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6-2 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

Jun 2, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And it's. Wolves down upon the -- with great -- and yeah. India the hole looked. -- -- The fact he has yet Ford dead Americans what I'd -- -- protest that was because -- guys out for a walk when not decide they don't kill some Americans. What difference at this point does detonate. If you've got health care already. Then you can keep your plan if you are satisfied with a. -- and I don't know I didn't put. Good. People know and it's alive. -- local. It's Tom how early. -- -- white women that good news radio. Mr. Lamar you're sure to include in our edit his fourth -- is ready and I'm thirty WVE. And -- How are yet -- you gotta have some relaxation and says the stress sometimes they just think your relaxation and and by the way -- probably about as good. At guitar as -- -- I don't mean to brag but I did learn Bob Dylan's the times they are change and before -- came to work today thank you thank you very much which makes me the equal of -- and a lot of and -- anyway to know JoAnne is an amazing -- guitar player for her genre and -- -- figures to be -- -- that international guitar concerto competition semifinals Saturday June 7 at the channel seventeen studios minimum value is 41 dollars general contest rules apply. Caller number nine at 64498756449875. And -- -- her sleep you can play with my electorate a ten anytime you want. Really you can. If I would offered just anybody that privilege just putting it out their regional and just you know alright you know folks. There are a couple of things here that I think a lot of people are missing I did not hear this mentioned on -- -- today although Russia is not doing the show he's figured well earned vacation and honestly at that have a chance to -- word -- forward to everything instead by sandy beach and that Rush Limbaugh's feel that -- was a box -- -- -- okay. But a couple of things here that you need to realize number one. Obama is not the first American president to negotiate -- bad guys. Or terrorists we've been doing this for years. Never in my memory ever this openly. Usually it's cute T. And usually we would secretly released guys. And then this American soldier would just capital been spotted wandering. Around just as a helicopter flew over his exact position and asserted that produced it but that's his captors felt asleep. He took a walk helicopters spotted that. Is it. You know there's always a plausible the liability story they can tell but this is like all out in the open. Yeah we traded by bad guys for bowl bird doll. Number one let's just consider the politics of bears as I told earlier what does this story do what does it take off of the front page. Here's -- -- also -- with the military. You had it gets the BA scandal off the front page. That has been a festering. Impacted the wounded in the prestige of Obama with the military for quite some time. Even if he'd just blames George Bush like he blames bush for everything else. And again I can only imagine the media outrage if -- Republican had been in office blaming a Democrat who hadn't been in office -- how many years. The media never would allow Republicans to get away with blaming the predecessor. Even if the even of the point is valid. All right. Number true. We trade five of the worst of the worst of the worst. Taliban terror killers for one guy. Who probably is a desert. Probably. There is another guy. Obama to the rest of my knowledge has not raised a finger to get out. You know why. Because this guy. Was caught with guns in Mexico and what do we know about this administration and guns just like Andrew Cuomo and -- it's what we know. Yet they don't like guns. Well they don't like private people having guns. They think the government should be only people having guns. Alternately folks this is that everything is all heading toward gun confiscation where do you wanna admit it or not. But there's a guy by the name of Andrew -- -- he is a sergeant in the Marine Corps. And he served in Afghanistan. And last month. I thought -- been there for years. But actually last month he took a wrong turn he ended up in Mexico. He has been held in a festering with Scott a cockroach infested Mexican prison now. Because he illegally had weapons however accidental he illegally had weapons in his vehicle. And by the way the demarcation line apparently is not that clear as to when you were at during Mexico. Taking the route. Sergeant cameras he took. Man took the best of my knowledge the administration has done exactly Dick to get this guy out. Of the Mexican prison this. This decorated war veteran and native of floor why. 'cause he was caught with drugs. And the administration -- like guns. The administration loves deserters but not guns. I'm sorry that may be a stretch but perhaps not by much. So he's still festering and a Mexican prison. And by the way you might not know this but you really need to know. I don't -- you've got a permit in New York State. If you are busted at the Canadian US border with a gun. Chances are you spending a minimum of a year in Canada. It will be an overnight -- Chances are you're going to be in Canadian prison for a year however accidentally. You might have gotten into Canada. All right now. President Obama is enough and for this guy. Not that I've heard of and I can think of a million places in the world I would rather be -- a Mexican prison. -- -- Now both bird -- Bobo doll not exactly a hero. But I have give to those emails coming up but folks was this a good idea. I have of the worst of the Taliban released from gitmo openly in broad daylight. In exchange for one guy. Who probably was a dessert. Now there may be mitigating circumstances. Again folks if you're just joining us. When I get to these emails you if you're a fan of The Sopranos will notice a very clear. Similarity. Between both Birdsall sentiments and those wildly fluctuating sentiments expressed by AJ Anthony soprano Jr. in that the pictures TV show. From which I learned more than -- -- UB let's go girl in Hamburg on WB and Andrew welcome to the buy hourly program. -- Future. -- -- I -- our staff sergeant and 82 airborne over the weather at all and -- And I want and in the immediate area. And I'll probably in -- at one America and in the executive. Colonial about it. -- And -- people. Want like troll that you. Immediately that just deserted walked off an entry level -- was sympathetic. Everything like that. -- dare he express any concern your buddy over there did he express any concern that this -- golf Fella might have some. Mental ailments. God never said anything like that you resist worried. That hammer what is soldiers might adopt one might get hurt looking for him. And that happened we've had guys -- all looking for this bastard. Yeah yeah and not to mention just the people were confirmed -- and not to mention. -- -- asset backed up all the way to look for in the people are parts of the country. Decadent and helicopter support aircraft support. That you might not even hear about it ever occurred. You know in Denver -- did get killed because they don't have what they needed at that time because everything was. Sure sure. I -- that might have been used to spot Taliban fighters in the mountains was very instant factor re directed to look for this guy who left of his own free will so our guys did not have the necessary spotter in the year. I don't know how many times that happened but it seems quite plausible that that infected take place. So the guys in his unit how quickly did they come to the conclusion that he did not simply lag behind on patrol but that this was a conscious decision to. Go to the bad guys. Gerber and often that they do I think they do. The product you -- sympathetic that he wasn't he wasn't and it's -- you know everybody around on. Didn't agree with the left cause -- stupid themselves into what you can -- to debate you rate is right and foreign by. You know -- people don't think like that they really think they're gonna go there in and out bottled water and never have to pull the trigger and that's about the case. Yeah and that's -- those people should join the peace corps. And that way when there are about to be be headed they can think about all the Poland spring they gave. Yeah there that are already sick about the French foreign legion they're not out there you know build -- bridges that are. And Ralph Krueger cope with the Red Cross so. Yeah I've got to get into that in this article I will get into that in this article from the New York Post because this guy -- wanna play a seven. This guy I. I really think that there's -- I think there's something wrong with -- before he went over beer because the same kind of grandiose thought processes. That the fictitious character in the soprano AJ had this guy seems to -- -- About what is really giving too. -- Well -- I am glad you made it home. Safely and I hope that. You are getting proper treatment care respect and god forbid a job. Oh. There are mad bull look thank you for what you did a really appreciated and kudos. Don't thrill in my thirties poll numbers start at 930 on the cell phone was this a good trade five of the most notorious members of the Taliban names I could not pronounce but it is bad guys for one guy. That even as congress thought was a deserter this that doesn't make any sense to me. And not only is Bob gates has because of that it doesn't make any sense because how many American families are gonna be. Affected by the actions in the future of the five guys out. They still hate America. Let's find out what's going -- traffic here is Allan Harris. Well did you see anything -- down traffic wise they call Allentown the WB and traffic command hotline 80303218030321. AccuWeather cloudy breezy humid tonight a couple of showers and thunderstorm overnight low 65 right now eighty degrees at news radio 930 WB EM. -- -- for those who have heard the counties this both Birdsall who is the last POW about whom we know. In Afghanistan. He is no longer being held by the Taliban why. Because five notorious Taliban. Operatives were released from gitmo. Other gonna spent a year in gutter the country everybody used to pronounces Qatar but apparently incorrectly it's gutter. And they're gonna stay for a year in -- under the terms of the deal now. Here is. Some interesting background for and why if you wondering why I'm taking the approach. That I'm taking. I want to share with you because. The year really I think is. Indicative of what we got back in exchange for guys who hate America. -- all streams from the New York Post -- -- dream. Was to help Afghan villagers rebuild their lives and learned to defend themselves. The whole. Powder insurgency thing. We were given a fictitious picture. And artificially created picture of what we were doing in Afghanistan. According to -- -- father. Bowl. Would detail his we have always the guy -- we got three bowl would detail his disillusionment with the Afghanistan campaign. In emails to his parents three days before he went missing. So here's the timeline for three days before he went missing air quotes he writes I am sorry for everything here. These people need help yet what they get is the most concede that country in the world. Telling them that they are nothing. And that they are stupid. I'm gonna say that again. I am sorry for everything year wrote both Birdsall. These people need help yet what they get is the most conceit that country in the world telling them. That they are nothing and that they are still took all the United States the most conceded country in the world just oxygen. Bewilderment. -- -- -- your source of wonder Obama want this guy out there first place. I say whether it's 8030930. Under is ready and I think thirty WB EM. Yeah. Yeah. Or 33 Avery and I started WBM it is about lay and bad -- that's. And also about me. This animates them ball -- ball towards the Taliban because -- -- he made -- he telegraphed. Dailies in advance. What he was going to do. -- was dissatisfied with -- America's war in Afghanistan. And that. He. According to people and his unit was spending more time with the Afghans that he was with the Americans. Seems to me. That based on what we think we know right now. Bad. We have let five. Hardened. Killers out of Guantanamo Bay -- In exchange for a guy who voluntarily defected to the enemy. I don't think that's a good deal. I truly do not now he was a home schooled son of -- chemists. -- For what it's worth. Man. This is interest. At the age of twenty. He -- -- football actually he could. He was a every good shot with a 22 caliber rifle as a teenager. As a team. He I was recruited to be a lift. By a beautiful local girl according to Rolling Stone magazine. Now the left there is the guy who holds the girl aloft in a -- sequence. He also dabbled in buddhism. And -- tarot card reading. At the age of twenty. -- all traveled to Paris. And he started learning French. Why. Because of the age of twenty thought about joining the French foreign legion he applied he was rejected he was devastated. So he -- it. He worked mainly at a coffee shop near his all he briefly considered more than -- you got that that's in Africa remember Idi Amin. -- is Saturday Night Live always -- DD VD Amin. He briefly considered moving to Uganda to help villagers being terrorized by militias before deciding on a different adventure. He told his family after already having signed up I'm thinking of joining the army. Except he already had signed up and his dream was to help Afghan villagers rebuild their lives and learn to defend themselves. Now. Folks via parallels between this kid and the fictitious. Anthony soprano Jr. on HBO series. I cannot be overlooked year. The kind of -- wildly fluctuating dreams and grandiose ideas. I think there's something going on with this -- my I am sorry but I could help. So his fellow soldiers noticed. Bad -- they were more time with Afghans and less and less time. With -- with his fellow Americans. And if you noticed my voice pausing as speaker of my computer is locked up just why it was getting to the good stuff. If somethings that never change. Our what do you think of the trade 80330. Start I'm 3180616. WB EMI would be willing to trade my computer. At this point. For seven year old two dollar hooker I'm just -- Here is. -- Tom shoot your WBBM. First of all I'd like to thank all the veterans active and active and retired out solution or -- just thank you yeah. Okay now here's my take. You get the guy that he could be -- -- But now we item on our court system more we can try them. We import -- is Detroit. Very likely be school of thought seems to be that he's already suffered enough. I don't know I don't see evidence to go out there against them you're innocent until proven guilty. Get out of that. Who's the commander in chief. Let's let's just walk through this logically. Why -- the commander in chief President Obama. Want to bring charges up against a guy right he freed in exchange for five notorious killers. Answer he won't. With the idea or brought up yet but five notorious killers that they had a lot -- They couldn't bring them up on charges. I told -- they didn't have enough evidence to bring the cork and him up on charges. And that's different from the other guys that -- hall. There's talk -- -- to get -- that they don't have evidence. To bring them up on charges they're just that's why they're called detainees. That's right but here's what you do yeah a lot of -- lead you a lot of coal and Qatar group. What are what are they worry how -- you want to announce that. -- did very little room for maybe a year and a half ago that they have that all nobody else they get a lot out. While we got New Orleans. And you know little stronger written American citizens over the right now. Well American citizens who I have great sympathy for the enemy al-Qaeda and Taliban. Right -- while -- -- I wouldn't even call mobile. Ed good morning I'm -- inequality is more. What -- do you really erasers that you really think that the commander in chief who used this guy to get the VA off the front page and who will trumpet this is a great. The page and American diplomacy. Really think he's gonna ruin that by bringing this guy up on charges I would say highly unlikely. And these guys can vanish into the mountains how long it take us to find bin Laden. The most notorious man in the world took us how long. There's no commander in chief goal at church doing wrong via mobile. Well that's good that's irrelevant I mean you now you know it is the color purple not blue. You know why is this guy right. Separate is why I'm from mobile. I have no idea what you're talking about or how that is even relevant to what I just said think your right I disoriented I don't get you -- lost. I'm not following the train the chain of thought. Here's were ongoing these five guys are right. Five guys are gonna be free now in the gutter now I'm pretty sure that. -- have the run of the place. At what -- do about Osama bin Laden he was the most notorious. Six foot five guy in the universe. Was living and it took us how long to find them the most notorious terrorist of the world. So how long would take just a while these guys back twenty years. -- The only way that makes sense. Is if our government injected them with a sub durable GPS located. They do have votes. They do have him. You look on the Internet there's a time when it was not technically feasible. That time is long gone. In what to do I think you put it close enough to a major arteries so that it would be a real -- to get it out. Well you wouldn't wanna put it in the Botox. You put it close to something where if they screwed up you -- Let's what I do become a little twisted. Up that way it always know where they work. Sub thermal GPS. My FaceBook bridge. A couple of guys invented subdural GPS so people could keep and I literally on their spouses and where they were all putts. On the FaceBook just got a teacher. I read it on the Internet let's go to. -- in buffalo. -- And right. Hey -- I mean aren't accurate and thank our troops that support the troops. But aren't -- Ivan all the time like oh. My it's what. You know -- And yeah. I don't you're you've lost me here. I I have. I have no idea it would -- in the clams so what you sent. Clam chowder. New England -- Manhattan Manhattan clam -- sucks -- -- -- charters like vegetable soup with borders here is weighing in buffalo WB -- -- Yeah I know that girl she and her roommate in front. It is for 42 news radio 930 WB EN we are talking about. The guy who got released from. Guantanamo Bay actually from my captivity in Afghanistan. That's we're talking about. Released from captivity end in Afghanistan after he wandered off from his own base. And we know at least two guys. Were killed looking for this guy. We're gonna do early break I've got to get my computer back -- and running because it is about as effective as -- The lady with the plan called which is gonna -- Under Israel thirty WB. Paris giving a funeral actually behavior for 48 -- ready at 930 WB EN it is -- hourly. And out my opinion President Obama is a lousy negotiator is the smartest guy in the world. And this trade sucks we traded by. Five guys who are big shots with the Taliban who still in America who will still try to find ways to kill you and your family. In exchange for one American army guy. And even the guys in his own unit knew he he was not captured he did not lag behind them patrol that he chose to essentially. Defect to the enemy horror. Be captured by the enemy. That this is a lot that's a lousy trade. -- first of all you don't do these things in public you do them any clandestine way and you make it seem as though the guys suddenly escaped. And that. The guys that gitmo you tell -- -- to gitmo were not in the know yeah you know what we move these guys to another facility don't worry about it don't ask questions. And it's -- this guy gets picked up on Afghanistan and nobody knows we actually negotiated with the Taliban. But that's just not a yes well you know I guess I really shouldn't expect too much because this is the same president who did out. -- CIA station chief in -- Just last weekend cell. I guess I should have been a little smarter my assessment of the situation thank you but this guy's not a hero. The guy was released. Two Americans died -- looking for him and when you read his emails. To his family is pretty obvious that this guy. Was not down with American policy in Afghanistan and by the way I would add under Obama. Right he was an under Obama. Society with the military. Let's get back to the calls here is. Randy and all of them on WB and Randy alone. I. You know it sold my -- and they're -- they get more. And lying dead some type of intelligence and military actions. Perhaps some tracking devices. I mean what a perfect scenario. That these guys though. You know beat up Alabama which he deserves. And then be able to be in the position to. Track them down when they kind of gave net more than five -- -- I'm thinking along those lines and you can hit dead early in what do you think. Well if you look at my FaceBook page I put that up very early that I hope that we gave them sub thermal GPS tracking devices so that if they do start acting up with a -- it's as simple question of telling the drone where to go and word about. Exactly and dad would only be ideologically they because you're getting it it's like Canada and you know whole mobile parent loses. In a poker game and raise -- That's the only way this makes any sense at Ole. I told I mean it makes no sense unless there's -- that outside. There were unaware of and and in most cases were unaware of the real deals. Well you wait until their sleep then give an injection to make sure there any deeper sleep then you injecting subdural GPS -- to them don't even know what's in them and bay leads you exactly where you need to go if they start acting up. We're right into and I met my. Well that's how I do it but then again that's how people think rationally about this right. I think that target because if you look at -- game visited total demand. So there's got a piece of there and and a big Obama would have. The will -- -- -- at the age of military intelligence folks there and with today's technology. Yes there might be you know after -- -- here. Well there may actually be people left in the CIA and the military would brains of people Obama has not forced outer kicked -- -- encourage -- to resign. I certainly do thank you very much you eat eat eat eat eat it I mean whether or not spying reporters computers maybe they're actually fighting terrorists. -- let's find out what's going on in traffic here's -- Harris. And Joseph masters at a buffalo won by -- pull out of tickets for her a big guitar competition in the semifinals so well played Joan well played. AccuWeather mostly cloudy breezy humid tonight a couple of showers and thunderstorm 65 comedy if you get your first mosquito bite of the year this weekend holiday holiday that I did. They congregate to me I'm like seriously. Some people attract mosquitoes I am one of those people you should invite you to your next party -- nobody else would get bit and it'll be Sunday. Anyway it's eighty degrees right now at news radio 930 WB -- and the byes and have marked on Monday at the ballpark taking on the Syracuse Chiefs. First pitch at 705. I -- get back to this article from the New York Post. Two enlighten you just a little bit. As to why I'm not exactly dancing a jig in the middle of the street over the release of an American POW which is ordinarily cause for great celebration. This guy. It is. Not a hero. I'm sorry but he's not. I am sorry for everything you -- he wrote. These people need help yet what they get is the most conceded country in the world telling them they are nothing and they are stupid. They could we point out the obvious contradiction in that statement he's saying they need help. But -- he's also say that telling them they need help is -- -- Illogical. I also complain about fellow soldiers the battalion commander. Was -- conceded old fool wrote Birdsall. And only decent sergeants planning to leave the put too as soon as they can. Told privates to do this -- it. He concludes in this email. And that's basically I think closes the case I -- up and say. About this guy not the Euro certainly not being worked the release of five. Taliban big shots -- Let's put it this way if you doubt the big shots these guys were have you seen the video of the reception they got coming home. Yeah they don't do that for everybody. I'm ashamed wrote -- I am ashamed to be an American. And the title of US soldier. Is just ball -- of fools. I am sorry for everything. The horror. That is America. Is disgusting. That's a quote from Paul Byrd -- I am ashamed to be an American the title of US soldier is just the lives of polls. I am sorry for everything the horror that is America is disgusting. And his father responded in an email in all caps -- your conscience. So this -- out. And one of our Marines who wandered into Mexico with guns is still being held in Mexico. He should wandered into Mexico with a choral under is ready at 930 WB --

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