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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Dr. Meghan Higman MD- Roswell Park Bone Marrow Donor Drive

Dr. Meghan Higman MD- Roswell Park Bone Marrow Donor Drive

Jun 2, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

On the WB 11 this morning with pediatric oncologist at Roswell Park Cancer Institute doctor Macon Hickman doctor -- good morning thank you for the time. Good morning -- huge the worry we're having a bone marrow drive donor drive tomorrow at Roswell tell our listeners about that in. And now why you're going so public with this. The owner to win when children or adults need a bone marrow it's because of an illness such as a cancer but it can also because. On the illnesses that they're -- if we replace their -- Merrill -- Merrill. Armed with somebody else's they will end up having. Longer life had better success and not have the same disease so totally typical Albanian. Our candidates for the American transplant -- the hard part about -- children is that they don't often have donors there's not enough African Americans than the in the NN DP or at the national bone marrow bank. In addition there are kids who have other disorders like -- ceemea and I have one young girl who has -- -- who would benefit from a gun barrel. Transplant instead she have to get monthly transfusions. Her difficulty in finding a donor is one that having parents from two different regions of the world. Her father is -- or from a Northern Europe and their father and her mothers are from the Pacific island area. And the result is. There aren't any donors support her we need more. African American donors more Hispanic donors. And more donors of mixed grades and they come and MVP. And that is the perfect opportunity to come down at no cost to yourself and donate to a life. Doctor Goodman described her awesome for our listeners what is involved. In donating bone marrow. But over the first step is really the simplest which is -- Colombians headed your mouth as if you're brushing your key and that I think Palestinians say in your mouth and allowed it to. These scientist to figure out what to -- -- piper what Matt and what type of bone -- you have to kind of immune system and -- half. And then it -- select -- called Barack and amp -- do. We have an information session and what we'll talk to you about all of the different protein content of donating. -- usually either asking you depending on what is needed. But you would be willing to -- up to a machine that allowed the machine to take some of yourself that if your body. Input about respect and and -- themselves. You know plenty of them left over but those themselves can be given to somebody else. And that's C peripheral blood stem cell harvest and that's the day -- two popped up time machine. The other possibility -- that you go to the operating -- a complete than we com. Harvested from your -- area -- PR -- of her like a little bit afterward. Sort of an ATP and like somebody punch still but can give them a life and you don't risk anything really to yourself except for the that they can have some mild anesthesia. So when you don't let them know your body short of automatically replaces. You know that yes Q you replaced and -- more than another stem cells throughout the tractor -- your body can fill in the and these statements. The swap process that you talked about you know that initial step is that just a couple of minutes that you need. That's just a couple of minutes to -- out -- form is very similar performance very similar and the world -- talk about donating a very privileged donating blood. There -- -- access rules that are designed to make sure that you're you can basically against. That you haven't had some problems with major problem with your hips and the pants. Or they could make it difficult to harvest or that you would have considered a danger under the procedure. They're a -- to -- and that W -- screening people if you. And elected as a potential daughter I'd been on the bill -- list and haven't been asked to come back and best friend of mine had sent. And even one of my colleague here at route well well with the daughter when he was in college -- that was not a big deal hurt for a couple of days. -- an ability to get a life without. Com. Without having to pass -- yourself is unbelievably. Like changing. Now absolutely now we know you're talking about the need for bone marrow for children. Candidate and see the donor beat another child or is it always an adult. If the owner of shirts for people who have siblings that are undergoing bone marrow transplant they can be so they can be children so. We if your sibling is your match. You will be calm allowed to be idiotic but for an unrelated donor you have to be on eighteen unless there's a very special circumstances. And so on eighteen and above is generally the role there as ongoing discussion and that sixteen in opera would be bombed some of those children are our young adults her. Old enough to make some decisions about desperate because it's you're giving to a stranger who you may or may not be able to. On talk to a year from now. We don't have you had any contact for the day and a BP doesn't help them have any context very year but after a year they may be able to make contact with each other. So I'd usually -- it's usually young adult and down. And adults eighteen and about. One more quick question what a person needs boa Merrill. The match from a donor has to be near perfect or 100% perfect. Near perfect and we match from what we can match. And I think they're gonna be different just because we are not within the same family member and we're not -- assembly. We're also not identical plans -- -- other things that don't match but we preferred -- cannot match that we call an eight out of an aide it cannot have a panel. -- particular markers. And that is really good by your ancestry so having more people. -- diverse ancestry. And people from Applera mixed ethnicity is extremely important kind of donors for children who have cancer -- -- have cancer and children who have less threatening illnesses who would benefit from a transplant. Now this a donor drive tomorrow from four to six at Roswell did you show up or do you want people call in advance. You can just show up he'll be a -- out front of that bill. On review all of the information for you all and let -- let -- newspaper racket do the Islam and you know on your way. In this is right at the the main campus at ten different tours but it'll calculate a -- players in the problem okay in this I was it would help you immensely by improving your your donor base -- absolutely doctor mineral can -- the batter and a great okay we'll put the word out thanks for joining us this morning. Thank you very much doctor Megan Hagman is a pediatric oncologist at Roswell park. The bone marrow donor drive is tomorrow at Roswell right at the front doors -- -- and the information if you just show up between four and 6 PM.

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