within ten months are all the holidays. They changed the names of all of them now -- do you know spring and summer whatever. But he used to be you know be Easter vacation in the Christmas vacation and this and that and the other thing. OK so let's say you make a 100000. Dollars as a teacher. But Phil tells -- -- -- you'll only collect your money during votes during the school year. Well you -- pro rated then don't you. If you make a 100000 dollars for ten months that's 101000 dollars a month. UN and two more months like most of us work. That's 121000. That saga another 2000. Of 20000 elements that. So now you don't make a 100000. A 120000. He got that you you figured out on out so if your pro rate what do teacher makes you take a sixth -- it. And add that on to the final number the reason I get a 100000 it's easy to do a 100000 as 101000 dollars a month -- work next two extra months like the rest -- was you be making a 120. So it's a deceptive number and most people don't even think about it like that they just think about what you get all that time off. But if it's pro rated out venue make a six more of them what your salary says human. That's a 120 that a hundred. That's and that's significant and so now we're finding out. There are -- cities. Many teachers in Western New York who make who make a 100000 dollars plus how we come back we're gonna go over this. And see if for any of us have a problem -- -- and where we are. -- win this but many many people aren't that because. They've been in the are teaching position they've been in the system for some time and they've recruited over a period of time. Will take a break we'll be back with more -- company under is -- and I'm thirty W media. In the. Okay. So Seattle has passed a minimum wage -- law. That requires fifteen dollars an hour which is about 31000 a year. It's phased in over several years. There is a group is suing trying to get a phased in earlier our question about that is. Does that is -- gonna cost them raise the cost above the merchandise. A will that affect the poor -- poor always brought into it except in situations like this. Especially if they have their McDonald's employees. And suddenly everything goes up. It's not going to be beneficial to the -- or even though some people be making more money. Soul Europe quite your thoughts about a minimum wage to that -- the highest. In the country. The other is a business first data on teachers and administrators. Of pay I consider teaching very very important obviously the key. To our success is a good education so I don't begrudge people just -- gonna give you the numbers and see what you think. Right now there are here in the Western New York there -- 746. People who make over a 100000 dollars a year. And I set by giving these numbers add another six to them. Because if you -- accomplish two months off they get during the summer they would get the normal amount of vacation during the school year. That the rest of us yet. There's the Easter vacation on the Christmas vacation in the spring vacation and they got. Lots of vacations so that would equal what the rest of us yet the two months -- in the summer. Is the is the cream on the idea on the K okay so if you had a sixth which is what to. It would be a 620. What they make it. Then indeed. You'll find out it's even more a person making a 100000 dollars pro rated -- would make a 120 house so just so visual Null. How that goes. The list includes. Policy buffaloes a Pamela brown. 207793. Dollars making -- the second. Administrator or teacher salary yeah performer in Western New York the only person I have ever Lewiston Porter is a Dan -- polled. An administrator retired last year and I know he spent sixty years in the district. But of the 2013. Salary was 274000. 881. The list includes some teachers making over a 100000. A special Ed teacher in America -- I don't want them. A technology teacher in spring roller GI balls made over a hundred in 191000. A Lancaster music teacher with thirty years in the district a 1181000. All three clips on the superintendent salaries on the list. A sweet home is ranked as the local district that pays the most to sweet home on school district. Here's the or pay rankings for the 98 districts in Western New York number one sweet home number tool lack of one. Number three -- marks on Wanda number of foreign Niagara Falls that -- Tony your number of foreign pay. And never five Williams fell. Now here's some of the things that you'll find this thing. I mean if if we -- match these up against the rankings of how the schools do academically. They don't always match up systemically way. What they pay out. Williams bill Francis is five here I'm sure they they have a sterling record. Sweet home probably the same even though there are a number one. Lack wanna I'm not sure of and I'm not -- -- more tunnel on the cell but that's it we have a lot of teachers. Here is a 746. The make over a 100000. In New York State. Is 43000. People that make that. So you can say there's money out there in education. And there's money out there roads to be made and also the minimum wage a story up in Seattle Washington. So -- like to hear from you the basic questions are give me your thoughts on that. As I said I almost never look over somebody's shoulder at their paycheck. Because you all contribute to the success hopefully. Of whoever you worked for whether it's a district whether it's of a factory whether it's an office doesn't matter you are all part of the equation. We need all of the parts it's like a puzzle with a piece missing. You gotta have everybody but some parts are worth more than others but remember keep that in mind it's not personal. That the more money you -- the more money you make is directly commensurate with how many people can do that job. The fewer people -- can do what you're doing the more money you're going to make the more people we can do it. The less money enemy that's basic. True. Let's go to Jim Rambo -- and our television -- on WB AM. I can't believe you're talking about that I just got back from and -- yesterday morning we were all my -- BP overall market. What they get paid for their cattle they're all out. Their crops. Number on the way and and now. Partners are on -- spat at all right here that they all they were talking about what they spend it right Walgreen. Wal-Mart sure you quote we went to the cemetery Saturday afternoon. But Wright and Wayne new cars -- pickup truck he'd spent more money than we do. And it. -- -- Well -- got accepted good Tennessee is an all falling don't always Tennessee has that a good business climate and their the heart of the music Erica. Industry and then there's money to be made sure -- Robert or don't. And brought me. -- money makes the world around especially when you when you invest some locally but keep in mind now a lot of the purchases are made on line. From companies that aren't local and businesses that aren't local and there's more more of that so he would not all of his plowed back into the local ground. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- There are if you saw my modest indeed the up there Wal-Mart shoppers they're Walgreens shoppers. And there's nothing wrong bat and there and the people who work at Walgreen and and Wal-Mart so deserve a fair. A fair amount of oil money for a salary but the more people they can do that job the less money they're gonna make and that that's just the nature of the beast. Yeah well I'll say whatever you're getting paid. Like I get to Pat's book worm might spend at a beach. Yeah one point one could only guess and it probably has names that don't really show up on the marquee when your charge card comes in. -- but -- it a whole idea. You are ram exam I did you -- it through the -- maybe religious -- yes. Okay yeah yeah all of the word polls in civilian here thank you very much I'm sure it was. It was a test the was takings that he would vote. -- oftentimes. The money goes locally and that's great because it turns around but oftentimes it goes out of state sometimes out of the country. Depending on what -- buying and now we have our shopping. Donna on an international basis on the Internet some of that money goes away and doesn't come back. 830930106169. Through music started thirty. Are the -- numbers that we're talking about. Fair and equitable. And what about the state of Washington minimum wage fifteen bucks as a 31000 dollars a year for the very minimal of jobs will be back. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. That call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free -- star 930 -- toll free line is 1806169236. However and religion -- -- Seattle Washington. You know very very liberal Walter little -- Home of the flu -- And certainly Starbucks as well. I decided how does not really fair that somebody makes this mountain out of we will make this imam Omar. I think everybody should make this amount that's income redistribution let's go for let's approve a fifteen dollar minimum wage. And I don't know of -- studied and found out what kind of effect it will have on the economy in the business and whatever. Surely some people will get a raise they'll make more money okay. Fifteen dollars -- -- car equates to about 31000. On the -- but but 31000 a year. And some jobs are worth 31000 here some aren't but everybody's gonna get 31000 the year to start a matter why aren't. And because they think this is the right thing to do they think they're going to be you know leadership position. In the country. Every CNN money report Seattle's city council on Monday. Unanimously approved an increase in the city's minimum wage to fifteen an hour making -- the highest by far. The increase was formally proposed by the Seattle mayor Ed Murray and his spokesman -- assign the ordinance on Tuesday. Which would be today. Washington. Already had the highest. State level minimum wage at 930 to -- also applies -- the cities though the city is gonna go from 932 to fifteen. As that of the average out. That's that's. A current federal minimum wage to seven point 85 and Democrats in congress have been pushing for gradually increased the Tintin. Wins New York but so far to little effect the increase to fifteen dollars and Seattle take place over several years based on a scale. That considers the size. In the benefits offered by an employer. It will apply first of many large businesses and money seventeen and then to fall by 20/20 one. The Edwards admitted currency group fifth gain for Seattle as the minutes the wage I will. A benefit more than a 100000. People. Something a lot of not go far enough. Those critics say the plan takes too long and there's going to to get it done earlier other objections come from home franchisees. Who under the law. Our -- Are classified as large businesses and must raise their minimum wages before the small businesses. The international franchise association announced it would file a lawsuit against the city so there you have it. In an attempt to try and with a stroke of the pen and make everybody. Equal all. Fifteen dollars is going to impact the the costs of things. I don't think the businesses are going to eat them it the difference they're going to have to pass -- along -- across the business means less competition. Because you have to pay more out for help. Now is that fair is it not have the decide it's up to them to decide I'm just saying the impact on the business. Might might surprise them. And nobody ever brings up the floor except when it's to their advantage to bring up the -- but in this case bring up the -- says how many people. -- at places that have minimum wages -- that much lower now what happens for the cost of a phone bit they -- eat when it goes the fifteen. It would -- some people out we don't know we'll find out over the course of time but no consideration no mention of war because it didn't fill the bill. The other is the business for his teacher's pay index. Here in Western New York. 746. Teachers and administrators make over a 100000 dollars a year in the state 43000. 43000. Salaries are roughly in the six figure. A buffalo zone going schools superintendent ago brown a made 20796. 793 so. Say 208000. Dollars she's the second highest rated. The highest grade was a loop ports Don poll administrator retired last year. Did put in sixty years but he retired his salary of 274881. If you're looking floor of the highs school district. There will be sweet home followed by a lack of one can courts and won them now falls and Williams bill. So that's that's that. William -- -- in -- Special Ed teacher 1191530. David hawks bring LG art technology teacher. 119 for 42. So there's money out there and know he's been grudging you're just trying to see what's fair and what's right. But -- I have a feeling. That the jobs but could be filled by people doing an admirable job for less than that. But if they've earned it if they've gone up the steps -- -- the steps that are there today they put in their time. If they're -- employees they're gonna employees I'm just getting your question about whether this is a fair compensation or not but keep -- -- money. Has nothing to do with one of the quality of the education you gotta remember that. All right -- sweet Obama's number one honestly home as a good reputation as line Flacco is number true. Now I don't know if you say like one has a great reputation for education. Well would you say -- -- I would say probably not I'm thinking not. I haven't seen any and the bits of information that would become of the contrary that when you think Chris Clark along yeah guys we don't and surprising -- and number one -- a lot of data to in our account on. Number three I mean there very active district. Niagara Falls number four now we know that Niagara Falls has problems we know that. And there are a number of four and today so the page doesn't necessarily equate to a better. Results. Now obviously the raw material as a little different. Another words are the kids prepared when they come into the classroom. As they've been fed are they weren't proper clothes and they show proper respect for the teacher. Do the show up at school and all there's a lot of things that have to go into that equation that are beyond the teachers. Responsibilities. So we have that we have the fit that in. Williams bill number five and I would think that most people would say that wins -- one of the elite school districts. SE sweet home is 38 they're between Sherman and tunnel wand. And refined -- -- as I continue to scroll down. Arco -- we're going to be loans loans rule and that under YE a man. -- computers scroll wheel and certainly there's a lot of one and 9696. So lack go online is nine these six. In performance and second last second to last and second and pay. When does not work now. OK so I want to as a second highest for pay. But 96 than performance second worst only the buffalo Niagara Falls is at 93. Missiles from 2013. Okay. So you've got. Two of them right there. -- -- -- -- is number 20 Niagara Falls is number four and pay and then near the bottom there's so far at the bottom he can't see that's up from there. So it shows you right there. That money alone. There are more things than money but money alone won't do. So every time they wanna throw money at some educational concern. -- not necessarily the answer. Will be backwards more or region company under is ready and I'm thirty we are WB yet. It's. And then it. I did is Beijing company were talking about money money money money money you have the government. Minimum wage in Seattle being you know voted out on Monday. Fifteen dollars and it will be phased in over a period of time but there is a group -- fifteen now. That is suing to try and get phased in faster. And there were asking abouts in your thoughts on that. The initial thoughts are well -- medical a little bit more money but the that means that there at the very basic. Person you have doing the very basic job that the most minimalist model skills don't make 31000 dollars a year and about like that. And indeed how affect the business climate. Businesses not eat those those increase prices they pass them along. Now we don't know how this will filter out into a different areas but it's going to have some impact nobody talks about the -- unless you can use and secured management. A lot of vote for people probably. Get there are goods services and food from people who are going to be paid fifteen dollars an hour now. I don't know effect that and the teachers' salaries around western new York and in New York a many of them over a 100000. Idea of any thoughts on that. I keep in mind as I said I don't look over anyway shoulder I'm just saying the more people again to what you do. The less money you make no fewer people wouldn't do what you do the more money you make and that's a rule of economics. And I'm just saying are these fair. Salaries. Thomas Murphy Lancaster specialist -- on risk students are at risk students. A 118 day -- this agreement Gary Lee Lancaster music teacher. 32 years in the district a 1188. Sally who's last name I can't pronounce -- ZAMERY. And as KI ME Johns -- home phone. A whatever. Pronunciation is applicable there she's a special Ed teacher on seventeen. Now say that's I don't know a -- a teacher teaches that risks students. And this year ever gets specific with -- and what -- -- of tells me some of the things that they have to deal with an everyday basis. Sounds like those those teachers earn their money no question about that as far as the rest at home who knows I guess. A what you're worth -- what somebody you pay you. That's that's the bottom line. So a lot of you working out there now in today's workplace for less than what you would consider fair and others would consider fair. And that's the way it goes because of the number of jobs that are out there. But if you have marketable skills and your -- in competition. With others want the same job you do if you -- better prepared from a job or more marketable skills -- better work record. I a better work ethic. You'll get the job. -- assembly but it is a doggy dog world out there right now many are working. Beneath their education. Beneath what they used to have make and that's that and so have their decisions being made in the in the workforce. -- Why don't we are Kimberly take a EO of trees were eleventh so let us get to a FaceBook and a we have a lot of people who or interest and giving us their view of what it got there great. This one comes from -- he says and a minimum wage increase is possibly too much too soon but overall I think is a good move low wage workers -- government assistance and a fifteen dollar wage will get most of them off social services. Interest thing to see. I hope that's the case I hope that -- -- now -- have 31000. Dollars instead of your previous. That you're no longer eligible for certain programs. In let's hope the government sees that to the government never looks -- clearly at where they can save some money here by being more efficient or in this case. Somebody. Who doesn't fit the criteria anymore. The government does not wanna give up programs simply because. They build infrastructure programs -- jobs -- programs careers around programs. So even if the program is not necessary -- say buggy whip manufacturers. We have a special program for them because they went out of business because nobody uses by argue that they never drop and it's. But one would halted that would as they would see OK you're now you're above the level you're eligible for before. And so those benefits dropped to and that should be good for the community. In theory. But. With CEO and actually works in practice and other. A.'s Chris this is from a different Brian he says the wage increase is a slap in the face to anybody who's worked hard to get to fifteen bucks an hour on their own. Those evil or earn their money won't see any pain increased animal Killen senate. Well I don't disagree with him at one thing he didn't he didn't have been there which would have fit -- is a posting exactly. Now okay you go to fifteen an hour and you're getting a huge raise one of -- supervisor above you now. Says how come they're making the same are almost the same as I when I have more responsibility. So what you have to do you are not obliged by law to increase their salary. But if you were supervising those who were earnings lower salaries that you are making fifteen an hour. Now there making the same as you know what you have more responsibilities well what. You'll see is people leaving their jobs. You know to go work for less stressful environments. Like a fast food place rather than you know traveling to wet now because you'd probably find a fast food jobs would run the quarter from you so you eliminate travel expenses. Any give away from the high stress. Why not. And I think it'll teach people vet yeah I thought I was moving up the latter I thought you know are done now manager of this locations today. And I was supervising those who made what they were making and now they're going to be making the same design them. So why if I have the more responsibility and I'm their boss or their supervisor. I'm I'm not making more money so that the owners of that franchise. Or that business have to make a decision. What made no they lose a valuable employee who was put in their time and it showed an ability to move of the latter. What are they go. Are or they give that person raised so. And so now not only the minimum wages go up put the wages of others go up to -- I have to and how does that affect the business how does that affect the cost of everything. Because keep in mind that's just of people preparing and serving the food. It it goes for the entire city so if there are buying say meat and rolls and and and condiments and things like that. Of the people are buying from their costs are going up tempo. If they have they have minimum wage people so it's -- -- high tide lifts all the boats including the ones you can expect so whether this will be good for the Seattle or not we'll find out. But I like your opinion of it. They -- 3093018061692. -- exits -- I thirty.

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