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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>School Rankings Related to Teacher Pay - Tim Kremer

School Rankings Related to Teacher Pay - Tim Kremer

Jun 3, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's -- our next guest -- of them actually Tim Kremer executive director of the New York State school boards association. To lose all the WB analog line hi Tim I don't this morning. Aren't morning boy you know with a story like this with -- teachers earning 100000 dollars or more this seems to be. Among some listeners. Sort of -- Is -- best described maybe they'll say. A resentment. Of of some sort -- mean teachers don't have don't have idiocy in the classroom that's for sure. And I suppose I could say look I'm one of these people who feel that teachers don't earn enough money but the other seems to be a lot of result of that. So many teachers in Western New York more than 700 school administrators and teachers. Are making those kind of money. Well and I could understand that some people feel that that might be too much court here poll but. Realize you're dealing with people who probably have at least a master's degree. And if they're making that kind of money they've been -- for a long time and the system of compensation. In public education is based to a great extent on longevity. And those contracts are collectively bargained so it's a different. A mechanism for achieving compensation plans than you might find some other industries and some people may not be familiar with that. I'm not saying it's right or it's wrong but it -- system that we've been living with for an awful long time. Still as the -- gonna come off the tracks when it comes time for retirement. For this group this group of teachers. Well we don't think so what you have of the system in this state where the teachers retirement system. And the employees retirement system are some of the best funded best managed. Retirement system in the country and the way that they maintain that is they're the employer and employees are required to make contributions. And quite honestly in other states where the legislature. As. Not. Required contributions be made and it kicked the can down the road that's never happened here in new Yorker that we've had a constitutional obligation. To put those monies then. And to pay those benefits and -- for that reason we have a very well funded well managed system. I don't think we're gonna have that problem you'll have people retiring with some help the pensions no doubt about that. But I don't believe that you're gonna have a problem -- paying for those pensions. Tim unless you really join us thanks for your help and assisting us with the story this morning. Tim Kremer executive director of the New York State school boards association.

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