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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Negative Reaction to Conditions of Bergdahl Release - Dave Levinthal

Negative Reaction to Conditions of Bergdahl Release - Dave Levinthal

Jun 3, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Dave Leventhal is our guest on the WB in -- Klein senior political reporter with the Center for Public Integrity Dave good morning. The White House is defending its actions as criticism mounts over the deal that led to a US army sergeant Goldberg tells -- what is your -- -- you feeling here on this one. Criticism -- mounting and don't expect it go away any time here and there are a number of Republicans in congress and Democrats. We are questioning. Obama's actions here they've described. His move as lawless. Or reckless you know there are many many words used to describe. Exactly what they feel that this prisoner exchange was valued in particular. One of the biggest criticisms was for all why would not count against all odds are supposed to be a rule where you have about thirty days to you. Notify congress that there's going to be a prisoner exchange of the sort apparently that did happen so it got number of people in congress have looked very agitated. About that point in particular. And they already have several senators are calling for investigations hearings on the matter I try to wonder out what was thought that white and they know in the first place. In a day or the president right now we understand is making his first statements and remarks. About the -- -- all prisoners while he's in Poland right now as possible this deal was sort of time to break while he was a way out of the country. I gave it it's a possibility at night you know what one of the biggest thing right now is that you got not for Republicans to use bank. -- well okay America's side of all of us in getting US soldier back which obviously. Let's say there's a good thing by most people's residences app or pray that this is going to set -- app precedent for the future. And if you make a prisoner swap. Of that sort if you were taking -- detainees from Guantanamo Bay. Sending them back at -- -- their home countries or in this case an intermediary country. Are at least for the first the first year -- developers are that this is going to accept the United States. Future situations. All of the similar sort where -- US service member is going to be detained the US service member. Going to be -- and the what are the people who were doing capturing gonna want they're they're gonna want exactly what they got. In this situation at -- of fear that the criticism. What I hear probably times I'm against on as we go forward and that's. And you know the president that not having that -- the entire press corps in the United States may be a consideration it's probably difficult to tell at this point. But that he will be overseas what struck out. Some have speculated to -- that it was time to provide a distraction to the VA scandal. Not been a very good week or it's certainly a very good and today -- beginning of June for the president that you got the VA's scandal. You've got this you've got that then got -- fill out flooding a rapid. Being talked about in congress -- so a lot of -- criticism. That's been out front Obama's way. It is there's only you know one thing that's pay out high profile flashpoint for Obama -- it seemed to simmer down you're watching them a little bit over the past few weeks. Actually Obama -- Arturo whole lot about that that these days that. And of course being a as something that's been talked about for. Years and years and years and major criticism of him -- -- is that tempered down. A little bit as some of these other issues have really become flashpoints and in our. Boarding up Bob I have. David on this -- all prisoner swap you know maybe there are things here that we are not aware of yet but. You know right now doesn't it appeared to the world. That we left five bad guys go in exchange for what amounts to a guy who is best described as going well. Add in its face value that that would be a very very solid point to something that a lot of people have undermined does that that this is a bad deal. At the same time you're actually right up there are a lot of unanswered questions about those. What being an issue -- suggests that the status. Out certain Bert doll. And that whether he did in fact -- it -- that he walked up the pace is -- perhaps even going to be charged with doing so which it is in the rights of the government. To deal with somebody out who did leave the service of the army on active duty. I is say is mental status OK he's been hospitalized. What is exactly is going to happen in the White House's praise him. There there is that others are wondering now whether these. It was not dereliction of his duty well like he walked up the -- and ultimately got capture. Dave were glad you could join us this morning thank you. Dave Leventhal senior political reporter with the Center for Public Integrity.

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