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6-2 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

Jun 2, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And it's. Wolf the hope that he would write. Them. India the hole looked. -- -- -- -- -- The -- were. I don't know you're not not a. And and and just system. That speech. Worthy of Abraham Lincoln. We're here the most annoying sound of the world. Tom hourly just when I think you could possibly be anything -- There and told. Yourself it's alive it's local Applebee's neighborhood you know it's Tom hourly. Arthur -- news radio 930 W. It is up -- news radio 930 don't. UBE. And that. And we're with you on the radio and it is of course eight Monday and unfortunately it's a five day work week for many of us most of us and a as those who beats the alternative but to not by much I did I actually kind of thinking about just going on social services and what you support my asked for a few years. Other go to for everybody else for long enough you know dissent. Ten minutes after five and we're talking about both Birdsall. Who. Has been released by the Taliban in Afghanistan. And this guy is not an American hero I make no apologies for saying that this guy. Made a decision a decision to leave his comrades behind a decision. Two at very least be absent without leave our right. And it plays out -- When you read the quotes this guy issued in emails to his parents before he left his post. I am ashamed to be an American and the title of US soldier is just the lives of fools. I am sorry for everything the horror that is America is discussed. And for that we traded five Taliban big shots and if you doubt their big shots. Look at the video of how they were welcomed home you know like -- sultans joining us right now my friend and Iraq War veteran David Bell via. David you are familiar with decoded by our uniform military justice and that everything that would ordinarily happen in a situation like this but in that Obama's commander in chief I would find it highly unlikely that he's gonna be brought up on any charges. Argued that -- you constantly hear is that well you know the you did five years. Therefore everything should be forgiven. It's hell hole in captivity he brought on himself. That you indeed the point of view from soldiers culture subcommittee will secretary -- pogrom announcing that. Both worked almost released but there's not one -- There's some -- is you could hear audibly. To those guys out of the deal. They know -- that that would be Akron is called to one. I'm sure you your phone your phone -- just what you said the acronym is called of them did beat. Also sorry it is called dust one. It's an acronym called them. Duty got status whereabouts unknown and we lost I hero like -- anachronistic -- Media western new Yorker who was killed in action against the enemy. Children -- -- windowless remains are still behind enemy lines you do whatever you can you put all resources out there. -- -- -- -- -- Two there a hero deserves to be this certainly expect that -- what. I -- men left behind means what you consider that -- -- that the interest. Installation of -- under the Taliban. If you look at the timeframe in which happened. One of the reasons why it happened was because -- drones. Our operational detachment our special forces RC who. All our error -- -- at our air attacks are platforms. For all of dedicated to finding this -- it. So the -- situation that happened in this summer 2000. All of the fireplace that happened in the provinces on the east side of Afghanistan. These guys were outnumbered and outgunned because so much of our inventory was put out -- part of this -- so. That's really hard to split it Stanley who ought not to visit there their loved ones and Arlington. -- because they were killed at least two Americans that's the number I'm hearing David died looking for this guy who voluntarily. Deserted his post. Doubled that number around -- according duty on New York Post six now six tracks extra missions are related to located him. But you know again. I mean look. I I'm all about bringing anyone we make sure we're we looked good people make mistakes. People aren't real hard to quote the good people but they have to be accountable for their actions. And as a soldier. I think I'll -- general order number one is to not leave the limits of your post. Publisher properly relieved that it every basic tree hit or are words that. You do not until your -- you know given permission to -- Actually this kid to walk off. You know that -- so you have to be accountable for that. We're talking with David -- -- he would never call himself by -- -- he ever called himself a hero but very he has made an Iraq War hero and -- were talking about the release of blow -- And for the life of me I can't figure out why he was worth five Taliban guys. David let me throw a conspiracy theory actually get your thoughts on -- what if the reason President Obama released these five guys is when they were asleep. We put subdural GPS trackers in them and this is our way of keeping tabs on where the Taliban is hiding out. After the American forces leave Afghanistan. -- thought about that throughout like you know -- -- -- -- -- start in their -- like GPS device that we can put him there. In the coleslaw or something and attract these catcher on the country back that far too intelligent forum. You know unfortunately this administration you know one thing that. Of course we know that we have to ask is you know. What is the case for. You know the argument once and while there -- children and -- things like. Well they would Cubans aren't here if that was the case they obviously a token and the chips that they wanted to you. But the -- actually. You know this is a pretty interesting situation that he's found himself in because. He is the one pocket about to get you. Charged in a civilian courts -- don't want that the tribunals in the military. -- equivalent. About forty. -- secret. That front actually decide unilaterally ticket to a guy like in Africa and get them back. We are not yet declared war against Taliban or not in a declared war against any state. And the idea that president would circumvent his -- work. The truck report right now and Jake are. Kelly in 2013. When this deal was presented. When -- -- shut it down with Democrats in the senate shut down. This -- -- his boat and so we will not move unilaterally without the permission of congress. And once again. And what are they got story. Well again MBS state of the union or is Rush Limbaugh calls at the state of the coup back in January. President Obama made it very very clear that whenever and wherever he could if he was gonna bypass congress and do whatever he wanted to do if he felt it was in the best interest of the American people we've actually got -- audio as part of what -- intro is is this just another example of the new post constitutional republic that is America. I mean -- I don't know that when he gets like that it it's it's just to me it it's just clearly obviously -- -- people in law enforcement you know enough people in the community. That you're overweight you know teaching operate you know the type of people that are out there away from hole. Risking their lives actually single day while the president of the United States talks about how important it is not leave any man behind last week. They closed that air base in Schofield barracks. That spent a 188. Dollars a year who were covering this actually and POWs. In the Pacific. On the side of the year. That they will go to the Vietnam Korea and locates you and I think Chuck Close that program in the DOD take that last week. So while we're talking about how important is to bring people won't. Are we able to tell you this action in Korea we have two companies were sort of I'm recovered remains in Vietnam. Damn the man can't get out its own way. We are -- you -- David Belvedere on news radio 930 WBE and and David the where do you see this going win this guy comes back to the United States I mean I I cannot see that this commander in chief having gotten the VA scandal the front page by spring in this -- are releasing five Taliban dudes. -- -- I can't see him as commander in chief allowing him to be prosecuted for anything. I think you're -- are correct I also don't believe that you're going to get. The hero's welcome that they probably play again. I when they -- -- now I'm sure that they were in the great photo opportunity. But having kids come home and it'll probably Wi-Fi at all three networks to do so I think that's gone. Because of what happened but I mean look what. And the lights out there again. Something actual TV which makes -- -- that's -- -- you reduce her credibility I mean that the that. The Phoenix administrators that the credibility in that -- at this point. And -- I mean we don't judge this soldier by parents. What. I. Get hot spot there with the no fly here. Show up at a press conference and speaking Arabic and -- It and didn't help. -- the word prayer in it for the career. This is just absolutely some of the most. -- this time. It will ultimately you know cracked open here at the other thing it's -- This is. -- car like -- Well very very interesting so up. It was -- -- that to the morale all David and YouTube have been there you've been to Iraq was as do in the field in the trenches to the people were still there waiting to be called back home. But I'll tell -- what does it is to make you look over our shoulder or places like Germany and Okinawa Japan that are you know the most part peaceful. And I'll open it -- kids to actually kidnapped. A service number and put out torrential. You know. A parent of -- of a soldier serving -- seeing. I'm telling that right now you know you gotta go pack five to kids. They hit the picture and -- happily resistance and would not be soft targets. And you know you just rewarded. You know that the shift of an American soldier is now -- -- the most. You know -- guys -- in -- accountable to excel. -- -- you know ensure your wrinkles or any of these areas that really you can have a kinetic physical sort of fight. I'm I'm put an -- magazine in my area. And I'm looking no actual or I think you're gonna see a whole lot of you know situation where -- going to be overly aggressive because you never know let you know -- and try to -- you sure you band somewhere in the middle. Indeed David ability I would thank you for your service but I just as soon give you a hug him buy you dinner next and resilience that Eric. Credit David thanks David bella via a news radio 930 WB BMR David -- friends we see each other. As much as I'd like but that difference. It's 521 let's find out about traffickers dollars. AccuWeather for tonight we are looking at cloudy skies will be breezy sticky a couple of showers and thunderstorms overnight low 65 tomorrow cloudy breezy humid a shower or thunderstorm 77. Right now were holding. A news radio 930 WB EN. So out anyway thanks to what David albeit for joining us once again here and I really don't know what else there is to say about this frankly. This was paid by opinion bad trade. It was done part to openly. A smarter president would have been. A lot more on the down low about this. Would have made secrecy of the deal part of the deal. Would have constructed a plausibly than viable story so the official public posture could still be well we don't negotiate with terrorists. You can easily set stuff up that way. If you put just a little fought in two. So the idea that we don't negotiate with terrorists. Well we do we have we done it before but now it's just out there in the open. So I agree with David this puts more Americans in jeopardy of also concerned about how many more Americans are going to die. Because of the actions of the five we released. 541. And five of their top guys for one guy of ours who. Basically has a real issue with being an American soldier doesn't -- the need to be especially prudent. But it did get the VA off the headlines -- these -- got the BA off the front page. For a few days so there's -- And that's how these people think always we have -- front page. Sometimes the idiocy of people who are supposedly experts at a certain field -- find amazing. You know that there are people actually think Andrew Cuomo has now turned it to the left suddenly over this past weekend. Folks. He's always been on the left. It's just that he let the mask slip a little bit. What makes you think this was some big revolution. In his thinking. What makes anybody think that this was some kind of a left wing -- 34 and group global. It's not. This is the same guy who said conservatives. Now welcome in New York. If you love your god if you don't like abortion get a lot of New York State I'm paraphrasing but that's what he set. That is probably moderate sets. Is there anybody who thought that Andrew Cuomo was a moderate Democrat. Because I've got to take this up then you've got the two brain cells to rub together pretty obvious where this guy knows his bread has been buttered. So all he really was left of the -- -- he looked a -- slipped down you know like maybe somebody throw some beads and live pretty sure a lot of well. In the short says. Yes I am extremely left -- Are at 545 -- for the united thirty WB yet coming up our organic that is something else that is very near and dear to block a view. I wanna spend a little bit of time talking about alzheimers. Because that guy who used all that basketball team. Supposedly has. And I know that that's up of what you guys are dealing with. A news radio 930 WB yeah. It's 530 its news radio I'm thirty W. You be the end Matt and up -- out of eight Monday with you on the radio are out and get -- first mosquito bites over the weekend. Yeah it's bug free and always been great for outside gardening but I noticed that Saturday about 8 PM -- the mosquitoes. Began. Base started it to come out and they flocked to me like this salmon of Capistrano. Like my body was actually born with on. -- the better off. Just to combat the but the losers any party to which she would ever invite me. I guarantee you will not get a single mosquito bite they will all be on me always been that way to always gonna happen. For some reason mosquitoes like some people more that other people I suppose it looked into anybody's blood would do. But I -- the mosquitoes I taste pretty ugly. It's gonna be -- Now. I joke about this some times. But I have to share this with you because it is. I find it. -- funny. In a twisted sort of way. Because. -- -- times have you heard me say. It's a cliche guns don't kill people you know. And the mass murders. In. California. Over the holiday weekend. The first three victims were stabbed and and I asked the question. How come nobody's talking about -- control. How come nobody's talking about and why safe for knives. And somebody sent me a -- And it is. Something that I think we need to keep from Andrew Cuomo and his ilk. For as long as possible this is actually story came almost ten years ago. On the BBC. Doctors are calling for a ban on long appointed kitchen knives to reduce deaths from stabbing this is in that that you carry. A tear for west Middlesex university. Said violent crime is on the increase and kitchen knives are used in as many as half of all the -- They argue that many assaults are committed impossibly. Prompted by alcohol and -- drugs and a kitchen -- often makes an all -- available weapon. The search was published in the British Medical Journal. So this story actually goes back to 2005. May 26 205. Ladies and gentlemen. Doctors kitchen knives band call which is -- -- they should be just that doctors call for bent on to -- knives but. If it's if they talk about it over there in Europe and of course Europe is. You know that is the example held up as the ultimate class and culture of sophistication. With upon bags and a -- -- It is but Europe is often held up -- -- -- great place and culture of sophistication by it the likes of Barack Obama and John Kerry. It's only a matter of time folks before some politician in this country goes down the same wrote. It will happen the only question is -- Now. I would point out that. We only have to look to England to -- other weapons that can be used to kill people. In fact. Like doctors ought to be concerned about silver -- Because it seems to me. That a serial killer named Maxwell. Killed three people. Using nothing but his -- whatever was just think about this according to Paul McCartney song Maxwell's silver camera recorder with The Beatles. I guess it took six days to do it but he killed -- Joan. Maybe -- was quite difficult she studied at a physical science right. Then back in school again Maxwell told the teacher and then the courtroom Maxwell kill the judge with -- over -- We need a ban on silver course clearly -- the song. -- in all honesty folks you'd be surprised how many people here in New York State every year die because hammers or some other. Object like a hammer used to basically if somebody stole it. It's not real good for the brain to think if you didn't know that. Now I want to -- move up. Because our part of it ought to save time for a happy ending because you can never go wrong with those but partly also wants to know. A little bit about you and that your background. Fact that's what we're running full background checks on every listener out of your words that were actually reaching up through the radio running a full background check on you right now. -- were not really doing that and just having some fun. Donald Sterling may you know that name I don't wanna get into Donald Sterling show as there was just starting off point for the conversation. -- on Friday that Donald Sterling of the clippers fame NBA you know don't bring blacks to play games. He's been diagnosed allegedly with alzheimer's. Now I wanna talk about. When you. First noticed alzheimer's. In a a loved one. Win how old were. What did you notice what was the first clue. Bet your loved one. Was going down -- dark wrote. And what did you do about it. Seriously but it took it I cannot think well I can't I suppose but -- it's one of those diseases. That. Not only is it -- for the person who has that. But for the people who take care of the person with alzheimer's. Or who love the person -- alzheimer's. It's got to be hell on -- So my question to you is has alzheimer's hit your life. How bat. When did you first notice. 8030930. Is the poll number. Start 930 on the cell phone. 180616. WB -- Has alzheimer's hit you or life. And it seems to me. I don't really have the science to back this up but is it seems to me that. Just hearing more and more and more. About people coming down with alzheimer's especially early onset alzheimer's. -- you think of alzheimer's a lot of us do -- something hits people and there are a they're seventies there things well that's not necessarily the case. I'd like your stories because Europe. I know you have stories to tell. And I know that a lot of you think you might be able helped somebody else and I think you could. I know it's not exactly a happy ending. But I got one of those all set aside I want to spend some time -- talking about you and alzheimer's. And -- close encounters with -- in your family. Or for that matter with a coworker. -- I wonder comedy people first. Are notified that a loved one has alzheimer's by a call from their boss. And are you aware that Harry didn't show up today. You where they came in at 11 o'clock and thought he was at wegmans. These things are gonna happen. One of my people on Friday said that the first sign that somebody had alzheimer's was. That. They stop brushing their teeth. That that was that was looking back on -- in retrospect not brushing teeth was the first site. Let me get -- phone number you're close encounters of receiving your close encounters with alzheimer's. When did you notice. How bad was it. And what you're doing your family. It's heartbreaking disease. There is no cure. 8030530. Is the phone number 803 all of a thirty starlet thirty and -- 180616. WB EM. -- first up here is sect Carroll in that lack a lot of Carol thanks for a chicken and lettuce and you've got a story to tell. My husband has set early dementia -- -- about glimmers. We pounded out eight and a half years ago when I'm certainly at the same question like within a five minute period. And you're talking to her sister and on it that you can't question three times -- you know but -- me and I hit cleanup program. And I. We're on out I ON and the veteran icon that Europe that we -- Partner -- they're adamant earlier alliger. We found out that event around just couldn't believe that he has just because that is his way he talked to people. All the. What in in the way he talked to people the constant united pressure. He was not Carlyle at -- -- -- -- -- -- out now it's been -- appeared that -- -- yeah without. But hours -- at. We're getting more more adept at it. I mean he can't sometimes it's a lot. Now he does have a hard time sometimes and it's really very trying to occur and that you're out that he left which -- Well and forgive me but he was how old when he started asking questions over and over and over again. 53 years old was there anything in his family history in as many. -- out one and he has a car at 91 years old and has the mind of check it. And every. Smart as a whip. Did he work with chemicals or anything that might have -- brought this about. I'm comfortable at home. What do the doctors say did the doctor offer you any thing as far as why your husband and -- the age of 53. No not that at all and we do we had a -- I'd tell my children so that's the primary. I'm so those children like it -- reports and the actor and I said this is our brother cherry. But nobody can break you said nobody in his family to your knowledge had it before her -- -- It up -- and I wonder fit. Again it's one of those things it's six of one and half dozen of another I -- it how her red theory it is and with what frequency occurs and does -- skip generations maybe has been in the -- but it skipped the few generations. Yet which exports are very comfortable. Now so what does this help. -- up. He. Ethnic Russians like. He started off thinking a little more -- Started doing. -- -- out a look at and he yet. You know and help timing and impact that actors. And and they're very -- it was where it is now. What kind of metrics to be used in determining Powell advance the case of alzheimer's views are are there steals they use were totally -- Right Rockingham. Leader Matt and our eyes and it it can't have that do. A lot of computer chat up like that yet it's like. Going to get for him by the time. And I'm an -- we got to get -- -- -- -- actually fantastic. It in her future callers I don't need names of doctors -- groups but for -- You think yeah you think you're okay and we ordered. -- -- such as we reached kept up on everything. And I have to say no I'm not a subject matter that DA has taken care. You're on the air -- It taken care of him and you satisfied with it. So on the day to day basis what is your life like dealing with your husband who now was how old. -- -- -- -- Actor so David day for you. What is it like because I can't begin to imagine. I'm I'm wary when I'm at a home. And I know and then that when he's out about I I can't really know where he is. Because I don't wanna -- that happened -- I don't want I don't want something did happen automatically you know like where -- or where shape C -- -- How do you keep. How do you keep tabs on them when your out. -- -- A phone yelling it don't say -- we know what each person jury. That day you know we're kind of trying to -- because he's very regiment there -- hearing these very regimented about some veterans sure all. It doesn't I'm kind of time and everything like that. It's here where I'm forgive my interruption I apologize is he aware that he's got alzheimer's. And what does it mean to him how does it register with the with the patient. He's younger not that it airs at that it's really good and -- I'm outwardly wary about it and maybe inward and -- he -- -- out and I were enough for all of us some. Yeah I'm. I'm the one that does OK it is unemployed and now. So at what point will you be able to word -- or will you not be able to take care. I. I hope I -- that I have petitioned. Or it should choose. I'm here until the day it -- -- Well I certainly wish you the best end have his kids offered any assistance -- they still and Tyrone can rely on them. I'm -- can -- on -- stage. I cut it at I needed some help I could buy everyone here in town without I'm. Yeah -- her her husband. Well -- hang in there -- idea while office. First sign of 53. Thank you very much. You know three all night -- poll numbers start and I'm 3180616. WB -- on top of Donald Sterling show. But the fact that he was diagnosed it was announced on Friday that he had alzheimer's. I want to ask you. Call alzheimer's has hit your life. Because. And you start getting into brain issues which somebody get a chance in the same questions 34 times within five minutes span of time that should be a give it should give -- 803 old I'm thirty is the -- restart 930 in the cell phone 180616. WB EM 548. Its hourly on on Monday. AccuWeather for today a cloud the rest of today. Well into deceiving at all. Breezy humid a couple of showers and thunderstorm overnight low 65 the -- -- have marked on Monday at the ballpark that you -- are accused chiefs -- first pitch is 705. Tomorrow cloudy breezy -- shower or thunderstorm 77. And we are at seventy. Eight days at news radio 930 WB -- 78. Tell me about it. How is it affected your life. How is it mail your family squaw in the face 8030 -- thirty -- and I'm 3180616. WB -- Mary in Niagara Falls is a witness Mary -- thanks for calling got to tell us about your situation what happened. Well like they're kept away 1991. -- different condition and -- along for the next ten years. I'm in 2001. I'm actually in our Labor Day it out and I practically lived at my mountain I was over there today all of us children who went to visit her -- children. -- -- -- -- So we didn't notice that sang. Like we shut out. She might get it done everything for her although this year so. We get figured it was just not she was dependent. But then when I went away Labor Day weekend. My Brothers and sisters went over there -- that Sunday. And she didn't in the door and after my brother broke and and she was in pretty bad intentionally took in the past but now. And they told us that we couldn't bring her home. That she was had full blown alzheimer's or need it to be hospitalized. Worse are the signs I have to interrupt you what were some of the signs that to you guys missed in retrospect. Moment I'm didn't write so -- the city we're worried about that fight. Her -- eating with a big thing. We -- -- -- man what you have to guarantee there -- I wasn't hungry. Or I ate a piece of fruit. She'd forget being varies greatly. And she called me up and -- can say I can't get on TV at work so I called her and she had. Yeah it'll all. Channel I never know. So we couldn't we can get into it Eric. VC RETC but there will be I would decrepit street's summer and I -- Paul mention coming up it won't work and I come back every English. Shut down and where I can't turn my TV and it won't work at school -- It was just -- click the button there are just little bank that we should have our. Who we called it errant back -- I would be going Arafat and and she'd say. All without their -- which is silly little things that you just take for granted you don't you don't think. But we should contact. Public except they put Aaron craft not -- my leadership -- And she. Also get parkinson's plus. What a whole lot if you could go hold out had to talk to more after the news but I need to hit this breakdown on time for change so do if you wanna add to that a blood darkest --

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