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6-2 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 4

Jun 2, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBS. Yeah. I wore us down upon you with great. India the whole -- not much that ends this month -- And welcome to the New -- yeah. If they are -- extreme conservatives they have no place in this State of New York. No one -- with an assault rifle. No one. And flu and -- -- -- Tom hourly and when -- Now -- an -- and -- -- I can't -- -- up -- and welcome. It's live its local capital. Full moon. Looks like it's huge it's Tom hourly -- like you. You have woes. I'd like orders. And 930 W yeah yeah. Are right it is. I got to tip your sex it is pretty -- thirty WB the end. Well I have a serious question before we get into a happy ending and and these -- this question is dealing with alzheimer's. When did you first notice in your Pam -- alzheimer's -- man. I can't believe how many people are gonna -- we're dealing in some way shape or form with alzheimer's in their own family these are all. Western New York people. When did you first notice. Is a great question. What the sides and in retrospect. It's interesting that in retrospect you can pick up the signs like AB CD I got its textbook. But at the time for whatever reason latest go over your head. 8030930. Start -- 3180616. WB -- here is buried in that Niagara Falls merry welcome to show it as short turn out. Yes we're gonna finish talking about. You or the situation with your mom she had a bad day. At one point after a year reserve and two years they that my TV isn't working she forgot she forgot how to use a remote. And one day she went to the hospital and Jews are pretty bad shape. Yep. And like it and it lets you know pipelines and they told -- that. She couldn't come home -- -- had they have twenty per hour round the clock care which we all get -- and children. So there was nobody that can take care and and stay with their belief that the best thing would be to put her in a nursing home. Which we did that we were there every single day off by the -- someone was there are times. Then you'd better listen to than nurses and you listen -- The -- telling -- things and -- starts to click on my practice it's been going aren't here why we noticed that I receive yes. There were a few times but it did noticing an incredible form my brother my sister's -- I would whoop whoop ass is Dexter. You know trying to get away. My only thing only suggestion anybody that thinks that there's probably their parent or themselves. Go to the actor checked it out fox if questions. Every day simple question. About your parents or grandparents because that was one thing we never -- I'm Aaron and ask questions we always just it's just my arm. And if I could go back. And do it -- over again. I think I would -- and mr. and taking care of her. Not the latest -- -- that she was alive because it was just our guns do her withdrawal anymore secretly talking more minutes -- quick and. While. Sounds like. I mean obviously five Bud Selig when you think about Ronald Reagan lingered in lingered and then they took him some time two. To die after his initial announcement that that's what you have. Yes. And and it's scary when they tell you your your mother has alzheimer's and parkinson's plus. Now the parkinson's plastic that was brought Aaron because of that medicate with Jake and we had a choice which you know take -- -- back. I'm salute their memories but bangs she won't lose the ability to probably speak for BG -- for an -- and and pepper and the parkinson's are. Which she couldn't -- anymore. She had -- the American and they know feeding tube in place so. She basically. Was started -- months because of back. Thank you are very much it's a big sad story but again the little things like not be able to turn on the TV. -- what should she took all the buttons out of her remote. She would be silly things like. I -- chicken little labels and -- -- -- -- buttons and the remote in hand and a VCR. But just show her how to turn them are not. We just thought it was because my -- always done things for her that she really didn't know how to use electrical thing. And the -- in the Arctic that word that simplest things site. She would take all the labels. And and say I can't turn it DirecTV won't work. And so we just thought it was -- and that's why it's somebody to comment that we -- But it was sent our little strength as time went and. Well I do wonder how many people mistake or alzheimer's or just -- lonely mile want to visitor -- wants company and you know she's she's trying to tell -- civic over. Primary thank you have very much -- I'm happy to hear from you and I'm glad that. Let's put it this way I'm glad that at least mercifully it's over for your mom and educational looking ahead to your future. Are you going to be extra vigilant toward yourself for you gonna be extra aware of your in your family members Fortis. -- party told my husband and my children if I get to the point where you know I can't make a decision for myself. -- saying you know I want to be able to go to -- -- immediately -- -- hygiene if I it would anymore you'll need to. I'm back in the states get rid of -- get rid of me because. I don't like to be a burden and my children or my husband and I don't wanna live hooked up to machines. That's not fair to anybody in the -- fair to me typical go peacefully. Yeah amen on that spurs are concern thank you ever in my chair in my I'm delighted that you call and thank you were were thinking of your fellow audience members -- appreciated. Oh and we are talking about well all members -- you guys wanna continue to. When did it for when did you first notice it in a loved one what did it do to your family. And those first signs. Like I find that interest. The first sides of them looking back on what you overlooked and you think that -- in retrospect how I didn't realize that. Now on the end of the continuing. I'm not sure that this all applies a total happy ending but I also don't want to leave you with a total Boehner of a topic I wanna branch out just a little bit too. Have two topics. I don't -- walk away from alzheimer's. But I do wanna share with you something -- to find very very interesting news I just had a conversation about this this weekend. Just had this very conversation. And it was in was it their business insider dot com. How many. Of eighteen to 34 year old Americans would you say live at all with a -- Not because they're taking care of mom are bad. But because. They need to live at all with apparent. How many. What percentage. About a third. One in 318. To 34 year old live whip. -- parents. -- has become the new normal I have to ask you question. When did you move your parents house. When. There was a time. And it wasn't all that long ago. Where if somebody wins 2728. Years old and they were -- and at all. You might have thought there -- some that just a bit a bit amiss with bad situation. What's wrong with that -- delivered -- the twenty or thirty. Well with the economy with the student loans. Well let's go to college get a bigger. But even with a state university degree you can easily end up with 50000 dollars in debt for bachelor's degree. Shall we go into law school but hopefully the united law school -- at least connect command a salary and it will at least allow you to. You know get out of the block food section once in awhile. 8030930. When did you leave Paul when did you move out of your parents' house I was 26. Now expects. Well there's exploration and I took six years to get my bachelor's degree. That was the explanation working full time go to school more or less full time and it was just a place I crashed. Pretty much of -- laundry. As -- those -- contribution like college I didn't become a laundry expert until much later in life. They -- three but you're telling me -- can't relief. Bureau hot irons anymore for some mystery injuries it will thrilled at thirty start at 3180616. WB and so both ends of the continuum here. When did you first notice alzheimer's in the family members what we're those symptoms. And on the other end. Looking back at yourself. Did you move out of mom and dance outs. Because right now that you probably of people in your own for. Right now one out of 318 to 34 year old Americans is living with a parent. Israel through old I'm thirty guys I can't see the name I know that might shock you but. Let's go to -- David in the Orchard Park on a WBM. David you're talking about let's see your mom your mom has alzheimer's. Sent straight she -- -- I'll give -- my age of one moved out by the way that was quite sure knows quite a while ago. I receive it out. No you're dealing with mom and alzheimer's and the tell us all what it's like. I -- -- that situation basically my dad is still living in future primary caregiver she 838200. Maybe farm. And even though I live locally the company can a whole lot easier to be able to step and it provides a kind of camp I'm hoping it's like. With the -- -- question about the kind of. So that you saw that first started coming around Wear out your feet or so access. All those things did that you'll notice in the. When we first moved to the area she can drive over to the -- and sit -- contention for a little while and then you wouldn't come all the without corrections. And then you wouldn't call her without somebody trying to turn you just sort of attributed to you can't. Where where where she knew where you live I'm presuming you didn't move but she needed directions to get to a place she had previously been on many occasions. Right. And somehow it escaped your attention that there's something deeper at work there. And the one that really clued me and and even after that aspect but it's -- an unusual circumstance. We have an interest only at this time. And we come -- -- and caring form. And he's sitting around that dining room floor crying and it's not like he felt her anything to sort of crawl that -- there are no big deal. And my mother standing over it -- saying it's okay according to a but not taking him how they're not taking any action this -- them. And you and I can say -- -- grandmother never seem to put it now I'm not taken -- to take care of who else. Because it's their what their current tour and what. Are you hearing any longer. Our -- -- hold on because I need to pick up on this on the other side day -- I don't wanna interrupt you were or cut you short and a WB yen 8030930. Is the -- number let's find out about traffic and -- Harris Allen. AccuWeather for tonight it'll be cloudy breezy humid a couple of showers and thunderstorms 65 below. Tomorrow cloudy breezy humid a shower or thunderstorm 77 right now it's 78 at the news radio 930 WB EN. Let's go back to. In Orchard Park they're talking about his mom and alzheimer's and so issues babysitting you come home and your kid is on the floor crying and she's just gonna. Over him but is not picking him up she did not make the mental connection that crying baby needs to be herald. Yeah so. Clear and then we get. Other things begin to happen the links start to disappear she started referring to -- -- is laying back and a little while. Chase starter return to my -- not by your name but as you'll wind. And it's that's actually why called because these very subtle thing. The human mind will try to concealed problems even if the person who has the problem doesn't know what -- sub conscious -- They will try to protect -- substitute well little one for the name of a grandchild she knows a lot and it's I'm calling you don't notice it. But it's that -- thing you need to catch. Well. Is there anything else that was subtle. Bad. You think you should -- I really can't bring any other instances to mind. Then he goes you -- just sort of starts to degrade and you start recognize there's something deeper going on. And when you get to him and now considered disappearing. You're getting there. Very very interesting hey I wanna thank you ever much for the call and your mom is no longer with -- right. Actually she's still around that you know lottery and thank there's there's a lot. Tiger your -- your characters David in Orchard Park while. I've seen this is hit a lot of people and I don't know about you but it just seems that the lately I've just ran into an increasing number of people of all ages it's not there's not a function of getting older myself which is people of all ages who were dealing with -- loved ones family members. Who. Have alzheimer's. So that was my economic by serious -- moment kind of that is a serious topic and the other one is kind of idea. It's how light and it definitely is lifestyle when did you move out of you were parents house how old are you now. And when did you move out of mom and dad's house. -- I was late at 26. I was ahead of the curve I was -- -- Mike Todd had nothing of the finances had nothing to do with student loans it just -- everything to do with it took me awhile to get my bachelor's degree. And once I. What's I moved so I -- just move out of the house and go to apartment Cheektowaga all I don't know I don't know I don't know I just packed up everything and drove down -- floor that was bibles. And it's -- it was it was a bit of a challenge at first. An amateur and I'm still allowed to have irons. I'm -- with irons -- hours ago all steamer steamers are good and I'm not talking points. In 030930. Start I'm 3180616. WB EN. You're close encounters with alzheimer's when did you notice those signs that a loved one was slipping what were those signs. In retrospect especially the subtle ones -- previous caller mentioned. And that. When did you move out of mom and dad's house and I say mom and dad realizing that for some review it might have been one or the other or may be mom and step dad but you get the idea. You know three on -- thirty star and I'm 3180616. WBE. -- home. I don't mind it's just. All over Wales is. You -- the smile in your mental. It's good having an Eric Clapton song and anybody can play guitar. It's 633 it is ready at 930 WBE and let and it has hourly on Monday 78 degrees and make sure you have your -- -- going to be sitting outside tonight -- this leaders are -- -- a first -- but over the weekend. -- my first five skeeter bites. You don't want well back of and he always gets you where your most vulnerable acumen. Are right a couple of things number one alzheimer's. Jury. -- Donald Sterling. Via LA clippers frame he was diagnosed they announced that on Friday at a curious because they keep running and a lot of people who. Have had situations with alzheimer's in the family. The first signs were the first symptoms how have you dealt with that the alzheimer's in your family. Nobody really cares about that topic that I thought you guys were -- which was that when did you move out of hole and why. Home being of course mom and dad's house EE 8030930. Start at 3180616. WBBM. Try to give you guys happy ending and you just rebuffed me here's Karen and Wilson Karen hello. Op I'm done. -- -- -- when I was 23 I I would like. -- extra extra help or by the company -- it was so I took a walk. -- -- What -- when I broke out about was. The alzheimer's until recently we have out. My mother died of alzheimer's -- impact of alzheimer's like grandmother died. But all my uncle has alzheimer's right now. So it's very prevalent. Houses were very. Worried because our respects but. My mother or she's on my grandmother go through alzheimers. Where she started getting it Qiyue. She spent a lot of time crying and 'cause she knew that something wasn't right to achieve you. And she she won and said I I don't -- -- -- I went to a I'd get myself first before you do that. At one point in time -- got to a point where she no longer she addicts. And -- -- was even better because -- chip. -- -- She no longer realized that she candidate and she was very sorry somebody alzheimer's -- Thank god it's terrible to happen any of you know and she added she -- and you realize that the but it's a. But it first time out of first you realize that she realized and recognized that she had. Did she do anything to try to stop progress on him and walk me through the air. We get I mean you. I have cut and that's our post. Art and she'd talk either so now my mother died in 1999. She also -- -- so (%expletive) all over I need other -- -- off publisher's -- or die. But -- content they had just come out with some -- expects that it was the first products for forearm alzheimer's. And she was the first person really on -- as my father I would probably -- like. Each and every week to make it got here on the -- you know finally after about three weeks doctors as proper armor -- So what does this new drug. Does that tell you about the relatively -- it was spread on the market session was one of the first people aren't aren't. But really it's slow the repression. And and she did not go quickly exit because that fact but I am. When you say she didn't go reminded though she didn't die. Reminded me well I mean her rock it it -- -- it was a much -- much slower progression then we followed by grandmother. My grandmother was from. Just thick rough does a good thing or bad thing. 'cause I thought if I had an -- I just wanna check out ASAP. You may -- and and my. Heart -- session before. They're going to church or at. Butler and how many are my record here at work. And she couldn't. Or -- She was very healthy should all walk in and. We are concerned you know so. We were. Ordered -- -- -- Search the Internet. Right. And -- -- But but it's it's so typical. Because they don't know what my mother was the most. Wonderful person she wouldn't say. Actually. At the ones you question -- mobile all tickers and I'll agree. Because. It's very. Well. Personality change and then you. Should. But -- she didn't realize what you. -- right. So -- I get -- I might actually turn nice. That's a possibility look at -- Now you said that you guys in your family are waiting for -- term. Well we're very worried obviously we. I mean I think it always very careful with -- and our -- little unrelated because I know that's one of the things that. Interest in the brain cells so I don't use aluminum cooking I don't they used I used the actual. -- I do everything I can't stay away from you are any kind of aluminum. Well you know my take -- stuff like that you can do anything you wanna do. And at the end of the day the only thing that really matters is did you select your parents -- I well have a that's that's my take your life I -- know -- you can drink all the natural food you can eat all the great that you want you can live on lemons and walked cantaloupe and that your parents had -- -- -- guess what chances are you -- On the side street each year. Yeah. Well at a very long healthy -- and open and Jennifer. Once once mom stop beating him up with issue. Sorry Ed you sound like you have a sense of humor about the whole thing -- Jews are amazing preserve now that disease good grief. Up again terrorists or any thing is our. Are there any little symptoms that used -- looking back in retrospect small symptoms you saw or family members saw that you. Now -- you know it would be with hindsight does your time music question and element. Well I think I think that would be more reflective of my grandmother and by the time we started looking at we. Really knew what to look for because it's so we had already. While the progression my grandmother went through my grandmother so. We we should've recognized that earlier although there was -- probably should they do about it their parents. But she's she -- What we would extra -- -- to date and our everyday Bologna sandwich and cool way. And we should have that smarter about their inside. You know should be -- -- one and the -- treat different on. Well. There is an individual here who -- don't make it. Who has lived on Bologna sandwiches for most mornings over the past that thirty years forty years or so he shall remain nameless. I'm glad -- called. -- thank you wow. Very very interest. Eric you're just joining us on the top of an -- sterling -- But I have to use Donald Sterling or choose to use double sterling airs eight starting off point because many of you after the interview aired. You you called and you said Barrett chief you know I've. And experience with -- alzheimer's and this guy's got alzheimer's well sure enough last Friday before the weekend started. The announcement was made if it was just before 2 o'clock -- heard Marc -- sitting in for Rush -- on -- a this just -- -- sterling has been diagnosed with alzheimer's. So my question is. In your family. Has mailed them. Win that did you notice it's starting. And one of the things I wish everybody good chance to hear the first call around us because that's gonna stay witness. And maybe we view for a while her husband was 53 years -- 5353. And he started to ask the same questions over and over again within five minute period of time. It wasn't doing a talk shall know him but when -- talk show giving calls he was just having a normal conversation. It reminds me of somebody I know what I don't give you a lot of details on this but. This individual which send me an email. And basically I would answer the problem -- -- -- would send me the same question in an email personal for. The same question in an email 34. Times a week Monday Tuesday Wednesday Friday. And it. Finally without being. Nasty about it is that are you aware that you ask this question. About twenty times already and I still give you the answer are you you know are -- -- -- -- major computer messed up because he keeps enemy the same message. And after that the messages stopped and I realized that upon speaking with a loved one appears that. The situation was basically. Even as a younger man his is -- is just. Began to deteriorate I don't know if it was alzheimer's exactly or -- was another disease similar to alzheimer's. But I've seen in the action and it's there -- horrible horrible thing. 803 and I'm sure you've seen connection to a you've spent any time on this planet whatsoever especially with the increasing number of -- older people we have on the old days remember. We have there's time in this country -- you lived until you -- sixty you were venerable. You're ancient at the age of sixty all -- a sixty is the Newport. And 76. Eighty year old -- compared to the eighty year old used and a lot are. People born today and pretty much can expect to expand depending of course upon genetics. But pretty much -- upper seventies even lower eighties not unusual at all. 803 old I'm thirty is the phone number 8030930. Start -- thirty on the cell phone 180616. WB EN. You're close encounters with alzheimer's and specifically. The first symptoms the first things you started to notice. Those changes in behavior changes in habits where after you realized that in fact the person had alzheimer's. You said yourself all my gosh I can't believe this bet it just like a sort. But you think that it's just not gonna -- you worked its pocket your family and yet if somebody's family because. Lot of people that. You don't too old I'm thirty start -- 3180616. WBE MB phone numbers. And that there's one other -- is gonna mention event is the topic that I really thought was gonna actually kick but this. -- -- -- -- It was the topic when did you leave home. Because our business insider dot com is a great article today about. A third of America's eighteen to 34 year olds are living with their parents. A third one out of every three people UC. From the age of eighteen to 34 are living with parents and when you're growing up. Did you have the family on the block that make sure that every kid upon the eighteenth birthday the first thing they did was get the hell out of the house. Your take it you're on your audience. I think those days are -- Not necessarily that that's a bad. 80309. Per start at thirty and 180616. WB on -- glorious month. It is excoriated Israel on thirty WBE and -- Joseph beamer about ways that master control and John Sherman has been your call screener today. As we answer jewel in the hole -- month. Yeah eight. -- hit. Via speech to text thing and sometimes -- forget to shut it off and I come on the here. And I looked -- the -- and see everything I've said for the past hour spelled out text. And for some weird reason. It actually works better when I'm not trying to pronounce words properly when -- just talked on the radio. It works better way that what I'm actually trying to communicate effectively with somebody using speech to text it never gets that right. It's convinced my daughter's name is our -- speedway. It is -- 649 at news radio 930 WBE and -- and you know at some point this week I do wanna do show about movies that. Crack you up. Even though you are supposedly mature adult. -- a lot of the alzheimer's association of Western New York renowned -- -- -- Pelletier lay -- thanks very much for being with its. -- -- first things first these symptoms of alzheimer's. When I'm sure when two people first began to notice how far advanced is the disease by the time other people boats. Well I was litany do you can differ. Caller or or -- who -- little things that I want people -- not -- look at -- didn't notice and because they aren't. I'm one who aren't just talking about how. She first noticed it after her dad -- and they had kind of -- -- that you know. Well maybe maybe get doing everything it probably get what -- doing everything at older -- and -- -- Almost unknowingly concentrates for each other at all. -- that early action over. That is something accurate all currently the only speaking out about slow leaks. Aaron usually take something I'm thinking that woman I know very well. Who actually vote your rocker and the pertinent he know it yet. Was at the Christmas party or group you know moment slowing down little bridge. By order Christmas gifts he had gone around the house and pick up. And common council I don't like but at 10 -- Erin. The one who -- the -- wrap them up and give a limit gaps and that's illegal. That finally there something we're very very wrong here. We don't know what does this show. So no big thing to happen after a little in common that little people usually say okay. We need to do something. The woman called them who noticed that her husband started to slip when he was 53. Years old 5353. Years old. How common is is that and does that kind of alzheimer's every specific name. Condo on that alzheimer's and he's there are other dimensions that can hit -- Eddie -- body disease or other types of diseases cause dementia. But it had a meeting last week where a sudden. A woman who's very public about certain issues you're a local -- she should -- for -- old. I have a fourteen year old and plural. It was a little bit you know on that alzheimer's has a little bit stronger genetic link that later settled pirates know a little bit more about it. It's a little easier to study a rare food workers and keep them out her either online at by. I'll be read when you're seeing so much more what I no matter you know people are talking about it more there or not. Shame that they were scared to close as they -- forced people are getting. I know they're having something to. That they have -- -- -- to put to what happening to them. And for some people that actually pick really because we're probably eight yard run that's a problem here early stage -- in the world. Believe in something Ronald. I couldn't put my finger on it it was scary well at least I know what it is. How -- where is the alzheimer's patient. Of the fact that they have alzheimer's and for how long. They're thinking about that we're talking about it's it's a question you get what the people with the disease that I -- have all -- rule. Group -- they've been diagnosed earlier this is. Across the border. They how rule that they they knew something was wrong something didn't feel right but. You know they baker wrote it -- distressed or or side effects from other conditions or Medicaid -- -- that you've -- at the record books not -- they -- thinking but they tell me that they knew something wrong either to articulate it. They're not progressed at all like a lot of back him up -- it was not really ready -- -- immigration you know beautiful girl out. But the people tell me about they're -- -- at least say that. You know in -- something. But it was shot. Too big to even move -- even bring up. We -- Pelletier is with the alzheimer's association of western new York and she's with the senate right now -- news radio 930 -- WB -- shed some additional light on this we're still gonna bring that -- and for a much longer in studio segment on this. You know the other stuff I've got about a minute lay -- -- Glen Campbell. Until very recently was on the road and he was performing with alzheimer's. And I wonder how people perform Byron wrote verses times when they have to think we're -- -- do wanna talk about that. Well I'm here at the guy that you know you know kind of the in and out in a number of waited almost instinct. And you can function instinct with things like music and that things that are really very deeply embedded in -- -- process. I -- group here to get a little played a tentative very young boy it's a long term memory camera connection. So they stick around a lot longer of one woman and her words were turned earn it irritates. Talking about I'm changing the name of the program. That's incredibly country you know there a connection -- start to lose the finer connection we might -- the word you might -- your character on. But when -- can't play that they know for thirty years. It's almost in staying so you can you can go a long -- -- the brain is are fascinating thing. -- a lot of I'll send a text later we got a -- -- predicament here investments more time with us I mean if you want to. Our guests. I let a lot of Woolsey as soon play a lot of Pelletier with the alzheimer's association of Western New York joining us on the news radio 930 WB -- very very valuable asset. I thank you to Joseph -- four fine work of master control thank you for John Germans are phenomenal calls rating and this is Valerie actually he was two notes. Actually -- -- two words. -- -- -- -- -- --

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