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6-2 Beach and Company Hour 3

Jun 2, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Back where Abidjan company's growing number of people concerned about this and trade of the more we learn about sergeant although less excited we are that we are traded made this straight. But this -- a sport straight this was traded -- could come back and Armas. And maybe come back and -- -- or John McCain Senator John McCain well known as the certainly senator but also as a Prisoner of War said that these five -- hard core of the of the most hard core of the hardcore. And so it is the absolute worst of the worst that we have set loose and don't think that people like this who have devoted their life. Two of the activities that the vote they've been involved -- Are set to retire and is that why you know -- -- Taliban days are over we're going to retire no I don't know they keep going like the Eveready bunny. They keep going and maybe harmless and the futures or asking with his prisoner swap. Is this more danger to the US and I think it is. And a more standing to the Taliban and I think that is so. -- a negative yes we've got a US servicemen back some say that he should be put on trial. -- -- Let's go to us Sam in Rochester Samuel on WB yen. I think it is the government going and for decades as -- back in Japan we've really. Prisoners terrorists whatever you want a problem without getting anyone and it -- it was just that bad rumor a lot of well a New Mexico saying that. The president whoever the president is going to be at that time release of these. Terrorist. Because they didn't appear to be dangerous anymore where did it effect and it became dangerous because they got. Continue to tell our soldiers. Again. So these -- and Atlanta under and standup painting is gonna happen the only thing is supposedly. We got. I'm willing captive I have to. Identify him is that going to added anybody. Rocks and armed into the enemy camp is that willingness detectives. But that. Information tank hit the and it was. I'm a devout Christian. And for whatever reason he. Wandered away from his stayed and took out but they don't -- But are you. -- -- statement. So what they'll do some. Something senator. Well as some -- -- probably written reports say you're right he left without is a weapon. He also has made anti American statements in the middle of his one year Tories and his belongings home. Different things like that which would lead you to believe that he didn't believe in what he was of their did do. And and as the term willing captive was just used that might applaud him. Maybe this is why you released. They want to use them for propaganda purposes. And they expect him to speak out against. Been well. If that's the case that we got nothing if that happens salmon I don't know other well enough but if it does. Then we receive nothing we gave them five of their hard core they gave us one of our allegedly one of ours and if he turns and speaks against us then we rarely got a job. Well. It. Alabama broke party did learn notified and we're certainly working with at -- If you want to maybe they would have come back with something substantially better I mean I'm not for this but maybe it -- told about what looked. -- at a bank here. They have throughout. The only media except one what for want exchange. And maybe and so it would work. I reviewed article to -- -- him on the area and I'm thinking they've already put out. Put out B word that today he was ill and probably would -- died in captivity I don't know maybe -- trying claim some kind of emergency status. Because it outlines the president's. A powers and what the president has to share with congress. Well I it's just a case of the end. Justified the means. To get the prisoner bank. Regardless of what it. We thought -- -- that's being polite we got to go to the Taliban and say. You release their prisoners are working. They -- particular person. Doesn't -- to use them that this president seems to go out of the way to try and ever put on the the image that he is more progressive than the prior presidents he is more -- reaching out. Trying to have a one world kind of situation it seems like he goes out of his way to do that at least in my eyes. -- Progressive and a negative way more erratic. It looked like rightly angered ten. That means I can't. If you do things like he has released prisoners in the past we do know that and he seems to always take that kind of an attitude. If if we ever get in forcefully it's because we're kind of force of pushed into it not because he wants to do it because he thinks it's good for the country. Well we -- very violent. And it was a sign of weakness so you can pretty much figure out what's gonna happen and a future. I'm glad you use that word. Because I remember after after nine elevenths. That the president said we're going to be dealing with the people we normally don't do -- whatever and we started talking about the mindset the American mindset. And the foreign terrorist mindset. For instance so what we might consider compassion on on our half. Is considered a weakness by the enemy and you have to know how they're gonna read this stuff. He's shown a lot of weakness I think of foreign policy. He's distance us from traditional allies and so basically this is a prime time to make some moves if if they can. But going back to win Ahmadinejad was present them any kind it was a Bhutto's. I was there or whatever they were called there -- people that banning north Vietnam. And wouldn't that nothing in the just like in the war. And it would really see prisoners. POWs. But. The other guys didn't release our prisoners. So you know weakness -- violence that's that the bank of weakness but just try to take advantage of it all in the future they'll -- it and -- Yeah -- military are not diplomats the military there and do a job the commander in chief is there to protect the whole country. And if we have to use the enemy with -- -- effort we have the use of military we have the as a thank you. But he seems very reluctant to. To do that sort of thing and the economy. Ever does when he's pushed indoors has no choice is kinda corner. I don't trailed Montreal 1806169236. Start -- thirty is this going to pose more danger to a US personnel both in the military and civilians. And -- standing for the Taliban with thinks will be back. It is reaching nobody -- David Olivia has posted that -- this sort of thing really helps of the Taliban both in fundraising which we have -- and recruiting. So you get fund raising recruiting PR. And especially for the more we learn about the -- we got back. Those five can go back and and spread the good word about though you know what they need to get done but I don't think -- that the good sergeant. Sergeant -- is going to be a recruiting for our side. So it seems like not a great deal not a great deal he was wearing our uniform but perhaps wouldn't -- been our top choice to. If we're gonna make a deal like that to bring someone home who will see -- -- goes but I am asking you is this going to be more dangerous for the US I think so. And what's disturbing to me is this is so political now. I mean it's it's all political for once I'd like to see somebody -- Affiliation with one party agreeing with the other party. I just once I'm not a homebody kind of guy -- I don't think that's realistic. But I do feel that he can't everybody can't be right or wrong that there has to be somebody. Who has different idea but right now it's either of the president's greatest thing since sliced bread because he's just -- soft. Or the president didn't go follow the constitution. And go to congress and get the permission needed and either he gets all the credit or should get no credit I mean there's. That's that's what it's all about everything we talk about on Washington's like that now. Whether you're talking about the VA or the it's -- no matter what you Panama the IRS it's all political now I have never in my life. Seen in the country as politicized as it is right now and and that's a good reports OK Chris a couple of FaceBook entries. Trees this one comes from a -- he says I don't think Obama negotiated this exchange or anything more than a photo -- his numbers are falling he's trying to change that. And each is given her enemies in new tool to use against as buck onto his half brother who's you know. -- fifty cents that's his half brother you guys have black if -- and a half brother -- thirty cents right got to look at. Gloria actress this is -- and obviously it's -- Chris is not. He's he refuses laugh even had a fabulous joke like -- we're glad it's him I -- I know it's. Germany she says five top Taliban for one American soldier negotiation is that now these five invoke cause more harm to Americans. I just don't feel good about the situation I am put her on that 1 really am Klesko to. Pat I'm pat in Lancaster on WB and. And tell. There aren't there recorder supermarkets and ticket chill our soldiers or. Think that and whatever soldiers over there now. And doesn't walk around and talk I'm expectant home because these five have been released that there are there now are more objective danger. I don't say that a -- what I do say is you have in any organization whether it's military commercial industrial does not matter. You have you have the top core. These are the most creative thinkers these have been motivated as these are the people can recruit these are the people can help raise money if you take the call are the best people by having give them back to them. It will rejuvenate everyone else and so yeah you can only kill somebody wants but maybe you can kill more now than you could before. -- -- -- -- But a moment. That is position -- if you don't worry warts though. Maybe it would go to one more -- true without Patten without Eisenhower without Marshall. We're we're about to go all of the generals over allies maybe we could've done it anyway. But it's certainly helped to have -- to have the top minds there working on the project. I agree it -- -- Always -- and what we're talking about our current partners are the Taliban. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What we're. They could offer these. To our. Are you wouldn't -- I don't -- Perhaps a recruit. Well. What's -- -- -- I thought security clearance. Some advocates are actual -- potential -- our -- we don't know it yet some. And own arm but it's cost and what we've almost all. But. It could pass judgment call upon. -- -- art without knowing the actions. Responsible. QOQ what. Are the Pratt and corporate group or older children and that the right. People to a single. As it gave the -- -- the market generals. Are. -- -- -- -- -- -- that you think that Iran has -- -- are allergic -- that's important partners such data. I don't understand your position to be honest wouldn't know he doesn't operate in a vacuum he -- and he allows outside did you import as but it depends on who's giving -- -- There -- as you know -- as a -- during any kind of conflict there are those who ought to be more aggressive those who want to be less aggressive but as commander in chief he's got to make the decisions it just seems like that's. 12. It just seems like this is a pattern. Of his through trying ends up being more out reaching then prior presidents in some places that works in some places it's seen as a witness. Well Cocoa Beach a couple of important disagreements are went -- -- I. Could and there -- transcript -- and -- So we turn and not your artwork that it could be you. Against our people. There are 52 Americans there as you recall because I do and you'll notice when they released them when Jimmy Carter -- to Sharia law a person can make a difference all right. When Jimmy Carter was president no lock though we have the helicopters that are going down a rescue mission. As soon as Reagan. Took over office before I think he was actually in office then release them. That tell you that a person especially the president the United States can make a difference that I think he's putting out signals. A weakness which is -- which which others that pickup or on the country thank you recall. That's awareness and to think that. To my mind to think that all these five guys -- -- be any worse while it can be worse. I mean if you take that -- if you take that top. Either a disciplined guys creative guys energized guys guys are and that not all guys are -- women probably not this group with. It it it'd that it generates. Enthusiasm. And dedication throughout the ranks pay our leaders are back we have now we have a a new rule a new goal a new feeling about success. Don't think people can make a difference especially motivating people more into the a search and destroy kind of outlook. And that helps raise money would you rather give to a group that has no no discernible leader. Would you rather -- handover. -- possible life to somebody you don't believe -- or would you the expression is follow me over this hill. The people that followed the leaders over the hill. There's a reason for that because they believe they were superior in what they were doing. So I'm not buying at all that doesn't make any difference. The the high quality of these guys as far as being terrorists that makes a huge difference. Will be backward -- -- -- company under his record to 930 WB. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. That call us now 8030930. Cell calls are free and -- 930 -- toll free line is 1806169236. Bad Religion governing. -- exceptional and a guy who said it doesn't really matter how many times Emmett -- somebody more than once it's possible course. He was talking about the five that we've just released to the baddest of the bad according to John McCain they're the most hardcore hardcore. And now they're gonna go back. And be involved again they're not gonna retire. So the -- made the point that it really doesn't matter and I say it does matter leadership matters. Ingenuity. Matters creativity matters I mean I'm here. I'm here to Entercom have a lot of talented people we really truly go to those Janet nick and waves over there is little isn't. And know Mike should open Bulldog and we've got a Bentley over there 107. A lot of talented people here and don't think that every day. We're not grateful for the leadership -- some point here and Gregory we get down -- every single day for their leadership. You -- it and -- OK let's move. No I I think it's kind of what's the word I'm looking for shortsighted to think that. Great leaders they'll make a difference as if these guys have a hard core of the hardcore. Then they probably are more creative they're probably more determined. They're probably able to do things that lesser people couldn't do within that organizations though. Obviously I disagree with that thought that it doesn't matter whether there -- not. Today I would think that it she would be next in Hamburg Shia Iran WB again. -- issue. That you don't -- -- quite right it. Richard -- early in front of power and can't. A Baryshnikov or or -- A very old Gregory Hines okay go ahead. I'll bet you can't be. Anymore. And -- How about the -- everything and the American that would apply in Iraq and now and it had a better. -- It should be part. About it trying to give our nation and alarm. And we're happy that I -- again. Well I'm afraid that is gonna come back -- honest the thought of these guys -- just fade into the woodwork or retired to the Taliban home for the ages not gonna happen they're gonna be active and there's a reason that they are considered the bad -- some of that -- we don't wanna see that reason rear its ugly head again. We might -- any department and again. I like that and it comes a lot of and I don't want a full spectrum and yeah I don't want to -- I hear a lot of glare at night vision Iowa thank you very much. Yeah up and I don't wanna totally politicize this but the the political aspects of this have been raised rights right from the beginning. It just seems like he wants he has an image of himself as more out reaching. More progressive in the term of lets all bring together and get together whatever we have our differences but they can all come -- you know that kind of attitude. Than previous presidents however. That kind of an attitude may works somewhere under some circumstances. But when you're dealing with terrorism all that's seen as as weakness plain and simple weakness. If they. You don't want them to love you you want -- -- fear you when a case like this. There are some some places where you want Bob instead of fear but this is not one problem. A when you're talking with terrorists. If they you know if they don't fear view it emboldens the it emboldens them even move all our. If that's possible. Think and -- got their floored to via. They get their petals in the floral what's in the today Tony. That I drink something in my coffee. They got the petals of a metal all the way all the time this just helps keep it there. I couldn't of the callers earlier -- why -- I'm thinking about a lot of things you know. Yes you can tell them about other things that -- look -- the focus grasshopper focus yes when you can snatched the pebbles from my hand then you'll know. Let's go to frank and see what frank is thinking and tell Wanda frank you're on WB yeah. Did you know that it had been. Tried it and who -- so. Don't -- with himself that he thinks that says -- wish -- well is fingers. Who walked court is all -- whatever you wish nobody knows for sure but swap and former high. -- -- you caliber leaders it that it -- Shaq. You know you never ever ever make a decision like there and I know there. Out of our military intelligence leaders were to ever read a decision like yeah. So Richard comes straight from the trapped in the paper. -- really thinking about this for all this time. I think it. I don't know what else they were talking about why they were making why they can't get it. This decision but I know for sure that for a political because they that they are an election year -- -- allow -- like a rose. It got all the -- dignity. And -- -- -- all -- get it back the soldiers died a key figure our economy. Well we don't expect a larger. And a lot of the military have been a critical of this swap since it was announced so. I don't think if he thought this was going to be a clean sweep for the military because he did this he's wrong. -- actual quality is you know they -- loyalists -- -- so who are actual -- You know if it's any kidnapped. Or -- -- -- -- that they kidnapped in retreat from the force. -- -- They're so dedicated that it may. This struck me typical down in all slaves. And you're still follow this guy I think there is god almighty to the wherever he does is it -- I you're right -- gotten away. Situation -- years ago. Democrats Republicans. At least will come together and make. Couple of -- that -- there for the country not what sort of party or what we're sort of. Well the next election the mid term election and yet now. All of this -- share a year I'll tell you right there and we -- energized I don't -- -- swap figured out that got. So what are your bet they're -- so whatever. In the field again and it didn't -- -- people there are people are I think that the -- -- back. I eating there or whatever this city and go back to her family and it's wrong they're there they're crazy. Well said Frank Wells said thank you very much yeah this isn't -- trading away -- Monica this is not a game. This or talk about life and death here and if you got the best of the best as far as they're concerned the baddest of the bad as far as where concern. That's got to reinvigorate. The Taliban that can help us. We'll be back with more of the -- company and his regiment thirty W via an obvious -- business first. Idea retrieve -- business first out of my mailboxes morning and the light was just coming up because I -- in the work early. And Chrysler out of the mailbox and open to the front page in my. All that scary it was Phil -- our friend that owns WB BC -- he's on the he's a cover boy he -- on the front page. Of -- of the business first today in as a nice article inside there about his television station and we wish him -- Totally local operation good deal lot of fun there yeah I think a week from today they start that quiz show. We. We've local people John shoot low will be hosting -- so that should be -- should be and he said how they want us to recruit and ever come to name. To go on there we have to. We've ethnic pick the best of the best hope that we should pick if we do put a team. Threw us that's -- we -- that's so we knew we don't rails against that. In my shall would be left out though. He will be holding up is IQ school in that it might show doesn't know that I don't belong amends. I've told this story before my show -- segments okay idol and and this is a group that. Their high IQ people and they like to hang around with other high IQ people I don't know what they -- they just sit around and -- -- out IQ did you I'm not really sure. But he he he is a member and I'm not. And so one that was in the kitchen and show came in. And nice -- a day at the meeting swimming. As of the -- have -- -- and I just joined I was hoping you'd -- there you know because I just joined -- and we couldn't sit together economic show me the ropes. He's at -- audience at a media attention next time and I -- but I never told them ever that I didn't belong -- So to this day he probably thinks we're just missing each other at the meetings in -- -- So while we would have day and include -- where he would he'd be you via. Okay are shall one allow both parties were Smart -- will be good look at this -- have to look yes. It had a notion quietly mentioned -- Figures hair's grown into his brain as it may be outlook Janet. Jennifer -- absolutely you may not -- and as it is and it and then now forget them just Janet okay. I also was going on but anyway congratulations Phil Arnold from WB -- on being on the cover boy of the new look. Business first paper let's go to Kevin impaneled on one of our favorite people Kevin you're on WBM what about the swap prisoners a good deal or not. And these are all the -- back in our troops got access to the Taliban commission Perry spoke it's appropriate warning -- this I would. Look at Jordan magic shoot her -- Sure sure. Don't -- AP reporter mentioned to work. You can just patent Juliet club gitmo. Don't barbecue there are a antidote to expand. Usually it means. -- and. And -- orbit the rate but supporters. -- -- all the audio included a record them and what we hear what you can do attributable. To place. Isn't clear what Eric Holder and what do you think they would make it a fair deal a good deal or bad the only -- I did hit it you know if -- -- -- these -- -- And David -- -- cynical all of dated a -- side and and every decent citizen of this country brought look. Maybe it's an amount that nobody is a way to contract every get that are supposed comeback that miracles. -- I think it's more dangerous I think is more dangerous shores up an hour ago. Yes yes I they're really I really everything so too are absolutely so. I like sending. Well thank you for you where your creative employed there earlier version at the and Reynolds and here's a sequence and other posting from. From our FaceBook page. This is from Cassie she says I'm glad he's held by releasing the terrorists is crazy I think it makes us -- look weak we should have killed the terrorist after they got archive back. Just to show the world we mean business. Well there's the perception of weakness as opposed to a generosity. Wanting to work together whatever. A weakness is very dangerous when you're dealing with terrorists because that's that's what they see when they see it they take advantage of -- that's that's that's our contrary. A from off fair. And John Ballinger quotes. I do not agree that these individuals should not have been released in my view the US would not be able hold them forever. Indeed it's likely that the US would be required as a matter of international law to release them shortly after the 2014. Year. When US combat operations -- in Afghanistan so he. The he thinks it's okay to do it and then no harm and no no foul. David beckons from Washington monthly the release will become part of a partisan spectrum but he's got that right. If you watch a lot of MSNBC. You'll credit the president for the death released. Of the American POW a little cost if you watch Fox News you'll suspect him of treason it -- negligence of national security at best. And that's a shame because issue is as important as national security and war -- should be handled. In a much more adult and collaborative manner. I do decry it affected it's it became instantly. Political. And if it's not only we've gone past. Way past the thought of what's best for the country. Now the country is lucky it makes it into the top five it's what's best for me politically. What's best for my party politically what's best for the mid term elections politically what's best for the next presidential election and enjoys extreme and out. What's best for the country that's the way it is now. And we have to get used to it it is that we are definitely poles apart and everything that we that we view as seen through the prism. Of politics. I don't know when that started I don't know that it's the worst now I've ever seen I've never seen anything likeness. Maybe I was more innocent and naive when our younger but I saw that there were differences in the government. But they got reconciled and and and the of the votes had it. And the others though wouldn't demonize everything that the opposite party does or say. A because logic will tell you there are times when somebody at one time or another and the other party is right. And that's just the way it is but that's what we have the live work so let's hope. That the release of these five of gitmo prisoners doesn't rejuvenate. Of these the Taliban. Let's open as it doesn't help them with fundraising recruiting or anything like that. A we have one American soldier back whether it was a worthy -- or not will be decided I don't know if there will be any idea. And he charges brought against them any questions about that -- officially from the military or from. The government will have to see where that goes but I do think we can mostly agree that it is going to be a more dangerous world for the US. And that the Taliban has been enriched by this which is not the goal of the tournament. About wraps it up. And we'll see you tomorrow at nine on news -- I'm thirty we are WB yeah. We'll -- much they never has to -- these.

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