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6-2 Beach and Company Hour 1

Jun 2, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

All of his major company and I'm sandy beach -- people I ask me is sandy would you get your fabulous material and most of the time. I get it from watching other human beings. But occasionally I get it from watching myself. And something very unusual happen to me over the weekend and I'm going to go all out and senior. Anything like this ever happening no I guarantee it hasn't. -- is the story at least I get to tell a story because I have my radio show aren't. I have a motor home. Very nice it's very nice is 43 and a half feet at the diesel pusher of the -- engine and it's is nice my house I mean it's just nice and it is. All right just like it came off the showroom floor so I decide you know what. I'm not using it enough I think also so in preparation for selling it. I worked very hard to put Internet ads out whatever are all over the country because as the country and you travel -- to see and maybe by. And I decided okay I'm going to make sure this looks as good as it possibly can -- and I checked every system there are all working I I armor all the tires they look fabulous I did everything I had to do. And I have one last thing to do. Being the nit picker kind of guy am I should check I should check the levels you know the radiator and things like that while. The radiator and diesel -- obviously is in the back that's why they called a pusher it's with the engine. And so that's so last I have no. The last I have to go and I go back left the what the big arm there and Eric I'm not too. I'm about to take the radiator cap Bob Knight has been running so ago for a day or so also it's not going to be on I know that. So as I'm going to take the radiator cap while like him there. And all of a sudden. From the bowels of the engine compartment -- -- -- the engine compartment is probably the size of of a Volkswagen its that picnic at this is engine right. I see a pair of eyes looking me. There's a pair of eyes looking at me from the engine compartment as I'm about to take off the radiator cap. They're not moving. -- realized the repair of dead eyes. And what are they I don't know I stepped back -- didn't have a firearm. But they weren't -- thing I did I'd. So I stepped back later cup society Yahoo! CEO of it was live it was not. It was an absolutely dead and I mean dead raccoon. Probably as it turns out as I found out later fifteen pounds I mean big. Big dead raccoon. Yet -- eyes staring at me now I'm thinking wait a minute. If I'm gonna -- smarter home to anybody I can't say hey and get an optional -- wreck -- that I've got to get the raccoon out but correct alone. Was graded on top of the engine and there's a Turbo charger -- and there's you know there's a there's wires I don't wanna screw everything up. So I went into the rise now what kind of tool is is good for our raccoon. Removal. I I've I look around well. And a pitchfork I guess I can try and slide -- Slorc under the Iraq Cologne. But the -- was wrong. The angle -- -- couldn't get you know -- curb cut so I tried it upside down. And I got the raccoon up about two or three inches and flopped back down work. All right I'll Bada how about a shovel so I got a shovel with a big handle I can't get the shovel under him. So we had a cholera a friend of mine who came out. And that's our friends of war. Better call out hey I need help would -- raccoon retrieval so he comes out. And he held a shovel and I held a -- war. And we kind of lifted them put the shovel under there and then likely didn't didn't snag anything under there and and got it out. And I gave him a proper burial about how many have you before selling a motor vehicle -- had to remove a raccoon from there. And you know I got the thinking. The last few days. It -- it has what's college tag axle on each side in the back it's retires OK duly and a single. And it's floor -- -- the way and things like that but I noticed the outside tires on both sides had a lot of bird poop on them. And then not being a wildlife expert I'm guessing. That the birds knew there was a dead raccoon in there and they wanted to get out of but they couldn't. And so -- that was their way of because you -- amount on the highway picking up pretty bad things. But that was that. So now the of the -- whom has been removed. It and I'm going to bring it -- video dealers and see if they'll wash the engine. I don't think there's anything left in -- of him hopefully but that was that now Tony and and -- if I had said -- you I'll give you a million dollars. If if you hadn't talked as anybody if I had a million dollars I'd give you a million dollars if you can guess what happened to me this weekend you'd never guess now that close it's it's creepy to. It is really creepy. Now most of the time you would think. Then an animal would crawl up there. Because of warmth. But the end. -- hasn't been -- has been running much since last fall. So I don't know if that was an error or just was -- just looking for a place that the nest there's something I've heard of of domestic. Cats especially getting up into engine department but never raccoon and this this soccer was big. Big and an ugly. So that was -- that was my raccoon story writes I don't like patents. I got them apples but. I ever radio shows I get some benefit from it. A by the way if you like the -- -- home is no extra charge for former raccoon dwellings and all right let's say -- Tony. Is is taking a I'm taking my advice and suggesting Tim Hortons to everybody for their frozen hot chocolate you even have your mother's seal of approval. Yeah we went to visit her Saturdays for oil supplies to bring her one. And walking a semi you have to try and she took a couple of solutions home and god that's what -- it. I mean Tim Hortons is like enhancing religion. Around here because -- -- Simmons is oh my god yeah I mean that's the way it is so I think that would be a good slogan for Tim Hortons. If it's good enough for Tony's mother it's good enough video like that. I think that's -- that you haven't tried -- -- Chris now I told my wife that we had to try it and she said that aren't let's do it when we had to go to the surprise birthday party from our brother in law. And away backwards forgot. Again -- doing when water yes absolutely go our auto women that drive yourself yeah everybody that's -- tried one just absolutely raves about it. -- let's see what's going on -- Davis has passed away Adam you know she was Alice on the on the Brady Bunch. What's funny is that a lot of these conditions character actors obviously. A comedic character actress is a lot of times Adobe and kind of like off beat. Shows you know like Gilligan's Island and things like that only one remaining survivor -- Gilligan's Island -- Marianne. But bill that's what they're known for their whole career. I mean MB Davis was in other things before. And I assume she was some things after. Brady Bunch but that this is passed away at the age of -- she apparently had taken a fall. And did not recover from a OK we come back out of things talk about today on -- read united thirty but that's all the raccoon chat for today. I'm newsreader and a thirty WB. A question for Chris. Saying that these Stanley Cup final is going to be a bi coastal. You know East Coast west goes I mean LA New York. If that takes more out of the teams because they approve of the travel and their body clock has to get back -- in alignment doesn't really matter I would think so but I've talked with Mike Roberts botnets and he scoffs at that notion because of the first class -- identity away their trumpet players of these bears and they probably have a little time out just on get off the plane -- -- They have time to get acclimated but I know when I cross country on an airplane takes awhile to get balanced again -- get used to it. This year more than any other years it might take a little bit more to get adjusted to all the because they changed the whole alignment of the lead. Stew while less than a lot of the travel so you don't go out west as much as maybe you would have to begin with a time zones. All the divisions are kind of in the same time -- you play within your division more than any other time so the Rangers haven't traveled out west as much as they might have in years past. But I'm not sure it's going to matter all that much and they haven't all spread out like. They play Wednesday and -- a couple days off in place that are also bigger players always will be enough time off in between I'd. I don't believe there's any back to back games -- -- many back to back games and leave the series so far at least not many of the series so far so. In the cup finals I don't think it's going to be too big a deal I mean they're gonna get at least today in between east and imagine. Imagine this year former champions. And you get all the way to where -- word -- lose in overtime that's got to be worse than not made the playoffs at all especially at home. And they end. And home in a game where Europe to nothing in the first up 32 in the second 43 in the third. And it has some good looks there was a five on three advantage and the second period and -- score on. Well if Beatty with its team -- kept coming back and I am not losing I think it either is that we talked it out to be easy to take as you can never had a lead down to below a lot of three leads like that it's our. It's not going to be easy some are running even though they want to cops in Alaska readers losing memories would feel like. I like the king's I thought it was going to be around it first went when I first looked at the Rangers going at that they'd be killed by whoever came out of the west. But the racism played very well and the kings and Rangers are kind of similar there. They're teams that are when you look at him from the outside I think these -- defensive minded teams but. In the playoffs they score a lot of goals and they made moves at the -- that -- to get more offense so they're more offensive than you would think there's great goaltenders and it's -- -- -- McCain's military wanna cup. Hendrick Lundqvist has won a gold medal and it -- no what is maybe the best goaltender in league but he doesn't have the championship to get a great goaltending matchup. Both teams are very fast and out physical sort -- great series Celtic beat kings in six. That's what you think zoning I'll go kings and -- and things it's -- okay I'll go Rangers in two. That's what gets you know I shouldn't celebrity or got now here's something that you don't want to have a DO. If you're in you're talking to riding a motorcycle okay our motorcycles wallet popped out of his a pack. You know his backpack while he was riding on interstate 84. It got run over by a -- Truck scattering thirteen hundred dollars in cash. The county sheriff's department said the -- -- man failed to properly -- his -- shot. That's coming would say to a kid. They don't mafia with the parents appear -- shot or an event. I don't whatever I wrote I always have secured my wallet and everything also a you don't want anything falling off the motorcycle but he's he's two now not easy to retrieve they don't have we're talking the other day strangely about how attractive join -- lettuce. And now I have a -- wanna get away. A good is that -- Here's the deal I've repaired tickets to the JoAnne polemic international guitar concerto competition and semi finals. It's going to be this Thursday. At the WNED studios minimum value was twelve dollars general contest rules applied. And some information about it W an -- he via the BP are pleased to present. The 24 to -- and eleven international guitar concerto competition with semi finals June 4 and fifth today is the second. At the WNED studio visit that'd be BO dot org for tickets so that should be very very nice. All right got some things are going on here are first of all the big nose over the weekend was that that we have one of our one arm and back. That's right army sergeant bird doll was released after five years but of incarceration. By the Taliban. And everybody's happy about that but the big question is and there is a question. There's no such thing as a free lunch in order to get something good you sometimes have to do is on the you don't wanna do or sometimes have to stretch something you don't wanna stretch. And Betty is that we had do we have to trade five. Detainees. From -- get ball and these are five of the very worst of the detainees. And now there's a concern in several areas. About personal everybody's so pleased that we're getting the sergeant back that's goes without saying. Which you've got to be concerned about the fact that we're dealing -- dirt balls here and the fact is if something works for them they tend to continue. And if if capturing radio US serviceman or any US citizen. But especially US servicemen. And changing them forward a top flight people on your side and he's as a center. Our rob are supposed to be the worst of the -- then went -- to a smaller. I mean that's the first the second thing. That's consideration. Is the fact that it gives the Taliban more standing. They managed to get something out of the US that. Most people thought that they they couldn't get so there's two areas there doesn't -- of those -- more danger pose more danger. To the US by doing this for future. Servicemen and women. You as we go one back but only gonna lose more because of this. And it does this give more standing to the Taliban now congress is saying. Bed. Article two in the constitution. Was violated when the president did this and I reviewed article to a constitution outlines the president's powers. In it seems like the president has. I'm no constitutional expert. Has the authority under some some parts of that. To do what he did so I'm not gonna get in the constitutional side armed I'm not on the US Supreme Court but on the other part of the two questions are. Is this going to be more dangerous to the US in the long run. And I we kind of giving them more standing the Taliban getting more standing. Then they should they -- three 3018061692%. To -- 930. The home of Rush Limbaugh weekdays noon -- three news radio 9:30 AM WBE and. We're back we're -- BJ and company and sandy beaches of David knows is that we have a a US servicemen home of the bad noses we had betrayed five. Very dangerous Taliban that types a terrorist types that word -- well for him. And so the the obvious thing we can all agree on is were happy to have a sergeant a -- or go home that's great. The the other side is what's not great is it sets a precedent of that not that it's totally unprecedented. For instance -- charm we we don't negotiate with. A terrorist it seems like -- from what I've read the census but we've done many times with secretly quietly away from the headlines. But in this case I was very public and solve the problem as if something if you're a terrorist organization. And something that you do works you're not going to give it up you gonna keep doing it. If it works to your benefit in this seemed to work to their benefit so will more US service people be captured and held for ransom basically. And does this give more standing to the Taliban. You see yeah in this country week we tend to believe that the only kind of thinking. In the world is our thinking. Now. And it doesn't quite work that way we'll explain why right after 9/11 that one of the problems we have is it worth thinking like Americans. We're not thinking like terrorists we don't want to think like terrorists but you have to be able to put yourself in their mindset. To see what you would do. And if of you capture wanted to get five back. And it works you're gonna do it again. It's it's common sense and it it also does raise your standing. Look we took the United States of America who said they don't do this sort of thing and now they're doing this sort of thinks that it empowers them those. So those of the other two questions I have in the USA today and their opinion line they have lots of book quotes here. From different or professional writers this is from outside the belt of beltway. Dug a matter coldness. Says Republican members of congress are criticizing the deal that led to the release of sergeant -- go after five years of Taliban captivity. It's going to be hard for the GOP to come out with a real battle with the president over this looking of that good. Yes it's true that we have negotiate with terrorists but it's not as if we haven't done that before our. President Reagan did -- on several occasions as part of the efforts to ensure the release of Americans and others who were kidnapped in Lebanon. In the -- see you got you there there's your first taste of it it's going to be and it already is political. It seems like everything in his country has to be political now. If it's not political nobody wants an -- limit. Why does that why does the concept. Of trading prisoners. Might be more dangerous in the long run why does that have to be political I'd like to know that. Is it because -- somebody wants to look good is because somebody else wants somebody else look bad why is every damn thing we do. Has to be run through the -- political process but that's what it is it's going to be those say well. Yes Barack Obama did a fabulous job and then you're gonna have others say well he exceeded his powers or whatever. I can't we agreed that it was a good thing we come back but it does set any of a possible problem on the line does every single thing that we ever do I go through about that political process now. Here from the American thinker. Thomas lifts an ally a missile lamb. The President Obama -- need for good news story and achievement of some sort outweigh the larger security interest of the United States. The five Taliban commanders given their freedom from get ball are the worst of the worst. There is nothing like a return hero to make a nation feel good about what their leader has accomplished. So there and I have both examples right there. Pro and a con. But from political points of view after awhile it's gets -- this gets old in a hurry. It seems like the only time. Dead so we can get together and now in recent thinking. Away from the political processes 11 great harm has been caused to us like 9/11. So therefore it's it's just absolutely bad form to get political and you'll be chastised for it but these. That almost everything that we're dealing with now is is political and a I think that's a mistake. It's they're a good idea to do it or it's not a good idea to do it whether anybody gets credit for or blame for it shouldn't be the primary motivation of our thinking here. Let's go to our mark in a car -- -- I'm -- it will be put that on hold of it now he has. -- putting on his make up the areas there is marking a car mark you're on WBE and thanks for holding. I'm mark is this a guard -- pose more danger to the US and more standing in the Taliban or not. And market access all of -- thank -- all they had been. I wanted to call on the air it all. -- -- sold off battle although they -- come back and they don't let Eric. But it -- -- -- -- bought wolf there are 400 years. We applaud people. I've never know what we've got out of it charts. That are both voters who object. Job well and how -- the ball. Paul and Ali number two and it was all worth it I guess. People are all in jail. -- All right well you've brought you brought a legitimate point to maybe other people like to come onto a do you think. Be a little good to see more of this however that's a separate question or do you think this was a one off and that's. I think what topic I mean it's so funny that Taliban were our allies are all. And so obviously there are out there are going to be hardware error and I think someday the audit Janet. Do all this and that's why all of -- all of I think more -- are all irons and short -- -- public although you'd sure look Bible Belt. Our mark thank you for your comments appreciated. The first now allegedly last year right I mean look at. We're driving around Japanese and German cars and that would be unheard of fifty years ago and and that things change and allies change. Russia was where does it forward to it and then there were against -- -- -- or cut OK and now it's a tension again. That's that's the way it goes my my real concern is. If this is they won one time only deal that's one thing but if it leads to more of this I have you know I have a concern about that. Because you don't as I said. If you are doing something in Europe are a terrorist -- group you're doing something and it worked for you you're gonna keep doing. There's no reason not to keep doing it 03093018060692. For six 930 -- his Beijing company. The a prisoner swap is it going to pose more danger to the US. I'm happy that though we got our our guys back. And make no mistake about that but we gave up five of the most dangerous people that they have according to some reports. And is this going to cause a precedent is this going to encourage. Those types of people to do it even more. And is -- giving more standing to the Taliban. Standing to us Bain -- remain unchanged but to some people they see they would see it as a victory. By getting the US to swap five for one getting to a swap at all. It Austria and I'm 301806169. -- his sixth start -- thirty Nancy's. In -- in derby Nancy you're on WB yeah. Good morning. Elements in derby what's what's in your mind today. My mind what I'm I'm today right in happily of people and she and desperation. So you think this will not be a good idea as -- you're saying. And were cute and number one we don't really. Negotiating. What suspects that are holding hostages. For whatever reason and the United States. You know police departments to negotiate and give -- -- early in order. To -- why are we doing it overseas. And it's going to created danger. It's a little bit and it's like if if that if the kid wants a basic candy. It's -- and given that can't be. This is gonna keep there -- A situation. Since that's what I'm afraid of true is people who have success. People like this who have success. Wanna emulated again and they'll keep going until the well runs dry and and I think -- pose more danger in the future for our service people. It's so true I mean. I don't know they did not think I mean you can't stop didn't do it. But I have a neighbor that haven't fireworks and there exploding the fireworks but people like our other gorgeous well not against a lot irritating other people he'd do what we get to get. And I don't I. I don't wanna drag us through the political mud but they saw what happened -- Ben Ghazi. Now now it's being pictured as if you bring it up. You're you're just simply muck raking it wasn't important enough to look. For us actually do something different so if you see a weakness what do you do know you go after that weakness of the witnesses we didn't do anything about Ben Ghazi. And now we're giving up five very bad guys for this guy so maybe that that prosecute hostage exchange works well that does not set a good vibes were us. No idea what I'm concerned about is that we can't be an in store it soldiers over there where it. Might. Brings something about there and it's. I didn't see. Spreading and spreading that we don't. Stay underground. Wanna put it up but there. We're negotiating. And that -- but waited another -- is what the soldier back but it. I don't wanna be cold and cold hearted but we cannot be negotiated. Well I'm glad we got him back to seems like negotiations. Have been secretly held in the past on various issues that's why we don't know about him. But this was very public and organizations rely on a lot of things organizations terrorist organizations among them great press like this. And fund raising this is the kind of thing it might even bring more money into the organization. Then. They deserve all because -- we decided resort I'm glad we got the guy back but I think it's questionable thank you thank you were Debbie I'm Nancy from Gerber. Version Nancy from derby not Debbie from Nancy -- saying I'm glad that all straightened out dyslexia it's a terrible thing. A what do you think Tony is that a bad president yes it sounds I think it does -- unfortunately. Now if that -- my brother or my father or my uncle or he's from my town or any American you're happy he's back -- No question about that. But if you have to take that one step Florida and five steps back where were Sacramento Christie and think it's a bad president. It probably is but. -- -- I have a tough time by getting passed them by. Happiness that daddy's back -- like minus a response that I don't really care what they had to get him. You start thinking more about what they gave up after the fact but as you just said. Mean the guy's got a family had very difficult times sang well Woodson about anything. But then you look at the other side if this does cause more problems. I think this is something we might know the answer to a little bit better later Rod Stewart got -- We have a different thought process. For instance -- argued a couple of examples. A no matter how political we are no matter how political we are take the most fervent political person you know. Would you ever strap a bomb on your kids body and have a -- self up in the name of any thing now cordial and that's gonna would you would you be had anybody. Like Daniel Pearl would you do that now. Went out so we don't think like that. Yeah now we can be tough but we we don't think like that and because we don't think like that with everybody thinks like us and were wrong. Everybody doesn't think like us. So in this case yeah Leo we gave up above five to get one. And we don't know what kind of ripples in the stream of those five and cause. They're they're known to be high come high command. And the worst of worst. They could be planning something as we speak -- soon as they're released. So we don't know we don't know all the repercussions we're glad we got our guy back. But it could be very very costly for us and so that's basically -- thought and meanwhile. Why is everything and I brought this up from the last section everything's full size. -- can we give credit where credit is due. Can we give condemnation -- condemnation is do or is everything seen through the prism of the party affiliation. Everything. Nothing else matters but the party. And that's sad but that's what it is. You'll notice that any criticism of this is coming from as as well as being report is coming from Republicans why is that. Is that concept only a political concept. Of the Republicans only doing it so they can criticize something seen as positive by a democratic. President. I mean are the Democrats not saying anything because they don't want to hurt their their chances in the next election I mean is everything political. I mean it's it's it's pathetic is what it is -- yes. So wanna hear from you and we try to keep it as nonpolitical as possible -- item like this anyway. More danger to the US because of -- Better standing for the Taliban -- hello worldwide because of -- that like your thoughts on his -- and I'm thirty. We are WB.

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