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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>School Rankings By Teacher's Pay - Scott Thomas

School Rankings By Teacher's Pay - Scott Thomas

Jun 3, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We opened up the WBM live line now and welcome Scott Thomas got his special projects senator with Buffalo's premiere business weekly business first. Good morning Scott thank you for joining us. -- John you're kicking off pure survey of school rankings with a report on teacher salaries primarily. Teachers who -- at least 100000 dollars or more teachers and administrators Williams that right what have you found. Mostly administrators -- of course there are few teachers I guess exalted level but not all that Manning. The administrators -- we looked at a base statewide level and I think what was interest in Newsweek. -- salaries for administrators in every school district in the state except New York City which is under a separate retirement system. Well we produce. I guess it's no -- that most of the high salaries are downstate but what we found 93%. The six figure salaries in public schools across the state -- downstate all the 7% Arab states so the whatever people may think of administrative salaries here they're really pale compared to what administrators -- paid in the Westchester county and on Long Island. Still there are over 700 teachers and administrators here -- to net 100000 or over club. The other we are depicted pays to keep in mind there are more than 30000. -- teachers and administrators in the regions obviously it's a fairly small percentage of that group. But yet we do we do have a million and you. Have a fuel over 200000. Buffalo superintendent of course and the lawyers shall superintendent it's that's a pretty elite group -- 200000 plus. We hear there is along teachers somewhere around here in westerly aren't earning more than 200000 dollars is not true. Not to my knowledge no. You know Scott are there any parallels between. Teacher pay an academic performance. We will do teacher pay rankings every year and we just came out with those yesterday there are separate from the salary figures were talking about. We looked at typical pay at five different points in a typical teacher's career and sweet home has been number one the last. Three years and remains number one and that that particular ranking that we do. Well we will be releasing academic rankings next week for. Schools and districts across western new York and it is true that in the past years when you compare the teacher pay rankings and the academic rankings and there is -- lot of correlations there's some very strong districts that pay well in the news certainly the reversal also. This W the guys coming -- was next. Today we've got administrative efficiency which is something tours of substantial interest we look at pay levels. We look at staffing levels so we look at spending rates. In school districts and determine those that are running but we just operations. This year Lancaster is number one. In terms of administrative efficiency we just. -- data on our web site in the last hour -- so. And don't we also have. Today we have spending rates for every school district in the entire state. Looking at the district could spend the most parents spend the least. And actually people there should be fairly pleased out of the 25. Districts statewide that's been the least eight of them are here in Western New York. OK go star Scott thank you for joining us this morning. Background Scott Thomas is special projects editor with business first.

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