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6-3 Beach and Company Hour 1

Jun 3, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hello hello is region governor and I'm savvy region I want to do a nice thing. I wanted to visit the final resting place will be raccoon that I found on my Cummins diesel engine in my motor home okay. So I went last night after dinner and pay -- pilgrimage. To say goodbye to my friend rocky raccoon. Unfortunately. He had left the building. Feel his body was not -- bottom I don't know what happens on either -- other animals came and they don't. I'm not really sure how if they dine on raccoon or knock heads up. What are some of Whitbread who know what goes go to -- necklace that was Brando lazy. Find out what record goes on with raccoon. And after dinner drink. -- but I went there and ozone asylum is gone. So either animals -- him. Or they took them somewhere to eat them but it's it's nature that's the way it goes I've placed him gently in a wooded area but that the wooded area was still there but he wasn't. And so that was the end of that but while meanwhile something happening at my house I'm telling -- I'm telling guy on a roll. I decided that you know what I have like a bridge that goes from one bedroom to another overseas. A via the living area OK it's like three stories high it's it's nice. Decided I I needed to get the the carpet changed there. I'll went picked out an -- carpet that OK go will cause you want it's and I call one it's and he had it and he always particularly delivered tomorrow and solid issue can. And they they were at my house yesterday. There have. My house yesterday and was surprised me is they sent six technicians. -- -- around six of them so they sent these six technicians so labor rog and as I'm watching as I'm watching a is -- unfold here I didn't literally -- because I was here I was working. But I had a representative. There who let a man who let him in the house and and they did a fabulous installation jobs. Did have one minor criticism. They laid the wrong -- -- up folks they delayed the wrong rug it was not the rug that was chosen. Now something happen either the salesman ordered the wrong -- And the a factory sent the right -- or are the salesman's ordered the right Rogge and the factories and the wrong rog all our. -- -- -- the salesman sent the right right order the factories and the right -- order but they put it on the wrong truck. So somebody else is going wild wild wild wild today tell you because there -- -- will be incorrect and as I'm about a 'cause. -- in my personal. Representative. Called me and said. You might wanna Stoppard drank on the flight home knowing I don't even drink. Now as she said it is it's the wrong -- and it's ugly. Now if the wrong -- and it was close to being I would have cut him some slack -- OK it's close -- I understand mistakes happen but it was black. Possibly. Like the kind of -- you would put an idea. I don't know in a downstairs basement where where you kept wild animals something is as. Well there was a rug had you know what rice checks a -- checks looked like those little square things. That was the pattern and it looked disgusting it was an awful -- well it's it's a much -- now and it'll be tore up. So they got that -- old damn thing up and put another one and and meanwhile they're gonna probably have to eat that -- I don't know oils again -- that but. I would've taken it had a bit anywhere near what we want to but no ever avenue wrong thing delivered. No but we we had dollar rug put in and done look really nice send their check it all out now and I found a lump. And I beyond a column opposite you know as a long -- all that's not to just get a hammer and knock. Camera yacht yes OK what are Samsung that we do business with you people and that's something big yeah maybe so why -- Yeah a lot of thing that I'm gonna hammering a lump in your bag I'd be so intelligent that take a hammer to your -- and and and not bother him right. Well episodes ago. I tried I hammered out but no you couldn't ever hear a lot no apology well your old. And I'm thinking that the young -- yes. It -- hammering. -- your iris and not as occupation. But it overwhelming I'm a -- hammer. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'd never had that happen never you know usually if they're delivering -- appliances them. It's ten ways to Sunday they ask you when they checked before they unpack. And then it's you know it's right I've. All the things I've ever ordered in my life I've never had the wrong thing delivered to the house that's incredible to Dallas by the went the day after my raccoon story now I've got carpeting that. And that no one's going to be on the house. -- -- governing -- chance because it is blot ugly I will tell you that I would like to know who ordered that carpet because I wanna see their house it's gonna look like on an amazing place. Meanwhile some is looking at the carpet that I ordered going -- honored to just keep accurate much or other saying this is ugly because they have -- -- Everything and it's an individual thing. You have to have a pretty good eye for what's good in your home. And thus far. Most of the things. I did not order directly. Can be fine that's great but this one -- not great by a lot. I guess the early Texan the National Football -- year. According to USA today's if you guys agree that. Winner of the AFC -- is it will be the patriots with a eleven and. Five I can see that. In the patriots seem to be unstoppable with summary. -- -- follow up bug dolphins bills are picking up three and thirteen all I totally disagree with yeah yeah I think they got a shot that 500 -- actually technical partner and I think we have an outside shot of winning record affairs in Arthur ravens tenants six. You ask. I can kinda see that -- I think the Bengals could also -- yeah I was gonna say Al gold Bengals winning at the Bengals Steelers and browns 9797610. AFC south colts at thirteen to three followed by the Texans titans and jags yeah like the colts yeah I mean -- and FC west. Assuming Peyton doesn't -- I love -- but I was so disappointed. Dan -- twellman four followed by chargers chiefs and raiders. Yet -- that. It looks about right I can't see anybody snap in Manning was great last year aside for that last game and he's gonna have no agenda mission after -- Duffy has got a better player. And he's gotten stronger in the offseason I saw an interview with John always -- you spent a lot of time in the weight room in his arm strength should be up. From last year maybe if pop a job over his head and it's important in front of a car. I say he's my friend Don Landry will be -- about this Eagles. Third eleven and five followed by Redskins giants in topic at the cowboys have three in -- team. I can see that I think that's going to be horrible division this year -- acting the Eagles almost won by default they -- good last year I think they're probably when their art programs and obscene art that was there from the Packers. Twelve and four Packers them followed by bears lions invites like that. -- out that the records as well NFC south the saints at eleven and five followed by falcons Panthers and box. I can see the falcons winning the division meets you but I think they'll -- -- -- that -- as a locker room last year and the final line on the FC west the Seahawks while on four followed by the niners cardinals and rams. Policy the niners when the division this time at the niners would -- -- says that really don't like that's the Nazis and they're too good. Okay. Time somebody is is superlative. Are you hate them. You hate them that's why you know I don't. But look how he noticed that they can they can't bring themselves to touch him at all so whereas. It's a curse but I'm -- -- I'm going to appointment. -- Take a break or -- bar with beach company under his regiment. It WB yeah well I'm glad after sixteen years Tony Caligiuri. -- finally finally trusted me during the break he asks. He was singing a song and he said. We'll have that out and I am immediately what my -- here like -- in my brain capable of thinking of everything in the answer. Now usually what he does is give the answer he waits -- I look away and that I see him move. To see hopefully. Just praying I'm wrong but he didn't at this time. So I I tend to believe that you believe target audience now is he related to Joseph general staff for all dead -- ball. I you know I'd know just -- no I don't think so. -- know it's -- effort was well before him but. I'm no I think ago but it was a -- comedian to -- that bureau lot on The Smothers Brothers and in Korea on him. He's Ebert and that was -- song picks on. What else is going on here all I know you guys will be happy when I read this. A Toronto based hamburger chain is preparing to expand in the -- what village. So if you ever heard of it hero certified burgers. I saw a picture of the sign yesterday but it -- read about it. So I really don't I don't know on all the view -- Chris of hero certified -- are not from Miller to me either but I'm assuming they're going to be good most burger joints. A smaller ones are fast food I -- -- fine are usually very -- here's a dealer going to be at 97 the cowboy that used to be. Is -- location. Is that he's still here near us but they closed that location so we'll see what has but that we've had and -- of up. Pop by and good stuff people move it and -- affect our pop -- there and the construction on my house. -- I cannot wait for that that I love especially good burger I would get five guys burgers as well I've never tried everybody tells me. Five guys -- intense guys is good I've been once on their maple avenue. It's good and it's old fashioned you know it's that it brings you back in time it's good times you know it can't beat the burger and Randall duke that they don't murder joke joke joke of murder are they expanding the awful and I wish they were I'm telling you I would finances if you would by a buffalo will finish absolutely. Because it would blow everybody. How to go with you maybe this fall gore Randolph catch Randolph called game that two good because nice town I always like the town as well is as the voice. OK I'd ever get boy nervous is very nice. A pair -- -- -- a lot of international guitar concerto competition. The semi finals going on this Thursday at the WNEV studios minimum value was twelve bucks general confidence rules apply. The other information. Is that any DTV in the BP -- pleased to present these -- fourteen. JoAnne -- international guitar concerto. And competition semi finals June 4 and fifth. At the WNEV studios visit beat the old dot org forward tickets. And that certain area but grouping we love we love -- -- we rarely truly do. Are okay what else is going on the sides against the wrong carbon installed in my home he would see that's why you're really have to. You have to eyeball things to come in the door and make sure the right thing. But. There is have been sightings of bears. There have been sightings that are errors Alex -- -- trinity. And a Somalia schools and stuff for taking precautions they're black bears apparently young male black bears. And I'm thinking some dumb radio station. Is what we're gonna duo to address a guy and a bear suit. And I have a water or crowded. Everybody at all -- it'll be jobs may be chaotic. Because we have one. This oh. I'm sorry -- radio promotions. And radio promotions I've done a gazillion promotion with this one. Jack -- them. Is going through band Bon Jovi songs. Because Bon Jovi might be one of the bidders for the Buffalo Bills pick somebody else is doing that's so now it is -- is just down it's how. Bands because this terrible yeah I that that's the reason the bad habit I mean it's it's done its in its high school it's nice and high schools junior high school. I imagine numbering. I have some brain trust came to the conclusion. Was that. -- -- to get publicity in ought to be it will shortly can't it can't overstate our team away Bon Jovi. Now. To. God we're not a music station guys if we were we bandit I would control myself. I would tell you. It will be the end of the line but I'd be happy camper -- it exactly. -- we talked about today and thank god for that and by the way. If you wanna hear something that you didn't have time to hear when it was. I have on the radio. We do on demand that an Israeli and I'm thirty Susan and John all of their newsmaker interviews are on demand. Tom Barley he's show is on demand my show is on demand. So that even if you look you know you say you're working in or distracted out of the country are you know. In a coma whatever you. And you would like to hear it it is go to WBA and are common and click on land mass that's highly recommend -- and listen to the -- we did last week my world was probably the we -- ours -- last week it was excellent. He loved that we loved it and look at those kind of -- elected do. -- just straights that dozens stuff like that kinda. -- insight -- to his whole career and his -- basically -- -- it's fascinating you know was the only thing wrong -- that there was one -- wrong with it. He had DNC's fancy she's at home. On the table ready to bring yen. And forgotten. It's you know what and I tonight and we let us down -- let -- down but you know let us army and the immigrants that. All right suspects will be back for more beach company and his -- thirty WB. Take WBA and wherever. Wherever you go with a WBM iPhone app. Powered by the final out left. The best in -- railings index. I've been a joy to our talk about things -- cars. Tony's car fanatics on my -- car fanatic through. And he was washing a car auction right he had become was on last items income car auction that's -- baby brother who's Barrett Jackson. And oftentimes they'll have these customized cars. Across the block and a people you know may come their own -- and -- -- -- -- -- another one they seldom. As they have little touches to them that are that are interest thing you're telling me about a shift. Yeah one and I saw him the mountains of what's become what was on on line and shot on. As as -- that's interesting because oftentimes as Chester is it depends on the cars and a but as shift Thursday trying to personalize the moment. Their -- things out there. Because the regular shift knobs on most cars are boring you know there really are. So I was thinking I got a good one you know if you think about American car and muscle you'd probably think right now of two vehicles to vehicles. Corvette and certainly. And show. And now this wouldn't fit this work on the Corvette but it would work on the Shelby. -- the Shelby is as American as it gets Carroll Shelby are you kidding me that'll gobs of power made by forward. It's every it's every young boy's dream is ever Shelby. But what is the selling point in the Shelby it's raw power okay. Now right now Shelby's have a round white ball on the shift okay later on bowl cue ball is something like that. That's OK. But what I would do if I had Shelby is an ideal person I go to somebody that could do this -- have them fabricate. A set of testicles. And make that the shift. You know I mean you get a set of testicles and -- is the opening months -- screw LaMont and a shift their. And then now of that stuff Mannelly mobile and on talk about and nobody would no woman would ever want to borrow your car probably 9 o'clock. Your bank is pretty anxious to I wouldn't want to shifted -- Here are beginning gauge what is the record it's it's gonna -- -- -- -- Jonas of the car and I know he's doing a lot of shifting over to I think it. In the -- not even. That's definitely -- city to see them on the back of in the trailer hitch. A big -- -- now is it goes I don't I don't care about that doesn't work for me but I am thinking beat testicles shift would would be a big deal -- it probably never anybody afford is listening them you can have the idea just give me yet feel free usually get me one I have a collection. Of license plate frames -- names of cars ahead. And also moments ago the jaguar sleeper and cool and the ram had -- all kinds of stuff like that because it's kind of -- to -- But that that would that be nice addition to my idea. To measure my automobile collection. It would I think that to shift -- is that I like the most is the pistol grip they came out with a more pars and the I like -- Yeah that's pretty famous there so that's it kind of shows us. I asked as lieutenant Greg we have today you know if they had any ideas that they said no we're both shift its thinking -- -- -- automatically -- But the automatic transmissions now are just as efficient as the stick. In fact most of its time you can go faster -- an automatic -- today's automatic transmission and more consistent market system faster but there is some thing. About the the gas is down in your letting that clutch note. And you can feel that power you can feel more directly with a stick and he -- I think we had a it was an automatic especially when you torch in the back tires Somalia and they got now almost all the automatics have vote. Panels you know so that's. That's cool and and if you if you keep the pedal down with a paddle. Men that room that's very effective do you think motorcycles are eventually can go to paddles and not get rid of the clutch. I don't know you know there's no reason why wouldn't I mean there have been transmissions are out there the they use them and various applications -- lot more power than a motorcycle. But who -- motorcycles -- traditional. They made a lot of improvements on them. But they likely traditional. Ground up -- kind of experience I don't I don't know if -- -- to fool fool I have a neighbor by let's got to -- this he's got a kick start. I think it's a Honda or. It kicks are on hand or Yamaha this old ball rarely half the I don't think I'd be big mama kicks Null smokers are trying to have a right angle you know in -- first came out man did -- have to crank. The original cars affords enough. Many people broke their arms because there's a certain rhythm to it as a torque to it. And if you're pushing the wrong way at the time that torque comes in. It's venture arm oh ya I -- I heard about it read about that. And that's not the kind of and you want to know especially got to grow out we're gonna go to -- nice dinner let me start the car hold on a -- -- images -- -- -- It. Was the arm I was gonna use that nine total. But so will no -- keep that transition but I do think the testicles shift there. Would be a good idea so we get to work I think. And will take a break and when we come back we're gonna talk about something happening as far away from here as possible and still be in the continental. United States on newsletter and a third anyway are WB yeah he's thoughtful all the time on who's a sensitive -- up. About something -- serving can't have a -- -- and team gas who team. It's not whom to hang it now -- through different things now so what is food chain had tickets like a banana. It's like a banana and the ethnic -- that the question is have a banana and I would -- probably rather hard I don't know I've never tried I know a polish. Girlfriend of mine. Says that routine is fabulous. Fabulous I've never had -- and I guess it's making Canada and they service and special ways now -- popular because. There are no Canadian restaurants here are other people say hey let's go from Greek -- Let's go out. Policy Italian naturally. Let's go out of business -- but nobody ever says let's go out for Canadian. So big probably don't have a lot of signature -- otherwise people would open a restaurant here Canadian bacon. Canadian bacon is in name only violence calls I get all quote team all the time. I would if I didn't interest -- you -- -- to in the amount fourteen store you can get Brad puts ingress. Knowing unless it's like -- routine Fries at Davidson -- ours is just like French Fries gravy achieved yeah I guess that's how -- is what is outstanding best sounds good. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah highlight a little gravy. -- bet you -- -- you're at it looks like via a dam burst and the gravy is this floating all over everything I wanna see my French -- doing the backstroke I know it goes like -- pitcher like that was sauce through yes if I'm not I'm. I'm just enough to give it some flavor but not crazy if I'm ever spaghetti he got a culvert and sauce like can -- -- in it. And yeah you know and I were not designed to eat together room to know you like really hot stuff I'm not like -- you like stub drowning gravy I don't you like your haystack trying to -- And give that Russia you shut up because where is that again that the silo restaurant in Lewiston right and what's in it. -- it's the state. That's good. Cheese Jesus and or the steak and Fries and conference they mix it altogether -- in -- -- -- they can. We got to add bacon Megan's hottest food item out there yeah -- have made via haystack with side order food team -- well. I can't say it sounds road doesn't odds that sound like something your mother would wash your mouth out with soap if she urges and we'll we'll -- you said food chain. Come barriers are vibrate do what you have to do hope amounts listening to issue equity. On all. All because you're talking yet has a simple team Korea like in trouble. Are right now in my room here's what we have we have some information about Seattle. Washington. Okaying the fifteen dollar minimum wage okay this is the deal. Air and so we talked about raising minimum wage before and we're also a look at some of the information. About who makes what in teacher and administrator is there administrative salaries in Western New York. First of all of them by general of the thoughts about a money in salary and whatever. Everybody thinks they should make more money everybody. It is not personal. Every job is important it's important not to minimize somebody else's job I'll tell you why. Because the odds are if they don't do their job maybe you don't get a chance to do your job. The job market has and has different pieces to -- like a giant puzzle some are very very important they make important decisions. The they risk money they live and die financially. And so they are rewarded at a higher level. Some are -- range where they carry out these hopes and dreams and plans of those. Above them I'm making more money and that's what they do their administrators they handed down then you have the people doing the work. The people doing the work recourse if they weren't there of their being -- revenue. To to hand over. It's a very important to. Everybody's job is important but everybody's job is worth a different amount of money to the company. Or to any any of you were talking about here as far as workplace. Because the old the old adage is so true the more people they can do your job. The fuel less money you're going to make. The fewer people back into your job assuming your job is indeed. The fewer people -- -- doing your job the more money you're gonna make that's bin though that's been away that is since the cave man that's just the way it goes. And so when you see these. One of the things that really exists gripes me. Is when you see people. Outside a plan men and they gotta sign the CE all of this plan makes -- 27 times what the person who was sweeps the floor makes -- sold bogus. That is absolutely bogus they have different things they're both needed of the plant floor has to be swept the CEO has the look overly. The financial and the fiscal side of the -- companies they both have jobs. And there -- differences on some money gets so you gotta get over that. However. However there are things that they're going to apply as to how much you can pay each job and still stay financially. Solvent. And in some cases. Just in business at all. And that's it's important to figure that out as to what this job is worth. Every once in awhile. They'll be a strike. And you'll hear the term. Essential employees after report or dubious storm essential employees have to have two of the either. Well he would take great pride in being an essential employee but if you really think about it. Almost any employee is essential. There are no extra parts it's not like sending for a barbecue from Home Depot. And you've got an almost together but you find out there's extra parts there are no extra parts. It and if if you were not there it was either slow down progress or stop or they wouldn't be able to deliver what they have to deliver. Service wouldn't be as good everybody. Contributes to the hole. And that's the way it is but you got to remember that not everybody gets paid the same way because they make different contributions. We're that are tied to revenue and that's just the way it works I mean it doesn't take a genius the three months ago Wharton school of figure that one out. And so when we find out that Seattle. Has okayed a fifteen dollar minimum wage now fifteen dollars -- rough cut out our head is about 31000 dollars. A year and I don't know about you if I owns Starbucks which is headquartered in Seattle. Video woman at the at the check at the drive through the guy to drive through who says you want your mogul local grand -- With cream and movements went with. If you think there -- 31000. Dollars -- -- year so Albania. Okay but just remember this. The next time you buy that mogul mogul Brando Shlomo go whatever it says you're going to be paying. Four are there extra salary if -- Marco is going to be more expensive. And so what happens what something's more expensive it gets more competitive with other. What other. Businesses that do the same thing. So suddenly somebody selling. Something a -- is cheaper than you ours. And the quality is just as good and and you might lose business. That if you lose business you're on a downward spiral because you're losing business -- higher rate of -- diploma. So it's not a good thing. For those of you say well and how many times we heard this he can't raise a family. -- minimum wage we have 37 children. And we we he's got a job at at local grand old coffee and we just can't do it yes supposed to raise a family on minimum wage you know. A you're not supposed to. The bottom line is it's supposed to be an entry level job maybe a job right out of high school maybe your job part time you go to college. Maybe a job to fill in a few bucks for the family coffers. But it's not supposed to be a presented as something that will support a whole family because it won't. So let's talk about that and ours are about what's going on with teachers locally. And how much of the higher paid teachers make in Western New York listen more and illustrator and I'm thirty WB.

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