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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>New Twist From Bills Bidder - AP Sports Reporter John Wawrow

New Twist From Bills Bidder - AP Sports Reporter John Wawrow

Jun 3, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

AP sports reporter John morrow with us on the WBM lifeline to talk about the latest bills ownership buzz word of a super group. Including Bon Jovi the sons of Jeremy Jacobs invention to. John good morning good morning -- this. Yes it it comes from John -- with the trying to sound and what do you think. One means that. These are you know it's intriguing possibility of how receptive of the auto group might be too old Western New York audience -- -- -- given how much. Concern has been raised about their intentions. I'm not sure how our world and apply. However they do need you know if if they are going to make a bid and a run at this. They do need something from Western New York with a good reputation and -- it was and we would be yet. To -- reprise their you know open at least put aside any concerns relocation. Jacob's family as well as strong reputation here and has been working behind the scenes. Arm to keep the team in Western New York so you know if if they can team up and -- -- that would be -- win. But this is still relatively early in the process. And you're seeing what is seeing it from the ownership groups now jockeying. War at least some sort of attention and at least to get their names are ideas floated out there. Which -- no other story really sounds like the John no matter how this particular. Story shakes out. Campbell once ownership of an NFL team called a Canadian super group whoever is involved. Make a bid for the bills looks too good for the Ralph Wilson family trusted turned down. Well I mean if it's possible that the whole relocation issue then that didn't crops up. And that becomes a whole different animal because we location. You know -- you know. -- -- it's also Brooke group could make a bit of their bid for the bills and keep them in Western New York is that there's nothing against that from happening. That is if you're -- -- relocation that the whole different animal. There are still questions about the Jacobs family involvement in a ownership group. And that those directly to the -- interest would they would have to give up in order to become part of this group critical. Yeah is it interesting -- that it involves. Howard -- his property anyway who we thought was out. Well I think. Horrible habit that respect he's out he he he he is setting out of the ownership picture. But that doesn't but he that does does not leave out the possibility that his land could be used -- for development. There is one concern that has been raised them in regard to build things planned destruction and on and the -- downtown Niagara Falls. Is questions of whether the NFL -- that was a stadium. That close to run an actual casino site. If all goes back to gaining and and and there are some questions here. But mostly I believe will. You know it is pushing that that would have developed and it it's been that way it has been discussed the recent gay people -- -- about Niagara Falls back in the -- politely. What are you hearing about possible builds about the bills. From Tom Golisano lower Donald Trump. Well I mean that's gonna happen I mean -- also birdied do -- we will be numerous people reported that gulf -- it it has been making a bid. And he is moving in that direction and Donald Trump is as stated clearly he's gonna make a bit. It's too early to speculate on the front runners might be or or or you know with a club house leader is but right now I think it would be Golf Channel. This so clearly this is that like last week when the Kallis and nothing came came up -- did they floated out there I guess to get reaction and see where it goes from there. To a certain degree you know I spoke from people in the end and some people are happy that you don't stop until -- got out there and it -- in the press heard that view. But it it's kind of odd because that aren't likely that -- about one news. You know last week so. I think there are ideas being floated by I was when you are on Friday in and I still don't think. -- -- All the names have come out publicly yet and I think there's some people waiting in the wings and you know -- see that as a and the things we've read through this. Sure I mean Paula -- last week said that there are names that have not been mentioned yet that we're hearing. Yeah I mean I I I I know there's there's two groups say at least you know poking around that. I haven't figured I haven't been able to fight over the -- -- as of yet. John it's always good to talk with you thank you. That's AP sports reporter John morrow.

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