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6-2 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

Jun 2, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And it's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- can. Win this endless parade. Distractions. And political posturing and phony scandals. Washington's taken its eye off the ball. And I'm here to -- it. This needs to stop wherever and whenever I can take up. Without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what -- -- he. It's Tom hourly and his head fell off its live there and -- local happen. Our heads and I got up and Tom hourly and fixed tax. Unused radio. And he hits a our immaturity and I thirty WV you have a month and back at this and get back here for a five day -- -- -- works -- it could be their killer and absolutely killer why they work it's a law. We gotta get back to a four -- week thing seriously I like last week that was month. Anyway we have a lot of things that we're gonna cover today. Many on the WB and had a -- Baylor is a master control -- -- as your calls that are -- -- the Big Apple Friday and -- -- -- with -- on Friday and what -- -- -- -- -- York -- -- I don't think I want to know what you were doing in New York City but I hope that whatever it is you have fun. And Richard and come back with herpes -- I watch that hang over a little bit -- -- last night so that's that's what I had to -- When the fathers during the Mercedes over about everything stays in Vegas -- Anyway. Just a little bit I have extended the range of my image -- movie likes beyond dumb and dumber just so you're -- -- that. -- know folks. This is going to be one of those shows where I really need some help from people who served and who understand the uniform code of military justice who understand. How well the military works probably army works because I did not and. I will player as an outsider I think it's trade Sox. I think Obama made up bad deal. This guy. Is as far as I am concerned. I have to agree with my friend David -- Bird -- is not a hero. -- your rent some of his emails he sent all his father was a premeditated. Act. Of desertion this guy committed are right -- to make it even worse. To make it even worse other guys and looking for here. So you know what the bird ultimately the real -- The kid is coming all the families of the guys who got killed looking for the guy who voluntarily left his post they're not political hole. They are home at Arlington national cemetery and wherever else they may be eager to run the country but that's about it at. I don't understand. Why this guy. When we have an American raven who took a wrong turn and essentially who went into Mexico with guns who has been holed. Basically incommunicado. By the Mexican government now how long. He would have been a much better person. To focus on a guy who made it as a mistake vs a guy who willfully left his post. I know there are two sides to every story. But I think what you read the emails sent by this bird -- got back. Called to his parents it's pretty obvious that this was a premeditated act of -- of desertion. And he let the guys in his unit down he let. Everybody who wasn't in his immediate unit but who had to go looking for let them down. The guys were in cemeteries now he let them down because they died when they were looking for a so. The bird call family they can be real happy. Your kid has come at -- after voluntarily. Leaving his polished. -- -- -- Course some people say well he lagged behind his patrol. Rye. Folks you do see the obvious thing it's bigger right. We all are real clear what is -- obviously that's going up. Dude -- -- you know what I should actually open a Pittsburgh calls speakers. It's obvious. This is politics 101. What story inspectorate has been in the news for the past couple weeks and what story came to a culmination on Friday. With the resignation of the guy who was in charge of the -- Okay this story of the timing was designed for one reason and one reason only what was it. You know the -- That's a distraction. What did this story to pick up the BA out of public consciousness and put this story now into the public consciousness. That -- -- -- it was absolutely positively. For damage control because. Of the BA scandal. How many people do not see this. How many people do not understand that's how the game is played. Because now. Nothing that was going to do a show on the VA scandal put -- mind you but I'm sure there are lots of media outlets that would. But every media resource now that wanna have directed at the VA scandal they're now going to be looking at the -- situation. It's called throwing the -- off the trail. This is -- patently obvious to anybody who understands the sick minds of politicians I do understand they're sick minds takes -- to know. I don't 30930. What do you think of the trade I think it sucks. Now. If anybody calls me and says Obama is the first person ever to negotiate with terrorists. I may have made up my view. Because folks the official policy of the United States has long -- we do not negotiate with terrorists. -- has been the official stated policy of the United States we'd do not negotiate with terrorists -- not negotiate with terrorists. Because it gives terrorists an incentive. Take other Americans to get what they want that's why once you set that precedent publicly. And openly. It basically sends a message hey you wanna get your brother your brother in law your fellow member of al-Qaeda out. Your fellow Taliban sympathizer out take over America. So it's a bad precedent. To do it this openly this blatantly. Could have been done a lot -- the Q3. As it has been in the past by the way Kosovo anybody. Iran hostage anybody. Look this stuff happens and it happens all the time you've got one stated policy we do not negotiate with terrorists baloney. Absolutely baloney. While the Taliban used to be the government of Afghanistan. Yeah -- And it was the Taliban under which the September 11 hijackers -- and that's what it Afghanistan but again -- so they are terrorists. There isn't a distinction between terrorists and the Taliban simply because at one point the Taliban was the legitimate government in Afghanistan. A place that those were really gives a rat's ass about -- not the 9/11. Pilot's been trained there. Our jobs are -- about the nine elevenths terrorists other base in Afghanistan. And had not been such a breeding ground for the 9/11 terrorists. 8030930. Is via phone number now just numerically this trade does not makes cents. Is Obama that add a negotiator seriously I thought she would gear made some bad deals when he was -- general manager Buffalo Sabres. Obama. You know what. I hope that. Dirt girl and never hired Obama. To west strategize for the Buffalo Sabres. Not that that was ever a possibility. But. I know that he would trade away like one of our best -- -- I'm sure he would trade away. Five of our best guys in order to get one a crappy guy. If that's what this and it's. This is like trading let's see I should know what does -- mayors from the past and present. This dealer trading Patrick Kane Joseph pero dale talent Johnny Buczek. And Peter McNabb. For. Al Hamilton. Al Hamilton sorry Al I don't know just deliver around here a separate type its academic -- doesn't make any sense. On the face of it it makes no sense for about the reality of for a moment. Numerically the United States is giving the Taliban. I've loved the hardest nuts to crack. OK we are giving them almost near as the -- might say nearly half a dozen. Of the best guys in exchange for a guy who wrote some things about America. In emails back home. That really make me question exactly what happened when he was taken prisoner. And I have to tell you something else that. What you read up about this guy's history you know folks I hate to go here again. I I really go but I have to do. Which which reference -- the government dumb and dumber that would surprise. Surprise this guy. Reminds me. AJ soprano in the final season of The Sopranos now before you say all -- you've got to get up your soprano here. Please understand so -- folks when its failure to learn more from The Sopranos. Deadwood. And job I got one and two. Alert and at UB. In the an orgy between Anthony junior and this bird -- guy cannot be overlooked. God it was welter of ideas. This strikes me as being absolutely. I'm not. Going to be manic constantly say. The guy he you do know he tried giving it to the French foreign legion right. Are you do that he enjoyed -- Is he really thought is going over to Afghanistan to help the people there. It does that sound like and that's that is almost of this life -- a house. Guys I'm sure it's -- those familiar with the show addicted to it as I became one point in my life. And still am. It's almost Anthony soprano to ET. AJ junior age. Not not uncle junior but it that'd be sopranos yet because all these grandiose ideas right. I'm gonna -- the army. Gonna get a two intelligence on the learn how to fly helicopters and then -- -- going to be Donald -- personal pilot. And there to help the Afghan villagers. These are all things that he said when he read the emails folks that I've got them on my FaceBook page -- got links up to article from the New York Post. You'll see the analogy is almost perfect. I think this guy it was screwed up before even went over better. Honestly. I think he was. I think he had issues. I don't know exactly what tests they put you through what you -- list. I don't know what stress test they put you through I don't know exactly. How they screen out people who. Have. Mental health issues now oftentimes they may not even present themselves until after the age of -- It's not unusual for example for schizophrenia to first present itself in the early twenties. Look I'm not call this -- crazy on -- trying to hold open all of the possibilities here but I do notice. That everything this guy did it. Including his ultimate disgust with the United States is literally right out of season six of The Sopranos. You'd if you know the show you know -- spot on I am with it is it's it's like a perfect. It's like it's at its apparel. Really between bird doll and the fictitious character Anthony soprano Jr. and all of his plans for what he was gonna join the army. Memories jogging uphill and Tonys -- driver locked apparently that but that's not -- about but it tells his father is gonna join the army. Got that that's what I'm talking about. Now. A lot of air for those of you who serve I could be. Let him and just called my friend David Bell earlier. But I don't wanna bother Dave well I suppose I could call David good. I'd I'd rather hear from you guys are other guys who served in Afghanistan and Iraq you recent guys. What what do you think it is bird dog. Because I think he's borderline traitor. Unless he has some mental disease or defect in that air which I hold open as a possibility. And that we've done enough shows on mental illness over the past thirty years. Bad. I have gold medal but as a possibility when I see somebody who tries to join the French foreign legion. Who enjoys the army who then decides he wants to help villagers who -- calls the United States the most conceded country in the world who then decides he's gonna wander off base and who then apparently meets up with this group. And it's taken prisoner now we did try to escape at one point. He didn't get up he tried to escape one point I know that. But. Folks. The real heroes in this story. Are not Obama. And there are not per adult. The real heroes are the guys who died looking for Borg -- -- -- heroes. And let me tell us up. Everything I have read online from people who know this stuff because they are either serving -- they have served over there and Afghanistan or Iraq. The test. They don't really pissed off. The call this guy traitor and worse. They think you -- -- be at work. The said that this morning leavenworth the federal -- 803 old I'm thirty start at thirty. And a 180616. WB EM so shortly we distribute my my short -- number one. This did not start when Obama just say you know as much as I would like to say Obama is the first president in history that is negotiate with terrorist in nature. Even back to Thomas Jefferson in nature. All right we have negotiating with terrorists before not this publicly but we had. At least in recent history that is good about this publicly so let's get that out of the way right now this is not Obama. Being an idiot this is -- well. Maybe by being so open about it. But this has happened before and it's going to happen again usually though it's done on the extreme down below you know that right. Or we send Jesse Jackson so one good thing Jesse Jackson's that it is like he has he has got some people back from bad situations so yea Jesse I met. But anyway. I want your take on news. -- when I first heard we were -- five of the hardest nuts from gitmo or culture or -- however that failure senate. I just have a bad times saying. They're sending them to a year in gutter and I feel like I have like a bottle strawberry ripple in their hands and I you know a mall than the other. But anyway they're -- daughter three year. Now. We get one of our guys back who frankly was a real good dot. It is in my opinion in my opinion you know I think. I think that there are some issues there I think there are some issues that manifested themselves what once he got over the -- maybe they were triggered by stress maybe get a tendency toward weird behavior that. Went off because of stress I don't know. But I do know that -- guides and Afghanistan do not voluntarily wander off base in hook up with the Taliban or with that this particular wing of the terrorists were fighting. And I also know that people really get pissed off when they're worried uniform and -- told to find you and you left of your own free will. And they see their buddies die because the EU. Even in saving private why. Do you remember how pissed off -- and got. When they were trying to find. -- get folks I gotta I gotta draw an analogy here to the movies. Remember when they finally get to the village I forget it wasn't the last -- it was the first village where -- big guy I would say the statue went to this couple looked. Robert and that's what they started talking about the whole mission be in full bar you know we lost one of our guys to bring home this rise -- -- Well how would you like to lose what are your guy is trying to find a deserter. At least -- -- in the movie. Was a fighter man he was an all American route. And by the way god bless you are coming up the seventieth anniversary of the day. Am gonna give my heart a fist bump and just tell you guys respect those of you who were still with us who were there on. 1944. God bless you thank you for what you -- -- -- -- -- -- -- back as a Jimmy Page which which one of the guitar gods of with a yard bird on this version of the song I ask you. As Joseph -- suddenly decides to look it up. He was a sailor died as a bartender. So are you might hear some hangover references today because and expanding my repertoire of movies that ordinarily -- eighteen to 34 year old man. However I am absolutely amazed at the number of women I have met recently who know dumb and dumber as well as I do it's frightening. For thing I tell you. Anyway -- don't buy hourly review well you know what. Look -- Tom don't you talk about bread and circuses yes but I also talk about everything in ballots in everything in moderation. And there are times when you must put you're brave and logical thought on hold and you just have to badge out and if you don't do that if you don't laugh. You might as -- not be alive -- actually folks it is science. And I want oblige you with science so now you make love to bat. Little Marie had reference their -- Actually have musical put together -- the guys from ABBA. No not not do it for you really anyway it. I'm just gonna get out of this hole really sooner or later but a good belly laugh. Here's where this is going a good belly laugh every day you know that that is the same affect on your health as yoga. Did you know. Now -- you don't get the fun of buying yoga pants that -- three sizes too small. Am -- going to Wal-Mart but it's almost as much fun now up. We're talking about something serious. I think I'm funny up we're talking about something series and that is betrayed. And folks. Look I do not. Agree politically with Barack. Obama. On virtually anything I think you know where would you expect me to on the guy whose anti state list. On the guy who says up yours Michelle let's schoolchildren decide what they're gonna eat let schools decide what they're gonna -- They wanna have by betting machines have bending machines. Potatoes Michelle really you're gonna go on the offensive against potatoes. Bite me that's me I don't like the Obama's when he wanted to say I don't like them per well I've never met him. Please you know the funny thing is not thinking about this I don't think I would like Michelle under any circumstances. Could probably have a pregame conversation what Iraq is largely given the politics. You know I think we can probably hang out together -- smoke a joint owners open. Under certain qualities but it would. -- -- there. Jeff Beck and no not gonna where you are at let's just move on shall we all written. So I don't agree with a lot. Politically with Barack Obama. I am not going to excoriating Barack Obama for negotiating with the Taliban. Because anybody who knows how things really work as opposed to the crap they taught -- school. This been going on folks for hundreds of years our government has negotiated. With people as bad as the Taliban. They just usually don't publicize it like -- they usually every plausible that night I plausibly the viable story. You know -- suddenly the guards at Guantanamo noticed that five seltzer and the other told yeah we transferred to another facility. Well OK and then suddenly this guy. Wonders. To a field at a helicopter just happens this bottom from the air it usually it's done a lot or the download in this and those of you who've been involved in special forces special ops or intelligence you know that I know what I'm talking about. It's not this open it's usually plausibly deny able that we talked to terrorist the out of this -- ladies and gentlemen. There is there are arguments that are made and I do not believe that they are entirely without foundation. That Reagan bush actually held up the release of the hostages in Iran back in the 1970s. With the election of 1980. Up for political -- That is what is the hostages were into Iran at the embassy that was a sign of America's weakness. And they wanted it to continue. And the Arabian supposedly got a whole bunch of American missiles in exchange. Now proving that I can't prove it. I cannot prove that. I know that others who are more. Into conspiracy theories if you will have written books about -- That Reagan bush intentionally held up the release of the hostages in Iran. For so they can beat Jimmy Carter in 1980 because remember one point that election was really really really really really close. Even though it was going to be a Reagan landslide first time out. And in exchange for Iranians got missiles. And folks. Given what we know about Iran Contra that was admitted under oath I would not put that past Ronald Reagan or George Bush. And Ronald Reagan remains. My favorite American president of my lifetime. Unfortunately folks politics and I've told this a million times its blood sport. Politics is blood sport it is a dirty -- awful sleazy business okay. Now some people -- better intentioned and others I believe Reagan was. Well I do. I think Ronald Reagan had his heart in the in the right place I really do I think he got it as far as the big picture -- he was not above making deals with a double and if you think he was. You are putting a halo on the man but he does not deserve look he's my favorite president to. Up in my lifetime and maybe of all time but to pretend that. He was totally without sin and totally. Shall we say consistent in what he said. Don't go there because he wasn't. He was a politician. In in the final analysis every single politician. Will sell their souls say it with a 48 day old slice of bread -- Obama Reagan bush fill in the blank it doesn't matter it's tweedle dum tweedle date. And again folks I hit the hit -- with reality. -- and sometimes reality is not popular in fact it usually isn't big the myth buster sometimes. Can be a bitch and can be a lonely place. So getting back to it. Barack Obama is not the first president to make a deal with a double. Right I have I convince you bet if I'd done my due diligence on that okay are we could talk about Clinton and -- of low in the deals were made. But I don't think I have to go any further the official policy of the United States -- we do not negotiate with terrorists. In actuality. For many many years even before Barack Obama we have negotiated with terrorists okay. Usually though it's just a lot more on the QT download and there's that's part of the deal. So that's number one however. Barack Obama did not make a good tree. This guy we're getting back. -- at all. Is not exactly. Met -- All right he's not exactly a Sullivan brother. He's not exactly somebody I would call a hero. Get me the best I could say would be -- slow in his processes or possibly had a mental issue. The worst I could say is he was a deliberate deserter. And reading his emails back and forth to his family in the days before he disappeared. To be taken prisoner by the Taliban folks. I'm Reid summed up what he wrote as we move along if this topic works for air and you have something to say about it. Up by the way my phone number is 803 all right thirty you don't 30930 start at thirty on the cell phone. At 180616. WP GM 180616. WBM gonna play her best city beach this morning doing the 800 number. -- screw it up the numbers and sandy I don't even remember the numbers that's why I did say at 180616. WB EM I trigger put it on the audience the figure out what numbers may be when they say the letters so I was laughing at home thinking. Sandy that's precisely why I don't give the number I just -- the call letters. So I've just my little less secret by the way if you miss -- showed today he talked about this and I think we have similar opinions. And you can go to the WB audio archives and you can listen every single show every single -- done by sandy beach all of our Buffalo's early news interviews we do as well as every feeble attempt at quality radio I put on. Monday through Friday from three until seven. So there's the great Anders being near great and -- the ridiculously mediocre. To look forward to -- Europe PC so there's now. I had to get my -- reference and today idea that cleared and out of the way so. This is a bad trade why is it a bad trade we're giving up five of their best guys for one guy frankly of dubious. Patriotism. A dubious service to his country. All put it again in hockey terms I'll try to use different names. We have just given up. At that. We have just given up fill us busy you know. Wayne Gretzky. Patrick Kane got a mention him again sorry there's just no getting around it. -- -- -- And it. More Reese Ree shard. We have just given up those guys. For. Eight journeyman Winger. All due respect -- ceiling. I mean actually this -- is -- even Rick -- Those of you for a long time sabre fans remember that we could have Mike Bossy. We got -- -- Rick -- and no no disrespect intended direct but I mean I they he would even realize that Mike -- scored to help a lot more goals than -- -- and and -- was basically give the right last name and hockey like everything else is an old boys club. Anyway well we want this. It is 344 bidders radio -- thirty WBE end. So folks what's your take on there's. First of all I don't have a problem with the president. Talking to terrorists because other presidents have done it just not this open I have a problem with his and basically try putting it to the world. The political motive was to get the BA off the front page. So his motive I think is suspect year. The deal itself Sox. Really we've traded five superstars. For a fourth round draft that. That's essentially what we get. We have traded five superstars. We have a bears for somebody who might I didn't make it in the NHL. And you better believe the NHL was just weeping. You can I can almost imagine the tears in the NHL head offices right now the mere thought of a new York and Los Angeles Stanley Cup final. The two largest media markets in the entire country all they are probably wailing and gnashing of teeth and everything else he says sarcastically. I think the trade sucks. You know a deal would have been fine we're given up way too much. For guy who I think has a lot of explaining to do. My personal thoughts. Do you guys who served always -- LI MI wrong. MI wrong. I want you to think back to Saving Private Ryan. And help pissed off that platoon was. That they kept losing their guys. To save one guy private Ryan. Cool in the movie turned out to be a real fighter. Don't thrilled I'm thirty start I'm 3180616. WB yeah. Let's go to Tiffany amber to lead is often very Tehran welcome to the -- show when bill -- I said to irritate annoy you or make future. Well I'd say think -- we don't Wear people out and like you don't know what I'd Wear it. But so maybe -- thank all of you when you record will be. Apocalypse Now and the on site to pick up on their property back. And dominant and at -- Apartment and it will take it got out they traded. We -- with with all due respect how much about this story have you read and I I I don't wanna be I don't wanna be a jerky talk show host your how familiar are you with this story because it doesn't sound like you are. -- -- -- can you just tell me again how familiar you are with this story because this guy had been held five years -- you know there. Okay do you know bad. Other guys died they were killed in missions trying to find bowl Bert -- Okay do you know that there were not any active missions defined -- ball once it became clear that he was not exactly a hero. But a probable deserter. All. Well if it is true I mean it is true once once they realized. Well I didn't get my daily briefing from language but there's always tomorrow. Story about. American home for five of them. Don't even though it might be sick and all. These people aren't. But sir I -- I think you're looking -- with all due respect I think you're looking -- -- the wrong way. How much misery to America are the five guys we just let out of gift I get well. Going to cause in the future to other families because we have the bird -- family with a -- kid wondering when the whether -- was gonna come home. But how many families in the future are going to be mourning loved ones because these five this -- five. Are plotting against America it's what they do. But we're that's not been gays and bought and that's great works well -- so we're both OPEC and an op apartment and -- from the these guys might come -- and that affect America. Certain you know what the number of Americans who have been killed in combat by guys we have let out of gitmo is staggering I think it's about fifty. Probably guys develop and protect -- by all American. I'm sorry how many guys we let out of prison got killed by -- by other Americans. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I think so we agree that. Because you just buttress my point. Oh without meaning to Richard. I don't think we're gonna agree on this one. And I would encourage you know what. This they Elisa because I want to be a listener I don't want to be an enemy I want to listen to me wanna come back from the break would you just would you do that. -- -- thank you for calling and I want to address what you said in an article I have that at Langley did not tell me about. All right thank you and I'll I'll hang up and you can listen -- on the radio. -- -- you know that are ridiculous. And it is. As I say keep guessing person we can guess and it is 349 -- Israel I'm thirty WB yet it has hourly. -- -- -- AccuWeather for the arrested today cloudy breezy and humid you might see some showers and a thunderstorm much to be -- the -- -- -- -- who -- lawyers at me every time I come home when I'm not -- it. Comfort her during a thunderstorm. Via overnight low 65. And that tomorrow cloudy breezy and humid a shower or thunderstorm around 77 right now it's eighty degrees and it is sticky and it's marked on Monday at the ballpark. Buys -- -- on the Syracuse Chiefs first pitch is 705. This one of those days -- the -- are stagnant. You could leave for work break wind as you leave your house come back and it's still bear when you open the door that's how stagnant the -- is outside. On how to get to that article after the news giving you some more information about this guy. That we just traded five. Real mastermind terrorist work. This guy I'm sorry folks he may have worn the uniform he may have spent five years in unbearable conditions but he chose to do that. He's not a hero as far as I'm concerned and I'm gonna explain why after the news or I'm gonna refer some emails he sent to his parents. You know basically. This guy would have been better as a conscientious objector he would have been better even joining the peace -- let's go to show on in East Amherst on WB and -- -- Yeah I don't -- Artists they explore a possible deserter. And as this that I have not in the emails but as Tuesday American truck or and what you. Alleged efforts truck you wait wait you'd trust my judgment. -- wanted to -- sir I have no idea what folly you just committed to please go online feedback compliments. There are -- All. Well here's young men who have lost their lives on the mission to understand. And not to mention I don't can't get over the fact that we work. I mean. I can -- bad week and negotiate with terrorists in the past is over about 020 like this that it has been -- usually. Little bit more secretive. -- I just completely agree with what you have to say that -- I'd just. So good over the fact that these are masterminds are born you right there it. This banner at all -- senator going to be killing our troops and it just it just made me very anger. -- the recidivism rate for people we've let out of gitmo -- -- end up back in battle is enormous I think it's like 80% but they're somebody would have to clarify that for me that's the number -- one point 8% of the guys we -- -- -- -- and of going back in the battle against the United States. You know thank you grimaced recalls are appreciated. Judge George you need a four or five unit for. Past 354 news radio 930 WB EMC said that. Veteran auto repair received best. All right the dumb and dumber reference its -- coming up -- gonna give your side of the story of this released soldier you may not be aware of that is gonna make you go. Oh really on WB --

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