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6-2 Beach and Company Hour 2

Jun 2, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We're back where Beijing company and no question however you have to get sergeant bird -- back but there is a question at what cost the immediate cost of course are the five detainees at gitmo. High value detainees. -- turned over in exchange for him. But now if you heard the Alaska has cast even the members of the armed forces some summer critical of it. Saying it -- -- put them in more danger. Because it worked this time for the Taliban and a very seldom walk away from something that successful. So for work report let's do it again let's capture someone else again and maybe get some more marquis people back so I'm asking YouTube questions. Does this pose more danger to the US because of what I just told you. And give more standing those Taliban. The the disgraceful part of this whole thing is the -- as a politicization. Of everything that comes out of our government now everything. It's strictly along political lines if you look to see the critics the intimacy and our necks of their name. He'll look to see the defense -- associate dean accident name as just the way it goes now. Pretty sad. I think this is an issue that did not have to -- the political arena. But it's not enough anymore. To do something because it's the right thing to do you gotta get credit for. And if somebody else gets credit for it and you don't want them to then you guided announced that so that's the way it is it's a sore right now it really -- -- stocks. But we're happy bergalis back we're not happy that we you lost five detainees or not happy that it could be ago opposing more danger in the future for our US a service people. And a more standing for the Taliban embassy of Jason agrees Jason's a cell phone Jason your on WB yen. Good morning bandied you know I think that I'm we approach to look paycheck the only thing that what surveillance. Not foreign threat. Yeah we only -- -- -- the bailing out people lot of -- act. Acting gigabyte there's a lot of people will release saying. And then that way we can -- their little Ben Finney and you know basically I have more in pal I'm not the Taliban that network currently get. You and Tony must be thinking -- because Tony and recommend exactly the same thing he recommended some more lethal. As we turn him over and suddenly bad things happen but I'm sure. A -- -- did that possibility exists whether it's happening this time or not. I don't know so do you think it was a fair swap and that's going to be the end of it -- you think they'll be more. Arnold at the end -- and -- are tiny I I have my I have followed -- conflict then things we're doing more with Russia and China. But in that the -- -- bet that Democrats and Republicans and people get the album Muppet show and pretend that the difference between these two guys but. Yeah I don't gonna be in -- early at a -- things that are the fight to stories get people hate each other. But I'm -- -- track these people. You know -- a lot better inside that they get the -- if you moderately but that you're less likely I'll crack and and the -- their -- -- do the opposite side. You have some effect about thank you guys Jason Tony recommend it's something a little more lethal. Well maybe a little was shot something that would just don't know how to sell well to calm their nerves -- -- you know it's a long airplane fly there're. A well man. Remind me never to be taken prisoner by you know let's look at it that. I'll let you know be come. The collars are have various opinions as does the press as as as we get on the national press as well. But I think there are some things that we can probably count on. We can probably count on that it's gonna happen again. As I said there is something you takes the bank that's it if -- terrorists something works for you you do it again. No you're not only show the people come up with the money for your work hey look we did that before we can do it again. The people who are road you know -- are bound that the idea joined at the hip with view. In the philosophically daylight it too so you're not gonna walk away from that. You gonna stay with it and then that's that I think as a matter of time before -- -- like this happening. In 0309301806169236. Star 938. -- Obama's cell phone -- on WB yen. Quite -- this is very bad pretty United States because like -- they're gonna do it again. And I just can't believe weren't -- negotiating with the Taliban rule recognizing also beat. And another thing that really concerns me there's talk I was -- out your newscast to distract deserted as follows. -- -- didn't we do for a soldier that was found on the little door at his duty to the -- I don't like the deserted as posting -- pick up later. Yeah -- -- it via okay thank you very much. A policy. It is exactly that. A Twitter on USA today at some points large number goal have to explain his capture and our 2009. Why he simply wandered off his base without a weapon so that seems to be a question. And when. One military people liken our last newscasts -- -- rank and file. Military people are criticizing this that our ties -- So we're not trying to make Obama look worse or make Obama look better because that's always seems to be right now. Who can who can throw mud Adam who can get a medal on him. Basically. Are getting back did a good policy. Common sense policy says that if they did it before and it worked of the wood again as somebody -- a Brit really good example. A kid that's what it Tony you're going to write your kids sixers -- now. If you tell and -- cannot do something and -- he does that anyway and you give him something he's gonna keep that -- under no circumstances do I give them no you -- you really can't because otherwise you're gonna have to be dealing with this for a long time and when dealing with our children at least they get a little older and mature hopefully. Oh -- -- with a group like the Taliban. You can hope for that they're gonna stay exactly the way they are now and look for more success. And if we did it before there's no reason we wouldn't do it again that's their mindset. Bill and -- not Wanda billion on WB again. According. A little variety. The law British -- has offered the worst we've looked in the eyes of the world. But it part problem. -- -- one of -- guys. I think it worked our. Oh I'd be vampire -- at. Our annual -- I Georgia saying February march. Here is that area another from the US -- Davis is up from hot air about that. We've had -- I'm standing maxim prolonged time. Stating that we don't negotiate with terrorists this left us and a bit of a rock and a hard place situation and frankly I'd hope that long before this. We would have not only discovered his location. But launched an ambitious special forces effort to bust him out still we should mark this. As a happy day since the last man standing and on -- report is coming back to the fold so you can see we can have a split decision on this one. We're happy he's back. But what it took to get them back might pose problems in the future. Very seldom that these things are cured themselves get better about themselves they usually need some emergency surgery. And I'm afraid it could be a more dangerous situation because it worked out for them this time. But it doesn't give them more standing to absolutely keep in mind not only political standing but momentarily. If if they ask you for support make him a point to their success in this case look we got five of our top value guys ought to get -- So but we need more money it's almost like a pledge week at the you know so give us more money so we can continue to do the work that we vote started. Not good for us in oak -- on Montreal wanted to habits xmas 6962 threes. And 180200. On residuals on tonight drew the sixth start 930 OK got it but dig into the -- rest yeah a couple of questions. It seems like every everything that comes out of Washington especially in the somewhat out of Albany is politicize everything. Why is that we only hear criticism on one side and praise on the other there have to be some mixed votes bit mixed voices. But we don't hear them. All right it's okay it's a good thing to do do we get credit for -- a bad thing to do we get blame for and that's that's the way it is I guess. Have to get used to. Let's go to lying still and that would be John from Batavia John you're on WB again. Thank you are. It -- really the first time. We've negotiated for book really -- POW we eastern negotiate with the yet on that more Vietnamese Vietcong Earl. Return of our soldiers we negotiated with the terrorist government North Korea furcal played ball. But so -- people overlooking as well. This was to -- they -- not al-Qaeda. Right I think to be a whole different ball game was a card yes. I mean to tell them waters development. Of you know wait we got the -- a local problem that -- -- -- the government -- we're negotiating what take basically an old virtual government. And the Iran hostage crisis when the Reagan took over. -- a lot of talk about this sort of thing has happened behind the scenes quietly that we're not even familiar with. You know these guys were at the end you could basically say they were tortured POWs is our guy and they don't even got Beckett just for one year for the Qatar they go back to you know they hope -- one year. Well before they they detected that a apple. As this is. Does this get -- standing to the Taliban for those who might be wondering are are they effective group that I should join a follower contribute money to or or is this though all wash between us and them. If you're gonna get one -- an annual critical -- -- It's probably you know there's a lot of real poster underside is that was for Barcelona -- right it's just -- Barack. Pretty much. These guys been gone for ten years allotted occur till the end but don't even know these guys except by name or reputation. Many of our current. People got shot in the industry and now they know war propaganda. But nobody out personally don't like that it comes up to be a walk. All right. Well you know what do you think there's any danger to about the five that are getting released they say they're the worst of the worst according to some -- -- -- press reports. Are coming back to haunt us. Well we've already -- people try one accountable that come back ought rightly be there to battle field and we didn't get in the fourth. We just replaced them in the hope that people like this that are young. Wish this time. Sure these guys are gonna come back on but we wish we got some programs and though Obama's previous policies just letting it go. All right John no thank your son for serving by the way next time you talk to -- we appreciate your call. -- Yeah I've got every tough you know we. We're happy to get our guys back no question about it personally wandered off -- -- -- be without a weapon and some say he may have even deserted. That's to be decided. At some later time that happened or not but the bottom line is he was captured. Now he's back in five people were let go and the basic questions. It will have pose more danger to -- See oftentimes is hidden dangers that are dangers in -- is obvious dangers. I don't know if if they thought it worked before and it did work for them why wouldn't they do it again. Logic says they will do it again insult that's a possibility. Of more standing for the Taliban I I think if that's true maybe not to us. Certainly but we don't think of the way of people that would follow the Taliban in first place thanks so. You know it's one for your side there are getting of people after a long incarceration at gitmo. Let's go to Mike in NC Mike you're on WB yen. Good morning candy like -- that such a confluence of different species to -- that. If it's almost -- to find -- way. I'm coming at this from particular viewpoint I'm retired military -- 21 years. The thing that bothers me the most about this is. People looking at people like me who are going to say that this was not something that should have been done because we're heartless. -- -- it bothered me the most is what is being -- about this individual. There's a high likelihood that he was a dessert. And for us to trade. Side of the worst of the worst. For a deserter. Is very galling to any military person. I'll be the first to admit that. Worth my time or brother. I would probably feel a little bit different about it but just looking at it objectively from a distance. It just doesn't make sense. What to do this kind of thing can do. Tell me who is most likely -- I the other issue would be protected for the president. In all likelihood violated the law by not giving congress a thirty day notice that this was going to be done for a and really isn't any individuals from -- animal. And if anybody when that these guys who have been in prison tick what animal. Forward. What anywhere between eight to maybe twelve years. Languishing in that prison and that truly being propagated it could be released and take revenge. On their captors. Is. And I don't mind of course these guys are gonna connect -- they've been waiting for their release date probably been plotting. How did you know get retribution. Against United States and some former other. And they -- actually go convict on. -- Yahoo! is matter of fact there you're right they have a lot of time to think about a lot of time to it's a relish this moment thank you for your 21 years in the uniform through thankfully. And -- one point and -- my war was Vietnam hand when I happen to think about people like John McCain. Who was imprisoned and gave up his chance for freedom. Because we did not want to be released prior to that it had been. Incarcerated. Beforehand. He wanted to wait his turn that -- true courage and you know again I'm I'm just very very upset about -- we're doing this as a Katrina but potential process or probable as. All right good point thank you very much appreciate the call. Are you just really tough. And if you think about the stuff that McCain went through and and any POW was gone through -- minister our country. I don't think we can imagine -- you have to be either and limit. Andy if it as as he said and I would agree if this if the sergeant were our son our brother. Neighbor anybody or just plain American whether we're related to him or not we're happy he's out. We're happy he's going to be back we're not happy that five bad guys hit the streets but yeah they are going to a different country Qatar. Florio a year before their -- before they can. Leave there but don't think the communication had already started so wanna hear from you. More danger to the US -- this move. More standings of the Taliban in my great. My gray dead dislike is that this is so political now there really is. And I get so tired of never hearing one side think the other side as an issue I mean critical only up by one party. Are praiseworthy only by one party. Common sense will tell you the best of the cross over but we don't see it. It all three on Montreal. Wanted to have a 616926. Start I'm thirty. You're hearing the voice of Barcelona WDN. Callus now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and -- 930 yards whole free minus 1806169. 19036. -- backward Beijing -- -- sandy beach and is one of those good those bad those deals yes so we're getting a year prisoner. Released it was a prisoner swap and we're getting back a sergeant a bird doll. But we're giving away five high high level detainees at Tug at gitmo and exchange. So there's this pose more danger to the US down the double line because. If they see it's working they'll continue to do but I don't think there's any question about that and does it give more standing to the Taliban. Remember terrorist organizations. Need the support of people both emotionally psychologically. And physically. Now -- -- point to some success and a baby etiquette and some more money here and there to further narrowed their less than grand adventures. It oak tree on on 3018061692. Through -- and star 930. Mike will be next in for don't know Mike you're on WB again. Good morning Andy I'm Mike you're out of the likes of from Asia or I don't want to tease out exactly how are one that put it words. About you know that's what our -- we close. I -- Probably not -- same way your. Aunt and an elephant like. It. And in credit and -- that bird dark there to OK -- the -- issue. We're gonna work -- your -- but when you can Mexican finished probably wanna really sturdy. But he wanted to stay patient -- because he should based oral. That's it that's an interesting concept I have not seen that written about or talked about yet but that's it -- something impressive thing tomorrow. And the and the one thing that at this in this administration. People if you if people would look. And seeing what this administration has done in the past. And it's -- Auburn got. That was attackers there spy exchange what went wrong. Could keep an additional research they were looking to take Stephens the hostage. In they were exchanged and we're born cleric. That was going to be a big thing that they look what I did I did this this this -- down Mitchell Stephens and now we have the bad guys -- So people all that this administration. Purity. It's like the administration wants to do things to make others like us or appreciate us more. I don't think respect is even on the on the cards and here's what people like go to the Taliban respects strength that's all the respect. In -- before it leaves on -- make you make you laugh what's the difference between. Terrorists and won't all this is -- lot -- you can negotiate terms. I'll let you Erma Christian right -- a bad. I was hoping you'd say -- about swapping. He didn't do it. It. OK remember my motto tools company. Three is real time OK I mean that's always been and that's always been my motto you gotta have a -- why not that one I'll let you know I'm sorry about. Floor of your rarely. Let's go to my friend on in Pennsylvania dawn on WB yen. We couldn't be better -- what do you think of this. This might be the first time -- Coleman didn't do almost total disagreement with you guys. Let's. I agree with that military men call a little bit ago. I think I'm -- equate this to like the Buffalo Bills trading there by best players for the other team's worst player. And these five guys are gonna come backed -- on us. And we're gonna pay a price of that and I think they've got we got in return at best is -- sympathize. With their cause. I'm not any part take in what they do. But I think he sympathizes with with them I think. He's made statements that backed that up and I. I would not classified this guy is that straightened for party Murphy who has put it that way. So -- -- you know I think that if -- -- -- -- like -- should've -- -- on our you know on a different basis this is not the time to do with this person. That's correct I I don't think we should probably do this with anybody don't get me wrong but I think in this case I think it's even worse then have been doing -- and averaged like. Of a prisoner or one of our -- I I just don't have a lot of faith I hope I'm wrong I I hope it all comes out in the wash and everything is fine. But I'm very very. Questionable on the. -- if -- think about it if you are terrorist organization. This is the least. A policy the least dangerous method to try and get something you want is to capture somebody and hold them for a hostage. There's no gunfire involved a -- line certainly. And it's -- we get exactly what you want in return. And it shows if it works that -- organization of -- joy and so it's it's a lousy situation when it does work because it's going to be repeated. Well absolutely and and and I I just look at this as another ongoing episode. In this -- of President Obama. Did do it every candidate by the American people -- lot -- -- been doing this since stymied terrible and it just continues. I see that angle I also see the angle of he seems to be the kind of guy that wants to come off in the world stage. As sympathetic. A progressive of a different kind of a thinker this is the guy we can deal with the guy we can talk would -- that bush he was a hard head that's not the kind of guy we wanna do with. I think he's trying to rewrite part of his history. With the of favorable reviews from overseas. I agree with. Our hey thanks I'll always -- -- dark here. Architecture. Veterans -- third grade. Yeah as we both -- I'm holding my hand about -- yes we were both. Decide when I met him idea I had to him and joke I had a joke all planned and I I exercise -- right to. -- -- Our I would take a break will be back tomorrow BGW -- to a basic questions. With a prisoner swap is it more dangerous to the US now because it's worked for them before if the Taliban sees it works and I do it again. And is this giving more standing to the Taliban YE they'd do more than markets are they walk the walk what they got these five guys back. They gave up something of very low value to them. Wasn't going to be important intelligence wise or anything else so let's go let's get behind them either philosophically or financially. Is this going to help them in the world state will be back office. I saw pictures of home -- -- all -- local motto let's write a post -- -- Odyssey goods so congratulations. For the festival for having another successful year. Prisoner swap we just made one isn't going to pose more danger to the US now there have been reports that the sergeant. Mailed home oh -- in his belongings in the middle of a tour. Sergeant double bird -- And also that -- been known to make some anti American comments whatever wanted to be yeah mercenary for currently -- got a guy. So perhaps not as my friend Don put an audio Murphy who was one -- one of the most decorated in World War II oh or perhaps not in his. In his outstanding but we do have our guy back. No matter what you might think Oregon but at least he's back but we have to give up five. Of the worst of the worse and is this going to set a precedent. Is Taliban and say that worked out pretty well for us let's do it again. And is it going to be a more dangerous. To be wearing a US uniform being a US tourist or anything like that and will the Taliban get more standing because of it. Is standing may not improve -- buses certainly about with the world it could. OK I think loses. Virginia in Canada Virginia Iran WB and thanks for calling. You know -- -- you know I mean good morning pat me on I have to qualify that I'm going to say because people who will say. Oh what is the Canadian involved in this fact you know. The fact of the matter is that when the American government make decisions. They directly affect. The entire -- which is and we have we Canadians we have skin in this game two -- in Afghanistan Afghanistan. And do we even have suffered the palace is -- let the enemy is like. And I'm also going to make the bold statement to say that never in my life thought Evan -- President of America to be so anti American. And his policies from 2008. Right after the does this monumental do not -- decisions. That he has made now and what bothers me greatly is the fact that yes. Certainly. We know that the young man had issues and he looked into that pattern of the calendar and now I can say that with a bit it got credit is the fact that we have a wonderful man out here on the radio. And then they attacked the talks. And he exposes the truth about what is going on. In that the Pakistan Afghan army and that particular region of the world -- thinking. I and he makes it quite clear after that going -- he knew first hand -- -- sky laws. Also wonderful mother. The other day it was battle besides. President Obama he was not speaking. And pushed out which is the language. Pakistan. Speaking in Arab deck which is in national language. -- -- -- -- -- Well you know it's an -- think say that. As a terrible thing to say you know we do not live in Disney World. Or in never never. You got -- and I I can understand your concern because you're absolutely right. You've been a great allies in and you've been involved with -- sort of things and as America does set the pace occasionally for different things is libel put Canadians and dangerous well. Almost certainly I would be very frightening to be an Ngo operative. In Pakistan working for the health ministry any thing when you're dealing with. They kind of radical thinking. That radical religious. Of the five -- have been released. -- -- him without. You have nothing to stand alone you are a target and you will be obliterated there is no ifs ands or. Well said Virginia call us again we appreciate -- we rarely do. If if you wanna see you really radical thinking -- attend the manager's meeting here -- manner now that's now that's radical play a -- -- value. We're back we're Beijing government we're talking about the prisoner swap. Is it more danger to the US senate and is she said to to all of our allies as well to. To anyone that will be on the opposite side of the yeah Taliban and I think it does I think at the -- embolden them you you you say. Here's what we'll do and that's exactly what they want. And then they'll do it again who gives up after a success nobody. Nobody. If it's working keep doing it a body emotion tends to stay in motion you know about that and further frosted doing this I think. Could come back it's divide -- not only for that aspect of about the five that are being let loose. Or are described as the worst of the worst do you think but he had not been thinking about this during their time to get on course. And there'll come back and do us harm as well Franken Akron here on WBM frank. Good morning trading hello. Our kudos to you would most stations for particular subject or or prosecutors. Are disloyal purpose sport -- or senator Dario. Worked in our superiors for over 25 years. Our -- on permit doctors -- two years in Vietnam. What what are the details. Probably a little more than what they do for the POWs and our Vietnam. During a war with all the field types of -- people should or what you see here and now is. The result of law. What socialist do what government. And I believe our first applaud your little war -- on purpose -- at least. I didn't know what his background was unity users polls and it records which -- control. What we're servers on number two dessert our firms are shared by them and basically -- he took off. Air and ground you might as well release. 45 people aren't gonna roll our -- that's what it's equivalent to world releasing these people there -- I it's just a smoke screen for the president right now are strictly your call what Gordon BA. And I did testify in front of congress who overlap here. Quarterback would start a speaker of the house Tip O'Neill so a lot of that is new to me it just gotten bird -- show. Are worse than there ever anticipated -- -- this. Yes we've seen now we see a lot of military speak up and say that this was an area and outrage in a mistake and and to have the military say that that that that takes -- to another another avenue we hadn't pursued yet thank you for is serving in Vietnam franc appreciated. While the you heard in the last couple newscasts that so many military very critical of this. Because they understand that better than that they're not involved as much. With the political side of it certainly they have to Obey -- orders that are the US personnel the president is commander and chief. But I I also I wish it were less political a really do. But it does seem the Canadian lady says that the president seems to be of of the mindset of un American. I think he is the least -- what's the word on Lenovo put this properly he is the least representative of traditional. America. That I've seen is that the good way to put it because it I don't think he. I I don't think he really holes in high esteem what we have been up to the time he took over office. And he wants to make it -- said this before a lot of other people. I'll make it into his own image and what we see so far doesn't seem to be too impressive. We'll take a break will be back tomorrow Beijing company under Israeli and I'm thirty we are WB yeah.

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